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Top 18 Lawn Mowers The best lawn mowers of 2020 according to experts and customer reviews. Pros and cons of popular models.

What else can a lawn mower be called?

1. For hand-held mowers:

  • Trimmer
  • Lawn mower
  • Lawn mower
  • Mechanical scythe

2. For self-propelled mowers

The group of lawn mowers also includes mini-tractor raiders. But they are used for large lawns (for example, in housing and communal services).

What to look for first when choosing a lawn mower?

  • What area will you be processing? Estimate its area, relief, degree of litter. What other vegetation is there? What type of grass grows soft, tough, short, or grows quickly to a height of one meter? This determines the type of lawnmower that suits you, the required power, maneuverability and flotation.
    For example, if you have a real English lawn, a perfectly flat open area, without trees and bushes, with dense short grass, and you regularly cut it, a self-propelled four-wheel lawn mower (Champion LM5345BS, electric Makita ELM3711) or a PATRIOT PT 3355 petrol trimmer will suit you. The ground (there are bumps, bumps) wheeled Makita PLM4621, STIGA Combi 48 ES work well. For cutting grass on a small area, complex shape, overgrown with hard grass, shrubs, choose a hand lawn mower (trimmer) Stihl FS 55, Echo SRM-22GES, Makita UR3000, AL-KO 112924 BC 1200 E. For a small but clean area, it is suitable trimmer Bosch ART 23 SL.
  • Who will use the device? Almost any model is suitable for men. The main thing is that it fits your height. But if a woman or an elderly person has to mow the grass, the weight of the lawn mower becomes of great importance (note that the weight of the filled grass catcher will be added to the weight of the device itself), ease of maintenance.
  • Completion of the model.What’s in the kit, knives or fishing line, or both? Does the hand lawnmower have a belt and which one?

18 best lawn mowers

  1. Best Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  2. Best Power Lawn Mower
  3. Best gasoline trimmer
  4. The best gasoline powered lawn mower
  5. Best electric trimmer
  6. Best cordless trimmer
  7. Best cordless lawn mower
  8. Best Robotic Lawnmower
  9. Best Electric Non-Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are originally designed to tidy lawns. But our gardeners and summer residents successfully use these devices simply for cutting grass (as well as bushes, if the power allows), sometimes processing bumpy, heavily overgrown areas. In our rating, we have collected for you the 18 best models of lawn mowers of different categories so that you can quickly figure out which lawn mower is right for your site (lawn).

How to choose a lawn mower

Types of lawn mowers

There are three types of lawn mowers:

  • Wheeled mowers that drive on grass. They are electric and gasoline.
compare electric lawn mowers
  • Appliances that wear trimmers during mowing. They are equipped with a petrol or electric engine.
  • Lawn mower riders who carry us during the mowing process, or which we ride on the lawns.

Electric lawn mowers: sensitivity to the details of the device is the key to their efficient and long service.

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How to choose an electric lawn mower

And we will talk about the first type of electric wheeled lawn mowers, although much of what will be discussed later in this material will also be true for gasoline devices. Compared to gasoline-powered machines, electric lawn mowers make less noise during operation. In addition, one should not forget about environmental issues: go out of town to breathe in the exhaust again? No, thank you!

When purchasing an electric lawn mower, there are some nuances to consider:

  • The density and composition of the grass you are going to cut;
  • The shape and size of the test area;
  • Relief of the area.

Having decided on the nuances, you will know exactly what details you need to pay special attention to when choosing an electrical apparatus.

The main thing in organizing lawn mowing is regularity: the grass must not be allowed to grow up to the waist, otherwise we will lose its original softness. After mowing, rare and tough stems will remain, through which the earth shines through. It will take time to evenly overgrow the grass again.

It is important not to miss the grass in the spring. Somewhere in early May (let’s take Victory Day as the mark) the grass is just growing. But it would be better to do her first mowing, otherwise she will make a magic jump in her height. In one week, the greens will grow up to your knees, and in the spring the sod is very dense, the grass is fresh and juicy, saturated with spring waters. As a result, you will be mowing for a very long time and painfully.

Makita ELM4612: mows high, wet and thick weeds

And an electric wheeled lawnmower cannot grip grass up to its waist unless you remove the grass box and raise the mower on its hind legs. But this will be quite an extreme option, and excessively laborious: to transport a reared lawn mower, you need extraordinary strength. If you miss the moment, then it is better to take the scythe and, like our ancestors, forward, through the dew with a song.

The lawn mower is designed for mowing lawns, but don’t worry if you haven’t purposefully planted the grass. You can give your site a beautiful look by mowing down the natural flora, whether it be even duckweed or nettles. If this is done regularly, the mowed area will be attractive: the weeds will disappear and the ground will be covered with mowing-resistant herbs bluegrass, clover and others, depending on the composition of the soil on the site.

The advantage of natural turf:

  • It does not require maintenance, since the composition of the grass is independently regulated,
  • The lawn adapts to the climatic conditions.

Lawnmower The best for you

Electric lawn mowers are equally popular for their petrol counterparts. But like gasoline mowers, electric lawn mowers are also tricky to choose. There are hundreds of models, dozens of brands, it is difficult to choose your own. But thanks to this rating of the best models, you can definitely understand which brands are best to stop at. In this TOP 3, we will indicate the most popular models for a medium budget that will definitely cope with your lawn.

Ranking of the best electric lawn mowers of 2020

1. Lawn mower Bosch ARM 37.

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In the past ranking of gasoline lawn mowers, the Makita brand was in the lead, this time it is Bosch, which, by the way, did not even enter the previous TOP. But when choosing a power tool, he is a clear leader in many categories. So the first place today is Bosch ARM 37. Brief characteristics of the model are as follows: type electric self-propelled lawn mower, engine power 1.4 kW, mowing width 37 cm, mowing height 20-70 cm, ejection of grass back or into a rigid grass catcher, weight 12 kg, noise level 91 dB. A very practical model with many advantages and quality from Bosch.

Bosch ARM 37 Best Electric Lawnmower 2020 Ranking.

  • Convenient management;
  • Grass collector;
  • Effective mowing;
  • Easy.
  • The price is above average.

2. Lawn mower Makita ELM3711.

The second place in the TOP, of course, is occupied by the Makita brand. Its lineup is extensive, but it seems to us that the Makita ELM3711 will be the optimal model for many. Brief characteristics of the lawn mower are as follows: type electric self-propelled lawn mower, engine power 1.3 kW, cutting width 37 cm, cutting height 20-55 cm, ejection of grass backwards or into a soft grass catcher, weight 13 kg, noise level 96 dB. Makita ELM3711 is a very popular model, which has occupied a leading position in sales for a long time.

Electric lawn mower Makita ELM3711.

  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Effective mowing;
  • Easy.
  • Low-volume grass-catcher.

At the end of the rating, we decided to bring the most affordable model of 2020. Of course, in many characteristics and qualities, the Huter ELM-1800 electric lawn mower is very inferior to the leaders of the TOP, but its price is quite affordable. Brief characteristics of the model are as follows: type electric self-propelled lawn mower, engine power 1.8 kW, cutting width 42 cm, cutting height 28-55 cm, ejection of grass back or into a soft grass catcher, weight 22 kg. Many buyers choose this particular model for their garden.

Electric lawn mower Huter ELM-1800.

  • Good value for money;
  • Easy to manage;
  • Powerful;
  • Grass collector;
  • Effective mowing.

There are, of course, other brands that deserve to be ranked among the best electric lawn mowers of 2020, but we wanted to be short. TOP 3 leaders Bosch and Makita have always been considered the most tested and reliable gardening tools. So we have, without exception, the choice is obvious. But if this is not enough, and you think Huter is not of the quality that suits you, then we advise you to take a closer look at the brands Husqvarna and GARDENA, which are no less high-quality and effective in work.

We wish you a clean and beautiful lawn with a new unbreakable lawn mower.

We also recommend reading the previous article The Best Gasoline Lawn Mowers 2020.

Viking MA 235 Set

The wheel mower with a working width of 33 cm is used for working areas up to 200 m2. The complete set includes a rigid 30 l grass catcher, but the grass can be ejected backwards. The low-noise model mows grass at a height of 25-65 mm by 89 dB, the cutting mode is manually adjustable. The electric motor runs on battery power.

Viking MA 235 Set

Electric mower overview:

Coverage width, cm

Rigid grass catcher capacity, l

Noise level, dB

: Overview of the Viking MA 235 Set

Champion LM5345BS

Self-propelled four-wheeled vehicle, designed for the processing of areas up to 10 acres. The complete set includes a soft grass catcher.

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There are 3 operating modes:

  • Mowing grass into a bag;
  • Side discharge onto the lawn;
  • Mulching and further use for soil cultivation.

The ВS Series 675 engine (produced by Champion) is single-cylinder, brushless. Large rear wheels allow easy movement in areas with different configurations and height differences. The bevel height is adjustable in the range 1.9-7.6 mm. It works well with undersized grass. Weight with empty grass catcher 40kg. Dimensions 48x57x94 cm.The price of the car is 33120 rubles.

Robomow RC306

This is the most advanced robotic lawnmower. It works without an operator according to a given program. The cutting width is 28 cm. This device is capable of processing up to 600 m2 of area. There is no grass catcher here, so the waste is thrown back. There is also no mulching function.

The mowing height is adjustable from 15 to 60 mm, and there are 27 mowing levels. The 200 W motor runs on battery power. The device can be controlled using gadgets with IOS or Android OS. The set includes a base station.

As additional functionality, it should be noted:

  • Anti-theft protection system;
  • Precipitation sensor;
  • Tilt, lift controller;
  • Options for cutting corners or edges of the lawn;
  • Five programmable sections;
  • ECO Mode;
  • Child lock function.
  • | Designed in Germany
  • | 4-in-1 function
  • | Instart technology
  • | Convenient and easy to use

The best choice

Our advice will help you make the right choice.

  • I How much time do you plan to spend on mowing?
    The choice of a lawn mower depends primarily on the size of your lawn. The decisive factor in the mowing time is the working width: the wider the mower’s working width, the faster you can mow the lawn. In addition, you will have to empty the grass catcher much less frequently, as the larger lawnmowers have a correspondingly larger grass catcher. An even more comfortable solution is to use a robotic lawnmower.
  • I Mulching or side discharge?
    AL-KO petrol lawn mowers are true masters of their craft, including mulching and side discharge. On many models, a mulching wedge or side discharge can be installed in minutes and without the need for tools. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a lawn mower, pay attention to the marking: 3in1 or 4in1.
  • I What is the layout of your garden?
  • I Small garden with a lawn area of ​​up to 400 m2: in this case, a conventional electric or gasoline lawn mower will do the trick. Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • I Medium sized garden with a lawn area of ​​up to 1000 m2 : Are your garden features medium lawn area and small slopes? For mowing comfort and energy savings, we recommend that you opt for a wheel-driven lawnmower with a wider working width or a robotic lawnmower.
  • Large garden with a lawn area of ​​more than 1000 m2: Are you the owner of a garden with a large lawn area and an intricate layout? Is your site on a steep slope and is growing tall enough from time to time? Then your choice. Infinitely variable wheel drive lawnmower, mini tractor or robotic lawnmower.