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Top 20 best grinders (angle grinder): price/quality rating 2021-2022

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With the help of an angle grinder dismantle pipes, cut fittings and profiled sheets, grind blanks and perform many other operations.

Choosing the right tool will not be difficult, because the range of grinders (angle grinder) in today’s market is truly huge.

There are mains and cordless models, with soft start and variable speed control.

Choose a suitable angle grinder will help article, because it provides basic criteria for selecting a tool and the rating of the best grinders according to the version 2021-2022, in the preparation of which the recommendations of experts and reviews of ordinary users were taken into account.

angle grinder what company to choose

angle grinders are produced by dozens of companies around the world. Among them there are both world-known brands and little-known, but quite serious manufacturers. Let’s deal with some of them to simplify the choice of a really high-quality tool. So, when choosing a manufacturer of an angle grinder, focus on the following:

  • Bosch is the undisputed leader in this industry, and among electric tools in general. German quality and reliability are combined with power and convenience of operation. However, for all this you have to pay a lot. to buy such an angle grinder, if you have a limited budget, clearly will not work.
  • Makita. very high quality angle grinder from the Japanese manufacturer. Considerably cheaper than German, but very easy to use, functional and reliable.
  • Interskol is a domestic company trusted by many mowers, considering them a good compromise between quality and price. Are characterized by high reliability and maintainability, although they can not always boast of exquisite design and external attractiveness. angle grinder of this manufacturer will not fail even in the most difficult situations.
  • BLACKDECKER are Chinese products that stand out from other tools from the Celestial Empire. angle grinder this manufacturer have a low cost and are relatively reliable, easy to use. Often equipped with a set of additional devices, significantly increasing the functionality of the tool.

As you can see, the choice of manufacturers is quite large. And if you wonder what grinder to choose, then it is advisable to focus on these manufacturers. at least regret a bad purchase in this case for sure do not have.

The market is full of companies that produce power tools. Proven angular grinder from the following brands:

  • AEG. one of the German leaders in engineering, tools and products for household use.
  • Bosch. German supplier of high quality power tools, automotive products.
  • DeWALT. American manufacturer of semi-professional home and workshop tools with almost 100 year history. Angle grinders in different sizes and capacities.
  • Makita is a Japanese manufacturer of professional electric and gasoline tools, products of which are known for quality and durability.
  • Metabo is one of the trendsetting companies in production of high-quality, precise and reliable professional tools. Most of the products are assembled in Germany.
  • Sturm is a domestic company producing about thirty different models of angle grinders under three brands.
  • Zubr is a Russian company that is highly appreciated by domestic craftsmen for its quality, range of power tools and responsive support.
  • Interskol is a leading domestic manufacturer of power tools from. Khimki, represented in several countries.

How to choose an angle grinder for home use: rating

It will be a big mistake to believe that you can choose a good angle grinder without even spending time comparing the models offered in stores. Even if you choose a tool from a famous brand, you can not be sure that you have bought exactly what you need. angle grinder can have a lot of different characteristics, some of which you may not even use.

  • What size disc is considered appropriate
  • Assessment of needs
  • Motor power
  • Spindle speed
angle, grinder, better
  • Number of handles
  • Vibration damping
  • Tool weight and ergonomics
  • Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick
  • Makita BGA452RFE
  • Bosch GWS 12-125 CIE

Keep in mind that the angle grinder. it’s quite an expensive tool, so overpaying for unnecessary options is unacceptable here. It is better to spend some time to study the characteristics of the models that suit you than to regret later on the tool you bought in a hurry. And so that you can be completely satisfied with the work of the purchased angle grinder, you should not only pay attention to its technical parameters, but also consider the rating of the most reliable and convenient in operation devices.

What is the right disk size?

In the angle grinder, the function of the cutting element is the disk, thanks to which it provides all the basic operations. cutting, grinding and cleaning. But due to the peculiarities of design, the angle grinder can only be fitted with a disc of a certain diameter. The first thing you should know. the disc is capable of providing a cutting depth of not more than 1/3 and ¼ of its diameter.


The entire variety of discs can be divided into 5 basic classes:

  • 115 mm. This consumable allows you to perform a cut with a depth of 25 mm, which is why they are not suitable for cutting metal. They are mainly used for grinding and fine cutting work.
  • 125 mm. Allows about 4 cm depth of cut. The most popular type of disc today. If you buy it with a full set of nozzles, then the master will be able to easily cut any material. It is this type of consumable should be given preference if you choose an angle grinder for use at home or at home.
  • 150 mm. Excellent solution for repair work. With this disc, you can easily cut through concrete, metal pipes and even bricks, creating a cut depth of up to 5 cm.
  • 180 mm. It makes sense to buy such disc for those who are going to conduct construction or major repairs with laying of engineering systems by their own forces.
  • 230 mm. Consumables designed for professional power tools. Allow you to perform a cut with a depth of up to 7 cm. That is why it is seldom used at home.

Needs Assessment

When selecting an angle grinder, pay special attention to the diameter of the disc. It must be perfectly suited to the task that you have in front of you. And it is with this characteristic in mind that you need to buy the tool itself. If you buy a larger drive, you will automatically need to find a tool that has a larger motor. You will end up with a heavier machine and a more difficult tool to handle.

Motor power

This is one of the most important characteristics, on which depends the performance of the angle grinder, as well as its stability of work in conditions of load. The models offered in stores have power drives from 0.5 to 2.6 kW. If you choose a tool for domestic tasks, then you will be enough of a model with a capacity from 0.6 to 1 kW.

If you decide to install such a low-power angle grinder heavy circles, then it will immediately reduce the rotation speed. Therefore, you must remember that the angle grinder, on which the disc of larger diameter is installed, in practice may be low-power and ineffective.

Spindle RPM

Most sawdriver models have a RPM of 7,000 to 9,000 RPM and are built for large discs. RPM. Most companies build tools with RPM up to 12 000 RPM for compact discs.

Please note that the number of rpm indicated on the tool refers to no-load operation. The actual RPM may be lower than listed above while in use. In addition to modifications of the standard version, you can buy a tool with a manual regulator, which allows the master to manually adjust the speed of rotation.

Ergonomic indicators

Please also pay attention to the following ergonomic design when choosing a tool. To do this, you must consider such parameters as the weight of the device, the comfort of holding, the number of handles and the ability to dampen vibrations.

Number of handles

In addition to the convenience and safety of operation of the angle grinder depends on this characteristic. Manufacturers produce two types of power tools. one-handed and two-handed. If you want a model that is easy to handle, a tool with a single handle is the best choice for you. If necessary, you can easily hold the angle grinder with the second hand by the housing.

robust versions of angle grinders designed for professionals have two handles. Their use guarantees a secure grip and hold for efficient work. Especially convenient in operation are versions equipped with rotary or swivel handles, which make the tool more maneuverable when working in hard-to-reach places.

Vibration damping

That’s also covered by the handles, which can reduce vibrations by up to 80%. Preferably, they should be rubberized, pleasant to the touch handles. Do not choose models with hard plastic handles, because they very quickly arise pain in the wrist joints, and long work with such an angle grinder will not work. Although if you are not going to use it for prolonged work, then you can quite put up with this disadvantage.

Tips for choosing an angle grinder with a soft start

Before you buy an angle grinder, you must accurately determine its purpose. The most popular devices are those that work from the network. What sets them apart is their high performance combined with their compact size.

To work away from power sources, you should choose a battery-powered tool. This increases the cost and limits the operating time, but allows you to use the angle grinder even in the field.

There are also gasoline and pneumatic angle grinders, which are mainly used in industrial plants. The devices with internal combustion engines perfectly cope with cutting large-size workpieces with diameter up to 400 mm. Models running on compressed air need a compressor with a capacity of 200-400 l/min.

angle, grinder, better

Consider other parameters that affect the choice of angle grinder.

Disc size used

All discs for angle grinders, including devices with adjustable speed, are divided into two types: cutting and deburring. The diameter of discs varies from 100 to 500 mm. The most common sizes are:

On large-sized models it is allowed to install discs of smaller diameter, provided that the corresponding planting holes.

Experts do not recommend using discs, which exceed the size of the passport indicators. This will force the angle grinder to work in overload mode, which reduces its life.

Keep in mind: the bigger the disk size, the more massive the machine will be. It will affect the duration of the work cycle.

Engine power

There is a popular belief among beginners that the more powerful the drive, the more revolving the tool. This is an error. Angle grinder speed is a standard value that depends on the diameter of the wheels. Nozzles are also limited in number of revolutions.

The power rating of household models is less than 1 kW. Professional models have a power output of up to 5 kW.

The value of this parameter directly affects the depth of cut.

Manual and electronic protection

Disc jamming during operation is the biggest nuisance. The angle grinder can jump out of your hands and cause serious damage. Possible causes:

  • contact of the wheel with a foreign object;
  • Working with an object that is too strong;
  • loose tightening of spindle nut;
  • Exceeding the maximum speed of the tool;
  • operating a disk whose material does not match the surface you are working on.

To reduce the risk of injury, manufacturers equip the tool with anti-blocking mechanisms.

All inexpensive models have a special guard to protect the blade in the event of jamming. These are international safety requirements.

Protection systems can be divided into two types:

  • Mechanical. Professional models with speed control function are equipped with special couplings. If the disc is overloaded or jammed in the torque transmission process, it begins to slip, preventing the tool from spoiling.
  • Electronic. A special safety unit is responsible for an emergency stop. Its working principle is based on reading of electrical parameters during operation. An abrupt cessation of rotation is accompanied by a current surge, to which the sensors react instantly, de-energizing the tool.

Other functions

In addition to speed control and other useful qualities, modern models are equipped with the following functions designed to increase the safety of work:

  • Protection against accidental startup. Two start buttons are installed on the angle grinder. Switch-on only occurs by pressing down simultaneously.
  • Stabilizer under load. When cutting particularly hard materials the electronic system automatically maintains the set RPM. Function will come in handy for craftsmen who work with oversized workpieces made of stone, marble or concrete.

This power tool enables you to work in places without electricity, in difficult to access or in remote locations.

Most of these angle grinders have speed regulation.

AEG BEWS 18-230BL-0 box, 230 mm, without battery

The AEG BEWS 18-230BL-0 cordless angle grinder compatible with 230 mm discs is a cleverly designed, user-friendly machine for grinding and cutting materials without a power supply.

Its self-contained design allows it to be used in hard-to-reach places.

The angle grinder allows for a maximum depth of cut of 68 mm at no-load speeds close to 5,500 rpm.

The tool is equipped with an ergonomic main handle, accidental start protection, safety guard, anti-vibration system, additional handle with three positions.

Battery for this model must be purchased separately.


  • Power supply. battery (18 V)
  • The maximum tool diameter is 230 mm;
  • rotation speed. 5500 rpm
  • features. spindle lock, lockable button, three-position handle, overload protection, motor brake;
  • equipment weight. 5,5 kg.

Metabo WPB 36 LTX BL 230 Q 6.2Ah x2 Case, 230 mm

Professional cordless angle grinder Metabo WPB 36 LTX BL 230 Q 6.2Ah x2 Case, compatible with 23 cm tooling, is an indispensable tool for cutting, sanding and leveling various structures in unplugged environments.

angle grinder provides a maximum cutting depth of 77 mm.

Brushless motor, auto-lock start button, brake system, safety hood with tool-less adjustment, rotary main handle and anti-vibration auxiliary handle.

Angle grinder kit includes two 6.2 Ah 36-volt Li-HD batteries each, battery charger, storage and carrying case.

Technical characteristics:

  • battery-powered (36 V);
  • maximum tool diameter 230 mm;
  • rotation speed. 9000 rpm;
  • features. spindle lock, lockable button, three-position handle, overload protection, soft start, motor brake;
  • equipment weight. 2,6 kg.
  • light and robust housing;
  • high quality build;
  • no vibrations;
  • powerful batteries;
  • two batteries included;
  • effective protection.

Metabo WPB 36-18 LTX BL 230 0 Case, 230 mm, without battery

Model Metabo WPB 36-18 LTX BL 230 0 Case with support for 230 mm discs is convenient for work related to cutting, polishing and roughing various surfaces on sites without a network connection.

angle, grinder, better

The device is equipped with a quick-detachable guard, vibration damping system, soft start.

Button switch has a special abrasive coating.

The device is equipped with a light and small-sized housing, three-position additional handle, overload protection.

angle, grinder, better

The equipment is compatible with 18-volt rechargeable batteries. Batteries are not included in the set and must be purchased separately.


  • Power supply. battery (18 V);
  • maximum tool diameter. 230 mm;
  • Speed of rotation. 6600 rpm;
  • features. spindle lock, three-position handle, overload protection, soft start, motor brake;
  • equipment weight. 6,5 kg.

AEG BEWS 18-230BL LI-602C 6.0Ah x2 Case, 230 mm

AEG BEWS 18-230BL LI-602C 6 Professional Cordless Equipment.0Ah x2 with ergonomic carrying case included will allow you to perform cutting and grinding operations in the absence of 220 volts.

The device supports 230 mm discs.

Two 18 volt 6.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries each provide the power supply.

Batteries are included in the scope of supply. Brushless motor provides up to 5500 rpm.

Charging time per battery in this model is 2 hours.

The product is additionally equipped with a washer, flange nut, wrench, impulse charger.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power supply. battery (18 V);
  • maximum tool diameter. 230 mm;
  • rotation speed. 5500 rpm;
  • features. spindle lock, lockable button, three position handle, overload protection, motor brake;
  • equipment weight. 5.6 kg.


German company offers network and pneumatic tools for stone and metal working. The brand products are distinguished by high performance, durable and ergonomic housing. Buy a professional angle grinder for home and production is possible with these indicators:

  • disc diameter 125-230 mm;
  • with and without starter mechanism;
  • rpm range from 6600 to 10500, models WQ 1400, Quick M14, W26-230 MVT;
  • the power of the device reaches 2200 W, as in the Metabo W 2200-230 model.

The device is powered from the mains or a built-in battery.

The angle grinder Bosch.

This brand has earned its deserved fame first by a reasonable division into two very differently priced series: the green Bosch angle grinder by the color of its bodies were domestic and featured a pleasant to the eye low price; the Bosch angle grinder with a blue body and a higher price pointed to its belonging to the professional tool. In the course of time, when it became clear that modern consumers are inclined to impose professional loads and tasks on any of them, Bosh angle grinder of any modification was “tightened” by its manufacturers in order to withstand such tasks, even if not competing in low with their Chinese counterparts. The notion of “Bosch angle grinder” has remained with the Russian consumer as a synonym of reliable European quality.

Top 10 Best Angle Grinders On Amazon (2022)

These reliable professional angle grinders which have come to our Russian market from the southern German states of Württemberg are distinguished by a design focused on the newest wishes of customers. You can find in their wide range of angle grinders and 125 mm hood with extra flat gear reducer to “reach” with it to the most hard-to-reach places. Now there is a similar machine in this range powered by portable batteries. weighing only 1.75 kg, which is very convenient to use, for example, to installers at high altitude, where you need just a cordless angle grinder. “fluffy”. Engineers at the FLEX angle grinder have also brought on the market such a robust tool with enormous power reserves as the 230 mm angle grinder, which produces an almost inexhaustible 2600 watts. There is even a special INOXFLEX for professional work with stainless and alloy steels.

Choose that unique angle grinder for which your heart is in your heart and which has been designed to work for you.

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