Boat motor from a chainsaw with their own hands

Aerial sled with chainsaw motor

In order to turn a chainsaw into a boat motor, you need to attach a special attachment. Thanks to the device with a three-blade propeller and gear with a ratio of 2:1 you can develop speed on the boat up to 20 km / h, with a minimum fuel consumption of 1 liter per hour.

Boat motor from a chainsaw

The principle itself of creating a home-made machine from a chainsaw is to use the saw equipment as a kind of drive. With the right device and availability of schemes, you can make a lot of devices on the chainsaw engine. You can make a boat motor with the help of a special attachment with blades.

The fact that chainsaws are characterized by great engine power, small size and weight, allows you to use the power unit in many areas of activity and under any environmental conditions. The boat motor, which was assembled on the basis of a chainsaw, has a special tightness, which allows the user to apply it in any position.

Preparing to make a boat motor

The first thing to do before starting the assembly of the ICE is to make a plan of action. Blueprints can be drawn by yourself. the main thing is that they should be understandable to the manufacturer. The diagram must specify the dimensions of the parts, their type and the order of installation in the construction of the boat motor from a chainsaw.

After that the manufacturer must prepare the necessary materials and parts.

The work will be done using:

  • fully serviceable 1-cylinder motor from a chainsaw. along with it from the garden tool you will need to dismantle its regular carburetor, ignition system, clutch and fuel tank;
  • gearbox from an unnecessary angle grinder;
  • an entire propeller taken from an old motor;
  • transom;
  • a clamp, which will be required for fixing the boat engine;
  • canister of transmission oil.

Of the tools at hand, the maker will need:

  • lathe;
  • blanks pre-cut from metal corners;
  • steel blanks;
  • A ruler and a caliper;
  • fixing parts.

All metal parts need to be painted beforehand. Since they will be in frequent contact with water, and over time they will form corrosion s. The paint will protect the parts from rust and subsequent decay.

Work on the auger and features of the process

A self-made ice drill does not do without the use of an auger. For the next step, it is necessary to use a thick-walled tube borrowed from the former car luggage compartment shock absorber. The shock absorber should be attached mechanically to the body using two bolts. It is also necessary to work on the adapter, which will lead from the reducer to the auger. For its manufacture, you can use a pipe, from which you have to cut a 15 cm long billet. After that the rings are welded on the piece. Do not forget that the adapter must also be carefully machined, using a lathe.

How to fasten a removable motor?

To connect the gearbox with the motor and the drill, you need to decide whether it will be stationary or removable, for frequent disassembly. To make the motor multifunctional, you will need to develop a mount that will securely fix the engine, and its removal was carried out with minimal time and effort. This will require:

  • On the design of a chainsaw motor drill, a hole is made that repeats the size of the engine.
  • Creating a reliable clamping frame, with a fixation sufficient to perform its functions.

The dimensions depend on what chainsaw motor you are going to create. It is worth taking into account that most of the bodies of the units are made of polymers, which complicates the process of attachment.

Redesigning the device

It is worth saying that such a tool as a chainsaw is successfully used in many cases, in which you need to manually make a motor for something. In order to do this, you only have to make minor modifications to the design. In the case of making a boat motor from a chainsaw the number of changes made will be minimal, and therefore the device will still be able to perform its main function.

However, you will have to choose: either an excellent saw, or a good motor, but with low power. The main factor here will be the price. If you compare a purchased product with approximately the same characteristics as the motor from a chainsaw, the cost of the second option is almost three times lower.

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Design and principle of operation of the device

The principle of operation of a homemade motor for a boat from a chainsaw does not differ from the factory products: the engine gives the torque, which is transmitted through the gearbox to the propeller with reduced speed and leads the boat in motion. The entire structure is attached to the boat transom with a homemade clamp welded to the pipe. An ordinary threaded connection perfectly copes with its task and reliably fixes the motor in the right position.

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Design and principle of operation

The principle of operation of a homemade boat motor from a chainsaw does not differ from the factory-made products: the engine produces torque, which is transmitted through a reducer to the propeller with reduced speed and sets the boat in motion. The whole structure is fixed to the boat transom with a homemade clamp welded to the pipe. A simple threaded nut works pretty well and holds the engine securely in position.

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Choice of a chainsaw for a homemade boat motor

Experienced designers and owners of homemade boat motors recommend using not new chainsaws. It is better to give preference to used saws. Another important factor is the power of the saw. The more powerful the gasoline engine of the saw tool, the more powerful the boat engine will be, respectively. On average, for the effective operation of the motor, 5-10 horsepower is enough.

There are several requirements to the power unit used for the assembly. First of all, it is initially important to design homemade boat motors from a chainsaw, which has a solid stock of power and traction characteristics. The manufacturer must take into account the weight of the watercraft, as well as the number of passengers and the volume of luggage carried. If a relatively light rubber boat is used for fishing or travelling on lakes and won’t carry more than 2 adult passengers, a 2 to 3 hp ICE is suitable for the power unit assembly. с. In this case, the maximum speed of the boat when fully loaded will be 10-15 km/h. If a fisherman uses a heavier wooden or metal watercraft, then to travel on it you will need an engine with a capacity from 5 liters. с. and more.

The second important criterion is to protect the engine from moisture, algae and other external factors. It is necessary to mention at once that the electric motor as a basis for a boat motor is not suitable, since in case of moisture it will instantly become useless. The gasoline engine is less susceptible to moisture, but it must be fully protected from it. Therefore, in order to extend its working life, you need to choose motors installed in housings with a minimum number of holes required only for the ventilation of the power unit. Otherwise it needs to rework the housing yourself.

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How to build a lawn mower, using improvised means

To quickly cope with tall grass or tidy up the lawn, among the tools of the owner must be present lawn mower. You can buy an ordinary factory version of the equipment, convenient to use, but it should be taken into account that the price of the lawnmower will be significant. Druzhba chainsaw self-made with your own hands will cost one and a half times cheaper than the factory device, and the power is quite enough for standard domestic use.

Regardless of the chosen type of design, the grass trimmer will consist of the drive, frame, control system and knives. For the convenience of work, the device is additionally equipped with wheels, legs, handles and a protective cover, in which the mowed grass is collected. The process of making a lawn trimmer begins with the creation of a frame of convenient size, most often folded from metal corners. The optimal size is considered 25×25 cm. In general, the course of work on the manufacture of equipment looks like this:

  • Using bolts, iron handles are attached to the finished frame, and the wheels are mounted on the side parts.
  • Having previously studied the characteristics of the chainsaw “Ural” or any other model, the handle and bar are removed from the device.
  • Using studs with nuts, the rest of the equipment is attached to the base. Make it so that the gearbox shaft, rotated 90˚, looks down.
  • In the next step, it will be necessary to lengthen the gas cable, and from two tubes to make a sliding shaft, connected to the gearbox.

A lawn mower made from a chainsaw will cost much less than a purchased one

As the wheels take elements from old baby carriages or wheelbarrows. If you use several tubes of different diameters for the manufacture, you can make a device with a telescopic system of work, capable of changing the length.

This is especially important if the device is often used by people of different builds. Also creating a telescopic shaft will help to adjust the height of the grass after passing the mower

For the device to serve longer, not to break down after a meeting with hard stones and qualitatively fought with small bushes, you should equip it with quality steel blades. For convenient usage it is recommended to equip the mower with a grass catcher box, so you don’t have to collect the cuttings.

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How to make a motor for a boat from a chainsaw with your own hands

In order to make a boat motor yourself, using the available chainsaw as a donor, it is enough to have a basic knowledge of how the motor for the boat is set up and a desire to do the work with your own hands.

Of tools and materials you will need a minimum, which we will consider below. The entire construction is quite simple and concise, the main thing to remember the algorithm of remodeling and do not forget the purpose of all the main parts of the construction.

Necessary materials for the boat motor

For the successful implementation of the idea of creating a boat motor from a chainsaw with our own hands, we will need donor parts, which were listed above in the section “Design and principle of operation of the device”. And here are the tools that are desirable to have for making:

  • lathe;
  • A set of bolts and nuts to match the size of the mounting holes;
  • metal angle;
  • steel blanks;
  • ruler;
  • caliper.

If there is no lathe, then you do not need to worry, this type of work can be done by order in the appropriate workshop from a turner.

What chainsaw to use

There is no fundamental difference which chainsaw to use to convert to a boat motor. Any, even the weakest domestic level chainsaw engine is a power unit that will be able to give the necessary power to start rotating the propeller.

It should be understood that the maximum speed of the boat will directly depend on the power of the chainsaw. Therefore, if there is a choice, you should settle on the chainsaw with the greatest performance.

From domestic chainsaws it is possible to allocate any models of brand “Ural”, an excellent choice will be models of the German firm STIHL, for example, well-proven saw STIHL MS 260. All Germans are distinguished by their great power and reliability.

It is much more important not to have a chainsaw with the most powerful engine, but the ability to correctly read the drawings and diagrams, as well as possess initial welding skills.

Step by step instructions for manufacturing

The basic idea of making a boat motor from a chainsaw is to replace the chainsaw’s saw headset with a propeller for rowing. We will only replace the gears, without changing the circuit diagram of the saw motor.

To correctly connect the motor to the screw nozzle and to transfer the torque, it is necessary to grind a new coupling and replace the spring with a weaker one. We reduced the clutch torque parameter and adjusted all dimensions of the design.

Then we fasten the motor and the shaft with a channel, leaving the necessary distance between the main frame and the clutch. We will weld the gearbox from the angle grinder to the other end of the shaft. The swivel mechanism is made of a thick-walled tube with a slightly larger diameter than the diameter of the main shaft.

When the propeller and gearbox shaft are connected together, you need to fill in transmission oil. Using a little sanitary sealant, close the lid. This design does not assume the use of gas handle, but it can also be made by yourself from a bicycle shift knob. For a more comfortable ride on the water, a muffler can be installed.

Schematic diagram of a rebuilt chain saw gearbox a. gearbox; b. mounting stud with nut; d. reversing rod; e. rebuilt drive shaft.

Drawing of the propeller


Self-made simple, it is not difficult to make your own hands. First make the frame, which is welded from pipes with a diameter of 3-4 cm. Its shape is U-shaped, with 2 additional crossbars located at the rear of the frame at a distance of 20 cm one from the other.

Longitudinal frame members are used to move the snow blower as runners. Their ends are made oblique, the holes are welded to avoid snow clogging. Crossbars are needed to accommodate the power unit.

The motor from the chainsaw is released from the frame and remade:

Making an auger for a homemade snow thrower:

  • For the shaft, use an 80-85 cm section of pipe of the same diameter as for the frame. In the center, 2 plates 13 cm long and 15 cm wide are welded on each side. They are needed for throwing snow.
  • From sheet metal 2-3 mm thick cut 4 circles with a diameter of 30 cm. Remove the inner parts. the discs with a diameter of 22-23 cm. The remaining circular elements are cut in one place and stretched, giving them the shape of springs.
  • Each pair of springs is placed symmetrically to the shaft and welded with one end to the different sides of the central plates on their end sections. The other ends to the shaft through metal spacers. The direction of the coils is toward the center of the shaft. The length of the auger part. 70 cm.
  • Make a sheet metal body to house the auger. It consists of 2 vertical sides, in which the lower and the front edges are straight, the back is made in a circle. The latter is covered with a sheet of metal. The dimensions of the housing must ensure free placement inside the auger. The size of the gap is 5-7 cm.
  • the auger is inserted through the holes in the sides. The ends are fitted in bearings welded on the outside of the frame. On one side of the shaft attach the drive sprocket from the same motorcycles.

To make the snowplow use a piece (10 cm) of aluminum pipe and a box that is welded from sheet metal. The first one is fastened in the hole, which is arranged in the center of the housing cover approximately in the middle of its width. Bolt the box to the cutoff.

The body in which the auger is installed is positioned at the front of the frame. Sides are welded to the longitudinal pipes. On the cross bars of the frame mount the motor, placing the drive sprocket and the driven one, installed on the auger shaft end, in the same plane. The sprockets are provided with a chain, not forgetting to arrange the tensioning mechanism (an additional sprocket, fastened with a bolt to the side of the auger body).

To control the unit, a tubular handle is arranged and the lever, which regulates the supply of fuel to the engine, is derived on it.

The principle of assembly and the use of drawings

In order to make a homemade boat motor, it is necessary to follow the previously outlined plan, according to which the first action will be to replace the basis with a chain on a screw device. It should be noted that the advantage of the design is its not the final redesign. we will only replace the mechanisms, and the replacement itself does not take much time.

The process of changing the clutch consists of milling out the cup with smaller dimensions and replacing the spring. This is done to reduce the parameter of the initial clutch torque and size adjustment of the design.

Next, we fasten the shaft and motor with a channel, taking into account the distance to be left between the coupling and the frame. Fixing the gearbox on the other side of the shaft. The mechanism of turning is made of a tube with a diameter slightly larger than the shaft. After the screw and the gear shaft are fastened together, pour in the transmission oil. Fasten the cover using sealant.

Motor for a boat with their own hands

The easiest way to make a motor for a boat from a grass trimmer with a straight boom and a rigid shaft. In case your unit has a bent rod, it will have to be remade.

Important Front (rear) adapter for a power tiller with steering: how to make your own hands, video, drawings and dimensions

Redesigning the bent shaft

First of all, you need to take out the standard nut number 2, shown in the diagram below. It looks like a 2cm high cylinder with threads cut inside it.

Next, the redesign of the boom is as follows.

  • Remove the metal flexible shaft (9) and the deadwood shaft (8) from the boom by unscrewing the nut (4).
  • Since the end of the bent rod does not contain any bearings, and their role is performed by a bronze bushing (6), it needs to be cut out.
  • After the bronze sleeve (6) is removed, you will need to knock out the plastic protector (10). Since the tube is metal and bent, it can not be aligned, you can safely discard it.
  • Replace the discarded pipe with a dural pipe of similar diameter (inside diameter). It is best if the diameter is slightly less than that of the previously removed bushing.
  • The bushing (6) made of bronze must be pressed into the tube. You may need to bore the tube a little.
  • Press the bushing into the groove (5) using a hammer. This has to be done very carefully and without great force so as not to deform the sleeve (6).
  • The protector (10) is cut to the proper diameter and fitted firmly to the rod.
  • If the tube you have chosen has a large outside diameter and you cannot fit it in the motor head bore, you will have to mill it to the correct size.
  • Instead of flexible shaft you can take a steel bar and connect it to the deadwood shaft (you will need the help of a turner).
  • Screw is fastened on the shaft with the nut (2).
  • Boom with an inner shaft is attached to the motor with the help of adapters, made specially in the lathe workshop. There is no universal drawing of adapters, because different models of trimmers can have their own design features.

Using the gearbox from an angle grinder

Also for the self-made boat motor on the basis of a grass trimmer, the gearbox from an angle grinder is often used, but with some modifications.

  • It is necessary to disassemble the gearbox, and instead of the shaft with gears to order a new, longer (according to the trimmer’s boom for grass) from the turners. The end of the shaft is made similar to the extracted (short) one, so that the same bearings and pinion can be used.
  • It is desirable to install a gland in the place where bearings are installed, so that water does not enter the gearbox.
  • The gear case is twisted using gum and sealant.
  • Inside the gearbox you can pour lubricant, or abundantly cover the gears with thick grease.

Making the propeller

To make a propeller for a boat motor, you can use a small piece of dural, 2 mm thick. For the propeller you need a strip 30 mm wide and 100 mm long. Make it according to the drawing below.

Propeller pitch means the following: if you place the propeller on the table, there should be a distance of 10 mm from its surface to the blade. The angle of inclination of the blades is easy to adjust with the pliers, after preliminary annealing the dural.

This option is not final, and on the Internet you can find a lot of drawings of propellers with two blades, with three blades, as well as different sizes. In each case, the propeller size is selected individually.

Moped from a chainsaw with your own hands

Not every lucky bicycle owner is thrilled about having to pedal and expend their energy. convenient and less costly in terms of power is a motorized bike.

Bicycle with a motor from a chainsaw with his hands to make is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. To do this you will need:

  • bicycle;
  • saw with the power of a gasoline motor not less than 2000 watts. on this indicator will depend on whether it will be able to move. As practice shows, the power of an engine of 2 liters.с. It is quite enough for the motorcycle to reach a speed of up to 40 km / h;
  • tank for the future fuel tank;
  • cable from an old bicycle;
  • Handle to be able to adjust the throttle;
  • Bolt ties, nuts, and other small consumables to create mounts;
  • connectors to create a connection between the wheels and the motor.

The process of how to put an engine on a bicycle from a chainsaw is as follows:

How to choose a motor for a homemade bike?

One of the most important criteria in making a motor for a boat is engine power and endurance. However, a much more important role is played by its reliability. So when a manufacturer is faced with a choice between a more reliable but less powerful motor by STIHL or Husqvarna and a more powerful but less reliable internal combustion engine by a Chinese saw, it is better to choose the first option.

The power of the engine used should be from 3 to 5 hp. с. In this case it will not consume too much fuel. In this case, the engine will be able to carry an inflatable rubber boat with two adults and their luggage. For the installation on heavier wooden or metal watercrafts the motors with the power from 5 to 7 liters are suitable. с.

Another important factor is the factory equipment of the motor used. It is better to have it initially supplied with an anti-vibration system. This is especially important if the boat motor will be installed on a rubber boat. Since rubber is softer than wood, it will be easier to give in to strong vibrations. It will be bad for comfort while in the boat. The additionally used motor must be equipped with a pump for fuel pre-pumping. this will allow to use it in winter time.

Gasoline saw. winter transport

The chainsaw has managed to use as an engine for a homemade snowmobile. The design is much more complicated than the saw. In this case, in addition to making the frame of the snowmobile will need to make a suspension with shock absorbers, to hold to the steering wheel to control the gas and clutch.

In addition, you will need to find drawings (or design yourself), which will be made by the track of the snowmobile, and to think about the transfer of torque from the chainsaw to the track. You need to install centrifugal clutch with chain and poly-V-belt on this snowmobile (because chainsaw doesn’t have its own transmission). In order to increase traction on the drive shaft of the track install a gear with a diameter greater than the drive sprocket chain saw (so-called “traction gear”).

For a steering mechanism, as a rule, they take a rudder from a scooter or bicycle, and without any problems they remake it to turn the skis of a snowmobile. For such transport the engine capacity is required not less than five horsepower, so if you do a snowmobile, then use a gasoline-powered saw “Ural”.

If we consider transport for the winter, much simpler than a snowmobile, the construction of a snowmobile. They have a large propeller attached directly to the shaft of a rear-mounted chainsaw, which is the engine. True, the low power of a chainsaw limits the passability of such sleds with ice on a river or a rolled road. To race over the snow-covered fields, you need an engine with at least 12 horsepower. The same restrictions do not allow making a homemade chainsaw and backpack helicopter. Unless, if you use two engines and the master will manage to make them work in concert.

A boat motor from a chainsaw

Earlier we have already talked about what you can do home-made from a chainsaw, today we will talk about a boat motor. It is possible to use the same equipment for different purposes. Because of this, we will not buy a chainsaw and a boat engine attachment. After all, they are united by a motor-engine. It is not possible to use them simultaneously, you must either swim or saw. On this basis, it is possible to use the engine of one of the devices for different purposes. What we did. Changed the chain saw’s boom for a homemade attachment with a propeller. The main advantage is that we do not break, not remake and simply rearrange the units. Such a procedure in the field takes only a few minutes.

How to make a boat motor from a chainsaw

We will focus on how to make a boat attachment with a propeller, in this will help us t.alex69.

To begin with you need to remake the clutch: turning out a new smaller cup and replace shrinking spring, it is necessary in order to reduce the initial torque clutch and of course the size. mass. A 941/12 roller bearing was purchased. two pads.7000CD per tube shaft=510 mm joint. clutch.

Connect the 10 mm diameter shafts of the gearbox and the motor via a sector key.Motor weight. 4.7 kg (3.3 L.с.), weight of leg with gear. 4,2 kg. It remains to make the fasteners and the screw with the shaft.

Having cut off with the angular grinder unnecessary parts of the channel, we drill a hole for fastening to the chainsaw. What happened, see photo.

Next we make a rotary knot. We will need the following parts (see chart). photo). Sequence of work is as follows.

As a result, we got a homemade boat motor with power from chainsaw “Stil180”.3л.с., speed. more than 10km.ч. and fuel consumption. 250gr. for 20 min. strokes.