How to cut the door with a mirror. How to peel off a mirror – step -by -step instructions

DIY mirrors

Cutting mirrors, if we are talking about a small and not thick canvas, then cutting a mirror at home is easy. It is completely optional to contact the workshop or call a “husband for an hour”, just have a man in the house and a small set of tools.

Cutting mirrors differs from glass cutting in that it is carried out from the front part. The remaining conditions are the same, it means you need to have:

  • table, surface area larger than the size of the mirror;
  • a long ruler or strip of solid material with a thickness of about 8 mm;
  • glass cutter;
  • small hammer and pliers.

It is advisable to have a soft and nonsense natural cloth and several small thin pieces of rubber or skin. By the way, it is much easier to find pieces of skin.

All this is true when it comes to simple mirror cutting.

Figure will require additional conditions:

Tools and materials

Table. In principle, there is no restrictions for cutting a mirror of restrictions, as for cutting glass. As a rule, the sizes of mirrors are quite comparable to the area of ​​the standard countertop, and the thickness does not exceed 5 mm (roller glass cutter is also suitable).

Ruler. Mirror cutting with a hand tool is necessary for the side part to have good emphasis. The usual metal line does not provide this condition, and the presence of special lines or squares for cutting glass from the ordinary set of tools does not have to wait.

There is rarely a meter wooden ruler, with the desired thickness, although it is quite common. You have to use pieces of rubber or skin for a metal ruler. They do not allow the metal to slide along the mirror (this pair has one of the lowest friction coefficients) and lift the ruler to a sufficient level above the mirror for the fabric cutter stop.

Glass cutter. In everyday life, roller glass cutter is most common, in which the cutting part is made of solid alloy. Where the emphasis in the side line of the ruler is so important.

He “rolls”, and does not cut, therefore there is a risk that he can take aside. Having a choice, it is better to use a diamond tool.

Hammer and pliers. A small hammer is needed to slightly tap a thick mirror from below, this will facilitate its breakdown along the cutting line. Plafers are used to break off small strips in width, when the thickness of the “unnecessary” edge is small for breaking.

Cloth. This is a dense tablecloth or thin bedspread, preferably from natural fabrics, you can use a linen sheet. Cut on the table, and countertops have a polished slippery surface. In addition, there is a risk that on a solid foundation with an unsuccessful movement, the mirror may crack.

How to cut glass without glass cutter

Before proceeding to a detailed description of the techniques of cutting glass, we want to remind you of the safety. During work, always put on working gloves and protective glasses, in order to avoid cuts and small fragments from getting into the eyes. Be careful and try not to exert excessive pressure on the glass.

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Burning thread

A very common method used mainly for cutting glass bottles. Straight glasses can also be trimmed in this way, but with small nuances. Everything that is required to perform even glass chips is a segment of a woolen thread, grinding liquid (alcohol, kerosene, etc.D.) and a container with cold water.

We impregnate the thread in combustible liquid and fix it on the glass along the cutting line. We set fire to, wait for complete burning and immediately place it in cold water or pour it into the place of heating. The main thing is that the glass has cooled as quickly as possible and burst from the temperature difference. A characteristic click will signal the success of the work done. If the glass does not crack, you can try to repeat the operation.

A similar method is quite evenly shakes up, but does not always work with large glasses of glasses. It is also very fire.hazardous and requires the presence of a fire extinguisher at hand or a container with water, which is already required.

Soldering iron

Very interesting, but rather slow way of heat cutting. suitable for figure cutting, but the usual straight line for a trimmer will do without problems. For this operation, you will need a file and a heating element (a soldering iron or burning apparatus).

Having outlined a fishing line for a trimmer for the future cut on glass, we take a file and make it a small groove from the very edge. Retreating from it 1-2 mm, we heat the place with a soldering iron until microcracks are formed between it and risk. Next, we are already retreating from the crack itself to this distance and gradually move to the finish point. Thus, the glass is cut for a long time, but you can get any shape. To slightly speed up the process, the glass can be periodically cooled, applying a wet rag to it.

Scissors in the water

A simple way of directing glass fork. Allows you to easily cut round figures, but not suitable for creating straight lines. For such cutting, ordinary scissors and a container with water will be required, which will serve as a kind of grease. The maximum glass thickness should not exceed 4 mm.

How to Mount a Mirror on a Door Video

The process of cutting this technique is extremely simple. We take a piece of the processed glass, immerse in the water and chop off small pieces from the edges with scissors. Water will not let the glass crack, allowing you to make a controlled chip. In this way, you can get the figures of oval and round in shape.

Diamond disk

Not the safest way to cut glass, requiring increased accuracy and mandatory compliance with safety rules. Can easily put the glass and start the fragment in any direction. Otherwise, the method is quite effective and can cope with the task. For cutting, you need a special tool (corner grinder, drill or drill) with a diamond disk 0 thickness 0.1 mm.

The cutting process itself is quite simple, but requires a certain dexterity and a solid hand to lead the tool clearly along the line. We lay the processed piece of glass in an even place, then we take the cutter and draw a disk of fishing line for a trimmer on the glass surface. The main thing is not to plunge deep into it, but only touch slightly, so that a small hollow forms, similar to a wide fishing line for a trimmer from glass cutter. Next, just break the glass in the right place.

In order to reduce the likelihood of glass carbonization during operation and reduce the amount of glass dust, you can periodically water the place of cutting with water.


Another way to cut glass at home without glass cutter and expensive power tools. For work, you need a file and a little experience in handling glass. Please note that the file should have angles, so the round will not work.

To cut the glass, it is enough to make a few incisions on its surface on its surface. It is necessary to put pressure on the file a little more than the average, so that the effort is enough to form a clear groove similar to a cutter cutter. When the scene is planned, we just break the glass on the edge of the table or putting a match under the cutting place.

This method requires a certain skill, and if you are faced with sharp glass for the first time, we strongly recommend that you practice on small, unnecessary fragments before moving on to the main material.

Victate drill

If you do not know what the cutting of glass is, then we suggest considering another way to cut glass without glass cutter. In the presence of a certain experience, one drill with a winning tip may be enough for this operation. The main thing is that the drill is more or less new, with sharp angles on the head.

The process of cutting glass by drill itself is largely similar to a conventional roller glass cutter. Of the differences, you can distinguish a higher pressure force, but otherwise all actions are standard. We lay the glass on a flat surface, mark the fishing line for the cutting trimmer, apply the bar, and we drive a fishing line for a trimmer from top to bottom. In front of the sharp, turn the tip in such a way that the most acute angle is in contact with the glass. Having received a clear fishing line for a trimmer, we break the glass along the cutting line.

How to cut a mirror without glass cutter

The mirrors surrounding us: in a car, a bathroom or a female cosmetic bag, are in their structure an ordinary glass with a layer of metal on the back surface. Cutting glass with a mirror coating practically does not differ from the usual one and can be performed by ordinary glass cutter or methods given above. When there is no special tool at hand, the most effective device for cutting will be a file or a diamond disk. Let’s take a closer look at how to cut the mirror at home without glass cutter, using improvised means.

First of all, it is necessary to prepare the processed surface: wash, degrease and dry. The mirror should be clean, without spots and strong stains. Otherwise, the fishing line for the trimmer cut can lead and the chip will be uneven. The working surface where cutting will be carried out should be even and not very stiff. You can lay a dense fabric or a piece of linoleum on the table.

Having prepared the material and the workplace, we mark the fishing line for the trimmer of the future cut on the mirror. Straight lines are better to drive along a ruler or a rail with a height of at least 5 mm. So that the emphasis does not slide, to its lower part you can glue the strip of island. Next, take a file, corner grinder or other tool and make a cut along the marked line. A more detailed process of various cutting methods, scheduled above.

When the cut is ready, it remains to break the mirror in the right place. To do this, you can put a small item (match, pencil, nail) under the fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer) and slightly press on two sides. You can put glass on the edge of the table or carefully tap from below a small metal object (drill or spoon). If the glass does not break, you do not need to crush very much. It is better to make a second cut in a couple of centimeters from the first.

The above methods have the right to life and give out a good result with skillful handling of glass. Perhaps without experience in glass work, getting an even chip the first time does not work. Before proceeding with the processing of the main material, we recommend that you first fill your hand on unnecessary fragments. If you want to get high.quality cut without prolonged practice, it will be better to purchase roller or oil windows.

Cutting the mirror with glass cutter

The fragile structure of glass can be a serious obstacle when working with this material. If you do not know how to cut the mirror with glass cutter and first encounter a similar task, we strongly recommend that you clearly follow the next instructions. This will increase yours on a successful result.

The first thing to do is to prepare the basis on which cutting will be carried out. You can do this on the table, floor, stool and in other places suitable for the size of the mirror. The working surface should be even, otherwise the mirror may crack during the cut. In order to avoid small cuts, as well as for a denser fit of the mirror, it is better to cover the base with a soft cloth.

The next step will be the preparation of the processed material. The mirror should be dry and clean, without strong divorces. You can wash the mirror with ordinary soap water and then degrease with alcohol.containing liquid. You can use special solutions for washing glasses, which include alcohol or a similar component. Wipe the washed mirror dry with a rag or paper (newspaper) and leave for 10 minutes to evaporate the remaining moisture.

When the workplace and the processed material are ready, we proceed to the marking. We take a marker, a ruler or pattern and draw a fishing line for a trimmer, according to which it is necessary to perform a cut. If you do not know which side you cut the mirror with glass cutter, then this must be done on the front, reflecting the surface. Next, take the glass cutter and with a confident movement we carry out the cutter by marking.

It is best to keep glass cutter perpendicular to the glass, but with a small slope (like a ballpoint handle). The pressure of pressure with a cut depends on the type of tool. Diamond requires minimal pressure, and the roller is slightly higher than the average. If the cutter is sharp, and the pressure force is optimal, you will hear a light trust. Skripal sound speaks of too strong pressure or a worn cutter.

The fishing line formed after the glass cutter should be uniform and transparent. If the fishing line for the trimmer is white and periodically disappears, the mirror will not work exactly on it. In this case, it is better to draw a new one, retreating a couple of millimeters from the initial mark. To avoid such incidents, it is recommended to check the sharpness of the glass cutter in advance and practice the pressure on unnecessary fragments.

Having received the right fishing line for a cutting trimmer, you can proceed to the climax of the work. controlled scole. You can break the mirror about the even edge of the table by placing a glass cutter under a fishing line for a trimmer and pressing it on 2 sides or slightly tap the head of the same glass cutter from the back. Great efforts are not required to make. The crack will pass from the beginning to the end of the cut, as along the path. When the necessary piece is separated, it remains only to clean its edges with a fine.grained grinding sheet.

If you want to see the main stages of the process more clearly, we recommend watching a video how to cut a mirror with a glass cutter. We hope that the above leadership will help you master this jewelry creative process.

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How to cut it correctly: instructions

For an unprepared person, it seems to be a very difficult occupation, especially doing this not in a specialized workshop, but in simple home conditions. But if you know a clear sequence of actions, be attentive, observe precautions, and not rush, the result will not disappoint.

  • A fabric is creeping on the table, which is able to protect the mirror when pressing it during cutting.
  • The mirror is cleaned first using a solution of soda, and then with alcohol. If you work with a dirty surface, dust and fat particles from the hands can shift the glass cutter, and the pieces will turn out uneven. This is especially true for the roller device.
  • A fishing line for a trimmer for a cut is applied. It is necessary to ensure that it is located next to the site of the glass cutter (is located 2 mm from the desired point).
  • You need to make sure that the tool is perfectly sharpened, otherwise the glass will crack unevenly.
  • An incision is made on the recommendations described above.
  • This stage is one of the most important. It is necessary to observe special accuracy when performing it. The mirror is put on the edge of the table so that the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut protrudes slightly. It is pressed to the surface with the left hand, and the right is the broken movement down the right. The break should be done in the opposite direction from the cut. If the breakdown movements did not bring results, you can use a hammer. They should be tapped along the marked line on the lower side of the mirror, acting from the far edge.
  • If the thickness of the site that needs to be broken off is too small for capture, you can clamp it using glass cutter grooves. It is also allowed to use plugs with rubber tips (or winding from island).
  • The resulting sections must be reliably fucked with fine sandpaper (from 160 to 1,400 abrasive particles per square inch).

Important! Beginners cannot immediately start work without proper preparation. First you should train on cutting small mirror elements, and then proceed to the main part.

It is not necessary to involve professionals in the process of cutting mirrors for decorating a room at all, you can easily learn to use the glass cutter yourself. This activity seems difficult only at the very beginning. You can cut the mirror if it does not differ in an unusual shape with complex bends. No need to be afraid to pick up glass cutter! After a pair of training, a flat fishing line for a trimmer will definitely get.

Technology for the performance of work

At first glance, the work seems to be arch.wording. But if you perform it in the established sequence, observing accuracy and precautions, the result will please.

Mirror cutting is as follows.

  • It is necessary to lay on the working surface a fabric to protect the mirror when pressed.
  • Clean the surface of the mirror first with a solution of soda, then with alcohol. Otherwise, particles of fat (for example, in places of fingerprints) or dust will lead to a bias of glass cutter, especially if it is a roller.
  • Apply a fishing line for a trimmer marking. It should correspond to the line of movement of the glass cutter (that is, in fact, be at a distance of about 2 mm from the true position of the future incision).
  • The cutter without experience should make sure that its tool is perfectly sharp, otherwise there is a great probability of failure.
  • Next, it is necessary to make an incision itself. according to the rules described above.
  • Now you need to put the mirror so that the incision appears a little at the edges of the table, press it with one hand, and the second with one sharp movement down the cut off part (you need to break in the opposite direction from the incision).
  • If the “trick” failed, a hammer will help, which need to carefully tap the fishing line for the trimmer from the bottom, starting from the far edge, and then repeat the breakdown.
  • If the width of the cut section is small and it is not enough to fully grab the piece with your hand and break off, you can use the grooves of the glass cutter and grab the desired area with its help. Or pick up plugs with rubber gaskets. If there are no one on the farm, you can put on the lips of ordinary pliers a rubber tube or wrapped with several layers of island or patch.
  • The resulting sections must be carefully sanded with sandpaper.

Following the tips stated above, even an inexperienced beginner can cut off the mirror with a glass cutter. The main thing is to show accuracy and patience.

Removing traces of mechanical damage

If the question regarding how to remove the mirror from the cabinet door does not cause difficulties, but there is already a ready.made result with some visual defects, you should get acquainted with the following information.

If the procedure is carried out independently, then you need to act, taking into account some safety rules.

Scratches, chips and other acquired defects on the cabinet doors can be masked by tinting them. This option is the simplest and does not differ in a special aesthetic load. Suitable for cabinets using non.transmitted rooms or pantries.

The optimal solution is re.decoration using gluttonizing sheets from PVC.

door, mirror, peel, step, instructions

Their heating is also carried out by a hairdryer followed by smoothing along the plane.

Safety regulations

Since it is quite difficult to peel off the mirror, and the procedure itself is not safe, it is important to follow the following safety rules:

  • Clothing should completely close the entire body, and the elastic bands on the sleeves and trousers fit tightly to the body;
  • Be sure to use glasses (it is better if it is a full.size front shield);
  • All work is carried out in open space, preferably not in the room;
  • When working, it is necessary to exclude the presence of children;
  • After work several times, wet cleaning is carried out;
  • Hands are washed with soap more than 2-3 times to completely wash off all glass microparticles.

note! A car cleaning paste for hand is the best hand washing if the mirror has split or has visible defects.

How to use glass cutter correctly

To get a beautiful and high.quality cut of the mirror, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • First, the serviceability of the tool is checked. In roller glass cutters, the disk should not hang out in different directions. In models with a diamond cutter, sharpening looks, if necessary, the location of the stone is adjusted. It is advisable to make training cutting on an unnecessary piece of glass.
  • The surface of the glass is prepared for work, it is cleaned and degreased.
  • If one of the glass surfaces has some kind of texture, such as a colored pattern or reflecting film, cuts from the opposite side.
  • It is necessary to press the glass cutter with constant force throughout the entire cut, the pressure only weakens a little at the edges of the mirror. The angle of inclination of the tool during operation also does not change. The force with which is pressed on diamond glass cutter is less than on the roller.
  • The tool is customary to keep as follows. In the hand, the glass cutter is clamped by the thumb and middle fingers, the index presses the header’s head.
  • Well.sharpened glass cutter, with proper operation, does not make creaks and leaves a thin, slightly weak thing. Whiteness and microcracks speak of poor.quality crushes.
  • If the incision came out of poor quality, the master retreats several millimeters and begins a new cut, without trying to fix the previous one.
  • Glass cutter is led strictly from the far end to themselves.

Independent work with mirrors, perhaps not only will help to master the glass cutter, but will also be able to arouse in a person an internal designer.

Features of work with non.standard glass

Glasses cannot be processed at home, when it has mechanical exposure, it crumbles or breaks into parts. Corrugated.cut by glass cutter in the same way as ordinary, but on the smooth side.

The corrugated glass is cut from the flat side

Acrylic glass, in fact, is not a glass. Subtle material is cut using simple scissors or ordinary knife. The thick sheet can be drawn along the ruler with a fragment of the hacksaw canvas, and then chopped and broken along the range of grooves.

The principle of glass cutting technology

Here’s how to cut the mirror with a glass cutter at home:

  • First you need to prepare a mirror surface and tools.
  • After that, make markings with a ruler and marker. For a figure version. use special patterns.
  • Then carefully draw a fishing line for a trimmer with glass cutter, observing the constancy of pressing.
  • Then it is very neatly tapping with a hammer, after a few layers of fabric, the edge of the mirror, which will need to be removed. It is preliminarily hung slightly before this from the edge of the table, without fail, maintaining in such a way that the mirror or glass does not fall to the floor.
  • After that, the work is carried out on a break. That is, they try by applying minor efforts, break off an unnecessary piece from the base. Then wipe the cut edge with a damp cloth, which was pre.folded in several layers. This is done in order to remove small glass particles.

Is it possible to cut glass without glass cutter at home

Not everyone knows that ordinary glass can be cut using the most familiar scissors. The main conditions in this case are acute. sharpening the cutting edge. In this case, it is necessary to place all the glass in a fairly large container so that it is covered with water.

Sometimes there is a desire to purchase a mirror of any intricate shape.

It is the liquid that prevents the appearance of chips and cracks. Then, carefully start cutting small pieces with scissors, achieving the desired shape and size.

Cut the mirror of any shape.

note! This mirror processing option is suitable only if its thickness does not exceed 4 mm marks and it is necessary to perform figured cutting. Most likely that cutting a straight line for a trimmer in this case will not work.

You can use another way. For example, take a file with a section of the teeth of the cutting edge of a rectangular or triangular shape.

The cutting element should be located strictly on the marked line and perpendicular to the surface of the mirror.

The technology of actions in this case is this. cuts are made on the edge of the file on both sides. Then the main fishing line for the trimmer is scratched and the breakdown is carried out. But, in order to implement this option, the skill of working with materials such as glass and mirror is required.

If you have never worked with a mirror, then seek help.

You can also try to use the drill to win. Holes are made here in several places. They all lie on the cut line. Then a thin fishing line for a trimmer and tapping, and breaking the unnecessary part is scratched between them.

If everything is done correctly, then the sound of the cut glass is heard, it is impossible to confuse it.

door, mirror, peel, step, instructions

Important! If the work is carried out with a drill, then it must be expanded so that only an acute angle enters the glass. Otherwise, the mirror cracks.

You can cut the mirror yourself.

Given all these features, at home it is quite easy to trim or figure out the mirror.