Which electric grass trimmer is the most reliable

Top 10 best electric trimmers. 2022 Rating

To maintain a well-groomed and beautiful lawn at your dacha, you need to buy an inexpensive electric grass trimmer for. The main task of the grass trimmer is to cut the grass in places where a large mower will not pass. It trims all thickets on uneven terrain or near objects, which is inaccessible for other electric equipment.

In just a few minutes, you can clear an entire yard of weeds and the power is about 350 watts. If you have a small yard, you can save money and buy a string trimmer for grass instead of a gasoline trimmer in the online store.

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Otherwise, it is better to buy a good cordless tool or lawnmower. If you need to remove weeds and tall grass for 30 minutes, then buy a second battery for a cordless grass trimmer. The top 10 ranking includes reliable models that are popular among dacha owners and residents of country houses.

which, electric, grass, trimmer, most, reliable

best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and dachas carefully take care of the garden plot. When the grass begins to grow actively, there is a need for special equipment. Today’s market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric grass trimmers. The latter are favorably distinguished by their affordable price, so they remain in steady demand. Electric grass trimmers are especially effective in small areas, where it is not difficult to pull an extension cord. But there are also complications at the time of purchase. The range of power tools is very diverse, so a few tips from the experts will be relevant and appropriate. What are the features you need to pay close attention to??

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  • First of all it is necessary to determine the output. It depends on the power and speed of the motor. For well-groomed areas, where you have to mow the growing grass, a capacity of up to 1,000 watts will be enough. It is not necessary to chase a high performance for another reason. The stronger the engine, the heavier the grass trimmer weighs.
  • Price and usability is affected by the location of the engine. Cheap low-power models have a lower location of the electric motor. But this design has serious drawbacks, such as grass clogging and poor cooling.
  • For models with a top-mounted engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder straps. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete grass trimmers with these accessories.
  • Electric grass trimmers differ in the shape of the handle. Lightweight units are equipped with D-shaped holders, which give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled by a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar.
which, electric, grass, trimmer, most, reliable

In our review got the best electric trimmers for grass. In compiling the rating, such criteria were taken into account as:

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass?

To choose the right electric trimmer for grass, which will successfully cope with all the tasks, you should pay attention to the basic technical characteristics:

which, electric, grass, trimmer, most, reliable
  • Power. Basic criterion for selecting an electric trimmer for grass. The simplest household models have power up to 500 watts. They are suitable for cutting small areas of grass and removing small weeds. Medium-power devices (up to 1000 watts) will successfully cope even with large lawns and weeds with thick stems. But the most popular are grass trimmers for 1 kW. These are universal devices that remove grass of any height and density, and can work both with a knife and a fishing line.
  • Type of cutting element. If you plan to use the grass trimmer often, it is better to buy a universal model, which works with both the cutting disc and the fishing line.
  • Type of boom. They can be straight or curved. The first type is more durable and successfully copes with increased loads. Curved booms allow mowing even in awkward or sloping terrain. Booms also differ in terms of material. Low-cost models have plastic blades, but the most expensive ones have metal ones. But the most versatile are considered grass trimmers with an aluminum bar, as this material is the lightest and most durable.
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You should also pay attention to the type of handle.

It is desirable that it was telescopic and its height can be adjusted to the height of the user.

Top 6 best electric trimmers by price, quality and reliability for 2021-2022

To use an electric trimmer for grass on a dacha plot it is not necessary to buy expensive devices. The best decision. to choose a universal model, which combines a democratic price with excellent technical characteristics and thoughtful functionality.


Powerful, easy-to-use electric trimmer for grass Kruger belongs to the medium price category and costs about 7 000.

The weight of the device is only 5 kg, so there will be no problems with its movement around the site. Universal trimmer erletrichesky for grass Kruger copes with grass, shrubs and is suitable for processing medium and small areas.

The design of the device is thought-out in detail. Shockproof plastic housing is resistant to damage, the engine is protected from overheating.

Cutting tool. metal blades or spool with a fishing line. Adjust the handle of the electric trimmer for grass Kruger can be adjusted to height and inclination, focusing on their own needs.

Rating of best electric trimmers

When creating the rating of the best electric trimmers we took into account feedback from lawn mower owners, expert recommendations and our own observations.

To form the top were studied the following characteristics of the models:

  • Type of cutting element and its length. trimmer fishing line, disc, knife;
  • Performance. the number of revolutions per minute;
  • Location of the engine;
  • The shape and design of the handles, affecting the ease of use;
  • The presence of additional options;
  • Cost;
  • Accessories.
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Also, when writing the rating, the price to quality ratio of each electric grasshopper was taken into account.

Stiga SB 1000 J

The original Swedish company (and in due time became the largest in terms of production area in Scandinavia), which is now headquartered in Italy, offers us a good one-kilowatt electric trimmer for grass, working with a 2-mm line on a semi-automatic spool or with a symmetrical three-blade blade (symmetry of grinding allows simply turn it the other side when blunt, without interrupting the work to straighten the cutting edges). The motor is mounted in a housing on the handle: this gives the trimmer good balance, although, of course, a supporting belt from the kit is still useful. Cutting width: 37 cm.

The power trimmers boom is quick-disassembled, just clamp one section onto the other and tighten the wing nut of the clamp securing the counter section of the boom. This is one of the advantages of layout with the upper engine, though it required an inevitable complication of drive, which used a compound shaft. The noise level and vibrations of the engine are moderate, the cooling works well: because the blowing air comes out near the hand, you can literally feel it on yourself, the air is not overheated even in summer, that is, the engine operates in a comfortable temperature mode.

The engine power is enough in most cases, it is overloaded only on very “neglected” places. but then he and the trimmer for grass, that no more such overgrowth is not allowed. The standard line for the trimmer, unfortunately, is soft and quickly wears out. it is worth buying a stiffer spool. But this will be our only complaint to the trimmer.