Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Huter Chainsaw

Chainsaw Huter BS-40. Package and parameters

This tool from Huter is well suited for simple household tasks. Dust can remove medium-sized branches, cut down small trees, clear wild bushes.

The BS-40 bellows chainsaw is equipped with a durable gasoline engine with an increased working life. The motor is equipped with a professional piston group with a forged piston and a steel cylinder, the walls of which are covered with a protective chrome alloy.

Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Huter Chainsaw

The manufacturer has provided a protective casing in the configuration of the model, which prevents mechanical damage to the filter. If necessary, the cover can be easily removed using a special mount.

The characteristics of this mech model include:

  • Standard internal combustion engine power. 2 p. FROM.;
  • The capacity of a regular fuel tank. 310 ml;
  • Possible length of the branded bus used for operation. 35-40 cm;
  • Required chain pitch for cutting. 3/8 “;
  • Weight with headset. 6 kg.

The chainsaw is equipped with a modified anti-vibration system and a reliable inertial brake. Mechanisms withstand significant loads, and do not lend themselves to elevated temperatures.

Chainsaws Huter (bellows)

Chainsaws from the Huter company are distinguished by their high reliability, a solid reserve of power and the ability to work under constantly high loads. Other advantages of the models of this brand include economy, high speed of operation and small dimensions. All these advantages make it possible to use fur chainsaws Not only in everyday life, but also in the construction and logging industry.

Chainsaw Huter BS-45. Tool advantages

The basic equipment of this model includes a 2-stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 1800 watts and a cylinder volume of 45 cm3. The endurance of the engine makes it possible to stably maintain a high speed of work when performing various household and construction tasks.

The BS-45 fur chainsaw is used for harvesting large volumes of wood, removing small and medium dry branches, cutting trees with a trunk thickness of up to 45 cm.In construction, the model is suitable for transverse and longitudinal sawing of logs.

An improved anti-vibration system is included in the instrument design. It consists of 3 metal shock absorbers, which evenly take on significant vibrations of the motor. This makes it possible to comfortably use dust at heights and in confined spaces.

This bellows model is equipped with a trouble-free chain brake. The parts of the mechanism are made of hardened steel, and are not destroyed by rust and high temperatures. This ensures that the brake remains operational under all conditions.

The features of this bellows saw include:

  • Standard internal combustion engine power. 2.4 l. FROM.;
  • The capacity of a regular fuel tank. 550 ml;
  • Possible length of the branded bus used for operation. 40-45 cm;
  • Required chain pitch for cutting. 0.325 “;
  • Weight with headset. 7 kg.

A solid reserve of power makes it possible to use this dust of furs for felling small forest trees and cleaning their trunks from branches.

Chainsaw Huter BS-62. Tool features

This bellows chainsaw quickly handles wood harvesting for stove heating, removing old dry branches, and performing simple construction tasks.

The package includes a proprietary 2-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder volume of 58 cm3 and a solid torque reserve. All parts of the internal combustion engine are made of hardened steel, which increases their endurance when working under intense loads. Saw motor supplemented with quality Japanese Walbro carburetor.

This bellows chainsaw is equipped with a reliable inertial brake. The mechanism is durable and works every time the saw falls or the chain hits a hard object.

Model features include:

  • Standard internal combustion engine power. 3.9 l. FROM.;
  • The capacity of a regular fuel tank. 560 ml;
  • Possible length of the branded bus used for operation. 45-50 cm;
  • Required chain pitch for cutting. 0.325 “;
  • Weight with headset. 7.8 kg.

The basic set of delivery of the tool includes an instruction manual, a set of keys for repair, a proprietary tire and a chain.

Chainsaw Huter BS-52. Model parameters

This model from the Huter company stands out for its wide range of actions and is capable of performing a number of complex tasks in everyday life, in felling and in construction. The tool is completed with a durable 52 cm3 gasoline engine. The internal combustion engine is equipped with a professional piston group made entirely of hardened steel.

Between the preposition and the tire of the model, the manufacturer has provided shock absorbers for the anti-vibration system. They dampen the vibrations of the engine crankshaft, making the tool more convenient to use.

Chainsaw BS.52 bellows is equipped with an inertial chain brake, which is triggered when the chain hits a nail or a sharp throw of the tool. An automatic oil pump is provided in the model device to lubricate the chain. It only supplies lubricant when the headset is moving, which saves oil.

The characteristics of this mech model include:

  • Standard internal combustion engine power. 3 l. FROM.;
  • The capacity of a regular fuel tank. 500 ml;
  • Possible length of the branded bus used for operation. 45-50 cm;
  • Required chain pitch for cutting. 0.325 “;
  • Weight with headset. 7.5 kg.

The manufacturer has provided free access to the air filter and the second frequently replaced elements. This makes it possible to install new parts without the use of tools.

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Chainsaw Huter BS-25. Model capabilities

This household saw for furs stands out for its simple device, small dimensions and low weight. The tool is designed primarily for removing small dry branches and clearing shrubs.

The model is equipped with a 2-stroke branded engine with a cylinder volume of 25 cm3. The advantages of the motor include economy, low noise and vibration levels, high serviceability.

To protect the operator, the saw is equipped with a reliable inertial brake, which instantly triggers when the tool falls or the chain hits a solid object.

This model of bellows is equipped with durable metal handles covered with anti-slip rubberized material. This improves the grip of the saw and improves the accuracy of the wood cut. The lower part of the front handle of the tool is slightly widened to protect the operator when the chain pops out.

Model features include:

  • Standard internal combustion engine power. 1 l. FROM.;
  • The capacity of a regular fuel tank. 230 ml;
  • Possible length of the branded bus used for operation. 25-30 cm;
  • Required chain pitch for cutting. 0.375 “;
  • Weight with headset. 3.8 kg.

To lubricate the chain, an automatic oil pump is provided in the device of this bellows chainsaw. It is configured to supply lubricant only when the chain is running on the bar, which saves oil and extends the life of the pump itself.

Design and working principle

Carburetor. This is a device that mixes fuel (gasoline) and air in specified proportions, followed by feeding the prepared mixture into the engine cylinder. Almost all models of chainsaws are equipped with Carburetors of the same type, so the device and principle of operation are the same.

The main structural elements of the carburetor are:

  • The body is made of die-cast aluminum for light weight. Chainsaws constantly have to be moved from place to place, during operation they are held by hands, therefore, to reduce the weight of the tool. The first priority for manufacturers;
  • Diffuser with air damper, which are located at the inlet;
  • Nozzles, which are valves for metering fuel;
  • Sprayer that injects gasoline into the chamber (in the diagrams it is designated as the main jet)
  • Fuel (Float) chamber.

Figure 1. Chainsaw carburetor diagram

The principle of the carburetor can be described as a cycle consisting of the following steps:

  • Air damper opens during engine start.
  • The piston stroke creates vacuum in the air channel, as a result of which air enters the diffuser, the amount of which is regulated by the position of the air damper.
  • Gasoline flows from the gas tank to the float (fuel) chamber. The rate of its admission is regulated by jets.
  • Gasoline and air are mixed in the diffuser, which results in the formation of a fuel-air mixture, which then enters the engine cylinder. The more the mixture enters the combustion chamber of the cylinder, the higher the power and speed on the engine shaft will be.

Adjustment tools

To tune the carburetor, you will need a Phillips or slotted screwdriver of different lengths or thicknesses, the size depending on the design of this unit and the features of the engine assembly. It should be noted that some manufacturers make Carburetors designed to use special tools.

In particular, special types of screwdrivers may be required to tune Husqvarna carburettors worthy of imported tools. It is advisable to clarify this question even when buying a chainsaw, so that you can purchase the necessary additional equipment in advance.

In addition, you will need refined gasoline or acetone to flush and clean the device. They are used to clean the outer surfaces of the carburetor. All internal channels are washed with kerosene, diesel fuel or white spirit. Before washing, the carburetor is disassembled, all rubber or plastic parts are removed, which may suffer from contact with aggressive chemical compounds.

Open-end or spanner wrenches are used to disassemble the carburetor. Internal canals are washed in specially designated trays, sometimes plastic syringes are used for this.

How to properly adjust the carburetor with your own hands?

After rinsing and completely cleaning the carburetor, assemble it and begin to adjust. First of all, you should understand the purpose of the adjusting screws. The instruction will help with this, but some general points should be considered right away. The most common designations for screws are:

  • H. Adjusts the condition of the main jet, i.e. Adjusts the maximum rotational speed of the motor shaft;
  • L. Adjusts the idle jets (responsible for the minimum shaft rotation speed)
  • T. Adjusts the engine idling. It can also be designated LA or S, on some carburetor models it is not at all.

Turning screws H and L clockwise depletes the air-fuel mixture, and counterclockwise. Enriches (the amount of gasoline increases). Turning screw T changes the idle speed of the shaft. Clockwise it increases, and in the opposite direction. Decreases.

Figure 2. Carburetor adjustment mechanisms

Before proceeding with direct actions, you should find and carefully study the information on the position of the adjusting screws (the value of the angles of rotation during adjustment). This information is available in the instructions for the chainsaw. Then you need to prepare the workplace. Place the dust on a flat horizontal plane, direct the chain in the opposite direction. Detach all covers, remove foam rubber and air filter. At this preparatory operations are considered completed, you can proceed to the main part of the work.

Carburetor adjustment procedure:

  • Smoothly tighten screws H and L clockwise until they stop. Be careful not to break the screws. This will be a prerequisite for the complete loss of the carburetor.
  • Unscrew both screws one and a half turn.
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes and warm it up. This is a necessary moment, since it will NOT be possible to correctly adjust the carburetor on a cold engine.
  • Turning screws H and L, alternately adjust the rotation of the shaft at maximum and minimum revolutions.
  • Adjust the position of the screw T (or it may have another designation), the idle speed of the chainsaw is adjusted. It is necessary to achieve smooth and stable engine operation. Important Observe whether the chain is idling or not. If it moves, turn the screw a little more counterclockwise.
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You can check the operation of the engine visually and by ear. Too rich mixture will cause thick smoke from the exhaust. When the lean mixture is being fed, a whistling sound is heard while the saw is running. An overly economical mode is harmful. If the L screw is set for “lean” fuel, there will be problems with starting the engine. If the H screw is set to lean, the saw will noticeably lose power. You can determine the correct setting by the following criteria:

  • At idle speed, the engine does NOT stall, and the chain is motionless;
  • When the engine is running, there is excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe;
  • The engine demonstrates good throttle response (picks up speed quickly when you press the accelerator).

A detailed description of the setting is available in the instructions that come with the instrument in the delivery set. It should be carefully studied as there may be some features or specific requirements set by the manufacturer and relevant only to this saw model. If all requirements are met exactly, the performance of the chainsaw will be restored to its original state.

How to properly adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw with your own hands?

Chainsaw. A useful, and sometimes simply necessary tool for the owner of a private house. It has a high degree of autonomy, can be used in the field, where there is no possibility of connecting to the power supply network. For some craftsmen, the chainsaw is one of the main devices that perform large amounts of work almost daily. Such loads knock down the factory settings, which were installed for all fundamental engine components.

The operating mode most often changes in the carburetor, which has to be adjusted again. Without understanding the design and principle of operation of this element, it is impossible to properly adjust it. The question concerns many users who closely operate chainsaws, so it will be useful to consider it more carefully.

  • Design and working principle
  • When is carburetor adjustment necessary?
  • Adjustment tools
  • How to properly adjust the carburetor with your own hands?
  • How to customize China-made dust?

When is carburetor adjustment necessary?

Initially, from the moment the instrument was sold, all Carburettors were adjusted and tuned at the factory. However, in the process of operation, the settings gradually go astray, and the operating mode changes in accordance with the operating conditions. Signs of a carburetor malfunction may include:

  • Too high consumption of gasoline, thick smoke comes from the exhaust pipe;
  • The engine power is clearly not enough to perform normal tasks;
  • Engine speed “floats”;
  • After starting, the motor stalls either immediately or after a few seconds
  • The engine cannot be started at all;
  • The chainsaw “shoots”, there are sharp claps in the tool engine.

It should be noted that during the running-in of a new engine, the carburetor is set to a reduced fuel supply in order to limit the engine power. After the end of the run-in, the fuel supply increases to the nominal value. These adjustments are made using the adjusting screws on the carburetor body (usually two or three).

How to customize China-made dust?

The design of the carburetor on Chinese chainsaws is NOT fundamentally different. The order and principle of adjustment also do not differ and are performed in the same order. The only difficulty that can arise during the execution of work. Determination of the purpose of the adjusting screws. Typically the T screw is on the top and the H and L are on the bottom of the carburetor body. One additional screw may be present.

Figure 3. Location of adjustment devices

Usually their purpose is determined empirically, slightly changing the position and follow the result. After the purpose of the elements is clearly defined, further adjustment is not difficult and is carried out in the usual manner.

Chainsaw carburetor tuning. An important and necessary procedure that must be performed periodically to restore the normal operation of the tool. This process does NOT create fundamental complexity, but requires the user to be careful, attentive and follow safety rules. The chainsaw chain will usually NOT be removed as you will need to observe its position. Therefore, it is important to constantly remember about the possibility of launching it and take the necessary caution.

The adjustment should be done smoothly, with small changes in the position of the screws, so as not to cause too sharp changes in the shaft rotation mode. The result depends on the care and thoroughness of the user, and a properly tuned carburetor will extend the life of the tool.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Huter chainsaw carburetor

The positive qualities of this carburetor are quite weighty:

There are fewer cons, but they are:

  • Recommendations for the use of fuel and oil of only high quality (gasoline not lower than AI 92);
  • The need to adjust the factory settings of the carburetor.

Which carburetor is installed on the Huter BS 45 chainsaw

As stated above, this model of the Huter chain saws is equipped with a Walbro membrane carburetor. The advantage of such a carburetor lies in the ability to dose the quality and quantity of the fuel mixture, and also, unlike float carburetors, in the ability to work in any position.

Setting nuances

It is important to know that the carburetor setting is carried out only after the full diagnosis of the saw has been carried out, the malfunctions of the second parts of the chainsaw (air and gasoline filter, spark plug, gasket between the engine and the carburetor) are eliminated.

What Carburetors are used on Huter chainsaws

Chainsaws Huter Equipped with a diaphragm (injection) Americano carburetor. Japanese firm Walbro. Mostly the WT and WTA models are used. A more accurate model name can be found by looking at the markings on the product body. They are equipped with a fuel metering system and high speed needles.

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Chainsaw carburetor adjustment on the example of Huter BS 45

It should be noted that in the manufacture of Huter chainsaws, the carburetor does not go through an exact factory setting, due to the fact that the test conditions for the composition of air and fuel differ from those in real operation.

Huter chainsaw carburetors. Device, adjustment and repair

Carburetor. An important part of the chainsaw on which the quality of the tool directly depends. One of the most common failures on Huter saws is misalignment. Periodic adjustments are essential to maintain optimal performance and extend tool life.

BS 45 characteristics

The chainsaw chain drives a single cylinder two-stroke motor. Its volume is 45 cubic meters. See, therefore, the name of the saw contains the marking 45. This volume allows you to produce 1.7 kW of power at maximum speed, which slightly exceeds the power of competitors’ chainsaws, for example Stihl 180.

As standard, the saw is equipped with a long bar (45 cm) and a chain with a Husqvarne pitch of 0.325.

This tire length, combined with good power, allows you to comfortably dust tree trunks with a diameter of over 30 cm.

The BS-45 bellows are equipped with an anti-vibration system and an emergency chain brake system, which significantly increases the level of safety during operation. Shock absorbers 45th can be metal spring, there are also modifications with rubber-metal. It’s just that metal is a little more reliable, since rubber-metal breaks quite often, they are NOT able to withstand the load.

The weight of the equipped chainsaw is more than 7 kg. It is quite difficult to work with such a tool for a long time. Its heavy weight makes it difficult to use on construction sites. By the weight of the furs, BS 45 loses much to competitors, the saw also makes a lot of noise, gives out more than a hundred decibels during operation, so you need to use headphones during operation.

Huter BS 45 household chainsaw review

Huter BS 45, a popular chainsaw in a low price category. Many users prefer NOT to overpay, so they opt for this particular model.

Pros and cons

The main plus of BS 45 and BS 45M chainsaws is their cost, which is almost two times lower than the cost of competitors’ chainsaws. You can verify this by looking at Yandex offers in which approximate are indicated.

Another positive point is the availability of warranty and post-warranty service. The masters of the fur company undergo special training, so when you give your dust for repair, you can be calm about its quality.

From a technical point of view, the advantages of these chainsaws are in high power and long tires, which allow you to cut thick tree trunks without much difficulty.

There are not many disadvantages in these chainsaws, but they are quite significant.

  • Build quality (after purchase, you need to stretch the screws on them).
  • Poor quality plastic parts.
  • The caps of the fuel and oil tanks wear out quickly and begin to leak (it is not difficult to replace, but it causes inconvenience and hassle).
  • Low engine resource due to the poor quality of the parts from which it is assembled.
  • Weight. Working with the Huter BS 45M (BS 45) chainsaw for a long time is quite difficult. Especially if it is necessary to dust the small growth.

All the disadvantages of a chainsaw are directly related to its cost. If you eliminate them, then it will cost much more.


The Huter BS 45 chainsaw is a household tool, it is not recommended to use it for industrial logging, because it has a limited resource, due to the fact that manufacturers tried to save as much as possible when developing it. But, despite this, the chainsaw has established itself as a reliable household assistant, with which you can prepare firewood for the winter, maintain the site, saw off something at a construction site. Subject to timely maintenance, the saw can last more than one year.

The chainsaw manufacturer, the German company Huter, has been represented on the Russian market since 2000.

According to the manufacturer, the saw Huter BS-45. German, but if you look closely, it becomes clear that this is another creation of the Chinese industry, imported into our country under a German brand.

Although it is the Chinese version of the chainsaw, the fact that it is marketed under the Huter brand offers some advantages. Dust is covered by a guarantee, and the company’s specialists are engaged in post-warranty repairs, there are 45 problems with servicing furs.

An overview of BS 45 furs can be viewed below. After watching, you will find out how a chainsaw looks like, how it is equipped. Familiarize yourself with the main nodes. It also shows how to properly start the chainsaw on cold and hot and how to saw.

Modification of Huter BS-45M

Mehov BS 45 has one improved modification, which is sold under the label Huter BS 45M.

It differs from its older sister in a slightly higher power (1.8 kW) and a shortened bus. The length of the bus supplied from the bellows is 45 m 40 cm.On this model, a chain is installed with a pitch of 3/8, so the headset from the modified model is not suitable for BS 45.

The rest of the chainsaws are almost the same, except for the cost. Generally, the modified model is slightly more expensive.


The configuration of this chainsaw practically does not differ from the configuration of competitors and includes the following:

  • Chainsaw;
  • Saw bar;
  • Chain;
  • Adjusting screwdriver;
  • Combined spark plug wrench;
  • Protective tire cover;
  • Capacity for preparing a fuel mixture;
  • Instructions in Russian.

Of course, the equipment is NOT rich, but to start working with a chainsaw immediately after purchase, this is enough.