Which mower for a walk -behind tractor is better. Patriot “Ural”

Types of braids for one.axle tractor and popular models

Farmers, however,, as simply owners of large subsidiary farms, most often need significant stocks of hay and straw. It is very difficult to collect such volumes of herbs manually. Therefore, many use the most diverse technique: from mini-tractors to motor cultivators with special mounting equipment. By purchasing a special mower for a walk.behind tractor, the owner of the unit modernizes it and gets the opportunity to quickly process entire hectares of fields with green grass.

A walklet for a walk.behind tractor is a specialized mounting equipment that is used to harvest hay or grass cleaning.

Using such a device, you can eliminate both green and dry grass. Therefore, mowers become an indispensable thing in any farm.

The equipment allows for a short period to make stock stocks for animals, as well as prepare a site for sowing work, eliminating all weeds. It is also easy to remove excessive vegetable tops immediately before collecting.

Mitch for a walk.behind tractor facilitates the physical work of farmers

The principle of operation of a mower connected to the cultivator is very simple. The device is based on two disks on which there are knives or a special plate. The cutting edges are directed inside. Using a belt transmission, the discs are connected to the motor selection shaft of the motor.cultivator, due to this they rotate at high speed.

In the process of rotation of the discs, the knives do not contact each other and evenly mow the grass.

Simple braids do not contain complex nodes, they can boast of a well.thought.out design. Thanks to this, the attachments rarely breaks and is distinguished by a long service life.

Technical characteristics of the mowing

A seno.block for a walk.behind tractor is a great option not only for rural areas, but also small summer cottages. Using such attachments, you can put the cottage in order in a short time.

When choosing a suitable mower, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Compatibility with the walk.behind tractor. Not all types of equipment can be used to mow grass.
  • The size of the equipment. This characteristic depends on the requirements of the farmer and the type of motoblock.
  • Method of fastening. The mower can be installed in front or side.
  • Cooling method. Can be water and airy. Water cooling allows you to use the product for a long time without the risk of overheating.

When choosing air cooling on the device, you do not need to regularly monitor the amount of water. However, in the summer, the installation quickly overheats and may fail.

The principle of operation of the equipment is very simple and understandable to each user

Also, choosing a suitable installation, it is necessary to pay attention to the following elements:

  • Does the movement of the shaft coincide with the power of the tractor or motor cultivator. If the capacity is not enough attachment equipment does not cope with work at the proper level.
  • Mass compatibility. A mower and a motor.cultivator should have a difference of not more than 30 %, otherwise you can damage the technique.

Modern models are provided specifically to facilitate the labor of farmers and have a large number of advantages. However, before buying it is important to carefully study the technical characteristics and consult a specialist.

Using attaching equipment, you can stock up on animal hay in a short time

Technology design

The design of the segmented mower is not complicated, so it breaks less often and does not require special knowledge from the operator. The segmented mower of the frame and the cutting elements consists, which are fixed between the two bars. When making progressive movements from the motor.block drive, the knives cut the grass like scissors. One segment of mowing with cutting fingers is in constant motion. left and right, the second is motionless. When the grass gets between the fingers, its stems are evenly cut off.

which, mower, walk, tractor

Thanks to the streamlined device, cut grass is evenly distributed in two directions from the walk.behind tractor. Uniform shafts are obtained, which are easily removed using rake and forks.

The entire structure is located on wheels and is attached to the walk.behind tractor or MTZ mini.submarine. From the edges of the structure there are special slopes that make it possible to adjust the height of the mowing. Of course, such a baby cannot cope with big lands, but to stock up hay for the winter of livestock in a private courtyard.

The main difference between a segmented mower and a rotary is its working organ (fingers). Due to its design, a segmented mower can work on areas with the most difficult relief. Deviation of the knife part of the mowing in relation to the walk.behind tractor can reach 20%. Among the various models of the segmented mowing, models for the Neva, Salute and Cascade motor blocks, MTZ, Dofan mini.tractors are distinguished. Popular include KNS 0.8, KN- 1.1, km- 0.5, which are produced by Automash in the city where motoblocks and MTZ ministers are gathering.

Segment Model “Neva

For farmers, the Neva segmented mower is a real find. Among the models, the largest number of positive reviews was received by Neva KN-1.1 Suitable Neva mower for motoblocks Neva MB. 1 and MB. 2. The model is produced in domestic factories in various cities.

Neva KN- 1.one

Technical characteristics of the mowing neva KN- 1.one

  • durability;
  • accessibility of components;
  • The protective casing is made of wear.resistant material;
  • knives are made of hardened steel.
which, mower, walk, tractor

Segment mower for a walk.behind tractor. area of ​​application

Segmented mower on a single tractor is one of the simplest equipment options. Its design consists of a frame on which 2 bars are installed. The cutting elements are placed between them. In the process of performing progressive movements directly from the drive of the used motoblock, the cutting elements of the mowing begin to move like scissors, thus cutting the grass. At the same time, one of the segments is constantly moving to the right and left, and the second is in a stationary state. When the grass gets between the fingers of the braid, its stems are quickly and evenly cut off. This kind of design allows a segment mower to work successfully in areas with a complex relief.

The entire device is held on the support wheels, and can be attached to the front or rear of the walk.behind tractor. On the edges of the structure are slide, designed to adjust the height of the mowing of vegetation.

The segment mower does not differ in modest dimensions, which does not allow you to effectively use it in areas with a large territory. Nevertheless, the adaptation of this type successfully copes with the mowing of weeds with high and thick stems, which allows you to use it for mowing dry grass. Thanks to this, the segmented haying carpet for a walk.behind tractor is quite high in demand among farmers who own cattle.

The main advantages of the segmented mower include ease of operation, the lack of the need for frequent repairs, as well as a low cost. Among the minuses of the equipment, low performance and low efficiency in areas with low grass are highlighted.

Popular models of rotary haymaking

Among the various models of hayfields for the walk-behind tractor, the dawn is more popular in various configurations and modifications and KM-0.5 Terminator for Caiman Vario, Pubert Quatro Junior, MB-2 and MB-23 Neva, MB-1 Oka, “Mole”, “Ray”, “Favorite”.

Let us consider in more detail the characteristics of these models.

KM-0.5 Terminator

Rotor-type mower KM-0.5 Terminator

A small km mower-0.5 is aggregated with the Vario and Caiman Vario, Pubert Quatro Junior), MB-2, MB-2 Neva, MB-1, Favorite, Ray. »With a trailer method. On all sides, the rotor is closed with a protective casing of durable metal. The grass after a bevel is crushed, so suitable for handling lawns.

Tx km 0.5 Indicators
The width of the capture 50 cm
The height of the bevel of grass 5 cm
Permissible working speed 0.5-4 km/hour
The weight of technology 35 kg

It is produced at the Chuvash Machine.Building Plant, at the Agromash. The price from the manufacturer starts from 12,500 r.

Reviews about the KM model. 0.5

“I took a rotary mower km 0.5 for the Neva walk.behind tractor and did not regret. In front of the house, Luzhaika is always even and neat. The only drawback is the whole body. It is difficult to store a massive mower.”

“Kos KM 0.5 pleases with the quality of work with the Neva walk.behind tractor. The grass mows well, but does not always pass between shrubs and fruit trees ”.

Zarya mower for the Neva MB-2, MB-1, MKM-3 Lander, Mole, Favorite

A hinged model of a small rotary mower has two working disks with knives on hinges. Produced in Kaluga at the machine.building plant “Kadwa”. Mows grass and folds it in one direction. Suitable for farmers that contain cattle. The model is light and has small sizes. Convenient in storage and transportation.

We will consider the technical characteristics of the “dawn” in the table:

TX “Dawn” Indicators
The width of the capture 80 cm
The height of the mowing grass Up to 10 cm
Permissible working speed 2-4 km/h
The weight of technology 25 kg

It is suitable not only to the Neva and Mole, Favorite motor blocks, but also to small MTZ tractors with a horse force 10-12. The configuration of all manufacturers includes spare knives that provide uninterrupted operation of equipment in the season.

which, mower, walk, tractor
  • Compactness;
  • High performance;
  • Low weight;
  • Wide capture;
  • Simplicity of design;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer 3 years;
  • Spare knives in the kit.

Reviews about the dawn model

“Dawn Pitch” showed itself well when preparing hay for cattle with the Neva walk.behind tractor. Parked food to the cow for the whole winter. The work did 10 times faster.”

“” Zarya “did not like the Mole.” Mole “motornote, since with a beard of rigid dry vegetation residues, it often clogged and stupid. No protection against stones.”

The price of mowing equipment “Dawn” starts from 13,700 r. You can buy dealers from dealers in winter at a good discount. Used models from 6,000 r.

Zarya-1 braid

A special model from the Kaluga Machine-Building Plant “Kadwa” is designed for the NMB-1 Ugra, “Mole” motornote and the same with the same connection. The model has two working bodies with hardened steel knives. Convenient adjustment allows mowing in the fields with any landscape.

The technical characteristics of the model are presented in the table:

TX “Zarya-1” Indicators
The width of the capture 80 cm
The height of the mowing grass Up to 10 cm
Permissible working speed 2-4 km/h
The weight of technology 35 kg

Differs from the “dawn” by aggregation with a walk.behind tractor and high performance. The design has a weight, so the bevel of grass is more even. Suitable for small agricultural complexes. Aggregate with MTZ-80 mini-tractors. Easily copes with dry bushes, sunflower and corn.

Of the minuses, an insufficient number of service centers in the regions are distinguished.

Reviews about the dawn model. 1

“The mower copes with clogged areas perfectly. Well adjusted and passes to the most inaccessible places.”

“Simple assembly model. You can replace any spare part yourself. Easily transported with a walk.behind tractor.”

The price from the manufacturer is 17,600 r. For dealers, a mower costs a little more, but in the non-season you can buy cheaper by 10-15%.

What model of rotary mowing to buy for your walk.behind tract depends on individual preferences and material capabilities. The rotary mower costs cheaper than segment and in the device it is easier. If the farm is small and you are a newcomer to maintain equipment, we recommend that you purchase a rotary model.

Rotor Rotor KM-0.5 Terminator

Rotor type KM-0.5 Rotor Terminator is an additional hinged equipment for the MTZ motornote. The tool mopes and grinds vegetation. The mower works well in small and irresistible areas. The video shows how tall and thick grass slow down work. The model copes not only with even areas, but also with the surface where there are small slopes (up to 8 °). The tool is equipped with two sharp steel knives for quick work. The height of the cut is regulated (5-10 mm). During mowing, no additional efforts will be made, t. It is easy to control the mowing. Operation is quite simple even for an inexperienced user. The video shows how it easily goes in the right direction. https: // www.YouTube.COM/Watch?v = end1xonnmug


Bought for a law on a private house. There is little vegetation. Cales well. I easily cut the lawn. It is easy to drive and turn it. Not afraid of stones, branches, herbs, etc.

Not a bad thing. But it works well only on a slope of 6 °, not 8 °, as stated in the characteristic. In general, satisfied. Easily controlled.

How to choose an apparatus?

To choose the right mower, act according to the following algorithm:

  • Determine the volume of work and the parameters of the grass that must be mowed;
  • Determine the most suitable type of mowing, an article (Group of Motion for a walk.behind tractor) will help you;
  • Determine the method of hitching and connecting to a self.propelled device;
  • Determine the amount of the budget for the purchase or manufacture of equipment;
  • Choose a model corresponding to all parameters.

Which devices are suitable for various motor blocks?

In this section, we will talk about various motoblocks and those mowers that are suitable for them. Since the installation of equipment of various types allows you to achieve different result, we will consider hinged devices only in conjunction with a particular motorcycle unit, as well as evaluate the result of their joint use.

Neva MB 2

The first devices of the Neva series appeared in 1984, then they were produced by a machine.building. Over time, the company has undergone several reorganizations, but so far one of the subsidiaries produces the technique of this line.

All devices of this series have the following equipment:

  • Round pin in front (removable), it is also possible to fasten to the frame directly;
  • fastening to the frame from behind;
  • Shom on the left side;
  • 4 transmissions forward, 2 ago;
  • adjustable steering wheel (handle);
  • Japanese, American and engines with a capacity of 6-10 liters. With.

The Neva MB-2 model is classified as average, because its weight is 100 kg, the price of the device is also average. The device is designed to work on even areas or slopes, the angle of which does not exceed 10-15 degrees.

The following braids are well suited for this motoblock:

KN 1.1. this is a segment mower with a capture width of 1.1 m, well.core with any, even wet grass, but only in even territories.

Like all devices of this type (segment braids), KN 1.1 works on the principle of scissors and cuts the grass very carefully, so that the vegetation after mowing is almost not sick, and its cut surface looks more beautiful than treated with rotary braids. Like all segmented and segmented devices, this model does not tolerate meetings with stones or metal products.

KNS 0.8 “Swift” is an analogue of KN 1.1, only with a smaller capture width. Such a device is noticeably easier, so it is easier to connect it to a self.propelled device, as well as a little cheaper. All other advantages and disadvantages are the same as the previous model.

KR-0.5 is a single-rope mower with a capture width of 55 cm, which copes well with high hard grass growing in even or hilly areas. Due to the small width and lack of skis, the role of which is played by a convex cup on the lower part of the cutting tool, this model can be used even where the height difference is 5-10 cm per 1 m, which is not available to segment or two.rope devices.

Among the manufacturers, CJSC Krasny October-Neva is also present, which produces Neva MB-2 motor blocks.

KRN-1M-a two-rot braid with a mowing width of 80 cm, equipped with two skis installed along the edges of the tubular frame and providing the same cut height. The main disadvantage is the insufficient rigidity of the structure, so makeshifters often weld various enhancing elements to it. Like KR-0.5, the device is effective in even and hilly areas, however, the permissible height drop is 3-5 cm per 1 m.


Motoblocks “Salute” was developed in the mid-90s of the twentieth century on a motorbike. Which in 2011 was renamed the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “SALYUT” NPC, and in 2015 at the IDK JSC Production Complex “Salyut” ”.

By 2012, production on the capacities of this enterprise was folded, so the production of Salutov took up Gavrilov of the Yamsky Machine.Building Plant, and then moved to the PRC. After the change of manufacturing, the name changed, so the “salutes” became “agamous”, remaining the same convenient and reliable motoblocks.

“Salute” is largely similar to the Neva MB 2, but it differs from it:

  • a more convenient steering wheel;
  • the presence of the front and rear support brackets;
  • smaller weight at the same power;
  • a wider line of engines only foreign production;
  • the lack of an installed pin (however, it is included in the standard configuration).

Therefore, the same mowers that can be installed on the Neva MB-2 are suitable for the “saluta” and its Clone of Agatha. In addition, one of the effective tools for mowing grass is the KM-0.5 MB Terminator from.

This apparatus is a single.rope mowing with a mowing width of 50 cm and the ability to adjust the height of the cut of grass, which allows you to use it even for cutting lawns or landscaped areas. In addition, KM-0.5 MB copes well even with dense high vegetation.

Belarus MTZ 09N

Super.heavy (mass 175 kg) Uniform tractor from the Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ) is equipped with VOM, and the first model appeared in 1992.

Japanese or Chinese engines with a capacity of 9 liters are installed on this device. With., However, there are models with Czech engines or an engine with a capacity of 12–13 liters. With.

A distinctive feature of “MTZ 09N” is a differential that facilitates a turn, because in a conventional motor block, even when turning the wheel rotates at the same speed, immediately the speed of rotation of the wheels changes depending on the position of the handles, so the operator can steal, changing the speed of their rotation.

The following mowers are suitable for such a walk.behind tractor:

Carver KC-1100 is an analogue of the above KN 1.1, which differs from it only by the method of transmission of energy, because it is aggregated only with motoblocks equipped with VOM. Mobile KM-0.5 “Argos” on the principle of action is similar to the Terminator KM-0.5 MB described above, but differs from it by connecting to VOM and another way to adjust the height of mowing.

KRM-2 is the best-made analogue mobile KM-0.5 Argos, it looks more neat, but has the same technical characteristics and real capabilities.

Patriot Ural

Despite the fact that the Patriot brand is registered in the United States, and most of the plants are submitted to the PRC, the Ural model is assembled in the territory in Podnoginsk. The device is equipped with a three.armed shom and a removable pins of a rectangular shape.

The ability to connect

The method of hitch

Here are the main methods of hungry for any equipment on a single tractor:

Fastening to the pin is used where the installation of a tool with hard fixation is necessary relative to the frame of the walk.behind tractor.

After the installation of the mounted equipment, the holes in the pin and pipe of the clutch are combined, then the metal fingers are inserted and fixed with shplints. This hitching method provides quick installation and removal of any equipment both in front and behind the walk.behind tractor.

Fastening to the frame is used in cases where it is necessary hard (relative to the frame), to fix the attachment equipment as reliably as possible. In addition, this type of fastening is used if the unoic tractor is not equipped with a pin.

For installation, the equipment is screwed to the body of the self.propelled apparatus with bolts with nuts, however, for this, the holes on the body of the walk.behind engineer and hinged equipment must fully match. The coupling or adapter is used if both previous mounts are not applicable for any reason. Depending on the configuration of the transition mechanism, the attachment device can be fixed both rigidly and mobile relative to the engine frame.

Energy transfer from the engine to a hinged device

The following types of drives are used to transfer energy:

The belt drive is used to connect to motor blocks equipped with a pulley pulley (shom). It consists of two pulleys (leading, that is, shom and led), as well as one or more belts.

which, mower, walk, tractor

The advantage of this drive is the ability to connect and turn off the drive, changing the belt tension using the video. The main drawback of this drive in the rapid wear of the belts occurring due to insufficient tension.

Banner drive is used to connect to a self.propelled equipment equipped with a power selection shaft (VOM).

The advantage of this drive in noticeably higher reliability and minimum maintenance, because it is enough to clean the selection shafts and acceptance of power from time to time.

It is quite difficult to make a compulsory shutdown of the drive, so it is used only on those walk.behind shoes that are already equipped with the function of turning off the WOM.

Mass and power

The mass of the hinged device must correspond to the walk.behind tractor, otherwise it will be very difficult to control it.

After all, the braid will outweigh the self.propelled chassis, so when turning it will be almost impossible to lift it above the ground, pressing on the handle of the walk.behind tractor, which means that during the turn or turn you will have to overcome the resistance of the grass.

If the power consumed by the mowing exceeds the capabilities of the self.propelled device, then the efficiency of the mowing of grass will sharply decrease, and the engine wear will increase.

Popular models

The modern market of agricultural equipment represents a large number of mowers of both eminent brands and little.known samples. Despite the fact that the vast majority of them are of high quality and have many positive reviews, some of them should be highlighted separately.

  • The Zarya-1 model is produced at the Kaluga Engine enterprise and has a rotary type of execution. The productivity of the device is 0.2 hectares per hour, which is a pretty good result for disk devices. The capture width is 80 cm, and the weight does not exceed 28 kg. The model is compatible with Neva, Oka, Cascade and Tselina, and a special modification is available for “salute”. Installation is also possible on the motoblocks “Agro”, “Belarus” and “MB-90”, but in this case, an additional bracket or gearbox is required. The model is equipped with a height regulator and is characterized by high cut quality. In addition, unlike segment models, mowed grass fits in neat rolls that do not need to rob.
  • “KNM-0.8” is a finger segmental model compatible with motoblocks such as “Neva”, “Salute” and “Cascade”. The capture width is 80 cm, the weight is 35 kg, the device is a typical representative of segment models and corresponds to all the characteristics described above inherent in this type.
  • The Chinese model “KM-0.5” also refers to the segmented type and is compatible with motoblocks such as Hitachi S169, Favorite, Neva and Salute. The device is characterized by small dimensions and is able to cut off grass at a height of 0.5 cm, that is, almost under the root. However, the width of the capture of this model is somewhat inferior to similar indicators of previous mowers and is only 50 cm. The weight of the device corresponds to 35 kg, and

What to look for when choosing mowers

The width of the capture of segmented mowers for the walk.behind tractor reaches 87 cm, and rotary. from 50 to 100 cm.

Speasing height. segment mowers cope with grass with a height of 3 to 7 cm, and rotary. up to 10 cm. But among the latter there are exceptions, for example: rotary mowel KM-0.5 Hitachi S169008 cuts grass with a height of 0.5 to 50 cm, rotary mower “dawn” Kaluga Kr.05.000-03-up to 1 m.

Also, in this section, you can purchase edge cutters, which are designed to level the boundaries of flower beds and beds, as well as gender-pushing-they are used for weeding the beds, cleaners from the old grass, rakes and Scarifers that are designed to collect garbage and dry leaves. Using this attachment equipment, you can easily give a well.groomed type of lawn.

Rotary “dawn

Official manufacturer of the Dawn Rotor Rotor Pitch. “Kadwi”. is located in Kaluga. But the market has many home.made and Chinese models made according to the manufacturer’s schemes “Kaluga Engine”. Outwardly, they differ only in color-at the Kaluga Dawn it is bright red, as in the video. But this is not the main difference. Chinese quality is worse, since low.quality material is used for manufacturing.

Users’ reviews about the “dawn” of Chinese production are mainly negative. The model before work needs to be sorted out, lubricants are not enough, there is little oil in the gearbox. Positive reviews about the Chinese “dawn” are associated with high quality gear. It serves for more than 3 years and does not wear out. In domestic signs of wear, they appear after 2 years.

Characterization of the haying “Dawn” for the Neva walk.behind tractor and the price of analogues and licensing equipment in the table:

Rotor braid KP-05

Officially, KP-05 is produced in St. Petersburg at the Krasny October factory. The model is official to the Neva MB-1 and MB-2 motornote. It is impossible to find accurate analogues in the market, but there are similar mowers with low quality. Many years of experience and advanced technologies allowed the manufacturer to develop an optimal, functional and small rotary mower KP-05.

The weight of the technology is smaller than the Zarya model, so the KP-05 is convenient for summer residents and farmers with small personal sections. Copes with any remnants of cultivated plants, shrubs, hard and thick grass. The power of the crumbs is sufficient to cope with hard vegetation.

Kp.05 is used on an uneven surface, since the working organ in the form of a large disk is easily adjusted to any irregularities. Not afraid of a mower of small stones and branches. Around the disk is a metal casing that protects the operator from small particles of stones and vegetation.

Characteristics of the KP-05 for the Neva walk-behind engineer MB-1 and MB-2 and the price in the table:

Working rules

To make the grass worthy and effective, follow the following rules:

  • Carefully study the operating manual of the walk.behind tractor and mowing, as well as re.read these documents at least 1-2 times a year.
  • Before each use of this technique, carefully check its condition.
  • Put on boots or boots to protect your legs, as well as clothes without any dangling straps or other fragments that can tighten wheels or belt drive.
  • Do not use such a technique, feeling malaise or being under the influence of drugs affecting the adequacy and reaction rate.
  • Before starting the engine of the walk.behind tractor, make sure that no one is standing in front of the mowing and its drive is disconnected.
  • Choose the right speed. At optimal speed, the attachment equipment effectively mowns any grass, and if the engine is falling, then it is slightly.
  • For any actions with plates and knives, be sure to kill the engine of the walk.behind tractor and wait for a complete stop of all details.
  • Starting to mow, make sure that there are no people or animals near the site.
  • If you need to mow grass or hay in a large area, then move around the perimeter of the territory, gradually and evenly approaching its center.
  • Do not fix the switching leverage of the walk-behind tract, as well as the adhesion of the wheel drive, otherwise you will not be able to quickly stop the device if there is some kind of unforeseen situation.

Segment mower for a walk.behind tractor

The device has typical tasks for mowing, but it got the name thanks to a special type of cutting details. large.sized sharp triangles. Thanks to the adaptability of all parts to any weather conditions, the machine is used in almost any climatic zones (in addition to desert areas).The basic advantages of mowels of this plan include:

  • High level of performance. The width of the simultaneous capture can reach 2 meters. With all this, the technique moves quite quickly and perfectly maneuver;
  • The small weight of the hitch itself will allow it to be installed even on the smallest motoblocks and tractors;
  • The well.thought.out energy intensity of the apparatus will allow no effect on financial costs when buying fuel;
  • The ease of control (there is no need to connect hydraulics) and simplicity of the design will allow you to assemble and install the equipment yourself;
  • Affordable cost of the hitch itself and the necessary details;
  • Long service life;
  • High quality of all components of elements.

The disadvantages include the need to clean the site from unnecessary details, since stones, glass and other moments can, if you do not damage the mower, then add a lot of trouble to the process of processing the site itself.

In practice, to see the process of working with a mower, you can watch the proposed videos in which satisfied users fully demonstrate all the capabilities of the unit. It is worth noting that the mowing options discussed above are suitable for motoblocks such as:

  • Neva;
  • MTZ;
  • Salute;
  • Dawn;
  • MB 2;
  • Agate;
  • Oka;
  • Agro;
  • Bison;
  • Centaur;
  • Ural;
  • Patriot and others.

While working with the device, you must always ensure that the cutting apparatus of the braid is covered with a special protective casing. It is important that the one.legged tractor stops simultaneously with the improving. All operations regarding the purification of cutting elements can only be carried out after a full engine plug.

How to choose a segment mower for a walk.behind tractor

An effective mower on a single tractor should be reliable, durable and well fixed on the aggregate. As a drive, such a device uses belt transmission. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, take into account the following points:

  • The segmented knives should be made of hardened steel so that they do not blunt for a long time and effectively perform work.
  • An important parameter is the width of the capture. How quickly you can cope with the task depends on it. On average, it is within 1-1.8 m.
  • The average cut height in a mower for a walk-behind tractor is 40-80 mm. Select this value depending on the type of vegetation on the site.
  • Despite the fact that the segment mower is a hinged equipment, it has such a parameter as working speeds. It can be from 5 to 10 km/h.
  • The operability of attachment equipment for the walk.behind tractor does not exceed 1 ha/h. Often this parameter is 0.25-0.35 ha/h.
  • Find out which walk.behind tract is a stake.based segment mower. Some models are intended for specific models of technology.
  • An important point is the availability of components. Thanks to this, you can quickly eliminate problems and replace the failed parts.
  • Pay attention to the mass of equipment and its dimensions in the working and transport position. The latter value is very important from the point of view of the transportation of a segmented mower from one site to another. The design weighs depending on the model from 20-35 to 100-115 kg. Heavy models are intended for mini-tractors.

Before buying a particular mower, read the most popular and common options. Compare their and main characteristics. Take into account the existing pros and cons of. Only then make a specific choice. and more. Top manufacturers include:


Professional segment mower for the GHEPARD (MBK0012013) walkover has 92 cm width, which is quite suitable for personal use on a suburban area. The design uses a transmission (included in the kit) with a large work resource. Durable teeth and made of high.quality steel with a special coating. The model is good for both decorative mowing and hay harvesting. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 23390 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-92 cm, height of mowing grass-up to 100 cm, cut height-from 25 mm, operating speed-0.5-4 km/h, dimensions-92x50x50 cm, weight-32 kg, guarantee-2 years from manufacturer;
  • Pros: effective, high.quality cutting elements, a large resource of work;
  • Cons: not optimal for large areas.

Патриот Урал после четырех лет использования

If you are looking for hinged equipment for the GHEPARD motornote for commercial use, then pay attention to an analogue with a wider capture. the MBK0012015 model. Its cutting teeth are also made of steel with a special coating. they are made in Germany. After the bite, the unit leaves a perfectly even cut. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 37690 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-107 cm, height of mowing grass-up to 100 cm, cut height-from 25 mm, operating speed-0.5-4 km/h, dimensions-107x50x50 cm, weight-34 kg, guarantee-2 years from manufacturer;
  • Pros: wide cut, suitable for large areas, efficiency, durability;
  • Cons: it is expensive.


Hayfield with the Eurosystems p 70 motor unit

EUROSYSTEMS P 70 motor blocks will help to mow thick vegetation and prepare hay. The model is equipped with a wide capture with a high.quality cutting element that can cut off thick stalks of grass. This is an ideal assistant if you have a large site of several thousand square meters. The manufacturer of this unit is the Italian company. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 44250 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-102 cm, operating speed-2-4 km/h, dimensional dimensions-102x50x50 cm, weight-55 kg, guarantee-1 year from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: bevel width, efficiency, the ability to use in different areas;
  • Cons: high cost, heavier than analogues.

EUROSYSTEMS P 55 segment unit will cost cheaper than the previous model, but it is already. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 20860 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-87 cm, operating speed-2-4 km/h, overall dimensions-87x50x50 cm, weight-35 kg, guarantee-1 year from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: an acceptable price, sprinkles thick vegetation well;
  • Cons: not the best choice for large areas.

Virgin lands

CS: GO-850 segmented mowel capable of mowing grass as close as possible to the soil. The segments of the device during the bumping raise the easier grass. They are very resistant to contact with branches, stones and other objects.

  • Price: 17390 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-85 cm, maximum cut height-20-40 mm, transmission-belt, rotation frequency-up to 360 about./min., Dimensions-135x66x91 cm, weight-46 kg, suitable for motoblocks-virgin lands, Neva, cascade, beam, Crosser C-RM8E, Crosser C-RM10 and others.;
  • Pros: an acceptable price, works on complex reliefs, compatible with many motoblocks;
  • Cons: capture already than analogues.

Mobile K

Segment-Paltsevo equipment for the Motobilok Mobile for G85 is ideal for frequent use in large areas, including commercial use. This became possible due to a reliable gearbox in an oil bath and a high.quality cutting tool. Mower made in Italy. Detailed parameters:

  • Price: 37690 r.;
  • Characteristics: capture width-107 cm, operating speed-0.5-4 km/h, dimensions-1070x500x500 mm, mass-34 kg, guarantee-2 years from the manufacturer;
  • Pros: high.quality cutting tools, a wide cut, suitable for the performance of volumetric work;
  • Cons: High cost.

An equipment with a 92 cm width will be an alternative and more budget option for a walk.behind tracton. This model is also produced in Italy. Detailed parameters:

Rotary belt mower for walk-behind tractor. Why segments? We mow the grass with a walk-behind tractor