Working Hole Puncher In A Residential Building

Living in an apartment building is very different from living in your own territory with a plot. Neighbors, repairs, moving residents pass through our lives with a red thread, especially when it begins to cause some inconvenience in the form of noise and shaking walls. To avoid conflicts, it is important to know how long you can work with a hammer drill without breaking the law.

What time can I work with a puncher? What time does the puncher need to finish work on weekends in the apartment according to the law of the Russian Federation? You will learn about this from our material.

Rules for all

The puncher, which is an electric construction tool, quickly and confidently entered the everyday life of brigades and ordinary people who started repairs. Its popularity is determined by smoothness, the ability to make holes in the walls without chips and bumps, as well as compactness. The noise that emits during operation of the equipment averages 90 dB, which, of course, is a fairly high indicator, given the concrete partitions in new buildings.

Note that the permissible noise in an apartment according to the law of the Russian Federation should not exceed 40 dB, and therefore working with a hammer in an apartment building is illegal. Nevertheless, people work, because in modern houses made of concrete and brick it does not work out differently. Agree, it is impossible to hang a shelf in a panel high-rise building if there is no good punch at hand. There is no need to talk about conducting cables, repairing the ceiling and laying tiles.

Depending on the layout of the house and the materials of manufacture, the sound may be stronger or quieter. So, brick houses are considered more “quiet”, while concrete partitions double the noise in the apartments of neighbors. To establish the noise level in neighboring apartments is possible only by appointing a special examination with professional measurements.

Of course, even if the sound made by the puncher does not greatly exceed the norm, working with it, we cause inconvenience to our neighbors, and therefore, the allowable working time is stipulated at the legislative level. Note that in some regions it varies in one direction or another, however, there are general provisions.

The first and unquestioning rule is the provision that making noise at night is prohibited. Failure to do so threatens the tenant, who started repairs, with administrative liability under the article “Violation of silence and peace of citizens in the period of time established by local legislation”. Night time is established by law and involves a period from 23 hours to 7 hours in the morning.

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Daytime work is also negotiated by the authorities. So, the noise from the punch should occur no earlier than 9 a.m. and end no later than 22 p.m. In addition, it is important to divide long-term work into several parts, since continuous work with a noisy device should not be carried out for more than 6 hours in a row. Most regions set a break for two hours. from 13.00 to 15.00 Moscow time.

Another general rule is the duration of the repair. Three calendar months. a legislatively fixed period during which repairs must be completed using noisy appliances. Otherwise, the tenant carrying out long-term repairs should obtain their written consent from the neighbors. Obtaining such a permit is not easy, and therefore it is important to take care of the deadlines in advance by carefully planning a plan for future affairs.

Weekday time limit

Weekdays are the period when the majority of residents of an apartment building are at their workplaces, which means that it is more reasonable to carry out repair work at this time. Nevertheless, we must not forget about young children who need a nap, as well as people who, for one reason or another, spend time at home on weekdays. Work on weekdays should be metered.

Start working with a hammer drill no earlier than 9 a.m. An earlier start may entail not only the dissatisfaction of the neighbors, but also an administrative fine, warning the district police officer, and even a representative of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare. By 22 hours, all noisy work must be completed.

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However, preparing for a lengthy overhaul, you should read the regional laws. So, in the Primorsky Territory, Moscow, Moscow Region and Kaliningrad, working hours on weekdays are reduced to 19.00. In this case, a break from 13.00 to 15.00 is mandatory.

Note that such restrictions do not apply to new buildings. In a new multi-storey building, commissioned no more than 1.5 years ago, it is allowed to carry out noisy work in any daytime without interruptions. Valid in this case is the period from 7.00 to 23.00. Such opportunities are explained by the small number of neighbors settled and living.

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Weekend work

Weekends are considered not only Saturday and Sunday, but also other non-working days associated with all-Russian and regional holidays. At this time, the repair should be carried out especially carefully and dosed with mandatory interruptions in work. Start and end work on Saturday and Sunday moves an hour later. The period from 10 to 23 hours is considered permitted in most regions.

Some regions are more strict about drilling on weekends and holidays. So, drilling a perforator in a residential building in Moscow is possible only on Saturday from 9.00 to 19.00. On Sunday and holidays, a ban on this kind of home renovation event is banned. The law “On Observance of Peace of Citizens and Silence in Moscow” dated January 1, 2016 regulates the restrictions. ”

These rules do not apply to new buildings, and therefore repairs in this case can be done based on the allowed time from 7.00 to 23.00.

The available few neighbors will be useful to notify.

How to negotiate with neighbors?

Despite the time allowed and limitations, in most cases the tenant who started the repair and the neighbors have to find a compromise and sacrifice their personal time of peace and quiet. This is important to do, because friendly neighborly relations are the key to a safe living in a new apartment with excellent repair.

After purchasing housing and starting a repair in it, you should get to know your closest neighbors, because they will get the most noise. It will be much easier for the neighbors on the floor, as well as the residents above and below to survive the work of the hammer, if they are informed about this in advance of the work. In addition, the notification of tenants will help to adjust the working hours in accordance with the schedule of sleep and wakefulness of neighboring kids, because many of them are afraid of such unknown noises.

Wishes should be recorded, after which. build your schedule, trying to fully or partially take into account the wishes of each tenant whose peace will be disturbed.

It is worth noting that other residents of the house are best warned. Of course, walking with a notebook on all floors will take too much time, however, a note on the front door and on the bulletin board in polite form will help to avoid many conflicts and knocking on batteries.

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Politeness is the key to a successful agreement with neighbors. Even if some of them find it difficult to come to terms with the situation, a delicate familiarization with the law will help to neutralize any conflict. Turning to legislative acts, it is important not to violate them yourself, strictly adhering to the allotted time for repair cases.

Working Hole Puncher In A Residential Building

A friendly attitude and a little more attention to neighbors during the repair is another criterion for a successful repair. When meeting on the staircase, do not forget to say hello and be interested in business, do not forget to recall your repair plans for the near future. Having located neighbors, you can work calmly, knowing that people treat this with understanding. Inviting them to a future housewarming will also be useful.

Most often it also happens that we become the very neighbors on whom the burden of working with a hammer drill is imposed. Staying in an apartment filled with constant noise for several days, one should not endure and accumulate hostility towards new residents. Here, as in the previous case, it is worth stocking up tact and politeness and knocking on the house where work is in full swing.

In a delicate form, you should ask builders or residents how long the work will be carried out, and also ask for time limits if they are really necessary. In the vast majority of cases, the neighbors take into account the wishes, and the conflict is resolved.

However, there are violators of the law and the silence of citizens. If the neighbors do not make contact and go beyond the permitted time, you should contact the district police officer or write a collective complaint with other residents. It is unlikely that such actions will bring the parties together, however, silence will be respected in due time.

Whatever the situation, it is important to be patient and not to make hasty decisions, because sooner or later each of us finds ourselves in the role of a “noisy neighbor”. Compromise and strict observance of laws are law enforcement officers and good relations in a multi-storey building.

You can get acquainted with the information on the permissible time for noisy construction work in the next video.