Cutting aluminum profiles at 45 degrees

Aluminum is a material with high thermal conductivity, so its processing is complicated. Laser cutting of aluminum helps avoid deformation, microscopic cracks, and an oxide film in the cutting zone.

the laser cutting method is based on a thermal pinpoint impact on a small area of the metal surface.

Advantages of laser cutting technology of aluminum sheets:

  • focused impact of the laser beam;
  • Exact positioning of the laser system relative to the cutting point;
  • instantaneous heating to the melting temperature;
  • in the process of cutting the molten metal is immediately removed by a powerful jet of gas, which also cools the edge of the cut;
  • the gas flow has a cross-section of no more than 20 µm, which is thinner than any cutting tool;
  • neutral inert gases are used for blowing, which keeps the cut smooth and even, because they prevent the formation of oxides;
  • The cutting is performed under the control of a computer program;
  • No mechanical contact between the cutting tool and the metal surface;
  • no additional rework is required, as there are no roughnesses, the cut is smooth and even;
  • The amount of waste is minimal, rejects are eliminated.

At MosLaser company laser cutting of aluminum sheets is performed on specialized equipment with participation of industry experts. We produce both single-piece parts and large batches.

Laser cutting is applicable in many industries: cutting of sheets, production of outdoor advertising, packages, souvenirs, for decoration, production of spare parts. Laser cutting makes it possible to quickly process sheet material, cut out complex contours or the required shape.

Plasma flame removes particles of molten metal from the surface. Cutting speed depends on a number of factors, including:

Cutting aluminum with plasma can be done manually, but mechanized methods provide more opportunities for the user. Its advantages. high performance, saving material. The disadvantage is shown at the end of the work. it is necessary to process the edges, which have hardened after the cooling of the cutting area.

Profile cutting

Advertising and production company “Original” offers profile cutting from aluminum or plastic High quality equipment will ensure a quality angle and a smooth cut.

We offer profile cutting for angle or chamfering of such materials:

Profile cutting and bending in our company is carried out depending on the material. Let’s look at the major ones:

Cutting aluminum profile under 45 degrees

Our company not only sells aluminum rolled products in any quantity, but also performs its processing material cutting, chamfering, cutting holes and other technological operations. The list of workable aluminum alloys includes all known grades and delivery states. Modern high-tech equipment is used, the peculiarities of the material are taken into account. Quality of work meets domestic and international standards.

Cutting of rolled aluminum.

We can cut all grades of aluminium alloys in all delivery states and thickness ranges. We perform cutting of material, making of holes, chamfers, etc. д. During processing we take into account peculiarities of aluminum alloys: their plasticity, low-melting capacity and chemical activity at high temperatures. Precise and fast execution is guaranteed.

Aluminium slabs.

Aluminum plates in accordance with GOST 17232-99 have a thickness of 11-200 mm. Cutting semi-finished products of such dimensions is efficiently fulfilled by means of plasma and water abrasive cutting. These methods allow us to obtain an even cut which does not require additional processing, with minimal waste and exceptional productivity. High thermal conductivity of aluminum makes it easier to cool the heat affected zone for massive workpieces.

Sheet aluminum.

Aluminum sheets do not exceed 10 mm in thickness. In this case, the choice of machining method is determined by the task facing the craftsman:

  • uncomplicated cutting of small thickness workpieces is provided by the guillotine;
  • serial production of products with high demands on the accuracy of the surface formed by cutting implies the use of automated technologies of water-jet cutting, laser or plasma;
  • The methods described in the previous section allow for the production of parts with complex contours.

Cooling of the material in the case of thermal cutting methods avoids warping or melting of the product.

cutting, aluminum, degrees

Aluminium rounds.

According to GOST 21488-97 circles (cylindrical billets) can reach a diameter of 300 mm. The method of cutting round bars is selected depending on their thickness. Small thicknesses are cut mainly by mechanical cutting with a circular saw or a band saw.

aluminum bars.

The bars are similar in shape to circles, but their cross-section diameter is up to 80 mm. This type of workpieces can be cut with a mechanical cutter. Coated products are processed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

cutting, aluminum, degrees

Laser cutting.

The method is performed using a laser resonator, which generates a narrow beam with a specified wavelength. The energy of the beam, which is concentrated in a small area of the material to be cut, leads to its melting along the mowing line of the cut.

Advantages of cutting rolled aluminum by laser:

Windows and doors 45% degree Aluminium joints part 1

  • high productivity;
  • Precise dimensions of the product without post-cutting;
  • Flexibility. ample opportunities to make shaped products;
  • No deformation in the shearing area.

the most frequent use of laser machining is for metal with complex holes, with high accuracy of tolerance and fit. No contact with the alloy in the process, metal is not deformed. The technology consists in transmitting pulsed light from a laser beam generated by a fiber laser, gas laser or carbon dioxide laser system.

Plasma cutting.

Plasma flux is created by ionizing a pressurized gas stream with an electric arc. Ionized gas (only inert hydrogen, nitrogen and argon are used for aluminium) reaches temperatures of up to several thousand oC. The thermal effect is brief, the molten metal is immediately removed from the cutting area.

Advantages of plasma metal cutting:

  • cost-effectiveness;
  • thickness up to 200 mm and more;
  • high productivity;
  • wide range of metals and alloys to be processed;
  • excellent product quality
  • possibility of obtaining products with complex shape for serial production or according to individual order.

Selection of gas for plasma cutting of aluminum is performed taking into account the thickness: up to 20 mm. nitrogen, up to 100 mm. nitrogen-hydrogen compound, over 100 mm. argon combined with hydrogen.

Waterjet cutting.

High pressure water, fed through a narrow tool nozzle and enriched with fine abrasive particles, acts as a torch. In this case the temperature in the processing zone does not exceed 60-90C.

Aluminium profile cutting

Aluminum profile. the material from which a wide range of promotional products and designs. To manufacture a quality product is not enough to pick up the profile of the desired width, you must also prepare it for production, and for this. to cut it to size. Cutting aluminum profile is a responsible and complicated process. Lack of equipment of the right precision and performance, or a wrong approach to the process does not allow to make an accurate cut and leads to deformation of the workpiece, and therefore. to rejects.

Metal scissors

Even simpler tool that is easier to work with. the principle is elementary. the profile is marked and then cut on the mowing line.Advantages:

  • cutting is faster than with the hacksaw;
  • cheapness of scissors;
  • good result with good tools and experience.

View metal scissors on AliExpress → Disadvantages:

  • When crossing the ribs of the profile it is possible to leave the mowing line of the marking, the damage of the workpiece or its bending;
  • You have to practice and spoil a few “rough” workpieces before you get to work perfectly accurately.

Metal scissors

Even simpler tool that is easier to work with. The principle is elementary. the profile is marked and then cut on the mowing line.Advantages:

  • cutting is faster than with a hacksaw;
  • cheapness of the scissors;
  • good results are possible with good tools and experience.

SEE Metal Scissors on AliExpress → Disadvantages:

  • in crossing over the ribs of the profile it is possible to leave the mowing line of the marking, to spoil the workpiece or to bend it;
  • have to practice and spoil a few “rough” workpieces before you get to work perfectly accurately.

Angle grinder

Now it is worth studying special devices for working on aluminum.

Electric jigsaw

  • the workpiece must be securely clamped so that it does not “bend” when the jigsaw works.