Angle -grinding machine for home use. Network angular grinder 115 mm

How to choose a corner grinder?

The angular grinding machine is useful for cutting and polishing blanks made of metal, wood or stone, as well as for stroke and removal of old coatings. To make it easier to decide on the choice, we will consider the types of corner grinding and the scope of their use.

  • The network corner machine depends on the presence near the outlet. Useful for prolonged use.
  • The battery angular grinder works from lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium battery. It is useful when work is required in the distance from the network.
  • A pneumatic angular grinder works on a compressor or compressed air supply system. Used for professional construction work or factory production.

Disk diameters

It is the diameter that will determine the sphere of work with a corner grinder. Consider the most popular options:

  • 115 mm the smallest diameter of the disk for cutting parts up to 30 mm thick. Useful for grinding small areas, cutting nails or thin sheet metal. common diameter, cut the workpiece to a depth of up to 40 mm. The most universal size, light and at the same time productive. Suitable for removing a layer of paint, removing corrosion or stripping welds. Not the most popular disk size, cuts the part up to 50 mm thick. Convenient for dismantling pipes, cutting reinforcement. The second most popular diameter, cut depth from 40 to 60 mm. Used to make grooves, as well as for cutting brick and concrete. The largest disk size, cuts the workpieces to a depth of 80 mm. It is used on heavy construction work for cutting rails and thick pipes, asphalt or paving slabs.

Corner grinder which company choose

Corner grinder are produced by dozens of companies around the world. Among them there are both world.famous brands and little.known, but rather serious manufacturers. We will deal with some of them to simplify the choice of a really high.quality tool. So, choosing a manufacturer, a corner grinder focus on the following:

  • Bosch is an unconditional leader in this industry, and among electrical tools in general. German quality and reliability are combined with the power and convenience of work. However, you have to pay a lot for all this. to purchase such a corner grinder, if you have a limited budget, it will obviously fail.
  • Makita. very high.quality corner grinder from a Japanese manufacturer. Much cheaper than German, while quite convenient to use, functional and reliable.
  • Interskol is a domestic company that many masters trust, considering them a successful compromise between quality and cost. Are distinguished by high reliability and maintenance, although they can not always boast of exquisite design and external attractiveness. The corner grinder of this manufacturer will not fail even in the most difficult situations.
  • BlackDecker. Chinese products that are successfully distinguished against the background of other tools from the Middle Kingdom. The corner grinder of this manufacturer has a low cost and at the same time relatively reliable, convenient to use. Often equipped with many additional devices that significantly increase the functionality of the tool.

As you can see, the choice of manufacturers are quite large. And if you are interested in which angular grinder to choose, then it is advisable to focus on these manufacturers. at least regret the unsuccessful acquisition in this case will probably not have to.

The greatest demand is small angular grinder with a disk with a diameter of about 115-125 mm, used mainly by home masters. They are the most compact and have the lowest cost. At the same time, corner grinder with small disks is perfect for performing small, cosmetic work. That is why many users seeking a tool for working at home give preference to them. We will study several such successful models to simplify the search for a suitable.

Zubble corner grinder-115-800 m3

Before you is an inexpensive, but good corner grinder, capable of becoming an excellent assistant for many home masters. It boasts with a power of 800 watts, which allows you to cope with almost any small work. In addition, the speed of rotation in her reaches 11,000 revolutions per minute, which can be safely called a magnificent indicator. You can install a disk with a diameter of up to 115 mm. The device weighs 2.1 kg, so that working with it is really comfortable and simple. even when performing a significant amount of work, there is no feeling of fatigue. As additional functions are the launch of the launch and fixation of the spindle. The second handle increases the level of comfort when working with a corner grinder, which, judging by users’ reviews, is appreciated by many masters.

  • affordable price;
  • convenience when working;
  • reliable protection of the main nodes;
  • high assembly quality despite the cost;
  • Good ergonomics.

BlackDecker G650

If you are looking for a good corner grinder at an affordable price, you should also look at this model. In addition to low cost, it can boast of good parameters. For example, the discharge frequency of the disk reaches 12,000 revolutions per minute, so that any work can be performed quickly and easily. True, the power is not too high. 650 watts, but for small housework, this is quite enough.

The length of the network cable is an important indicator that provides a high level of comfort during operation. Therefore, when buying, pay special attention to this parameter.

A disk with a diameter of up to 115 mm can be installed on the corner grinder. The network cord has a length of 2 meters, which often allows you to work without using an extension cord, which is quite convenient. An additional handle has two positions, so that the level of comfort is significantly increased during operation. you can choose an option that is most suitable for certain actions. So, if this is not the best budget corner grinder, then, of course, one of those.

Makita GA5030

High.quality, comfortable and at the same time also inexpensive angular grinding grinder from Makita. One of the main advantages is the slight weight. only 1.8 kg. This becomes especially important if you have to work often and a lot. hands get tired much less than when using a heavy tool. At the same time, the power of the device is quite high. 750 watts, and the speed of rotation of the disk reaches 11,000 rpm. an excellent indicator. The network cord is very long. as many as 2.5 meters, which is quite enough when working in a small room. A high level of safety is provided by a protective casing, and convenience when working with an additional handle, which can be attached in two positions.

  • It lies perfectly in the hands;
  • small weight;
  • low price;
  • high.quality cable braid, which does not disappear in the cold;
  • reliability in work;
  • quality materials and assembly.

Bosch Gws 660-125

Of course, this is one of the best reliability of the Bulgarians for the house. Start at least with weight. 1.9 kg, which significantly increases the level of comfort when working with the tool. over, small weight does not interfere with the corner grinder to be quite powerful. 660 watts. The disk rotates at a speed of up to 11,000 rpm, which can be called an excellent indicator. A disk with a diameter of up to 125 mm can be installed on the corner grinder. Of course, the corner grinder is equipped with a protective casing and an additional handle, which provide a high level of safety during operation and appropriate comfort. A two.position handle allows you to do any work with the same convenience that any owner of this inexpensive corner grinder will appeal.

  • excellent performance;
  • low weight;
  • long warranty period (2 years);
  • high.quality protection of internal details from dust;
  • durability;
  • Great assembly.

TOP 10 Best Bulgarians

Based on consumer reviews and statistics represented by online stores, a rating of the most popular models of corner grinding machines was compiled.

Redverg RD-Ag230-230S

The first place in the top 10 Bulgarians is occupied by the grinding car, the Redverg RD-Ag230-230S car with a straight rotary control handle. Convenient for the operator, since with its help the controllability and control of the tool. MSU has great power. Due to this, you can perform work with abrasive circles for metal and diamonds on stone and concrete. An improved ventilation system effectively performs the function of cooling the electric motor. Safe at work. The front handle is fixed in three positions for work comfort. This is a high reliability tool at an affordable price. MPU is made in high quality for a long time.

Battery angular grinder 115 mm

The most autonomous, mobile power tools of universal purposes. They can be used in places, in installation and dismantling at high altitude, where there is no way to connect to the power supply network. Below will be the best battery.grinding machines, which are suitable for working with equipment with a diameter of up to 115 mm.

Ryobi R18AG-0, 115 mm

Universal battery.grinding machine. For power, 18 volts voltage batteries are used. The maximum speed of the working part is 6500 per minute. There is an opportunity to use walls, ceilings for grinding. There is a lock button, a spindle clamp. A three.position handle, a disk with abrasive spraying is delivered in the kit.

Dmitry G. A very convenient thing! There are simply no wireless alternatives for that kind of money. Noisy noise, quickly stops. Someone writes that he was warming up. he didn’t notice, possibly on large volumes, but then it’s easier to unwind the extension cord and turn on the wired angular grinder. And if you cut not a lot, for example, beacons, it is very convenient

Nosov88 worked with her a year in a professional electrical installation, sawed the carriage of a metallic pipe of the DKS and remained alive, although many doubted it. I bought myself the same for personal use, in the country or in the garage a thing is not replaced! I advise you to use it with the battery 5 amperes/hour. Ryobi analogues for price/quality do not see.

Makita DGA452Z, 115 mm

Battery angular grinder from the famous world manufacturer of power tools. For power, lithium-ion batteries with a voltage of 18 volts are used. The speed of rotation of the working part reaches 11,000 revolutions per minute. The appropriate diameter of the equipment is 115 mm. There is a system of protection against overloads, a lock button, a spindle lock. The kit has only an additional handle and protective casing.

  • excellent build quality;
  • high power, large number of revolutions;
  • compact dimensions;
  • quiet tool in work;
  • you can install a disk and 125 mm.

Ruslan b. Light, fast, comfortable and compact. You can put 125mm discs. Powerful enough for a wireless tool. Very smart, with protection against random start, jamming and battery itself.

Andrei B, on a freshly built battery and idling, the contact measurements with a CEM-OT8 tachometer showed 10750-10850 rpm-this is one of the fastest batteries, if not the fastest. The protective casing easily allows you to install 125 disk. It cuts such a disk normally if you use the thinnest wheels 1.0 or 0.8 mm.

GreenWorks G24AG 0, 115 mm

Budgetary Battery Corner grinder for various household tasks in the garage, a small workshop, on a private site. To power the tool, batteries with a voltage of 24 V are used. The maximum speed of rotation of the working part is 7000 rpm. The power tool is equipped with a spindle latch, for a convenient change in equipment, a lock on the start button. A protective casing and handle are supplied to the corner grinder.

  • It is convenient to keep in the process of work;
  • small mass;
  • You can use other batteries of the same manufacturer;
  • A smooth start.

Peter a. Took for autonomous and auxiliary work. Bought without batteries, I have a screwdriver of the same company bought 3 years ago for a promotion with 2 batteries and these batteries are suitable for it. Very convenient in cleaning welds from slag with a disk brush, as well as a small stripping and grinding of a metal and wood. In general, I recommend it as an auxiliary tool, not the main.

Battering angular grinder 76 mm

Small corner grinder for processing small blanks that are actively used in professional activities, during installation work. One of the features. there is no need to connect to a common power supply network. The number of revolutions in such tools can reach 20,000 per minute. Below will be the best small corner grinders working from batteries.

Metabo PowerMaxx CC 12 BL (600348500), 76 mm

Professional power tool from a German manufacturer. For power, accumulators with a capacity of 2 A are used.h, voltage 12 volts. The maximum number of revolutions of the working part per minute is 20,000. The corner grinder is equipped with a smooth start function, a system of protection against overload. There is a lock button, a spindle clamp. The case is made of durable plastic. In the kit, 2 batteries, a latch on a protective casing, 4 detachment circles, equipment for peeping and grinding, charging, coffee made of plastic, hexagon is supplied to the tool.

  • excellent build quality;
  • expanded equipment in terms of equipment;
  • 2 batteries;
  • high power, performance;
  • convenient to work with one hand.

Mikhail r. Compact, but surprisingly powerful. Beskollector that is good. Smooth start and fast stopping stop! Sawed old soldered Soviet dowels. does not slow down. Balance lies in his hand, does not nod.

Anton in. I took it specifically to work at a height often or cut metal or grind. She is very convenient with her light and powerful motor. Vibration is practically not felt and performs work very quickly. It was necessary to immediately take the batteries with a power supply. on 2 Ah quickly discharges.

Bosch GWS 12V-76 3.0Ach x2 l-boxx, 76 mm

Miniature angular grinder of a professional level from a well.known manufacturer. For work, batteries with a capacity of 3 A are used.h. voltage 18 volts. The speed of spindle rotation reaches 19800 rpm. There is a lock button, a spindle latch for convenient replacement equipment. Useful function. automatic engine brake. Included to the corner grinder, charging, two batteries, cases, cutting disks (3 pcs) are supplied.

Serious disadvantages when using this power tool for its intended purpose. no.

Eugene p. Compact, comfortable, powerful solves problems in limited spaces, convenient for working with small items. I use for operational repairs “on water”. it is useful regularly. Really find discs for various tasks.

Roman G. Chic apparatus. Yes, not for all work, the small size of the disks, but in the farm it was very useful. It is a pleasure to work and is much safer than senior comrades.

Corner grinder 180 mm

Angle grinding machines with a suitable diameter of the disc 180 mm occupy a second position in popularity after 125 mm tools. These are large, powerful corner grinder, which are most often used in professional activities. The power of the most productive models reaches 1800 watts. Below will be presented the best angular grinder of 180 mm with a brief description, advantages and disadvantages.

Interskol angular grinder-180/1800m, 1800 watts, 180 mm

High.power corner grinder for professional activity, operation in difficult conditions. The power of the tool reaches 1800 watts, the number of revolutions per minute is 8000. The angle grinding machine is equipped with a smooth start function, there is a lock button, a spindle clamp. The kit is supplied with protective casing, a hilt that can be installed in one of the three provisions.

  • high power, performance;
  • affordable price for their characteristics;
  • smooth start;
  • good build quality;
  • Turning handle.

The owners of such tools do not distinguish serious disadvantages for their value.

Alexander Sh. I bought it specifically for cleaning and giving a roof. Not as heavy as at 230. And more powerful than 125. Worked for several days. The volume was large. You can grind with one hand, but only heavy. Rather, an exception. In quality, everything is normal, not backlash and signs of other malfunctions. I coped with the task. It will also serve. Although I thought this is the only work for which it is enough!

Revyakin Yuri the first angular grinder of this size. 230 for me too much. And this one is just. I thought at the expense of 150, but it’s good that I took this. For the Bytovuhi (in the garage, in the country) the most it.

Bort BWS-1700-S, 1700 W, 180 mm

Budget large corner grinder of high capacity. Designed to work with equipment with a diameter up to 180 mm. Power tool capacity. 1800 watts, number of revolutions. 8000 per minute. There is a function of smooth starting, which is needed to protect the electric motor from overload. The shape of the tool is elongated, convenient in terms of long.term operation. The kit is supplied to the replacement of the equipment, the side hilt, the protective casing, the set of brushes for replacement when they are broken down.

Anton p. I liked the smooth start. not bad, amenities and safety in work clearly adds. With all the power, the wiring does not knock out (although it affects the voltage). And practically does not heat up, you can work for a long time almost without interruptions. The weight pleased. not stressful, you can say easily, conveniently in any case. I bought with an extended guarantee for 5 years as the seller prompted. Claimed that for 2 years she will work at least with domestic use. Therefore, it is advisable to catch up to 5 years. Like the tool!

Grigory p. Excellent price/quality ratio. Power is fire! For cutting pipes 20×20 and 40×60 (so far) enough for the eyes. Stripes (metal 3mm) cuts excellent too. It’s basking quite a bit, you can hold in your hand, does not beat, a little vibration. Weighs only 3.5 kg. (not that my old one) does not shake during cutting, cuts smoothly, I like the sound (it is likely that the warranty period of 2 years will work). In short, I can recommend for purchase.

Corner grinder 230 mm

The largest angle grinding machines for which equipment can be used with a diameter of up to 230 mm. Corner grinder 230 is highly powerful, productive tools that are actively used in professional activities. The power of such tools can reach 2200 watts, they withstand large operational loads. Below will be presented the best angular grinder 230 mm according to buyers.

Metabo W 2200-230 606435010, 2200 W, 230 mm

High.power, productive angle grinding machine from a well.known German manufacturer. Power tool capacity. 2200 watts, number of revolutions. 6600 per minute. Food is carried out from the general power supply network. The tool is equipped with overload protection, locks for the start button, a latch on a spindle. The case is made of durable plastic, the working part is from metal, which perfectly removes heat. The kit is supplied with the key to replace the equipment, the handle that can be installed in one of 3 positions, a protective casing.

Tips for choosing the size of the cutting disk

It is the diameter of the disk that is the key factor that determines the area of ​​work performed by the tool. It is worth noting that the planting diameter for circles has a standard size. 22.2 mm. But the larger the diameter of the cutting circle, the higher the speed of rotation and the power of the corner grinder. The minimum diameter is 115 mm, the maximum possible is 230mm.

The diameter of the disk is selected depending on the thickness that will need to be cut. Based on the fact that not all, but only a part of the circle protruding outside the tool can be used as a working one, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the case. For example, if the case has a width of about 60 mm, then when using a disk of 125 mm, it is not difficult to understand that only half of its surface will work. That is, it will be possible to cut out the material with a thickness of not more than 35 mm, but in reality even less. 30 mm. After some time, the cutting surface of the disk is stuck, which will significantly reduce this indicator. With the help of such simple calculations, the necessary disk size is selected. But it is strongly recommended to use circles of larger diameter than allowed by technical documentation.

To make it easier for you to navigate, we will analyze in more detail the types of Bulgarians based on the size of the disk:

  • 115 mm angular grinder. the minimum size for the simplest work. Most often used for grinding, since cutting is very inconvenient for such a size. A smaller diameter implies a lower weight, which means a lower power. Weight lies in the range of 1.5-3 kg, and power is not more than 1000 watts. But the “small” corner grinder has the maximum speed-10-11 thousand.rpm. There is the possibility of capturing both one and two hands. The size of the tool does not affect the price, and such a compact tool can have both a small value and vice versa. There are models equipped with many additional functions for professional use.
  • 125 mm angular grinder is the most popular model. It has sufficient power, the optimal weight and size, affordable cost for ease of work. In any store, the most extensive selection of grinding or cutting circles with a diameter of 125 mm. This is an optimal tool for home use, if it is not planned to cut too thick details.
  • 150 mm angular grinder. unlike the previous model, does not use such demand, although it is an excellent alternative option for home use, if you need not a small, but not a big model. It is convenient to perform both grinding and upable work. But many argue that the purchase of a separately small one is a more convenient solution. 125 mm and large. 180 mm angular grinder. This tool has an average power of 1000-1500 W, an average rotation speed-8-10 thousand.about./min and medium weight-3-5 kg. “Golden mean” for home craftsmen.
  • 180 mm angular grinder is a suitable option for construction work. The depth of the cut will easily cope with the cutting of brick (though it is necessary to cut it all the same on both sides), a thick pipe and other elements. This means that doing smaller work with such a tool may not be quite convenient.
  • Corner grinder at 230 mm. the maximum provided for by manufacturers. It is called the “large” angular grinder. It has a more significant weight-5-8 kg, a powerful engine-1500-2000 W, speed-6-8 thousand speeds.about./min. They are equipped with two handles. the posterior stationary and lateral with the possibility of installation from different sides of the case. They differ in high cost, which justifies the number of functions. With its help, gross work is performed, where force is necessary, for example, cutting metal pipes, stroke of walls for wiring, etc.D. For small work, such models are absolutely not suitable, even grinding seems to be a small. But with large repairs or construction work, they will be as possible.

After analyzing the five possible sizes of this tool, it is clear that everyone has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are engaged in construction work at a professional level, then the best solution for you will be to purchase two corner grinders. Small. 125 mm for accurate work and medium. 180 mm. If you have repairs or construction, then a tool is suitable for 150 or 180 mm.

When you decided exactly what size of the instrument you need, you can proceed to the choice of the following parameters:

  • The power of the corner grinder is the main indicator of the tool performance. A possible power range varies from 0.5 to 2.7 kW, and the increase in power is not directly proportional to the diameter of the working disk. The performance indicator should be selected according to the same principle as the size. depending on the degree of complexity of the upcoming work and their duration. It is clear that using the maximum diameter of the working circle, it is necessary to choose models with a power indicator of about 2 kW to ensure high speed and increase continuous operation time. But for small tools with a minimum disk diameter, you sometimes need high power, especially if you have to continuously clean the hard welds for several hours. A small tool with a power indicator of 0.5-0.9 kW is considered domestic and is quite suitable for a small volume of work, which does not imply prolonged cutting of pipes or grinding concrete surfaces. For more difficult work, models with a capacity of 1 to 1.5 kW are suitable, which are classified as professional. To perform construction work, it is preferable to corner grinder with a capacity of 1.3 to 2.7 kW.
  • Rotation speed angular grinder lies in the range from 6,000 to 15000 about./min. It is believed that the higher this indicator, the faster you can perform grinding work or clean the surface from rust and other contaminants. In practice, this indicator for each tool is selected individually depending on its weight and is the best. The only thing you need to know is that the angular speed of rotation depends on the diameter of the working disk. Therefore, for large Bulgarians, it is preferable to have a function of adjusting the number of revolutions. When erasing the working edge, this indicator must be reduced, thereby normalizing the speed of angular rotation. For domestic use, there is enough tool with a minimum indicator. 6000 about./min. If there is a construction or work that includes polishing wooden surfaces or making a wood fence, you will need a model with an indicator of 7000-11000./min. To clean up car bodies and other metal surfaces, choose a tool with an indicator of 15,000 about./min. Such can often be seen per hundred.
  • The weight of the tool determines the duration of the work. Do not forget that when working, a load on the hands and back is created. The lightest tools, the weight of which starts at 1.2 kg, is suitable for daily work lasting no more than 4 hours. The average corner grinder weighing from 3 to 4 kg are suitable for work for 2-3 hours every day. For hard work, it is necessary to choose more overall models that will cope with the task faster and do not require much effort from the operator. Their weight is 6-9 kg.
  • The number of handles. corner grinders are one.handed and two.handed. This immediately catches your eye when visiting specialized stores. All models have the main handle, which is screwed at the spindle itself and has the ability to rearrange on different sides of the case. This makes work with the tool equally convenient for both right.handed and left.handed. The second pen is either the case itself, or an additional handle at the end. This makes it possible to hold the tool with both hands if necessary. The choice of the number of handles is based again on the nature of the upcoming works. It will be equally convenient to perform update work both with one handle and two, and grinding work is dangerous to perform a one.armed tool. During operation, the corner grinder can strongly bring it and even a physically strong person will hardly hold it. Therefore, choosing powerful models for grinding, look only at two.armed. Corner grinding ground for fine grinding of low power can be one.armed. The main handle should preferably have protection for fingers in large tools and expansion in the upper part of small. This will prevent the sliding of the tool from tired or sweaty hands. The auxiliary handle should have a mushroom shape and in an ideal case to be able to twist in several positions. This will do work with a corner grinding of the most convenient. Both handles must have a rubberized coating.
  • Tank or battery capacity. Gasoline models have a tank volume from 0.7 to 1.5 liters. If you have the opportunity to carry an additional canister with fuel with you, then this indicator does not matter. Battering angular grinders have a battery capacity of 2-4 a/h. Thanks to this, the speed of rotation of the spindle reaches the indicator up to 11000./min. Accordingly, the larger the capacity, the greater the time of the tool. For short.term work, there is enough minimum indicator.
  • Air supply and air supply. for pneumatic models. Speed ​​is important in maintaining high speeds. This indicator reaches from 100 to 540 liters/min. The larger the diameter of the disk, the higher the feed rate should be. The pressure at the same time reaches 6 to 6.5 atmospheres.

This video explains the features of the tool

Among the variety in the market, Japanese, German and American ones are considered the best grinders. But in recent years, the domestic segment has also advanced well, the tools of which can be found at a completely budget price. Of the many companies for home use, you can make a certain rating of the Bulgarians:

These companies on the market are already enough time and managed to prove themselves as manufacturers of high.quality tools.

Of all the companies, it would be wrong to choose 2-3 and make a corner grinder rating for them, since different models have its own purpose, so you should not compare a professional tool with the house for home. They differ not only by purpose, but also. There are reviews of users who will help distribute tools as popular:

One of the budget samples that produces the domestic market. This tool has that diameter of 230 mm and power 2600 W. Rpm. reach 6500, which allows you to work with solid materials. This model is connected to the network, and also has a speed adjustment and a smooth launch mechanism.

Of the advantages, one can distinguish: a sealed body of magnesium, which protects against overheating, dust and external damage, affordable price, as well as a three.position handle. This model is very heavy because of its size.

This is a corner grinder that is collected in Asia from German details. Well suited for home use. Its power is 900 watts, and the maximum circle is limited to 125 mm. Speed ​​of 11,000 rpm and small size allow you to work with ceramic details or iron.

If there are doubts about which angular grinder of 125 mm to choose, then you can stop the choice on this copy. Advantages: wide functionality, good equipment (spare brushes, casing, spare handle and the key to replace the circle), simplicity of control, small weight, price. Of the shortcomings, one can distinguish that the length of the cable is only 2 meters, so you have to use the extension cord.

angle, grinding, machine, home, network, angular

A German tool that is suitable for any task and is a frequent choice among professionals. Its power reaches 1200 watts. The ability to change the revolutions allows you to configure the tool for yourself, and their maximum number is limited by 11,000.

The size of the disk of this model is limited to 125 mm. Smooth launch and adjustment of the position of the handle make an angular grinder more convenient, and blocking the work when overloading and jamming will help to avoid a breakdown of the tool.

This is a Japanese production model that is well suited for home use. She has a battery, which is able to work up to 30 minutes on one charge. It has a circle of a circle of 115 mm and speed speed up to 10,000.

The disadvantages include greater cost, as well as overheating of the mechanism that occurs when using a circle of more than 1.4 mm thick, since due to small power it is strongly strained.

Before choosing the tool, you should carefully familiarize yourself with its capabilities and reviews, as this will help to find out for what purposes it is suitable for, but for which no.

Criteria for choosing a good corner grinder

Before buying, you need to study the main characteristics of the tool. For the selection of the best Bulgarians, the diameter of the disk, intensity and revolutions, all kinds of protection are taken into account. It is also necessary to understand how much equipment will consume electricity, it is better to choose the most profitable option with its savings.

Disk diameter

The disk is considered the main supplies that is responsible for cutting, polishing and cleaning. Manufacturers offer 5 varieties:

  • up to 115 millimeters. the minimum size is used for grinding and small works;
  • 125 millimeters. a popular diameter of a household tool, drinks to a depth of 40 mm, cuts almost all types of materials;
  • 150 millimeters. used for brick, concrete surfaces, metal pipes;
  • 180 millimeters-designed for repair and construction procedures.

Interesting! A 230 millimeter.diameter disk is suitable for equipment intended for commercial purposes. The weight of the equipment in the collected form depends on its size.


At the expense of it, the stable functionality of the apparatus is ensured, it helps the equipment work without a break. For household purposes, equipment with an intensity of 600 to 900 watts is used. With complex or long.term events, you will need a tool with indicators from 1.5 VC.

angle, grinding, machine, home, network, angular


The speed of spindle rotation depends on the volume of the disk:

note! Good equipment has a manual regulator that allows you to reduce the speed of spindle rotation.

The number of handles

The parameter provides convenience and safety, devices are with one or two handles. The first option is found in home and commercial corner grinding, the second. in severe versions for mass processing of surfaces.

Smooth start

Provides a phased increase in the number of disk rotations, reducing the network load when starting equipment. The lack of a starting jerk prolongs the life of the gearbox.

Automatic maintenance of revolutions

Functionality is necessary to reduce the frequency of rotation of the disk during hard work. It is used to grind metal products or when cutting concrete surfaces.

Re.launch protection

Functionality ensures safety in case of accidental disconnecting electricity. The equipment will not be able to turn on spontaneously, even if the start button is activated.

Protection against jamming

Allows you to instantly stop the working engine. The system protects the master from a reverse impact with a random clamping of the disk when cutting metal.

Protection from the fall

The sensor automatically turns off the tool when it falls. The functionality protects all people who are in the immediate vicinity of injuries. Working equipment can overcome long distances after hitting the floor.

Important! Fall protection. guarantee of the safety of workers.

Vibration navigation

The equipment can use an anti.vibration handle or system. They help increase the tools of the tool without a break by almost 2 times. The system function is implemented due to counterweights.

Electric brake

The functionality is present in certain varieties of equipment. He instantly stops the spindle, not allowing him to spin at idle.

Interesting! Equipment without an electric brake does not turn off instantly, but gradually slows down, developing the rest of the energy. At this time, the tool can slip over the surface by injuring the operator.

Overload protection

Designed to prevent overheating. If during operation the equipment is threatened by a breakdown due to excessive efforts, then the electronics will automatically turn it off.

Additional features

Manufacturers can integrate in equipment:

  • dust protection extending the life of the tool when working with grinding stones or metal cleaning;
  • Auto Balance. when using circles with a diameter of more than 180 millimeters, the auto function prevents the center displacement from the rotation axis.

note! Secondary functionality depends on the type of tool. Before buying, you need to study all the features of the device and its capabilities.

What is included in the package of corner grinding and, which simplifies the operator’s work

Important! How to choose a corner grinder: the operator’s work simplifies the presence of a protective casing, an additional handle and other functions.

Recommendations for proper cutting of metal

The main tips on how to work correctly with a corner grinder, come down to the following:

  • Before work, carefully study the operational instruction and take all actions in strict accordance with its requirements;
  • use only nozzles of the corresponding sizes;
  • Correctly fixed the machine;
  • prevent cables and wires in the cutting zone;
  • All actions for moving, changing nozzles, etc. carried out only after the power is turned off;
  • constantly keep the machine on the fuse to prevent a sudden start;
  • exclude the presence of flammable or simply combustible substances in the work area;
  • It is first recommended to carry out cutting training using unnecessary details;
  • metal cutting is more efficiently carried out by the heel of the disk;
  • It is advisable when cutting watering metal parts with water to cool the material;
  • It is not recommended to use the device at full power, This increases its wear and accelerates the likelihood of a breakdown.

expensive models of corner grinder are automated. There the rotation is easier and the probability of the clamp is almost zero.

Briefly about the main thing

The use of corner grinding machine in the world is common from industrial scale to everyday use. With her nickname in the post.Soviet space, she owes to get to the country from Bulgaria, where she was produced.

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Questions about how to properly use a corner grinder, come down to the correct selection of a disk and choosing a cutting option (to yourself or from yourself). Further, it is enough to adhere to the safety rules for choosing the right place of work, the availability of individual tools and the serviceability of the tool.

The fulfillment of these requirements makes it possible to use a corner grinder even an inexperienced user. However, if there is no experience of using a corner grinder, then it is better to use the services of professionals.