A simple adapter for power tiller with your own hands

What kinds of adapters for power tillers??

Externally the construction of the adapter is a small frame with two wheels, foot platform, drawbar and seat for the operator. Equipping the single-axle tractor with such “updates”, you actually turn it into a mini-tractor. it will become much more convenient, faster and easier to work, and the ability to adjust the seat will make the work process more comfortable.

There are several varieties of single axle tractor adapters. In order to buy or make the most suitable for you variant, you should get acquainted with all kinds of such equipment.

According to the type of coupling, adapters are divided into adapters with steering and movable joint. Depending on the location. in front adapters and rear adapters.

Also you can classify adapters by the purpose of use: with elongated drawbar for big power tillers, with cropped drawbar for small lightweight machines.

Adapter with steering control

This type is on a rigid articulation with a power tiller. Steering is represented by a separate unit, and both rear and front wheels are available.

A single-axle tractor becomes practically a self-propelled machine that is quite simple and easy to operate, almost no different from motorcycles or cars.

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Manufacturing process

Such a hitch of any kind is not just a seat, but an entire device consisting of several parts. Depending on the type of adapter, these parts are attached to each other in different numbers and in different order. So, the rear and front aggregate are made almost identically, but they differ in the way of final attachment and the method of the coupling itself.

Mount on a mini tractor or how to make a simple hitch adapter with power tillers/ part 2

With movable joint

This type of adapter is easier and faster to make at home with their own hands.

  • On a square profile with a length of 180 cm should be welded across a piece of the same steel plate, but the size of 60 cm.
  • The frame and wheels are fitted with struts and fastened using bushings. To strengthen the main frame, an additional steel beam is welded to the frame.
  • Channel No. 10 is used to create an additional beam. It is made according to the drawings and with a welding machine.
  • The frame, created in the previous step, is welded to the wheel axle. Use a small piece of square metal girder or a steel angle as the connecting element.
  • The first control arm is mounted on the frame and has 3 knees. An additional, smaller control lever is mounted on top of the first one. All the work is carried out with a welding machine.
  • Screw the two arms together securely.

When the main lifting mechanism of the adapter is ready, you can proceed to its direct assembly and connection of the equipment with the power tiller itself.

  • On the central frame weld a support for the future seat, which is made from a piece of steel tube.
  • Using a welder, two more pieces of the same tube are welded perpendicularly to it from above. This design allows the seat to be attached to the power tiller as securely as possible and to minimize vibration and jolting when the machine is in operation.
  • Next, the pieces of pipe are welded to the frame and the seat itself is attached to them with self-tapping screws or bolts. For extra security, the bolts can also be screwed into the seat support, not just into the frame.
  • A ready-made hitch is welded to the front part of the adapter.

After these works the adapter is completely ready for further use. If everything has been done correctly, you should get a four-wheel drive mini-tractor, easy and convenient to work.

With steering control

Such a homemade adapter is even faster to make than its previous variety. But you should know that this variant requires the use of more various angles and tubes. One more thing. such attachments are made on the basis of the frame with a ready-made fork and bushing. It is its presence that will later allow the motorized tractor to rotate freely from the steering action. The sequence of operations will be as follows.

  • The frame is made of steel of the selected length and thickness. Using an angle grinder from the sheet cut blanks of the required size, and then fasten them to each other with bolts or screws.
  • The creation of the running gear should be based on where the motor of the unit itself is located. If it is in front, the main criterion is the size of the main wheels. That is, the size of the track should be based on it. The wheels are attached only to the rear. They are welded to the axle. If the motor is in the back, the distance between the wheels should be wider. Here the standard ones are removed from the power tiller, and in their place are installed the same ones as on the adapter.
  • The axle itself is made from a pipe, and the bearings with bushings are pressed onto its ends.
  • The steering wheel is either a car steering wheel or a motorcycle steering wheel. There is no fundamental difference. Experienced craftsmen recommend removing the ready-made steering wheel from the vehicle and already fixing it on the basis of the adapter. It is quite difficult to make steering by oneself, especially for a beginner. It is worth noting that the motorcycle steering wheel creates a lot of inconvenience in backing up the power tiller. And this factor should always be taken into account.
  • If an all-metal frame is used, the steering control will be connected to the front of the machine itself. If a special additional articulated joint support is manufactured, the steering will rotate the additional frame fully. In this case, two gears are used: one is mounted on the steering column and the other on the upper half-frame.
  • The next step is to install the seat. As in the case of making the previous type of adapter, it can be ready-made or made by yourself. It must be attached with a welding machine to the rear frame of this attachment.
  • If you later plan to use the upgraded single-axle tractor for installation of a removable tool, you need to attach another bracket with a welding machine. An additional hydraulic system should also be created. The easiest way is to remove it from any kind of small agricultural equipment and weld it to your own single-axle tractor.
  • It is necessary to weld a towbar to the rear part of the main frame. It is necessary in those cases where it is planned to use a single-axle tractor to transport some small loads. If you do not plan to use a trailer or semi-trailer, you can skip this step.
  • The final stage is coupling. For this purpose, small holes are drilled in the steering column, in which self-tapping screws and brackets are inserted. It is with their help the hitch itself is attached under the steering column.

Perhaps the step-by-step description of making such a device with your own hands may seem complicated. However, with detailed diagrams and drawings, this problem completely disappears. In order for the created adapter to be functional and durable in use, it is necessary to properly weld all the main elements and pay special attention to the normal operation of the brakes.

If for the creation of an improved seat for a power tiller ready-made drawings were used, before their embodiment in reality it is necessary to correlate the dimensions of all parts with the dimensions of the main parts of your power tiller and, if necessary, be sure to correct them.

Types of adapters for motor vehicles

Adapters for a single-axle tractor are divided according to how they are attached.

There are the following types of devices:

  • Rear adaptor for your power tiller. The hitch is placed in front of the unit, so after connecting the adapter will be placed at the back of the unit;
  • Front adapter for power tiller. Accordingly, the coupling takes place at the rear. The adapter is placed in front of the motorcycle and will necessarily have a steering wheel for steering. Devices with steering control are of a more complex design type, so their price on the market is much higher.

By area of use, there are the following adapters:

  • Shorter. Small size, which are used with a lightweight tiller. Low weight allows you to attach the adapter directly to the wheel of the machine;
  • Extended. Copes with agricultural equipment of heavy type. They are characterized by considerable dimensions and comparatively large weight.

Depending on the presence of the body, the following designs are distinguished:

  • Body. Available body allows you to transport various loads over long distances. They are actively used for everyday tasks and harvesting;
  • Bodyless. They are used only for connection with a power tiller.

Choosing an adapter, you need to pay attention to the design features of the device. It must fully meet the needs of the owner.

Types of adapters for power tillers

The adapter looks like a trailer with two wheels and a driver’s seat. This design allows you to automate and simplify all work processes. If you want to make an adapter to the power tiller with your own hands, first of all the owner should decide on the optimal choice of one of the existing types of devices. Adapter, depending on the type of transmission, can be with articulation:

The dimensions of the Moto-Block

Motoblocks can be divided into two classes:

The weight of power tillers, regardless of class, is at least 60 kg and can be up to 300 kg.

Standard dimensions are the following parameters:

  • Length. 174 cm;
  • width. 65 cm;
  • height. 130 cm;
  • track. 32 cm
  • ground clearance. 14 cm;
  • The smallest turning radius. 110 cm.

To construct a homemade adapter to the tiller, no special education is required, it is enough: to rely on the recommendations of professionals and drawings, and have welding skills

Tools and materials needed for work

All necessary materials and tools with low cost can be easily purchased in construction trade centers. For the work of making an adapter to be effective and uninterrupted should be pre-prepared everything you need:

  • a pair of wheels with an axle on which they are mounted;
  • chair ready-made or for its manufacture: frame, sheathing material and filling;
  • metal profile for the frame, an angle;
  • steel circle with holes for making a hitch;
  • bearings to support the axle;
  • fasteners;
  • Means for lubrication, primer, paint;
  • welding machine;
  • lathe, grinder, and drill.

How to make an adapter for power tiller with your own hands?

Small agricultural equipment, such as power tillers, cultivators and mini-tractors greatly facilitate people’s work. But in the pursuit of perfection, even such units are subjected to modernization. In particular, manufacturers or owners themselves equip them with adapters. special seats, which make the use of such equipment more comfortable and less energy-consuming. There are motor blocks already equipped with such a device, but there are also models without it. But an adapter with steering or with a movable joint can be made with your own hands. How to properly perform this work will be described in detail below.

Is it possible to assemble an adapter to the power tiller Neva?

The adapter for the Neva power tiller, which works according to the 4×4 scheme, is sold at the store of agricultural machinery.

It is recommended to prepare all necessary materials and tools. Self-made adapter for the motor-block Neva helps to save money and spend it on other parts needed to modernize the device.

It is worth considering how the front adapter to the motor-block Neva looks like.

The adapter for the Neva power tiller is understood as a trailer with a seat, made on the basis of a two-wheeled frame. The functional purpose of such equipment is to make the work with the tiller simple, convenient and comfortable. The adapter allows you to upgrade the cultivator into a small tractor, which is suitable for all kinds of work in the country house, farm, garden plot.

Neva motoblocks with a homemade adapter come in 2 types:

  • heavy. divided into short and long. They fit various types of power tillers, making the work on the ground easy.
  • Lightweight, which are installed on the tillers. This means that the mechanism will be attached to one of the 4 wheels of the power tiller.

KTZ-03 adapter

Front adapter with a removable body KTZ-03, which is suitable for Neva MB-1 and MB-2 power tillers, allows the user to provide comfort and convenience when working. It is equipped with brakes, steering and steering wheels.

Technical specifications according to the instructions for use:

  • overall dimensions (l/w/he). 1560/870/740 mm;
  • speed at work. up to 10 km/h;
  • track width. 700 mm;
  • ground clearance. 170 mm;
  • weight. 93 kg.

Diagram of the front adapter KTZ-03 to the motor-block Neva shows the presence of the following structural elements on the mechanism:

  • Couplings, one of which is needed to connect the adapter and power tiller, and the second for the attachment of one or another auxiliary equipment.
  • Seat.
  • Drawbar of short or extended type.

As attachments it is possible to use harrows, plow, hoe, mowers. It is enough to provide one hitch for their fixation. Used devices can be put into working position with the help of manual drive. Also a feature of the adapter trade and production company “KTZ” is its versatility, it allows you to hitch such attachments as: brushes, snow blower, mower and others. It is available due to the rigid connection of KTZ-03 with Neva power tiller and oscillating front steering axle of the device.

Drawings with the sizes of the adapter will help you to make similar equipment with your own hands.

APM-16 front adapter with a body

The front adapter to the Neva MB-2 APM-16 power tiller together with the Neva agricultural machine can easily replace a mini-tractor. It is possible to use a power tiller with an adapter in coupling with a cart. The unit is equipped with disc brakes and steering gear. this improves handling, and increases safety when driving. It can be completely disassembled, which makes it easy to transport the device.

  • Dimensions (l / w / h). 1300/800/1100 mm;
  • Body dimensions: top. 700×700 mm, bottom. 700×500 mm, height. 250 mm, depth. 200 mm;
  • Speed of operation. up to 10 km/h;
  • ground clearance. 200 mm;
  • mass. 85 kg.

Previously described the stages of manufacture of the mechanism, working on the all-wheel drive and steering. To make such a device yourself, you will need the following materials:

  • rectangular steel frame;
  • 2 wheels;
  • An old seat from a tractor or combine harvester;
  • corners;
  • steel plate;
  • metal pipes.

It is necessary to prepare a welder and a lathe, a tool kit, tools for gardening.

Before assembling the construction, a kinematic diagram must be made. The principle of its operation is as follows:

  • The power unit engine, which is needed to drive the front wheels, must transmit torque through the chain.
  • This torque is then transmitted to the reverse gear.
  • The driveline allows torque to be transmitted to the rear axle, which drives the rear wheels, which are the drive wheels.

How to make an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

Adapter to the tiller was created for the convenience of cultivating the garden. If you attach it to the hitch, you can expand the scope of the device:

Tractor adapter is a device that is designed for riding on a power tiller. It can be used to control the machine while sitting in an armchair and still cultivate the soil. The trailer to the Neva power tiller has a steering device. It allows to simplify the use of a power tiller.

Such a trailer speeds up work in the field. With this design can increase the speed of the cultivator from 5 to 10 km / h. Let’s have a look at the construction of an adapter. Adapter for power tiller consists of:

After attaching the adapter, the motocultivator looks and is used as a mini-tractor. To create an adapter to the cultivator with front steering, a frame is needed. An operator’s seat is installed on it. The frame is fixed to the chassis.

The seat is fixed to the frame. This makes it easier for the operator to control the cultivator. Wheel system helps to move the machine on the site. There are 2 types of wheels: metal (used in the field) and rubber (used for driving on the road).

Made of steel or cast iron by welding. It attaches the cart to the cultivator. The U-shaped mounting system is considered the best. With this design the device will be stable.

  • The maximum speed of travel on a power tiller with a trailer is 12 km/h.
  • Max. lifting capacity 100 kg.
  • The track is 67 cm in diameter.
  • Dimensions are 130 x 70 x 71 cm.
  • The weight of the machine is 22 kg.
  • The warranty period of operation is 5 years.

Front (rear) adapter for power tiller with steering: how to make your own hands, video, drawings and dimensions

Many farmers use power tillers to work on their fields. Adapter for power tiller gives an opportunity to speed up its implementation. This unit is used as a trailer, which is moved on wheels and attached to the motocultivator. You can add attachments to the device, mount a chair. Often gardeners make such a unit themselves.