Detection Of Breakdowns And Repair a Trimmer.

A trimmer is the most important tool for those who prefer to keep their land in order and beauty. This type of equipment copes with almost all types of grass and weeds. After applying this device overgrown with weeds will look like it should be.
However, any instrument is subject to disabling. Sooner or later, the Trimmer produces all sorts of malfunctions. How to solve problems with gasoline braids will be discussed in this material.

1. The most frequent causes of malfunction gasoline mowers

Before proceeding to the list of the most common causes of mower breakdowns, we note that very often inexperienced gasoline mowers do not know, for example, what ratio of gasoline and oil you must pour into the fuel tank, which gasoline is better to add to the machine, how much oil to pour into gasoline and so on.
Some also do not know what kind of lubricant to use for the gearbox, how to sharpen a disk, or a knife, and many other nuances. Due to these and other reasons, unfortunately, in a large number of cases, there are failures of various equipment, including trimmers and gasoline mowers. Users simply do not care for equipment at the proper level.

However, there are a number of the most frequent causes resulting from the specifics of the functions performed and other external and internal factors that lead to breakdowns:

  • The cutting cord does not feed or breaks too quickly. It is so due to the lack of fishing line, or there was a tangling of the line for Trimmer in the coil;
  • engine will not start. Inexperienced users may not always start the unit the first time because the Start button is turned off. But there are other factors: air filter clogging; the gap of a candle is not exposed, or it came out of operation; gasoline carburetor can often pour fuel mixture; insufficient fuel pumped;
  • Often, gasoline mowers do not develop speed, the reason for which can be four factors: clogging of the air filter, clogging of the shaft with the cutting coil with mowed grass, incorrectly adjusted carburetor, bad fuel is poured into the tank;
  • engine does not run at idle. If the engine itself is intact, but stalls at idle, then there may be three reasons: clogged air supply filter; carburetor is not configured; bad gasoline or trimmer oil is used;
  • Also regularly encountered such a problem as the absence of a spark. Causes: bad blockage, broken candle, failed contact or oxidized contacts of the supply armour wire.

1.1 Troubleshooting Methods.

Breakage of the cord happens regardless of which line is in quality on the reel. It is enough to rewind the cord into a coil if it is confused or to wind a new one if it is missing to correct this confusion.
How to start a benzokosu if the engine does not start? Check whether the Start button is on, whether the oil sufficiently pumps with the feed button, whether gasoline pours into the tank. If the motor still does not start, flush the fuel filter (sometimes it should be replaced if finds a large blockage), check the spark plug for proper operation, and clean the air filter.
It did not help? Adjust the carburetor choke to position C. This solves the problem of fuel overflow. In the case of “persistence” of the motor, drain all the fuel from the system and refill the new one, making sure that it has the proper quality. Doing all these processes solves the problem of starting the engine in 80-90% of cases.
If the engine refuses to idle, first adjust the carburetor and rinse the air filter of the device. this in most cases solves the problem. If the situation repeats, then most likely you poured bad fuel into the fuel tank, then drain it and fill it with a new one.
How to start a gas pump and make it work, if the engine speed doesn’t gain, and it stalls? First, check whether the cutting shaft is clogged with grass and weed waste. If the shaft is all right, wash the air filter or change it to a new one if the first one seemed too dirty. By the way, the air supply filter should be washed with detergent and gasoline, which makes the gasket more elastic and prevents the material from drying out.
If, having done these procedures and pressing the starter for the gas benches, the gas mower stalls again, then the matter lies in the incorrectly adjusted carburetor device. Read the last section of this article. It tells how to adjust the carburetor on Trimmer.
If there is no spark, put a spare candle to check what the particular case is. When a spare candle doesn’t give off a spark when setting the right clearance, then it’s a matter of equipping the braids. Repair Trimmer in case of malfunction begins with checking the wire leading to the candle.

Trimmer Ural BK-3650

Clean the contacts, you can also clean the contacts of all the proximity of the wires, make sure that all the wires are intact. After completing these steps, the pressed button of the gasoline mowing starter should cause a spark to appear on the candle. Remember that when checking a spark, the candle must come into contact with the metal surface to create an electrical mass. We emphasize that the dropping of revolutions (engine attenuation) is often influenced by the pollution of the gearbox of the gas mowers.
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2. Carburetor Adjustment.

This aspect is always needed when setting up the benzocos. Properly tuned carburetor. is the key to the successful operation of engines for Trimmer.
Although the question of how to adjust the carburetor on the Trimmer seems to be incomprehensible to beginners, repair of Trimmer often ends with this procedure, since the reasons lie in the wrong adjustment, and repair trimmer and how to fix them in the tuning procedures. By the way, running the mowers also provides for adjusting the carburetor part.

To understand how to set up a gasoline carburetor for mowers, you need to know:

  1. The device contains three screws: right (L), lower (T), left (H).
  2. Properly tuned carburetor runs at idle evenly and without differential with a cold and hot engine, as well as with a sharp descent or set of revolutions. The screw T is responsible for idling.
  3. Screw L is responsible for how much the fuel mixture will flow into the combustion chamber at low revs. When adjusting, the screw rotates counterclockwise a quarter of a turn.
  4. Adjusting the fuel at high revs occurs through the screw H. For tuning, give full throttle by opening the throttle. Turn the screw clockwise until you hear a drop in revolutions. Then, turn the screw in the opposite direction so that the engine runs unevenly, then start slowly turning the screw again clockwise until you start to hear the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the motor.

The correctness of the adjustment is determined even by the colour of the working part of the candle. If the carburetor setting is done correctly, then the candle will be clean, without soot.

2.1 How to sharpen a blade or blade for a mower?

To sharpen a knife or disk for cutting equipment, be aware that a good disk or knife must be sharpened so that the edges become sharp, but the metal is not overheated. Sharpened cutting element will provide easier removal of the grass surface. Also, the sharpness of the disk or knife affects the number of plants that will be eliminated by a single grip.
In general, maintenance of the gasoline spit provides for continuous cleaning of equipment after work, checking the quality of oils and gasoline, as well as the properly tuned carburetor. In benzokosu do not pour questionable additives and the like. Regularly lubricate the gearbox and lubricate the driving elements to prevent malfunctions. It is recommended to renew the grease at least every 1000 hours of operation.