Diamond cutting of openings in a brick wall

Diamond cutting of bricks price from 800 rubles

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Diamond cutting of bricks and reinforcement of openings price from 800 rubles

The need to create holes and openings in a finished brick wall usually brings up hard memories of similar events in neighboring apartments. Several years ago, these works were invariably accompanied by eerie noise, dust, vibration of the walls. A person who is not familiar with modern building technologies finds it difficult to believe that a hole in a powerful brickwork can be made accurately, quickly and imperceptibly for the residents of neighboring apartments. These obvious advantages are distinguished by the technology of diamond cutting of bricks.

Features of the technology of diamond cutting of bricks

  • By means of diamond cutting, new holes with a diameter of 8 mm or more are made, openings are created or widened, walls are dismantled. Devices of different capacities are used depending on the specific circumstances.
  • If the thickness of the masonry is less than 50 cm, a hand tool is usually used. Its main working part is a powerful disc with diamond segments. The tool is equipped with a high power motor. During work, a jet of air or water is passed through the slots dividing the diamond elements. This protects the appliance from heat and ensures that it is dust-free. The tool easily, without pronounced noise and vibrations, penetrates the brick base, creating a hole with an even surface exactly along the intended mowing line. Along the way, metal embedded parts and reinforcement in the wall are sawn.
  • Working with more solid masonry (up to 5 meters thick), capital foundations of concrete, steel, stone implies the use of more powerful wall saws.

Organization of the workflow

Violation of the integrity of the wall can provoke serious defects in the structure of the building, upset the balance of the strength of the structure. Diamond cutting of bricks is trusted only by professionals who have access to this type of work.

The process itself usually takes no more than five hours, but it is preceded by serious preparation:

  • examination of the condition of a brick wall;
  • calculation of the economically and technologically correct location of the opening;
  • selection of optimal equipment;
  • if necessary. metal reinforcement of the wall, preparation of project documentation.

Diamond cutting bricks

For the device of doorways and holes for laying communications in bearing brick walls, as well as in interior partitions made of bricks, it is advisable to use diamond cutting.

The fact is that when exposed to tools that create shock loads (jackhammer, perforator, sledgehammer, pickaxe, etc.), the brick wall loses its strength, the cohesion of the masonry is broken and the wall can collapse. On the contrary, diamond cutting equipment allows you to create openings or holes for laying communications without exposing the wall to dangerous loads.

The specificity of diamond cutting is such that when working, it is possible to avoid a large amount of dust and difficult-to-remove construction debris. In addition, after processing the opening, a perfectly flat plane is obtained, without cracks, chips and cracks, which does not require additional processing.

In principle, a conventional angle grinder equipped with a diamond disc is sufficient for diamond cutting of a brick wall. Such work is within the power of even a repairman who does not have special skills, and the compactness of the device allows you to work even in limited space and cut in any plane. The disadvantages of this work organization are high noise levels and low efficiency. angle grinder with a diamond disc is suitable for cutting a brick partition of small thickness.

When working with a solid wall, if there is sufficient space, it is preferable to use a professional tool. for example, a gas saw with a diamond blade, and sometimes a powerful diamond wall saw.

If you have to cut through a brick wall of great thickness (from 0.5 m) and if conditions allow it, you can use diamond wire cutting. The principle of operation consists in the fact that a fragment of the wall is wrapped around a loop of a diamond rope, which is driven by the roller system of the rope machine and “grinds” the slab. The high cost of equipment is compensated by the almost unlimited possibilities of this type of diamond cutting (you can cut the material to a depth corresponding to the length of the rope. up to 60 m).

The finished opening is reinforced with a U-shaped frame (for doorways) or a horizontal beam (for window openings).

For laying communications through a brick wall, sometimes a small diameter hole is enough. It can be easily done using a diamond drill. The holes and channels are cut with diamond segments fixed on a special “crown”. a long cylinder with a diameter of 20 mm to 1.20 m, which rotates around its axis. Diamond drilling of a brick wall can be done in different directions. in a vertical, horizontal plane or at an angle.

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Opening in the load-bearing wall

To avoid deformation of the window / door, you must follow the rules:

  • Cutting of openings in load-bearing walls is carried out at a distance of at least 1 m from the outer wall of the object.
  • You cannot arrange 2 openings next to it. The further they are from each other, the less the risk of destruction of the object.
  • A project is drawn up, while the load on the structure is calculated.
  • In the planning process, the location of the openings in the wall in the above and below apartments is taken into account. This is important as the large holes must be underneath each other.

Preparatory work

In most cases, such changes at the facility must be coordinated, especially if you plan to make an opening in the load-bearing wall. The room where the cutting will be carried out is freed from objects that are easily damaged. This type of work is dirty: a large amount of dust appears, when crushing concrete with a perforator, fragments can fly. Cutting of openings in the walls is carried out in goggles, a mask, a headdress, closed clothes and shoes.

It is necessary to mark the site. Prepare a laser level, corners, marking tape. all this is needed to build straight perpendicular lines. At the points of their intersection, the corners are set. Marking is done using a marker and tape measure. Diamond cutting of openings implies the need to prepare the tool to remove part of the wall. For this purpose, a perforator, a sledgehammer, etc. is used. You will also need materials for repairing the opening, for example, a channel. This element performs the function of strengthening this section of the partition.

Doorway parameters and general requirements

To install a door or window in a different location, a number of characteristics are taken into account:

  • The position of the openings, their area. It is important to provide sufficient illumination during daylight hours. Based on this, they are guided by the ratio of the area of ​​the future window / door and the floor in the room: from 1: 5.5 to 1: 8.
  • Height Width. Considering that cutting an opening in a concrete wall or partition made of another material requires complex work, the initial task of the user is to determine the dimensions. There will be no other way to properly cut concrete or brick. Generally accepted standards: the width of the interior doors is 70-80 cm, the entrance doors are up to 1 m, the height is 2 m. They make a small margin on each side for the installation of the box.
  • Gain. The performance of such works is due to a partial loss of the strength of the partition when its integrity is violated. To make the opening in the brick wall reliable, install a jumper or install a metal reinforcement (frame).

The project is created first. It should include calculations of the strength and resistance of the structure to external influences. In this case, the width of the wall is also taken into account. This parameter should correspond to the required outer diameter of the diamond blade. If the cutting edge is smaller, the cut is made from 2 sides of the wall.

Openings in other materials

A universal method is used. diamond discs. A cutting edge of this type will help to make a hole in the wall from any material: gypsum, foam blocks, cinder blocks, wood. Reinforced concrete is recommended to be cut with a wall saw. If a window or door is arranged in a wooden wall, bars and bolts for the screed should be prepared. Sometimes the beams are bent during the cutting process, then they are tightened by means of the prepared material and bolts. At the end of the work, this structure is removed.

If diamond cutting of doorways from a foam block is made, this material does not need to be cut, it is selected with a hammer after the outline of the hole in the wall has been marked. Reinforcement with metal on top and on the sides is a mandatory step when constructing openings in structures made of any materials.

How to cut openings: an overview of tools and technologies

There are different tools for cutting openings. It can be large-sized equipment or improvised means, in the process of work it is necessary to take into account the requirements for the arrangement of windows and doors, then the supporting structure will not lose its strength and reliability. The implementation of such work is a necessity in the case when the redevelopment of the object is being carried out or the functionality of the premises needs to be increased.


Dismantling the walls

When redeveloping a room, you should consider the possibility of removing building material from the opening that was made. The choice of tool depends on the object. If the building is old and in poor condition, the impact force of the hammer drill can be harmful. In this way, it is better to make a punching in objects that have recently been put into operation, and residents have not yet moved into the apartments, since the tool creates a lot of noise.

To cut an opening in a concrete wall, use a diamond cutting edge. It can also be used for dismantling. In this case, the concrete is cut into small blocks, which are then simply removed from the opening. The result is a well-shaped hole with smooth edges. The noise and dust levels will be lower. To fit small defects in the opening, use a chisel and a hammer.

Reinforcement of openings

The main task is to redistribute the load exerted by the structure. If you do not reinforce the opening in the load-bearing walls, intense pressure will act on the upper part of the hole, which will lead to a partial collapse of the wall in this area. It is a mistake to believe that the top reinforcement will take all the load. In fact, metal corners, channel bars or concrete beams take only 40%. The rest is redistributed to the side walls of the opening.

  • initial reinforcement when creating a hole or expanding a doorway, in this case, even before the start of cutting, a horizontally oriented element made of high-strength material is installed in the wall;
  • after part of the wall has been removed, the side reinforcement elements are attached.

If you skip the first stage and mount the entire structure after completing the work, cutting openings with reinforcement in this case may end in partial collapse at the very beginning of the process.

How to make a jumper?

The most common way to strengthen the upper section of the opening is a channel made of hot-rolled steel with a thickness of 8 to 15 mm. Reinforced concrete (ready-made and home-made) and wooden elements are also used. Strengthening a brick wall is an especially important task, since when dismantling a section of masonry, the rows located above can collapse. For such structures, brick reinforcement is used: they make an arched vault of the opening.

How To Cut A Brick Wall Opening. DIY At Bunnings

To determine the type of suitable reinforcement, a strength calculation is performed. If you plan to use the version of reinforced concrete in reinforced concrete, formwork is done, reinforcement, liquid concrete is prepared. The lintel must rest against the walls. The length of these sections is 1/3 of the height of the reinforcement. To increase the reliability of the opening in a brick wall, metal corners are also used. The shelf should fit into the wall by 15-20 cm. over, it is important that the location of the reinforcement element coincides with the seam of the masonry.

Cutting an opening in a brick

The Burolmaz company provides services for cutting openings in brick. We use special equipment that allows you to quickly, accurately and accurately cut walls and interior partitions of any thickness. Our services are used by construction companies and private property owners if the project for the overhaul of residential, commercial or industrial facilities involves cutting out new openings or expanding existing ones, because it is:

The technologies we use ensure high accuracy of cutting masonry, and the experience of our specialists guarantees the exact adherence to design documentation for the device and reinforcement of openings in interior partitions and load-bearing structures.

We have affordable rates for dismantling brick and concrete walls. The price of diamond cutting of bricks allows construction companies, repair crews and individuals to save money using our services.

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Our engineers, surveyors and field crews promptly respond to customer requests. We also work in the Moscow region and carry out work on the dismantling of brick structures in a short time.

Cutting masonry using diamond equipment is a profitable method that is advisable to use in many situations: from major repairs or redevelopment of an apartment to the complete dismantling of an object or its individual parts.

Methods for punching openings in brick

There are several ways to make a through hole in a brick wall. The traditional but outdated method is breaking the masonry with a hand tool. Using a hammer or sledgehammer, you can break a wall and remove brick by brick from it, expanding the hole. This method is long and laborious.

The fastest convenient way to dismantle part of the masonry is cutting with diamond machines and wall saws. These methods have a number of significant advantages that make them the most practical ways to install new doors and windows.

The cost of diamond cutting of floors, walls made of concrete and reinforced concrete.

Before proceeding with dismantling, it is necessary to ensure the possibility of connecting the tool to a 220 V network and a water supply system, as well as to agree on a redevelopment project with the Housing Inspectorate or other authorities authorized by local administrations to issue the appropriate permits. It is prohibited to carry out redevelopment with dismantling of load-bearing walls or their parts without agreed technical documentation.

angle grinder to help

With this tool, it is usually customary to finish the work done with the sledgehammer. It will be necessary to trim the wall with an angle grinder. this must be done because the bricks are usually placed in a “bandage”. Usually, cuts are made on such halves with an angle grinder, and then the bricks themselves are carefully beaten off with a hammer. Making an opening in a brick wall with an angle grinder.

The need for new openings

The basis for such work may be the desire to make windows not provided for by the previous project. Another option may be interest in the appearance of a new door that will open the entrance to adjacent rooms. The options are individual in all cases, and the execution must be at the highest level. And for this you need to choose only effective technologies.

The event is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Here you need the utmost precision and direction of movement. No one can know the quality of the cement used in the masonry. This can cause other problems as well. vibration of the instrument can lead to emerging cracks and redevelopment will go into the category of the consequences of a typhoon in miniature. Read about repairing cracks in brick walls here.

Feature of using a sledgehammer

This operation requires some skill. This is justified by the danger of the wall breaking, which will begin after the weakening of the stone bond in its area. You need to act here taking into account certain features:

  • Sizes are required. they need to be taken a little more than usual. For the width, such an indicator should be equal to 0.6 cm more, and it is customary to add a whole centimeter to the height.
  • Prospective places of the future opening are being prepared. the surface in this place should be cleaned of plaster.
  • First, the topmost brick is knocked out. Only hit with a sledgehammer after the bonding solution has been poked out with a screwdriver or other sharp instrument. Only then can the force itself be applied.
  • After removing all the elements of the upper row, insert the upper support beam. It is poured with concrete mortar and a break is taken to “set” it. After that, work is done in the same way for the rest of the row.
  • These recommendations related to punching a doorway. The window is done in the same way, with the difference that its lower edge should run along the edge of the cement belt.

The video shows the process of breaking a brick wall with a sledgehammer

Cutting openings in a brick wall

Methods for implementing the plan

There are not so many ways with which you can get what you have conceived. You can choose the following:

  • work with a sledgehammer;
  • cutting with an angle grinder;
  • diamond cutting of openings in a brick wall.

Each of them has its own characteristics of practical execution. Knowledge of technology is required in both cases.

Jewelery precision of a diamond cut

The minimum losses with the maximum quality of work can be ensured by diamond cutting of openings in brick walls. The price in this case will be slightly higher than with standard work with a sledgehammer, but it justifies itself:

  • This species is recognized as the most environmentally friendly operation. dust content with it remains minimal. A jackhammer or sledgehammer can help create a much more breathable atmosphere.
  • The noise threshold is also low. this is even if in a brick house the sounds will be heard much lower. However, even for the person himself, working in conditions of vibrations and sounds of a bump stop, this can be dangerous.
  • The edges with such processing are smoother. Not a single extra brick will fall out of the working area. The cut will come out almost perfect, which will make the subsequent processing of the walls insignificant.