With your own hands. Filter cyclone for a vacuum cleaner from PVC pipes

How to make a convenient wall stand for storage angular grinding and disks for them

To make it convenient to work in the workshop, you need to properly organize a workplace and storage of tools. You can start its arrangement with the manufacture of a wall stand for the Bulgarians. It is convenient to store a corner grinder on it, as well as cutting, grinding, petal discs and other equipment.

First you need to determine the width of the rack. It depends on the quantity and size of the existing Bulgarians. The easiest way to squeeze a 50 mm strip in a vice, and hang the tool on it to clearly determine the width.

The required piece is cut off from the strip, but 100 mm longer.

Its edges of 50 mm must be bent at right angles to get a bracket.

From a strip of 100 mm wide, you need to cut off a piece of the same length as the resulting bracket. For aesthetics, one of it can be cut down on one edge, but this is not necessary.

Then 3 holes are shown in the workpiece. One in the center for suspension of the key, the rest from the sides to hang cuts.

The bracket and upper strip need to be connected by racks from the reinforcement, laying all the details on an even base. The distance between the parallel elements should be sufficient so that the corner grinder, discs and the key do not interfere with each other.

Hooks from the bar are welded into the holes on the upper strip. They need to be bend slightly so that nothing falls from them.

The edges on the ends of the hooks are necessarily grinding. 2 holes along the edges are drilled in the rack to fasten it to the wall.

Particularly interesting

“Make yourself. with your own hands“. A site of interesting self.liveings made from improvised materials and items at home. Step-by-step master classes with photo and description, technology, life hacks. Everything that is needed for needlework to a real master or just craftsman. Crafts of any complexity, a large selection of directions and ideas for creativity.

Homemade guide with a carriage

Of the main materials, we need boards and plywood.

Please note: a home.made guide with a carriage can be used both in vertical and horizontal position.

The idea of ​​a homemade is spied on the author of YouTube J-Woodworking-we advise you to take it on your note!

Making a carriage

First you need to make the side walls of the carriage.

In the center of the side walls of the carriage, it will be necessary to drill holes under the diameter of the threaded hairpin.

A piece of board is attached to one of the side walls, which will act as a limiter. The same piece is also attached to the second wall, but temporarily on a bilateral tape. Later it will need to be deleted.

We saw off the size of two more pieces of the board, then connect the side walls of the carriage with their help.

In previously drilled holes, we install a threaded hairpin. We fix it with fasteners. nuts.

Installation of a carriage

In the tire of the chainsaws, it is necessary to drill a hole. We insert a threaded hairpin with a carriage into it, and fix it.

The manufacture of the guide

As a guide, a piece of a trimmed board is used. We saw off the workpiece of the desired length, and install the carriage on it.

The principle of operation of the device

Two pieces of board are attached to the edges of the logs, to which the guide is screwed. After that, it will be necessary to install a carriage with a chainsaw, and you can start sawing.

How to cut a log onto the boards using a chainsaw

With the help of a chainsaw, you can quickly cut the log into chocks of the desired size. Then they will only have to be divorced, and firewood for the furnace are ready!

And if you need to cut the log onto the boards?

In this case, there is no need to use the services of sawmills at all. over, this can fly into a penny.

You can also cut the log onto the boards using a chainsaw. You only need to make a home.made equipment for it.

The idea of ​​manufacturing a device for working with a chainsaw was shared by the author of YouTube Avmake. we advise you to take note.

We make a home.made device for a chainsaw

We weld a rectangular frame from a profile pipe. In the central part, it will be necessary to weld the jumper.

We cook two pieces of corner together to get a square profile.

We saw the workpiece into two identical parts, which will act as guides.

We drill out holes in the guide to the fixing bolts, and cut into them the thread with a suitable tap.

We cut the grooves along the edges of the frame into which we install the guides. Comment them, and clean all the welded joints with a corner grinder. Then I paint.

At the next stage, two T-shaped rods with presses that will clamp the chainsaw tire must be made from the profile.

Shrives are attached to the bar with bolts with nuts. Then we paint them, and collect all the details together.

We put on a home.made equipment on the tire of the chainsaw, and fix it. When everything is ready, you can safely start work!

How to cut a log onto the boards

To make the first cut, to the upper part of the log, a supporting platform from a flat board is attached to screws. We fix the rods at the desired height, depending on the required thickness of the board.

After that, leaning the equipment on the supporting site, we carefully lead the chainsaw along the log.

The second and all subsequent cuts can be done without installing the support site, since the surface of the log will be even.

For the upper layer of the device, light plastic is optimally suitable, on which the inscriptions are clearly visible, and neat holes in it are easier to make in it. For the middle, select a piece of a wood-brown plate or a wood-fiber plate 16 mm thick or a little more. Fix these two parts with screws and mark the location of the holes with an awl. Mark on a square grid with a side of 15 mm for drills, and for other items, focus on the place depending on their dimensions.

Drill holes, picking up a drill 1 mm thicker than a shank placed the placed nozzle.

Clean the lower plane of burrs and fix a 3-mm plywood on it. Flot a wooden bar for feather drills from the end and apply labeling on plastic for quickly finding nozzles.

DIY chisels holder

So that the chisels are not lost or stupid, make a simple suspended holder for them.

Choose a tender of dense wood without knots with a thickness of 20–40 mm. And you can also apply plywood, wood.fiber plate or pine glue. Select the grooves in two approaches: first use an electric drill with a feather drill, and then cut grooves with a canvas with small teeth.

Attach the holder on the wall with screws through the holes drilled in the end.

Ready home.made chisel holder.

Strike with a clamp for sharpening the chain of the chain

When sharpening the electric or chainsaw circuit with a file, it is necessary to conveniently fix the tire on the surface. For this, a homemade clamp stand may come in handy. over, this device can be used both in the workshop and in marching conditions.

How to Make Simple Cyclone Dust Collector

For the manufacture of a stand with a clamp for sharpening the chain of the chainsaw, you need a U-shaped clamp (you can make it independently from improvised materials), as well as 2 segments of a steel square. The latter will act as supporting legs of the device.

The process of manufacturing a home.made stand

First, from a square bar 15×15 mm, it is necessary to cut off two identical pieces of 20 cm long, which will be used as support supports.

On the one hand, each piece must be cut off at an angle of 45 degrees, on the other, it is sharpened under the cone.

The result should be two legs with a pointed end. Thanks to sharp ends, the tire stand itself can be installed on any wooden surfaces, stumps in the forest, and also in the ground.

Then you need an U-shaped clamp, with which the chain saw tire will be clamped. over, it is easy to make a clamp itself from metal scraps. To bend the square with the letter “U”, you need to use a bending machine.

Then it remains only to weld the legs to the frame of the clamp, and the home.made stand for sharpening the chain of the chainships is ready to work.

How to make a rack for the convenience of sawing logs of a chainsaw

Work on sawing logs on firewood for furnace heating or construction work on traditional goats does not differ in lightness, convenience and reliability. The log seeks to cream during cutting, it must be constantly moved along the goat as they saw it, and at the end to ensure the balance. Log standing stand that we will do is deprived of all these shortcomings.

your, hands, vacuum, cleaner, pipes
  • Steel profile square pipe;
  • steel round rods;
  • two round pipes with adjacent diameters;
  • Metal paints.

The manufacturing process of the stand-up holder for sawing logs

We mark the square pipe and perform the blanks of the required sizes using a pendulum saw.

We place blanks from a profile square pipe on the assembly-welding table in a certain order, fix with clamps and begin to cook the power frame of the future holder of logs.

In two blanks of a square pipe equal to length, we drill after marking in opposite walls the hole with a crowned drill.

We continue the assembly of the power frame of the log holder using the assembly-welding table, magnetic clamps, clamps and welding. It should consist of a vertical rack and a horizontal stubborn frame.

We carry out an axial fishing line for a trimmer along one of the sides of the workpiece from the square pipe, outline the equidistent places of drilling and perform them on the drilling machine.

We cut the segments of the same length from a round steel rod in the number of holes and focus everything from one end on the greenhouse.

We insert the rods with blunt ends into the square pipe with holes until the opposite wall and weld them in this position.

We insert a workpiece with pointed rods in a horizontal position between the racks of the power frame at the calculated height from the floor and weld.

From the steel pipe, the pendulum saw cut the required amount of the same bushes in the length.

From a round steel rod, we cut several blanks of the estimated length and focus from one end on the greenhouse.

To the stupid ends of long pointed blanks from a round rod, we transversely weld the sleeve previously chopped from a round pipe.

your, hands, vacuum, cleaner, pipes

We insert a steel round pipe into the through holes at the top of vertical racks and string bushings with long pointed rods welded to them, anticipating and ending with bushings without rods.

Install the second end of the pipe with strung bushings in place and in this position we weld it to vertical racks. Long rods should fluctuate freely around the pipe in both directions.

We paint the collected device and, after drying it, it is ready for use.

We insert the log into the holder from the side frame, the end of which rejects some long pointed rods back. When lowering the front of the logs, it falls on the lower pointed rods that dig into the tree and prevent it from moving in the longitudinal direction.

The rejected rods when raising the rear of the logs dig into it and do not allow the log moving in the vertical plane.

Other useful ideas

Useful devices for garage with your own hands can be made from used dishes, inventory, left after construction of the materials. For example, gluing the lids of plastic cans horizontally/vertically, the owner receives a convenient transparent dishes for equipment or hardware, which is always at hand.

A device for storing small details, tools, metizes an interesting stand for storing screwdrivers from a PVC pipe

Homemade machines

From the power tool you can assemble homemade machines and garage devices:

The advantage of the machines is more accurate positioning of the equipment regarding the workpiece. The equipment is collapsible, the drill and the angular grinder are removed, applies to the intended purpose.

Curlery for a garage metal. Types of machines, technical specifications, design, overview of popular models in a special publication of our online magazine.


The simplest design of the hydraulic press is obtained from automobile hydraulic plane. For extinguishing/pressing bearings, pressing/compressing parts, you need to build a frame and removable mobile emphasis. The frame consists of 4 channels welded to each other. At the top, the structure is enhanced by stiffeners (scarves), transverse corners are added from below, giving the frame stability.

The emphasis is pulled in the normal position to the upper crossbar of the frame with powerful springs. Hydracrates are installed between them, as necessary, clinging to the lower crossbar of the frame. The press force is regulated by a jack, the dimensions of the working area are selected depending on the size of the workpieces.

And finally, a few more examples of useful things for garage.

Shelving at the ceiling of s for storing cutting disks from disposable plates of the corner of the power tool device for convenient use of threads and ropes of PVC trim pipe. the ideal material for creating convenient storage places convenient sliding racks for storage of the tool

Simple rack for garden inventory

An incredibly simple stand that can be done in a short period of time will help restore order in your shed or garage. Mounted on the wall, and all your rakes, shovels, tramps and this tool will be clearly stored without interfering with anyone.

You will need it

We mark it. It will be necessary to make a hole first, and then a slanting cut. The distance between such nests. 150 mm.

When everything is marked, we take the feathery drill and drill all the holes, but not through. If you immediately make a through hole, then the edge where it turned out will not be even, but will be with protruding chips.

Then we hang on the wall with self.tapping screws if the wall is wooden. And if not, then drill holes under the dowel, and attach to the wall through metal corners.

The distance between the boards must be estimated in advance, given the minimum length of your tool.After building such a rack, you will have a good order in the barn. The corners in which this tool would probably accumulate will be cleaned. Everything will be clearly visually and at hand.

Comfortable metal.cutting logging

This device on the farm (in a private house or in the country) will definitely not be superfluous, especially in the midst of the heating season, because it is intended for a comfortable cut of large logs.

It is much more convenient to use a home.made metal rack than to cut on the ground “in an awkward” pose.

As the main material for the manufacture of a rack, a profile pipe of a square section of 40×40 mm is perfect.

It will also require a 50×50 mm corner and bolts with m12 nuts. All components are available on sale and are inexpensive.

First of all, we cut off two pieces of 50 cm long from a profile pipe at an angle of about 40 degrees. Also, for this homemade, you will need a profile of 50×50 mm and a metal strip 4 cm wide. From the profile we cut off a piece of 40 cm at an angle of 90 degrees.

The main stages of work

As planned, a profile pipe 40×40 mm should be inserted into a profile of 50×50 mm.

over, in order to remove the backlash, you need to insert two segments of the forty strip inside the 50th profile, and boil them. Thus, the gap will become less and there will be practically no backlash.

To grab the stripes in the middle, in the profile pipe you need to pre.drill through the through hole.

At the next stage, we cut off from the profile 40×40 mm a segment of 80 cm long. Next, mark and drill holes to adjust the device in height.

Then it remains only to boil the lower part of the structure (rack and stubborn legs), as well as a mount for quick fixation of the log.

Simple homemade device for chainsaw

We tell you how to make a very simple device for electro. or chainsaws with our own hands, which will facilitate the harvesting of firewood.

You will find all the necessary materials for the manufacture of homemade homemade in a workshop or garage.

The main stages of work

First of all, from sheet metal, it is necessary to cut the plate as shown in the photo below. It is cut out based on the size of the gear stops of the chainsaw.

We apply toothe emphasis to the plate and mark the spaces of the drilling of future fasteners.

After that, drill two holes in the workpiece. Drill larger diameter drill the seat under the heads of the screws.

Connect the plate and toothed emphasis together, and then fasten with the screws to the chainsaw.

Install the tire for the chain saw and mark the place of drilling the hole for the subsequent connection with the holder.

your, hands, vacuum, cleaner, pipes

At the next stage, we proceed to the manufacture of the holder himself. We cut off two corners and drill the fasteners in them.

Simple Cyclone Dust Collector UPDATE !

We weld the corners to the metal plate, leaving the gap between them to the thickness of the plate, which we attached to the chainsaw.

Assembly of the device

We will need a wooden goat, to the upper part of which we fasten the board. We screw the holder to the end of the board.

After that, with the help of the bolt, we attach a chainsaw to the holder.

We tighten the nut on the bolt so that the rospe move is quite free, but at the same time it should not hang out.

At the end, it remains only to fasten the emphasis on the board, in which we make a drink for a chain saw.

Now you can start work. Using such a simple design, it is very convenient to cut logs, boards, bars and other lumber.

Holder for pliers

Passatigi, round.liners, nippers and all other similar tools are neatly located on this device.

For a suspended bar, select a birch rail, and plywood is suitable for brackets.

Crush the upper edges of the crossbar with a shirt so that the pliers hang directly.

Making a holder for pliers.

Mark the grooves on the details, drill holes in them and drink the material with a hacksaw.

Finalize the face with a square file.

Crims up the grooves and polish the surfaces.

Connect the blanks “on dry” and fasten the holder into place with self.tapping screws.

Place the desired manual tool on the suspension, and use holes in the brackets to store screwdrivers.

Change the dimensions and even the design of the considered projects if necessary, adapting the holders to their needs.

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Communities Make the Blog Storage of the Chainsaw in the Garage

My chainsaw was like a restless one on the shelves of the rack. And so I decided to make such a simple device for hanging it on the wall.

The components of this device are trimming the corner and tube.

They cooked them, drilled holes for the screws, took a simple emphasis to prevent slipping and attached to the wall.

We put the chainsaw on the tube and in this state it is stored. It does not interfere with any more and has its permanent place.

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