Which Gasoline To Pour Into A Chainsaw Partner

A chainsaw is a convenient unit that can solve a lot of everyday problems. It works on fuel, which you need to cook yourself immediately before pouring it into the tank. Those who have acquired a functional device for the first time are interested in the question of which gasoline to pour into a chainsaw. Avoid breakdowns and extend the life of the device only if the manufacturer’s recommendations specified in the instructions are followed.

Which Gasoline To Pour Into A Chainsaw Partner

What kind of gasoline to pour?

Modern brands of chainsaws (Husqvarna, Partner) from foreign manufacturers will run uninterrupted operation on AI-92 gasoline. it will ideally suit the engine. The brand 95 may also be indicated in the user manual, but it must be filled with care. The quality of this gasoline is currently being called into question, its octane number is increased with the help of various additives. This is detrimental to the engine of the chainsaw, which can lead to overhaul of the unit. And its cost will be at least half the cost of the new model, not counting the spare parts to be replaced.

For devices from domestic manufacturers (Urals, Stihl, Friendship), AI-80 gasoline is recommended. It is important for the user that his consumption is minimal.

Proportions of gasoline and oil

Due to the two-stroke type of the engine, the fuel is purchased separately in its pure form, after which it is mixed with oil designed specifically for this version of the engine. Most experienced users mix substances in proportions of 1:50. In the photo you can see popular high-quality products used to prepare the fuel mixture.

Important points to observe:

  • domestic chainsaws (Ural, Stihl, Druzhba) work with an oil component of brands M8-V, M-12TPU, M8-V, TP, MGD-14M, sometimes foreign options can be used; the recommended proportion is 100 g of oil per 2.5 liters of AI-80 gasoline;
  • foreign models (Husqvarna, Partner) work on oils of foreign production (1:50 or 1: 40), differ in minimum consumption.

Video: Which Gasoline To Pour Into A Chainsaw Partner

How to prepare the fuel mixture

When purchasing gasoline for a chainsaw and oil, you should think about additional accessories. The following tools are used for measuring and the ability to pour the mixture into a chainsaw:

  • breeding tank (plastic or metal),
  • syringe,
  • measuring bottle (suitable for measuring gasoline)
  • dispenser
  • watering can (pour into a chainsaw).

A very convenient thing is a special bottle with a dispenser from the Stihl brand (pictured), which allows you to perform all actions accurately and quickly, accurately measuring the right amount of each substance. Choosing gasoline for the Stihl chainsaw (Friendship, Husqvarna, Partner), pay special attention to the second component.

Oils from different manufacturers have variations in shades. Products of the manufacturer HP. red, the premium segment "synthetics" is mainly represented by green. If you take gasoline for a Husqvarna chainsaw, then the oil should be of the appropriate brand, not cheap (green or blue in color). In the video you can see the process of mixing fuel.

Useful Tips

Experts and manufacturers do not recommend procuring a large amount of fuel and storing it for a long time. Oil and gasoline can “behave” differently in a mixture, it all depends on the brand, quality, degree of additives and additives. The processes of oxidation and crystallization. The result can be disastrous and incur additional financial costs for the user: incorrect operation or engine failure.

Fuel is prepared for a maximum of three gas stations, mixed in containers made of metal or durable plastic. Conventional plastic is destroyed by reacting with gasoline, spoils the composition of the fuel and creates the danger of sudden ignition.

Gas Consumption and Runtime

An important issue is the consumption of gasoline chainsaws, because the user must understand what to count on.

The volume of fuel tanks is approximately 0.5 liters. When the power of the device is 2 kW, the consumption of gasoline with oil will be about 1.2 l / h. Translating into a language that is understandable to the user. for about 30 minutes the chainsaw can operate without interruption at maximum speeds. Less powerful devices have a smaller tank volume, gas consumption is independently controlled by the owner.

Over time, you will learn how to independently perform service maintenance of this economic unit. The main thing is to maintain its performance and use only high-quality fuel. It is necessary to mix in compliance with safety rules, so as not to damage your health or the environment.