Which gas trimmer Is Better

Which lawn mower is better or how to choose a lawn mower

Every summer resident or gardener sooner or later has a question about mowing grass, as well as a question of weed control. Many people solve it using the old but reliable Dedovsk tool. Handmade braids. Who does not remember the proverb “braids scythe while dew.” But if the site is large enough, but there is not enough time, or simply laziness prevails, then you can use mechanized assistance. Today we will talk about how to choose a lawn mower.

Lawn mower (petrol lawn mower, trimmer). This is a special garden tool, designed for mowing grass or small shrubs using a gasoline engine.

For lawn mowers, as well as for chainsaws, gasoline of the A-92 brand is mainly used, although it is better to look at the instructions for each specific tool.

In addition to gasoline lawn mowers, there are also electric lawn mowers, which use an electric motor instead of a gasoline engine. However, electric lawn mowers need a connection to the electrical network to operate, which is not always convenient and possible.

We list the main parameters of lawn mowers, which are key when choosing it:

1. Power of lawn mowers.

Lawnmowers’ power is measured in watts or horsepower. Converting Watts to Horsepower is as follows: 1 kilowatt = 1.36 horsepower.

In order to mow a relatively small lawn with grass, 0.8-0.9 kW of power may be enough, however, in order to mow areas with weeds, etc. You need to choose a lawn mower with a power of 1.2 kW or more. Professional lawn mowers can have a power of 3 kW or more.

2. Engine type.

Most lawn mowers have two-stroke engines. This can be said to be the standard for lawn mowers. However, over time, lawn mowers, which have a four-stroke engine, are increasingly starting to appear on sale.

4-stroke engine is less noisy and more reliable, but weighs more and such tools are more expensive.

3. Type of cutting element.

Lawn mowers use two main types of cutting elements. Knives and special line.

Lawn mowing line is used when mowing grass. It can have different diameters (mainly from 2 to 3 mm).

The lawn mower blade can be metal or plastic, and it can have 2.3 or more cutting surfaces. With knives, you can cut harder grass, weeds and even bushes. If handled carelessly, the knife can “mow” and a young tree.

Most modern models of lawn mowers are designed in such a way that they can be hooked to both a woman with a fishing line and knives. Be sure to make sure you have this option when choosing lawn mowers.

4. Weight of the lawn mower.

Although a lawn mower is easier to mow than a regular lawn mower, it also needs to be handled. The weight of the tool depends on how long you can work.

On average, lawn mowers weigh between 4 and 8 kg. The weight of a lawn mower is directly influenced by its power. The more powerful the instrument, the heavier it is.

On average, focus on a weight of 6.5-7 kg. For a medium power streamer.

Be sure to make sure that the lawn mowers have a special belt in the kit, which allows you to redistribute its weight not only on the arms, but also on the torso, which greatly facilitates the work and reduces fatigue.

I also need to say a few words about brands and prices.

Lawn mower manufacturers can be divided into three conditional groups: famous brands, “good china”, “just china”.

Well-known brands such as Alpina, Stihl, uleo-MAC, Husqvarna produce quality but expensive products. Low-power models from THESE manufacturers start at 250, and medium-power models from 300-350.

If you want to have a really reliable unit that you will use often. Take a look at these brands.

If you DO NOT want to overpay for the brand, look for “normal china” lawn mowers. Almost all of them are now called loudly by names such as Temp, Vityaz, etc. It doesn’t hit here once at a time. You yourself need to look at the quality of materials and assembly of a particular braid. There are quite good models of lawn mowers with a price of about 140-180.

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Ordinary China is anything that costs about 120 or less. There is already a real lottery here, the tool may or may not work well. Such Chinese lawn mowers can be taken only if you need to mow something not very large-scale from time to time.

Well, I hope now you will be aware of how to choose the best lawn mower for your garden, vegetable garden or summer cottage.

Which petrol trimmer is better

When choosing a gasoline trimmer, you should start from many characteristics, including engine power, type of cutting surface, etc. As for the cutting surface of the trimmer, it can be made in the form of: fishing line, metal knife, cord string or plastic knife.

Accordingly, a line trimmer should be chosen for gentle lawn mowing work. A tool equipped with a cord strings, more suitable for cutting grass on difficult terrain.

But the Trimmer with a metal knife will surely cope with even the tallest and toughest grasses. In this case, for the manufacture of trimmer knives, either steel or plastic can be used. Of course, plastic knives are a cheaper option, and in terms of strength characteristics, they are in many ways inferior to metal counterparts.


Trimmer and its characteristics

To operate the electric trimmer, you need a 220 Volt power supply, which is not very convenient if you have to work with this tool far from home. How to make a trimmer with your own hands has already been discussed earlier.

In this regard, the trimmer is endowed with any shortcomings, the work of which is carried out at the expense of the internal combustion engine. What characteristics should be used to choose a gasoline trimmer and its existing models will be discussed below.


Compared to electric options, the Trimmer has both advantages and certainly some disadvantages. Of course, before choosing any tool, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons, while starting from the many nuances and works that they will have to perform.

The advantages of a gasoline trimmer can be safely attributed to:

  • Much more power than electrical counterparts. And if you need to get rid of abundant thickets and weeds in the garden every year, then it is better, of course, to choose a Trimmer.
  • Autonomy of work. Perhaps the biggest plus of petrol trims, as they are NOT tied to a stationary power source.
  • The ability to install various attachments.

The minus of gasoline trimmers can be attributed to greater weight than that of trimmers, as well as increased noise, which they emit during operation. Many people also do not like the exhaust fumes generated by the trimmer during operation.

Petrol trimmer rating

Today, the following models of petrol trimmers are most popular:

Trimmer Hitachi CG27EJ. Surely mows any vegetation, since it has an average power of 880 watts. Its engine is located on top of the holder for convenience, and for cutting grass, there are cutting elements in the form of a fishing line and a metal knife below.

The width of the grass cut with these trimmers is approximately 45 cm. At the same time, it is quite easy to work with the tool, since its weight is only 4.6 kg. An equally important advantage of this trimmer model is the presence of electronic ignition in it, as well as a sufficiently capacious tank of 0.67 liters.

Shindaiwa trimmer. It is no less popular among users than the above model of the Hitachi CG27EJ trimmer. The power of this trimmer is 1 l / s, while the engine of this model is quite quiet.

With an improved cooling system and a chrome-plated cylinder surface, the Shindaiwa trimmer is a very reliable and durable device.

Well, you can read about how to make a homemade trimmer in the next article on the site.

Rating of popular lawn mowers models

The high popularity of garden equipment, including trimmers, has led to the fact that manufacturers are constantly expanding their assortment line. All models may differ Not only in price and functionality, but in design and material used in the manufacture.

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These features make the choice of suitable equipment difficult and therefore the consumer should familiarize himself with the most popular products on the domestic market before buying a lawn mower.

Powerful Trimmer KRÜGER (Germany) is equipped with a two-stroke engine. The power of the tool is increased: it is 3 kW or 4 hp. C. The KRUGER petrol trimmer can be used for a long time: thanks to the air cooling, it will not overheat. In operation, the KRUGER trimmer delivers 9000 rpm. It is suitable for processing large areas. Up to 10 acres. The complete set contains spools with fishing line, which is used to cut the grass on the lawn, as well as saw knives: with their help, branches of young trees and bushes are removed.

The functionality of the Kruger Trimmer is impeccable. It has everything for operator comfort and safety. The comfortable shoulder strap significantly increases the duration of the tool use, as it transfers the load from the arms to the shoulders. An important advantage of the Kruger trimmer. Affordable price.

Trimmer Husqvarna 128R. One of the most popular brands, designed for use in everyday life by owners of their own backyard plots. Equipment with a full tank of fuel weighs NOT more than 5 kg, which allows it to be used for a sufficiently long time period, and does not overload the back and arms.

The brand’s lawnmower features a built-in Smart Start function that makes starting the tool much easier. The power unit can be easily started in all weather conditions thanks to the unique Air Purge fuel pumping system.

Stihl FS-55 petrol lawn mowing unit. A small device with a small lightweight motor. The total weight with a filled fuel tank does NOT exceed 5 kg. At the same time, the ergonomic parameters of the tool are thought out to the smallest detail, which makes it easy to maneuver the lawn mower.

Thanks to the hand pump, starting the engine is greatly simplified. Two types of knives act as cutting elements. Disc and double-sided. The circular cutter is ideal for decorative lawn mowing thanks to the ability to control the height, cut grass.

Popular brands of lawn mowers

  • EFCO. Japanese-made equipment that operates with minimal noise and vibration thanks to the motor located at the top of the boom. Both fishing line and steel knives are used as cutting tools. The total weight of the equipment does NOT exceed 2 kg.
  • AL-KO. German company producing lawn mowers. High quality, long service life and safety in use. These are the main criteria for the German manufacturer. The lightweight, easy-to-use tool handles both lawn mowing and weed removal.
  • CRAFTSMAN. This is an American company that can rightfully be proud of the quality of its products. The models of the trimmers produced by the company are very light and practical, moreover, they have a fairly reasonable price.
  • CHAMPION. A Sino-American joint venture that has been well-known in both domestic and overseas consumer gardening equipment market for many years. Models equipped with steel knives easily cope not only with mowing lawns but also removing young shrubs.
  • MAKITA. A popular Japanese brand in most countries, famous for the highest quality and an extensive range of lawn mowers. The tool is user-friendly, ergonomic and manoeuvrable.
Which gas trimmer Is Better

Main parameters and features of choice

A powerful lawn mower requires a large fuel tank, which together affects the weight of the device. But even taking into account these Not entirely pleasant circumstances, a tool operating on liquid fuel is more practical and convenient for use in the country or in a private household.

The absence of the need to connect to a stationary power source using cables makes the lawn mower as mobile as possible, and the relatively small size of the unit allows it to be transported in the luggage compartment of the car.

When choosing a quality lawn mower, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The performance of a lawn mower depends on its working equipment. The main difference between a petrol scythe and an electric trimmer is the use of steel blades rather than fishing line or plastic knives. Due to this, the cut of grass is smoother and of better quality, due to which plants of great height and even young shrubs are better removed.
  • Depending on the equipment used on lawn mowers, the working width parameters change. The main indicator of the work area. Small-diameter blades sharpened on both sides are perfect for mowing grass on uneven terrain. For large areas, it is better to give preference to tools with cutting discs or triangular blades.
  • The comfort of using the tool is influenced by its ergonomics. On all models, lawn mowers are different in the shape of the handle, on which the load on the hands and the principle of equipment control depend. Powerful models with heavy weight, additionally equipped with a comfortable belt, which is worn over the shoulder.
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Expert advice on how to choose a quality lawn mower

Choosing a high-quality Trimmer, as has already been mentioned many times, you need to decide on its power, on which the productivity depends and, accordingly, the volume and intensity of the work carried out.

If the tool is purchased for use several times a week on a small personal plot or lawn, then low-power equipment is enough to cope with the removal of weeds and soft grass.

Naturally, if you use low-power equipment for a long period at heavy loads, then it will NOT last long. Although its price is quite affordable and with proper operation of the tool, it will be quite enough for cleaning a summer cottage or a lawn near a house.

If the equipment is planned to be used for a long time without interruption, then it is advisable to purchase powerful lawn mowers. It is also important that the instrument is produced by a well-known brand. And don’t look that, the price of such units is quite high, it is fully justified by the duration and safety of the gasoline trimmer.

In addition to power, when choosing a Trimmer, you need to take into account the fact who will work with the tool. If this is a fragile woman, then when using a heavy trimmer, she will quickly get tired.

In turn, a man can use equipment with a large tank so as not to be distracted by refueling. It will also be useful if the lawn mower is equipped with a shoulder strap.

Another important parameter for the quality and reliability of the unit is the boom used. If it has a curved shape, then a metal cable is used to rotate the cutting blades, which cannot withstand heavy loads for a long time. If it is a tool with a metal shaft, then it is suitable for long-term continuous use.

Here is the type of cutting mechanism depends on the ability to use the tool in different conditions. The fishing line is convenient for mowing soft grass and small weeds, and if a steel knife is installed, you can cut young bushes.

Rating of the best lawn mowers. Choosing a quality trimmer

Every year more and more summer residents and owners of personal plots use a trimmer or lawn mower to restore order on the lawn. Such a device allows you to cut the grass efficiently, even in places where it is not easy to do it manually.

With the help of lawn mowers, you can easily get rid of weeds under the trees, trim the grass on the lawn or do hay harvesting. Every year, more and more new models of trimmers appear on the market of garden equipment, and therefore the choice of a quality device that meets all the requirements of a summer resident is very difficult.

Lawn mowers classification

Among the extensive line of lawn mowers, the trimmer is distinguished by high power parameters and productivity. This was primarily achieved through the use of a two-stroke or four-stroke high-power engine.

If we consider the disadvantages of two-stroke lawn mowers, then there are not so many of them and they are enclosed in the intricacies of maintenance: fuel preparation, replacement of filters and scheduled technical maintenance measures.

Models with a four-stroke engine. The most modern and powerful lawn mowing equipment. Thanks to the powerful motor, long-term continuous operation is ensured, while the noise level is less than in a two-stroke analogue.

The disadvantages include the impressive dimensions and weight of the tool, so this parameter is very important when choosing a lawn mower.