STIHL no longer starts well when cold

stihl, longer, starts, cold

How to identify and repair a defect in the crankshaft bearings

STIHL MS 180 chain saw may not start if the crankshaft bearings are defective. If they are present in the crankshaft, there is a backlash, which can be detected by rocking the flywheel from side to side. Magnets on the crankshaft bearings. And if the flywheel is in a moving state, it starts to contact the contacts of the ignition module. This is the reason for the lack of spark.

You can only replace the bearings yourself if you have the necessary experience. If this is not available, it is recommended that you contact a service center.

STIHL 180 chain saw crankshaft bearing

STIHL chain saw stalls: Reasons

If it trips right after you start, there is a problem with your machine or a part. To determine the cause, test the mechanism yourself or have it serviced. Sometimes improper maintenance of the saw is the reason why the machine does not start well:

  • insufficient volume of gasoline;
  • poorly prepared fuel mixture;
  • Bad lubrication;
  • the muffler is clogged with combustion products;
  • carburetor not adjusted;
  • air filter clogging;
  • Piston or cylinder defects.

When stepping on the throttle

The sawmill is idling, but the saw chain stalls when the throttle is depressed, i.e. when the fuel is no longer flowing. к. the load gets heavier. The tool is warmed up before use by running the engine at idle speed for a minute. If it is neglected, the engine stops after the pedal is depressed. Other causes could be:

  • clogged or out of adjustment fuel mixing unit;
  • A clogged air filter does not give the right amount of air flow when the load is increased;
  • a clogged petrol filter does not allow the required amount of mixture to pass;
  • the cylinder wall and the piston rub.

A low octane rating on the fuel system causes the engine to stall, i.e. к. this prevents the engine from achieving the required output when the load is increased.

At idle speed

If the system malfunctions, the fuel mixture does not mix properly; this condition prevents the engine from achieving the required output at high engine loads. If this occurs, the engine cannot hold the idle speed. Additional blow-by reduces the air pulse to the fuel pump and the sump diaphragm or crankshaft seals. Diagnose with a vacuum gauge.

Stoppage of engine operation at cold is due to other reasons:

  • the spark plug passage contains an excessive amount of combustible mixture;
  • the gap between the spark plug tip and the high-voltage cradle is not adjusted;
  • Power pack malfunction.

Check the oil seals by pouring gasoline into the crankcase, you can see the leak visually. So, the engine does not run at idle speed, and at high frequency, leaky seals will cause the bearings to seize. If the elements are leaking, they are replaced with new ones and sealed.

At full throttle

Sometimes the engine stops after normal operation. To determine the cause, pay attention to the surrounding circumstances:

  • Engine stalls in the middle of operation for no apparent reason. The starter is stationary and does not turn. It means that the tool is jammed and must be repaired urgently.
  • During normal operation, power output is reduced in a short time and the engine stops, cylinders overheated. The situation indicates an air suck under the rubber spigot between the carburetor cylinder, possibly due to a rupture. The air is depleting the fuel and the nozzle must be replaced.

does not pick up revolutions

There are several different factors that are involved in starting the machine, and a loss of rpm on the STIHL chain saw after idling could be the result. A steady running at idle and a motor stalling under load can occur for the following reasons:

  • Engine life is exhausted;
  • Wear, deformation and corrosion of the piston group
  • Faulty ignition coil or spark plug;
  • unbalanced carburetor screws.

If the tool does not develop revolutions, the conduction of the hole in the fuel tank cap is broken. Occurrence of vacuum does not give the required quantity of fuel, therefore the engine does not gain the required power. RPMs are reduced when carbon monoxide builds up in the muffler, it is difficult to vent the combustion gases.

Doesn’t release revolutions

The machine quickly reaches full speed and the power does not diminish. The reason for this is that:

  • throttle valve doesn’t work because of weakened spring or traction element
  • the on-off toggle switch occasionally fails;
  • No corkscrew on the throttle axle;
  • The carburetor is clogged;
  • The fuel hose and fuel filter do not work properly.

Why the STIHL 180 does not start when hot?

Now producer STIHL takes a leading place among other companies, which create the production of equipment designed for agricultural and construction works. The products of this manufacturer are known not only for their highest level of quality, but in addition to a good price policy and capacity of its models.

Who would not dream, it is not possible to meet a man who would not have had a chainsaw brand.It is one of the most recognized global companies. But the fact that out of 10 likely 6 people definitely have them. It’s all very understandable, because STIHL chainsaws combine power with elegance in design. But unfortunately, such giants of technology from time to time fall into disrepair and require some kind of repair. Now we will pay attention to one of the moths of this manufacturer, namely chain saw STIHL ms 180. Read about the STIHL ms 660 chainsaw here. What’s needed, let’s go.

Briefly about the main thing

This model is the pride of the German manufacturer and is a specific tool created for a minor level of work. It is used for less than 20 hours every month. This beautiful device has no problem helping you to care for your garden, to prepare firewood for the cold season (see “The Firewood Processor”). How to cut down a tree), make cleared areas, will also be indispensable assistant in other areas, let’s say, lightweight handling.

STIHL chain saw does not start well.

It is worth noting that this mini chainsaw model, because it has a low weight, which is 3.9 kg, it does not have a large weight tank of both oil and fuel. The manufacturer has equipped this unit with a two-stroke engine with good power for light work.

In addition, it is pretty quiet because in its operation time the noise level does not exceed 98dB. So that you better understand the volume itself, just compare its noise with spoken speech, which has a value of 76 dB.

The power of this model is equal to 2.6W. It is worth noting that this is quite a significant level of power, given that it is not a professional chainsaw. The oil tank is only 0.145 liters, and the fuel capacity is 0.25 liters. The bus has a size of 350 mm and the pitch is 0.325 inches.

Winding device

The basis of the plant of this kind of model, as well as all other chainsaws is the carburetor. But since we are talking about the STIHL 180 chainsaw today, we don’t want to stray too far from the topic. So. The carburetor in this model has a single tuning screw, that is a kind of adjustment screw of the idle stroke. While the STIHL full-load nozzle is stationary.

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STIHL chain saw fails to start when cold.

In simple terms we can say that it simply can’t be adjusted (see the STIHL Manual for more information). Here), while the full-load setting simply can’t change. It is important that the carburetor at the factory was adjusted so that regardless of actually what conditions are made direct exploitation of the chainsaw air-fuel mixture is brought to the engine itself.

stihl, longer, starts, cold

The saw doesn’t start: causes and solutions

First of all, it is worth noting the fact that the chainsaw 180 of this manufacturer is one of its best “creations”, but it also has its drawbacks. Which we will now talk about.

  • A very common problem is that the STIHL 180 chain saw will not start and the spark plug will fill up. The reason for this is that the oil, which is used to lubricate the chain, begins to leak. Since time is merciless and simply there is a breach of tightness in the place where the hose from the oil pump and the oil tank is connected.Of course to fix this problem is possible, but, given the design of this chainsaw, to do it would not be so easy, because simply have to fully disassemble the device to, as they say, get to the right place. The video shows it more clearly:
  • Many people have this question: Why doesn’t the STIHL 180 chain saw start?? If you believe the experts, then in such a situation, you need first of all to make the opening and then closing the lid, which is located on the gas tank. Or you can take it out and dry it. Or try to vent the combustion chamber. In most cases this is usually sufficient to get the engine running. But it happens sometimes that STIHL chain saw does not start, but the spark is there
  • In the above case you need to check directly the gasoline supply, the air filter and the direct function of the spark plug. The basis of this kind of problem is the breather plug, and more precisely its contamination. Because when it is clogged completely, then in the gas tank itself there is a kind of vacuum, which simply prevents the process of fuel supply.The problem is easy to solve, because all you have to do is to clean it with a needle.
  • There are also situations when the device basically starts, but immediately stalls.

STIHL MS 180. It takes a long time to start a cold one.

The video reviews the carburetor repair using the new repair kit gaskets and diaphragms, adjustment.

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The main causes of this kind of failure are the carburetor and filter, which can simply get clogged.

In order to produce an exception saloon from the damaged objects necessary in the first place to produce disconnect the fuel hose from the carburetor itself and actually check whether it leaks fuel.

  • You should remember that during the correct operation of the chainsaw the gasoline should flow out in a tight and steady stream. It is also not uncommon for a STIHL 180 chain saw not to run hot and either to quit after starting or to hold power for a short period of time.In this case, the problem of failure lies exactly in the muffler, which can be simply clogged with any deposits that arise through the work of the device, and which are deposited in the process of the exhaust.
  • Also quite a common cause of tool failure is insufficient lubrication of the device chain itself. The reason for that could be the ducts, which are either clogged or the oil duct is leaking.

In addition you should remember that the drying process should be carried out for at least thirty minutes and only after this kind of manipulation you can put it back and try to make a direct start of the instrument.

In addition it may be that the expiration date of your plug has simply passed, in which case it is necessary to replace it.It is therefore a good piece of advice to always have a new spark plug or better yet, a set of spark plugs. Then you can replace it at any time, and actually understand, whether it was the direct cause of the device failure. over, the cause of the breakdown may also be a weak contact that actually connects the high-voltage wire and the end of the spark plug. It may also be caused by a broken ignition unit. It is worth noting that in order to eliminate this kind of problem it is necessary to replace the block itself as it can not be repaired.

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Stihl Chainsaw Won’t Start. The Reason Why Surprised Me

STIHL 180 chain saw fails to start in cold conditions.

But it is worth noting that it would be best if its repair will be dealt with by experts, because if you have the necessary knowledge and skills, you can simply finish it and have to buy a new one.

The important thing is that even if you discover the cause of the malfunction it does not mean that you can fix it yourself. For there are breakdowns that can be corrected only by a specialist. If you have carried out the step-by-step procedure to check and change the oil quality (see “STIHL chain saw oil” on page 31) and yet the machine refuses to start. STIHL chain saw oil) but the chain saw still refuses to start. then keep looking.

But if you have fully performed all the above prescribed manipulations and have not missed a single nuance, but still the tool is still not fixed, then the problem lies in the group, which is called cylinder. But if you still could not “bring back to life” his iron friend, then simply take your chainsaw to the service center, where you will repair your device.Also, do not forget to take care of the engine to know the ratio of gasoline and oil for chain saws read this article.

To summarize

Actually, as you can see there are a lot of reasons why a STIHL chain saw 180 breaks down, and at the same time there are many solutions to the problem. If you are faced with this situation, then simply follow all of the above recommendations and then, no doubt, you will be able to repair your device, and it will please you with its work for many years.