Angle Grinder Dvt 125 Variable Speed

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Angle Grinder Dvt 125 Variable Speed

DWT WS10-125 TV. angle grinder semi-professional class, high power with speed control and an extended rear handle. High performance angle grinder, allows for volumetric and heavy work and long-term operation of the tool in harsh conditions. The ability to adjust the rotational speed allows optimally perform grinding work and trim the ceramics. DWT WS10-125 are characterized by: high power, ease of use, ease of handling, rugged case, high level of safety, quality, reliability and endurance.

Diameter of the used disks

The angle grinder is designed to operate with a cutting / grinding disc with a maximum diameter of up to 125mm. Angle grinder is designed for dry cutting, grinding, processing, grinding and cleaning of metals and other solid materials, including ceramics and bricks. The tool also allows the use of a variety of brush heads with a diameter of up to 75 mm, which significantly expands the scope of application.

Engine and gearbox

The WS10 angle grinder is equipped with a high-tech engine with increased power (nominal 1,010 W), and develops a maximum of 11,000 rpm at idle, and the vibration level does not exceed 6.55 m / s².

The gearbox is assembled on metal gears, the body is cast from a magnesium alloy, which provides reliable protection and adequate heat dissipation. High-quality components and high-strength materials, as well as a high level of electric motor insulation and a productive impeller, are designed for intensive and long-term operation in harsh conditions. The angle grinder has low noise indicators: sound pressure 95 dB, acoustic power 106 dB. The length of the network cable is 2.0m.

The model is equipped with a quick access to carbon brushes, to replace which, it is enough to unscrew the external clips

The body of the angle grinder is made of high quality plastic, and the ergonomics and compact design dimensions are convenient for long-term use. LNA dimensions: length 360mm, width 80mm, height 100mm.

Video: Angle Grinder Dvt 125 Variable Speed

Speed ​​controller

WS10-125 TV angle grinder is equipped with a stepless disk speed controller located at the top of the handle for easy access. This function is practical when scrupulously grinding and working with ceramic tiles and tiny materials.

The controller allows you to adjust the spindle speed in the range of 3,000. 11,000 rpm.

Extended handle

For a more solid and comfortable hold, the WS10-125 TV angle grinder features an extended rear handle. The handle has rubber inserts that prevent slipping out of your hands and increase comfort and ease of use.

Start button, has protection against accidental start

In order to increase ergonomics, the button is located directly in the handle, and the rubberized surface allows you to work with gloves.

Additional handle

Provides reliable holding of the tool with both hands. The handle is made of plastic with rubber pads that provide a pleasant and reliable grip, preventing slipping out of your hands.

The gear housing has three mounting holes add. handles: on the sides and in the upper part

This feature makes it possible to reliably hold the tool for all types of work in different positions. The handle is made of plastic with rubber pads that provide a pleasant and reliable grip, preventing slipping out of your hands.


The easily removable casing has a protective function, reflecting sparks and particles of material that could cause injury. Due to the possibility of installing the casing in the range of 360 °, you can adjust the protective screen in any position.


The spindle has a standard M14 thread. Pressing the spindle lock button. blocks rotation, which allows you to easily replace the disk or nozzle in the tool. The spindle lock is offset as far as possible from the center of the axis and is reinforced by a separate tide with a steel sleeve in the housing. This minimizes the likelihood of a failure of the lock system. Also, if necessary, the spinel has a slot for fixing with an open-end wrench 17mm (included), in the gap between the gear case and the clamping washers.


DWT WS10-125 TV. the model is equipped with a standard set of the required minimum and packed in a colored cardboard box (Dimensions 40.5×14.5×12.5 cm; Weight 3.5 kg).

  • Instruction manual 2pcs.
  • 1pcs flange wrench.
  • 1pcs open end wrench.
  • Additional handle 1pc.
  • Protective cover 1pc.