Tiller “Oka Lifan”: Equipment, Opportunities, Benefits.

The Russian industry is increasingly striving to meet the demand of potential consumers for small-sized equipment and equipment for automating work processes. Particular attention is paid to the creation of single-axle compact tractors. According to the official definition, these free energy resources used in household plots are called tillers. Such domestic enterprises produce them as the Minsk Tractor Works OJSC, Mobil K, Krasny Oktyabr-NEVA CJSC, Instrument Making Academy Academy and others.
No exception is the company with extensive experience in the creation of agricultural machines and attachments to them of Kaluga Engine OJSC, known since Soviet times. All of its manufactured products, especially tiller MB-1 Oka and its modifications, have the highest quality, not inferior to eminent manufacturers abroad. Consider the most popular model Oka MB-1D1M10 Lifan, the motor of which is designed for continuous operation for a long time.

Features of a design and operation of “Oka MB-1D1M10 Lifan”.

In the world today, over 700 brands of various tillers are known. In Russia, the production of mobile power series MB-1 has been massively launched. The wide distribution of the product of the Kaluga plant, tiller Oka Lifang, due to its universal functionality.

It is not just a technique for plowing the land, as a motor-cultivator, it is a farmer’s multifaceted device that easily performs a whole range of transport, agricultural and public works and has:

  • optimum weight;
  • advanced gearbox;
  • enviable endurance;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • maximum performance.

It is worth noting that each model belonging to the MB-1 class, like the Oka MB-1D1M10, has a modern engine in its equipment and parts made of durable, wear-resistant alloys, which affected the tiller’s performance, it became quieter and softer.
The tool is made in the form convenient for transportation with several removable elements, which for tiller were made in quality, prolonging the operation time, so the Russian tiller has one more name “perpetual motion”. The machine is quite economical since fuel consumption is minimized.

Components and features.

Oka MB-1D1M10 is characterized by ease of operation and the presence of a wide variety of mounted installations. For tillers of this model, a huge number of auxiliary units are sold: rotary mower, trailer, elements for planting and digging out of the tuber, plow, snowthrower, harrow, spade, excavator, etc. A wide list of these attachments provides all-season use of the device. In addition to the main purpose. maintenance of household and garden plots (from 12 to 16 hectare), they can mow the grass, pump water as a motor pump, harvest hay, sweep pavements with a brush and much more.
The kit includes wheel extensions, two cutters, bolts, spare belts, nuts, and other devices.
For farmers and residents of the private sector, such equipment is the best solution, as it copes with little effort with any soil, cultivates virgin lands with dense clay content, “plows” with a good power reserve to an impressive depth of over 30 cm. Processing width. 90 cm This is achieved due to the key feature of the structure of the equipment. a heavy frame and special cutters with a diameter of 33 cm.

Basics of device models, technical specifications.

The main units with which the machine is equipped are:

  • motor;
  • transmission;
  • chassis;
  • intermediate link. hitch.

Motor deserves special attention. Professional engine Lifan LF168F-2 OHV, mounted on this model tiller, a Chinese manufacturer. All Lifan engines are developed by the corporation that has won fame in the leading position in the price-quality ratio, Lifan Industry Group Co.
The power plant in a horizontal arrangement of the crankshaft is made of materials differing in impeccable performance in reliability and durability. The engine is 4-pin, single-cylinder runs on gasoline and has air cooling.

Among its advantages are:

  • easy start;
  • low noise level;
  • made of cast iron, cylinder liner;
  • possibility of functioning on low-quality fuel;
  • availability of electronic ignition system.

The “heart” of the technique provides good performance thanks to 6.5 horsepower. The volume is 196 cu. see Metal fuel tank holds 3.7 liters of fuel. An oil change occurs every 30 hours. It is better to fill the engine with automotive mineral oil for carburetor engines: M53 / 10G1 or M63 / 12G. The maximum torque value is 11 × 2500 rpm. in minutes Ground clearance. 14 cm. Traction effort exceeds 100 kgf. The turn is made on a radius of 1.1 m.
The tiller is equipped with an original gearbox, which provides easy access to the inspection of spur gears, PTO drive, clutch. The transmission itself is composed of a chain reinforced gearbox and V-belt transmission, which transmit torque from the power plant to the wheels. The v-belt transmission has two belts for reverse / forward running, performs the function of the clutch. There are four speeds, 2 of which. front, the other 2. rear. The first transfer of the Oka MB-1D1M10 gives movement at 3.6 km / h, and the second accelerates the car to 9 km / h.
The chassis consists of drive wheels fitted with pneumatic tires mounted on a low-speed gearbox shaft. Inflated chambers and tires perform most operations. In the case of tillage, possible towing, traction and coupling properties are improved by additional ballast weight, which is attached to the tiller.
The basis of the connection tiller with auxiliary tools is taken brackets, attachments, hitch. The front bracket in the Oka MB-1D1M10 is a cylindrical pin, the rear. a plate connected to the trailer bracket, serves as a hinged device for attaching various units to it, for example, a potato digger. The plow is combined with an apparatus that has a parallelogram mechanism, equipped with a lock made in the form of a gear sector with a latch and a handle.
The control system contains the minimum number of levers. On two curved tubular steering rods at the ends are placed rubber handles. The carburetor throttle valve is controlled by a lever mounted on the right rod, and the left one is equipped with two levers. forward / reverse.
With overall dimensions of 150 × 60×105 cm tiller reduces the proportion of manual labor, and therefore saves time. The future consumer will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of an adjustable steering column, stability, and smoothness of the equipment. Also attracts availability in price.