Why you can’t cut log felling with a chainsaw

The site is funded by the Federal Press and Mass Media Agency. Registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications. The logging law was adopted in the spring of the year. In fact, he legitimized the right of citizens, primarily those living in rural areas, to collect fragments of dry fallen trees in the forest for free. Previously, this required special permits. most villagers and summer residents ignored these norms and, in fact, became violators.

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What are the rules for collecting deadwood set by Russian regions

Now he is not acting yet: do not rush to go to the forest for deadwood without permission and payment. You may lose money, or something worse will happen. In fact, the deadwood amendments are not as funny as they seem.

Why you can’t cut log felling with a chainsaw

Every year, hundreds of such laws, decrees, orders, and rules are examined that clarify or modify existing standards. They are accepted for a reason. While we are laughing in social networks, somewhere in the village a family of pensioners cannot get firewood for the winter. And in the forest around this village there are many dry fallen trees.

Due to the imperfection of the wording, these pensioners cannot cut and remove trees that no one needs for free. The forester cannot allow them to do this, even if he wants to: otherwise they will punish him.

It turns out a vicious circle: the state does not have enough funds and resources to clean the forest, and people cannot take out felled trees without an agreement. Sooner or later, this had to be decided. Here you can collect them as you like for a fire, heating, fencing or crafts. An entire tree can also be a deadwood. For example, if it itself fell and dried long ago. Such a tree is well suited for heating, but by law it is still a wood resource.

Without permission it cannot be cut, chopped and taken out of the forest. From the year it will be possible. The rules for harvesting non-timber resources are many villages and towns in which, for various reasons, there is still no gas or even coal. Do tenants manage forest cleaning themselves? According to Viktor Bannikov, deputy head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan Region, this question cannot be answered monosyllabically.

The pole is already for money. Of course, it’s high time to solve something with felling. But first, determine what is deadwood. By the way, brushwood can be collected freely and for free. This is determined by the law of the Kurgan region. But the pole is already a punishment, ”Viktor Bannikov emphasizes. If there is no gas in the village and people heat houses with firewood, they need to draw up an agreement.

It’s just impossible to go to the forest and bring a firewood car from there by law. The list of non-wood resources contains brushwood, bark, stumps, bark and even forest litter. But deadwood is not mentioned there. Although it seems to many that this is one and the same. But the matter is only in the list of non-wood resources, which needed to be supplemented in one word. That complemented. Now you need permission. But do not confuse felling with brushwood. In the media and social networks publish videos and news that even for a fire it is allegedly impossible to collect branches without asking the state.

This is not true. But if we are talking about fallen, broken or dry trees, we will have to somehow arrange their harvest. How exactly. depends on the region. If you are collecting wood for heating and construction, you need to conclude a contract for the sale of wood with the leshoz.

Find out who is responsible for the plot of forest that interests you and find out how to arrange it. Maybe they won’t even take money from you: for example, if there has recently been heavy snowfall and you need help in clearing the forest from fallen trees. For residents of some regions established standards for procurement. But they don’t want to mess with me either, and they don’t advise me to push the engine myself. The staff is cheaper. Only the protocol will be punished. It should be so. I’m not hiding from anyone. They can be seen from far away. At first they squinted a little.

Even at the summer house meeting, the question was asked once by what right do I saw wood? He explained how he could. All honestly. Attention. It would seem that such a resolution of the law looks ridiculous, at the same time, a direct indication of the possibility of free collection of such resources leaves no chance to interpret other norms in any other way and to make any claims to the same mushroom pickers.

The main condition that a potential deadwood should meet is that it should not have any signs of wood. According to the deadwood, it should be clear that it is dead wood, fallen branches, etc. Certain risks of the new law are as follows: under the guise of deadwood, healthy wood can begin to be exported. Clarification of the fact that logger is allegedly considered a non-timber resource means almost nothing. this is just the opinion of the department, but not a normative document. In court, this opinion will not stand.

Video: Why you can’t cut log felling with a chainsaw

The fine on the Code of Administrative Offenses depends on how exactly you harvest wood. Was it a deadwood or a growing tree, now no one will understand. There is still criminal liability.

It is used for significant and large damage, which is considered according to a special technique. To get under the article of the Criminal Code, one tree can be enough. But this article is used when the tree stopped growing due to damage. If it has not already grown, then for the damage will be only administrative responsibility. Forest removal without permission is in any case theft of another’s property. Liability depends on the damage. Removal of dead wood under this article is now easily suitable.

People complain that there is dirt and rubbish in the forest, but now they don’t have legal grounds to clean the areas from felling. Meanwhile, a number of regions have already faced a serious problem.

For example, in the suburbs now a lot of money is being spent on cleaning up the territory affected by the bark beetle. After the felling age was raised from 80 to and even years in the forests of the first group, the trees began to hurt and fall. But they were not cleaned. the bark beetle spread enormously. Three trucks in hand. In the Smolensk region, the population annually releases 15 cubic meters of firewood for heating the house and the same number of times every five years in a bathhouse.

Around such villages there is a forest in which there are a lot of fallen, broken and dry trees. But houses are heated with wood. Felled forest Dear editors, I heard that our deputies have finally allowed us to collect dead wood in the forest.

I am glad that the deputies got to this issue. As a seasoned logging enthusiast and a former logging poacher, I want to ask how can I collect it now by law? Do I need to get a deadwood collection license? Which window to apply for a patent for free collection of deadwood?

How much does unlimited deadwood collection cost and is there any dependence on the region? Are there any restrictions on the collection of deadwood, depending on the type of wood and the state of the bark? Do I need to undergo a medical examination to collect deadwood? What does the Supreme Court think about logging? Vyacheslav M. The procedure for processing documents for harvesting dead wood is very complicated.

Residents must write a statement to the tenant, then draw up a contract of sale. It is easier for rural residents to slowly go into the woods and drag this dead wood than to formalize it legally, Bannikov is sure. Ecologist Maxim Shingarkin, adhering to a similar point of view, nevertheless emphasizes that the issue of logging is rather delicate.

How to collect dead wood and not go to jail?

See comments. The State Duma on Tuesday passed a bill that allows Russian citizens to collect "for own needs" deadwood. that is, as the document says, "dry trees or parts thereof that lie on the ground in the forest". without any permissions. Valyozhnik is assigned by law to "non-timber forest resources"that the Russians for their own needs can be collected in the forest freely. These include, for example, berries and mushrooms. Currently, deadwood is legally related to forest stands, and collecting it without appropriate permits is punishable by a fine. Advertising vertical Siberia. Realities Freedom Video Blogs Putin and Russia.

Just do not get carried away too much: how to collect deadwood and not break the law

Previously, in order to take out the fallen trunks from the forest, it was necessary to draw up a lease agreement for the site, otherwise it would face a fine or even two years in prison. Now collecting deadwood is not an offense. However, in order to finally legalize this process, local authorities had to amend local regulatory acts before the start of the year. Most regions have already done this work, or the projects are being approved, explained at the Federal Forestry Agency. For example, in the Moscow Region, deadwood can be collected everywhere, except for logging sites, storage of previously harvested timber, as well as specially protected areas where there is a direct ban on the collection of deadwood or human intervention. Some regions have introduced more stringent requirements. For example, in the Penza region, a regional law that defines the rules for collecting dead wood was adopted in March last year, but it began to operate on January 1. The main innovation. residents should not use saws and loppers when collecting deadwood. All chopping tools, including hand-held, gas-powered, and electric ones, were banned. Otherwise, a fine of up to two thousand rubles is threatened.

Is it possible to cut deadwood with a chainsaw?

Blank harvesting. this is a collection of lying remains of tree trunks, branches after snowing, storm, windbreak or other natural phenomena. People collect deadwood for different purposes, but, above all, for heating homes. This is important for the state, as cleaning the forest from dead wood and stumps reduces the likelihood of forest fires and tree damage by pests. Previously, in order to take out the fallen trunks from the forest, it was necessary to draw up a lease agreement for the site, otherwise it would face a fine or even two years in prison.

For a month now you can collect deadwood. Dry branches, sticks. All that has fallen.

The law on the collection of deadwood in the forest was amended in almost every region

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Valezhnik became free

They wanted the best, but it turned out, as always. Regional authorities are diligently introducing difficulties for citizens in collecting deadwood. Since January 1, the law adopted by the State Duma allowed Russian citizens to harvest logs for personal needs. People have been waiting for such a document for several years. And, probably, it was rather difficult to find in the country those who understood why it was impossible to take a piece of wood, a branch, some stump. In the forest code about deadwood was not, in general, not a single line.

The State Duma allowed the Russians to collect dead wood in the forest of Russia to collect "for own needs" deadwood. that is, as they say in the Khmyr from the forest protection for sawing dry spruce dumped by the wind.

Is it possible to collect dry trees in the forest

Now he is not acting yet: do not rush to go to the forest for deadwood without permission and payment. You may lose money, or something worse will happen. In fact, the deadwood amendments are not as funny as they seem. Every year, hundreds of such laws, decrees, orders, and rules are examined that clarify or modify existing standards.

The State Duma allowed the Russians to collect deadwood in the forest

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