What parameters to choose a trimmer for the grass

On what parameters to choose a trimmer for grass

To begin with (as already mentioned) we look at the availability of batteries and battery charger. If this is the first battery-operated device in your arsenal, it is purposeful to choose a model with a complete set (when buying a battery and battery charger separately would cost significantly more). If you already have cordless equipment of a selected manufacturer, it is appropriate to first verify whether the existing batteries and battery charger for a new device, and then make a decision.

From time to time come across well, very nice offer. for example, in a set of delivery trimmer for grass Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-260 includes 2 batteries (at a cost of 8,792 rubles is really a very successful option). And it’s quite sudden to see such a package at the model for 4991. just how much it costs trimmer for grass Patriot TR240 battery-powered 21V. In general, remembering where exactly free cheese usually found, it is necessary to learn all the features of such proposals, so as not to miss something really important in the pursuit of profit.

Technical Specifications

I understand that to put this parameter last in the middle of selection criteria. a great weirdness and a big mistake based on the beliefs of those who are confident in these very technical properties. But I do not belong to their number. I am a humanitarian in general. And to argue by hearsay about what I do not understand, I do not see the point.

Naturally, life has forced me to learn to distinguish between watts and volts, but it is difficult for me, for example, to understand the differences between a brushless motor and a motor with a carbon brush. In other words, impartially evaluate a huge part of the technical characteristics of a particular model, I still can not. And many will not be able to, in fact. And whether or not.? For example, the creator of the following video sure that the trimmer to choose the grass for your own suburban area should be chosen, paying attention to only a few features. Whether he is right or not. I do not judge, but to look at his review, I think, is worth it:

measured in watts; the higher this value is, the more efficient model you have in your hands. Only let’s immediately realize: if the physical abilities are small, the massive cordless trimmer should be forgotten. they are languid. All the equipment we can afford is not particularly powerful, so it’s worth understanding, accepting and not getting bogged down in it. Or at once to abandon the battery model in favor of electronic.

The unit of measure is ampere-hour (Ah). The greater the capacity of the battery, the longer will work trimmer for the grass on one battery. It is believed that 2 Ah is enough for 20-30 minutes of work; less. just not serious. And yes, you should keep in mind that over time, battery capacity is miniaturized. runtime, respectively, will be reduced.

Can be up to 24 hours, and so it makes sense to ask about this parameter and compare it to the capacity of the battery. The math here is fairly common and straightforward.

A number of other necessary technical aspects can be found in the following video. It leads about the choice of electronic trimmers (about battery speech begins at 7 minutes), but all proiznoshennoe can be attributed to other types of this equipment:

parameters, choose, trimmer, grass

In general, battery trimmers for grass is not bad that they are light (2.5-3.5 kg). And among them come across quite weighty models. for example, a trimmer for cordless grass Makita DUR181RF weighs 5.4 kg. Tangibly. And for someone (for example for me) is already critical. And it’s a pity. in general it seems to be a good model.

Selection parameters

To choose, you must first define, by what characteristics to compare, what is fundamental, and what can be waived. I have such a list.

parameters, choose, trimmer, grass

warranty period

Taking into account the real quality of tools on the market today, the length of the warranty given by the manufacturer is an important argument. For cordless trimmers it ranges from 1 to 3 years. In most cases. 2 years. My worldview: if the warranty is less, it is better to refrain from buying: if even the manufacturer is not confident in their own product, then we should experiment.


Nevertheless, this does not cancel the fact that the well-known manufacturer is likely to be more high-quality and reliable equipment. In addition, it is easier to pick up supplies and spare parts (if necessary), it is easier to repair in case of problems (products of unknown Chinese craftsmen sometimes do not take for repair at all).

In the end, since we are talking about cordless equipment, it is appropriate to reflect on the perspective: the majority of severe manufacturers have batteries of various devices interchangeable, so that in the future, if there is a desire to expand your own arsenal, it will be possible to save.

Cordless grass trimmer for mowing the lawn

  • Price
  • The manufacturer
  • Kit
  • Weight
  • Warranty term
  • Specifications

Let’s leave aside the lawnmower-trolleys and robots for now. not every site is suitable for their use. Let’s take a closer look at a universal tool. the grass trimmer. At first glance, cordless models. that’s what you need: low weight, easy operation, the absence of wires, which should be dragged around the site But the discussion (Grass, grass by the house How do you fight?) has shown that everything is not so straightforward: there are probably as many objections to this choice as there are arguments in its favor.

Well, since I still need a trimmer for the grass, I decided to approach the matter thoroughly and to figure out how to choose a successful. convenient, reliable, practical. cordless model. And yes, is it worth it to choose in favor of such equipment at all.

Gtech Cordless Grass Trimmer (GT4.0 and GT50). How To Video Guide

Pros and cons of the cordless trimmer for grass

And now it’s time to talk about whether you should buy a cordless trimmer for grass at all. The question is not idle, because doubts remain, and reading reviews does not clarify the situation, but rather aggravates it: some are delighted with such devices, while others say that it is a waste of money. Who to trust??

In fact, here everything is simple: there is no and can not be a single opinion and right for all solutions. And there are pros and cons, and such equipment is not suitable for everyone, not for all conditions and tasks, and the models are not the same in their parameters In short, as in any other case, to listen to everyone, and choose for yourself.

By the way, came across an interesting video. test low-power battery trimmer for grass in different conditions, on different types of our real vegetation. Interesting, I recommend:

Well, we will return to the problem of choice. I have tried to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of battery trimmers in the hope that it will help to find an answer to the question of whether to buy such equipment.

Advantages of a cordless trimmer for grass

  • low weight (depends on the model!);
  • Lack of wires (and, consequently, higher safety;)
  • The absence of gasoline emissions (as a consequence. environmental friendliness, and just to work more pleasant);
  • fairly low noise level (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • Ease of operation (in comparison with gasoline models);
  • The ability to handle hard-to-reach places (around trees, under benches, etc.п.).

Disadvantages of cordless grass trimmer

  • Low power (there are quite powerful models, but they are heavy and expensive);
  • comparatively high price (everything is relative, see.higher);
  • Short operating times on one battery.
  • has relatively low power,
  • not suitable for mowing large areas and hard grass,
  • do not require much physical effort when working,
  • Quite safe. it can even be trusted to a teenager.

Gasoline trimmers do not depend on electricity

Outside the garden plot, gasoline trimmers are used. They are more powerful. 1 to 3 horsepower and weigh 5 to 10 kilograms. Their task. cope with large areas, thick grass and bushes outside the garden, for this purpose they additionally use both a knife and a disc, while electric trimmers mainly use only a trimmer line.

Many farmers and livestock keepers use grass trimmers to cut the grass in the fields for forage, as well as for compost. Management companies and HOA’s use gasoline grass trimmers in the housing sector to cut grass along residential buildings, parks and green areas. Transportation infrastructure workers mow grass and shrubs along highways and railroads with gasoline trimmers. Gasoline trimmers do not depend on electricity. They are equipped with a 2 or 4 stroke engine. The 2-stroke uses a mixture of oil and gasoline in strict proportions, the 4-stroke oil and gasoline are not mixed, and are poured separately in the crankcase and gas tank.

Oil and petrol filling. Power 1. 3 л.с. (1.6. 2.2 kW)

Motor powered by 220V Power 0.4. 1.2 kW.

Grass trimmers with electric motor

parameters, choose, trimmer, grass

As previously mentioned, electric grass trimmers are divided into battery-powered and externally powered.

Cordless grass trimmers are inferior in power to trimmers with a gasoline engine, but have a lower price. They are also able to work without recharging a certain amount of time.

This type of grass trimmer is great for superficial mowing of small lawns and removing weeds between trees.

The advantage of this device is that it weighs less and has smaller dimensions than a gasoline grass trimmer. Also noted the low vibration during operation and very low noise level. Thus, ergonomics and the ability to work without recharging make the cordless type of grass trimmer more convenient to use.

it is important to remember that the battery can work for a limited time without recharging, after which you must wait long enough (or have a second battery for continuous operation) to fully charge the battery. Also, the grass trimmer’s low power will not allow you to mow bush or bushes.

Power of this type of trimmer is high enough. And you can start working at the touch of a button. Depending on the location of the motor grass trimmers can have a capacity of 1300 watts or less than 600 watts. So, in trimmers with 600 watts of power, the motor is located at the bottom, but their balance will allow you to work with one hand.

The advantages of bottom-mounted trimmers include their light weight and ability to pivot at a comfortable angle. They can easily manage grass between flowerbeds due to small mowing width.

If you have a large yard and your lawn is in a neglected state, get a top-mounted grass trimmer. It is heavier, but much more practical, powerful, and durable.

The main advantage of electric trimmers is their high power and low noise and vibration levels. But these models depend on a power source, which means that the mowing area is equal to the wire length. It is important not to forget about the safety precautions when working with electric trimmers (no possibility to work with wet grass). The disadvantage is that the wire makes it difficult to mow among bushes/flowers, etc.п.

Husqvarna trimmer advantages

Long service life. No need for frequent interruptions or gasoline, so long as the work continues without interruption over 10 years.

Key buttons that activate main and auxiliary functions are located on the comfort grip.

Easy start system requires little physical effort.

Economical fuel consumption. No frequent work stoppages and gasoline refills.

Comfortable straps fit properly on back and shoulders. Load is distributed evenly. No discomfort in the spine or lower back during operation.

Simple design that makes it possible to change parts.

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High power provides easy removal of all kinds of vegetation.

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer

Keeping your lawn neat and tidy is made easier with a grass trimmer. But this equipment is popular not only in the home. Communal services use gasoline trimmers for grass to control the landscaping of city streets and yards. So your choice must begin with determining the work front. How often and where you will mow. A great omission, if you bought an expensive powerful trimmer for grass will stand idle in the garage. Or vice versa, when a low-powered purchased model will not be able to perform complex tasks, and will quickly break down from wear and tear. Therefore, gasoline grass trimmers are classified into:

When buying a gasoline grass trimmer, pay attention to the design of the equipment.

Negative feedback

Among the negative reviews of electric trimmers should be the opinion that the cheapest models are the most low-quality, quickly fail. Of similar manufacturers noted by users Al-ko, Stern.

To understand how to choose an electric grass trimmer, reviews of which are presented in different sources, you should consider the weaknesses of some models.

Iskra-ero has a spool, which, if broken, is difficult to replace, as it is quite difficult to find a similar one.

Some examples (like the Makita 4030) don’t have a shoulder strap. It is difficult to work with such a unit.

Faulty coils can be found in some models (eg, “Lesnik”). They are hard to retrieve, and it is almost impossible to manually retrieve the trimmer line.

There are also complaints of users about the rapid overheating and failure of the engine with a lower motor. However, such remarks are observed in users who incorrectly exploited the variety of equipment presented.

Moisture in the motor causes breakdowns. Also, the use of the device not in accordance with the instructions leads to a rapid failure of the electric trimmer.

Rating of the best models of electric trimmers for grass for 3000. 7000

Zubr ZTE-30-550

Domestic-made model has a 550-watt motor. It is mounted at the bottom, so less vibration is felt. Notice the swivel head with edging roller, which enables you to make a vertical cut. This allows the grass around beds and under curbs to be cut very gently. The cutting width here is 30 cm, which is enough for a 6-acre site.

The unit rotates the spool at up to 10,000 rpm. By the way, it can be adjusted by changing the pressure on the start button. The electric Lawn Trimmer has an additional D-handle for a second hand. It can be adjusted in three positions, so it can be set in the right plane for the operator. The machine is delivered with a 1.6 mm line, but can also be used with round and square lines up to 2.2 mm. In Russia, service centers of the brand “Zubr” are available in almost every regional center, so it will not be difficult to carry out repairs or routine maintenance if you want.

Patriot ELT 1000

The engine of this electric trimmer has an upper location, so it is easier to guide the working tool. Its power is 950 watts, which allows it to work comfortably with a 2. 2.4 mm line. Included is a 15-metre-long 2-millimeter line for the trimmer. The machine cuts a strip 35 cm wide in one pass. Notice that, unlike lower-mounted devices, this mower has a curved rather than straight boom, making it easier to maneuver between beds. This curved design, however, does not allow the mower to go faster than 7,500 rpm.

The additional D-handle can be adjusted in different positions for comfortable mowing. The manufacturer has equipped the model with an anti-vibration system, which has slightly reduced the vibration transmitted to the hands. Thanks to this, even during prolonged work the operator will not feel tingling sensations in the palms. Buying this model, you get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer (in addition to the warranty provided by the seller).

Denzel TE-1400

Denzel’s powerful electric grass trimmer lets you not only mow lawns and thick weeds, but also mow smaller brush stumps and even shrubs. In addition to the usual spool of fishing line, the machine can be installed on the shrubbery in the form of a blade knife. By the way, the blade itself, as well as the spool of line (thickness 2 mm) is supplied in the kit. The grass trimmer can handle solid and cut lines of different cross sections up to 2.4 mm in thickness. Mowing width with string is 42 cm, and the blade 23 cm.

The device is not equipped with a D-shaped handle, but with a bicycle handle, so that both hands are used for side-to-side mowing. This arrangement allows you to distribute the load, so that only one hand is not constantly tired. By the way, to lighten the load here is a shoulder strap. Users praise the high-quality construction of the housing. For example, the bicycle handle is fastened to the boom with a sturdy metal clamp, not with a flimsy plastic one. On the end of the housing, there is a holder for the power cord, thanks to which the plug and extension cord will not hang out behind the grass trimmer.

Makita UR3502

Japanese-made electric lawn mower for low and high grass, as well as for thick weeds and bushes. The 1000 watt motor delivers up to 6,500 rpm. Has an engine braking system that stops the engine in seconds. No need to wait for the cutting head to stop after turning off the start button. The mowing width is not the largest here. 35 cm. Note the design of the auxiliary handle. It has a special thigh rest, which facilitates side-to-side guidance and reduces stress on the hands. Handle can be repositioned around the boom axis.

Plastic deck (shroud) is equipped with special stationary knives that cut the excess line for the trimmer after it is released from the bobbin. On the body there is a power button lock. The handle has a safety function on the one hand to prevent accidental start-up, and on the other hand to keep the fart button locked during operation, so you do not have to keep pressing it with your fingers. The price of the unit is not trivial, but the brand name and the high performance are the reasons.