DIRM chainsaw adjustment. The components of any carburetor are:

Adjusting the gasopyle carburetor. Features of settings of chainsaws

A chainsaw. a tool equipped with a two.stroke engine, for normal operation of which a carburetor adjustment is required from time to time. Standard or factory adjustment and tuning of the gasopyle carburetor is performed in the production, during the assembly of the tool. However, for stable work and good performance, it is necessary to adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw and during the running.in.

After the processing process and during it, the owner’s task is to correctly configure the carburetor for the most efficient, safe and durable operation of the chainsaw engine.

DIY gas carburetor adjustment. video on the example of Husqvarna saw:

The main reasons requiring the adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw:

  • The consumption of gasoline has increased, the device consumes too much oil;
  • During operation, the chainsaws are heated strongly, smokes, makes pops or explosive sounds (such a problem. a signal to the fact that you need to clean the silencer, blow the saapon, rinse the nozzles in acetone);
  • The engine stopped holding idle speeds;
  • The chainsaw begins to stall after a while after work, in general, the tool has become worse working. it does not develop power so effectively, does not develop maximum speed;
  • chainsaw vibrates greatly during operation;
  • It is also necessary to adjust the carburetor if the chainsaws previously worked on poor.quality fuel or on an incorrectly prepared fuel mixture.

Setting up a chainsaw carburetor:

chainsaw, adjustment, carburetor

What tool is required to adjust the carburetor

The following tools are used to configure and adjust the carburetor:

  • a tachometer (a special device for setting up a carburetor, with it, the owner of the chainsaw can determine what the maximum engine speed has, and then make correction according to the manufacturer’s recommendations);
  • The control key (a special tool, which is often available only in service centers, is not supplied with chainsaws, since it can be used by inexperienced users, which will not lead to tuning, but to breakdown of the chainsaw).

Please note: setting up and adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw of any model, as well as its repair should be carried out only by specialists of the service center while the tool is under warranty.

Independent attempts to clean the carburetor, perform washing and eliminate existing malfunctions may not give the necessary result.

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Overview of tools for adjusting the work and repair of a gasopyle carburetor:

Features of the device of the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw

Their design and parameters differ, depending on the chainsaw of which power and model they are designed. All of them are practically identical to the original carburetors in design, but not always in quality. Today all Chinese products cannot be considered 100% trash. In turn, in quality, they can conditionally be divided into three groups:

  • Poor.quality. Inappropriate alloys are used, which oxidize, crumble and break. There is no accuracy of fitting, calibrated holes do not correspond to the required values, which leads to an overexposure or lack of fuel in the combustion chamber. Responsible details quickly fail. Plastic parts quickly rude or vice versa, soften from gasoline and stop working. The axes and wire rods are bent, the threads of the mounts break down. Such products are cheaper than all. They are made in semi.custody, on adapted equipment. As a rule, they do not have the name and marking.
  • Carburetors of medium.sized quality. These are factory assembly products. They do not save on alloy, stream production with quality control has been established. These are quite efficient carburetors, which can have even more service life than the entire chainsaw.
  • High.quality carburetors. First of all, these are products of world manufacturers whose capacities are located on the territory of the PRC. According to geography, they can be considered Chinese, but they are made according to the technology of the company. the owner of the brand, which values ​​its reputation. For example, in the PRC, Japanese carburetors are produced Walbro.

In addition, among Chinese manufacturers, those who relieve high quality appeared. They invest in powerful production, register their own brand and work for its reputation.

DIY Carburetor adjustment

The adjustment is not provided on all carburetors of Chinese chainsaws. Today there are many models of chainsaws of household class, including European brands, on the carburetors of which there are simply no adjusting screws. Or there is only one idle adjustment screw.

Such carburetors require adjustment only when the chainsaw at idle makes too rare exhausts (turns) and sometimes stalls. Below the text will be considered an algorithm for adjusting the idle passage of a carburetor on a Chinese chainsaw.

Necessary tools

The adjustment requires a screwdriver suitable for the slots of the adjusting screws. On different carburetors, they are flat, cross.shaped, with an internal or external hexagon, asterisk, etc.P.

When adjusting, an electronic tachometer will help. If it is not, the adjustment is carried out by ear, and according to the real operation of the engine.

Carburetor adjustment algorithm

Before adjustment, make sure of its need. All Chinese carburetors, on each chainsaw, are undergoing a factory setting, which is extremely rare. Adjustment may require a new carburetor, or in rare cases the old.

The reason for the deterioration of the engine with signs similar to the poor supply of the fuel mixture is in most cases:

If the problem is not this, then they try to regulate the carburetor.

The engine must be warmed up. Cold and warmed up to operating temperatures, the engine works differently. Therefore, adjustment on the cold will be incorrect.

  • Open access to adjusting screws. On some chainsaws, it is enough to remove the lid and the air cleaner. On others you have to remove part of the case. On the third, holes under the screwdriver are provided in the case.
  • On the carburetor or near the holes there is a marking of screws. t (or la) l and h. Screw t (or LA) is designed to adjust the idle. Always located away from the screws l and h, which are next to each other.
  • If the gasopyle stalls when the gas is supplied, the engine does not have enough fuel to develop speed. The amount of fuel is adjusted to the screw H (the main screw). It is twisted for 1/4 turnover and give gas. If the engine has become better to work, they twist another 1/4 turnover. (If worse, then twisted on 1/4 turnover in the opposite direction).
  • If the engine began to work as in idle, then there is a lot of fuel, the screw H is twisted back.
  • The peak of revolutions is controlled by ear or by tachometer. The maximum revolutions for each chainsaw are indicated in the instructions. (10,000. 12 500 rpm). In practice, 10,000. 11,000 rpm in the Gas for All. normal indicators.
  • Having increased the supply of the amount of fuel with a screw H, they adjust the quality of the fuel mixture with a screw L. It increases and reduces the amount of air in the mixture. If there is little air, the fuel will not fade, as a result, the engine smokes, does not develop power and consumes excess fuel. Also the screw L affects the engine operation at small and medium speeds.
  • After adjusting the screw h, the screw l is twisted at 1/4 turnover. If the exhaust is smoke, and the engine goes from small revolutions to medium and high with failures, the screw l is twisted again.
  • The adjustment of the screw L is stopped when the engine works smoothly, smoothly moves from small speeds to high and does not smoke.

After adjusting the two main screws, the idle adjustment is most often required by the third screw.

The location of the adjusting screws is highlighted by a red square. For access to them, enough screwdriver. Nothing needs to be disassembled.

HOW TO ADJUST your 2 Cycle Carburetor on a Chainsaw or Trimmer and when you probably shouldn’t VLOG

Cooper adjustment

Cooper adjustment sequence:

  • The engine is being developed and warmed up for 5-7 minutes.
  • The screw is twisted, increasing the speed until the chain begins to scroll through.
  • Then the screw is screwed back for 1/4 turnover.

If there is an electronic tachometer, when adjusting it is necessary to use its indications. Most chainsaws should be developed at idle 2500 rpm.

Nuances that arise in the process

Screw l can not be twisted too much relative to the screw h. This will lead to the formation of a depleted fuel mixture (little gasoline. a lot of air). With such a mixture, the piston is dry during the work, it is very warm and may fail.

The factory Chinese carburetor, which comes together with a chainsaw, has a setting at stands taking into account the characteristics of each chainsaw. Therefore, any change in the position of the screws during adjustment must be remembered or recorded in order to be able to return to the factory settings if the engine does not start.

New carburetors on Chinese chainsaws, sold separately, are regulated at factories for a standard number of revolutions or arbitrarily. Therefore, they may require adjustment after installation on a chainsaw.

Huter chainsaw is not considered a difficult tool in disassembly, therefore, in the presence of the initial skills of a locksmith. mechanics, improvised tools and desires, to replace the details yourself will not be difficult.

chainsaw, adjustment, carburetor

What can be replaced in a carburetor without addressing a specialist:

  • Fuel filter (flushing or replacement). when jerking the engine and sneezing;
  • The needle valve. if the needle jams in the valve or floods;
  • The diaphragm of the fuel pump. wear;
  • The gasket under the lid of the main camera is not tight.
  • disassemble and rinse the carburetor, when clogged with an air filter;
  • Twist the bolts, with their loss of fixation due to intensive vibration of the chainsaw.

Walbro produces expanded repair kits for self.replacement, including, almost all the parts of the carburetor (fuel inlets, rocking axle, rolling axis, filter nets, membrane).

An important recommendation to avoid a malfunction of the carburetor: do not leave the fuel mixture, in an invalid saw for more than 12 hours, such negligence can lead to blockage of the channels.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Huter chainsaw carburetor

The positive qualities of this carburetor are quite significant:

  • Unlike a float carburetor can work in any position;
  • the presence of original details, spare parts are sold in all specialized stores;
  • There are numerous qualified services for warranty and post.warranty services;
  • Democratic for spare parts and repair.
  • recommendations in the use of fuel and oil only of high quality (gasoline not lower than AI 92);
  • the need to adjust the factory settings of the carburetor.

Repair: Description of popular malfunctions and their elimination

The chainsaw engine does not gain momentum, stalls. It is necessary to check the position of the air damper, check if it adjacent to the case. Check and clean the air filter if it is clogged.

In some parties, the Patriot 3816 chainsaws took place the incorrect location of the fence hose in the gas tank. Accordingly, with an incomplete tank, fuel consumption is observed. During horizontal cuts, a chainsaw refuses to work. This problem can be solved by yourself. It is enough to lengthen the fitting in the gas tank and direct it in the right direction. On new models, manufacturers corrected this drawback.

If you suddenly have a traction at high speeds during long-term operation, and the adjustment of the carburetor does not help, then the replacement of the CPG (cylinder-piston group) is necessary.

This is what the failed chainsaw piston looks like a failed

Adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw Patriot 3818, 4518, 5220

On the chainsaws Patriot 4518 and 5220 are similar carburetors. The only difference in performance. T.e. They allow you to work with a larger engine saw.

As for adjusting the carburetor on them, then everything is simple, it passes similarly to the model 3816. You can safely use the instructions described in the article.

The presence of a primer and a light start system Easy Start on models 4518 and 5220 facilitate the launch of a cold engine. Before adjusting the carburetor, you need to verify their serviceability.

In general, Patriot chainsaws due to their average cost and quality are equipped to the best of reliable carburetors, which you need to set up only in extreme measures. If you are not confident in your own abilities, then we strongly recommend entrusting this procedure to the specialists of the service center, t.to. Still, there is a risk of failure, as a result of incorrect tuning the maximum speed of the chainsaw.

When you need adjustment

As already mentioned, the new chainsaw already has standard fuel supply settings. But for proper running.in, it is recommended to limit the maximum engine speed, and this is done using adjusting screws located on the carburetor housing. Also, after the running.in, you will need to again make a more accurate setting of the supply of the combustible mixture.

In addition, the carburetor will have to configure in the following cases:

  • Due to strong vibration, factory settings were lost;
  • ICE starts poorly and stalls immediately;
  • ICE starts up, but the turns does not develop, and it stalls;
  • The piston group was worn out. in this case, adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw is possible as a temporary measure;
  • the engine does not function at idle;
  • Increased gasoline consumption, due to which the unit gives out a lot of smoke, the muffler and the spark plug are polluted by the soil, the engine power decreases.

Rules for setting a carburetor

You should know that the carburetor can be correctly configured only if:

  • Cleaning filters (gasoline and air) are not contaminated;
  • nozzles and channels suitable for them are clean;
  • membranes have no damage;
  • The needle valve is working and the necessary volume of the fuel mixture is received in the float chamber.

To adjust the carburetor of imported chainsaws, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules.

  • Before adjusting, if possible, you should warm the engine at idle or minimum speeds of about 10-15 minutes.
  • The rotation of the “l” regulator is achieved by such a engine that it gives out a idle one and a half to two thousand revolutions per minute. But you should pay attention to how the engine is gaining momentum. When pressing the accelerator lever, acceleration should go quickly and evenly. If the “failure” is detected, the screw should be slightly twisted until this phenomenon is eliminated, since it is caused by insufficient enrichment of the fuel mixture.
  • When the supply of the mixture at low speeds is adjusted, you should start twisting the “T” screw until you notice the rotation of the saw chain. After that, the screw should be unscrewed by half or a third of the turn, observing the behavior of the adhesion mechanism. Normally, at idle speeds the saw should not rotate.

The screw “h” is compensated by underestimated or high turns due to replacement of the type of fuel, changes in the concentration of oil or humidity.


Also, the “upper” setting can fly when improperly adjusting low revolutions with the corresponding screw.

Screw “h”, without enough experience, it is better not to regulate. If the tuning of the gasopyle carburetor is carried out by an incompetent person, the danger of the fact that at high speeds to the combustion chamber is too impoverished, especially during load. Such an engine operation will inevitably lead to the rapid wear of its piston system and to failure in the ignition system.

You can start adjusting high speeds if a person who sets up is knowledge and skills to adjust carburetor engines. At the disposal of the master, a special device should have a special device-a tachometer or multimeter with the function of the oscilloscope.

Setting up a chainsaw carburetor, namely, high engine speeds, occurs according to a simple scheme.

  • It is necessary to tighten or twist the “H” screw until the engine develops about 15 thousand revolutions per minute (according to the tachometer) or the value that is indicated in the manual to this unit on maximum gas.
  • When using an oscilloscope, the spark discharge frequency should be in the range from 230 to 250 Hz. It should be borne in mind that under load the frequency can decrease by approximately 10-15%.

It can be concluded that for safety should you configure the internal combustion engine to slightly low speeds.

The carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw should be configured by the same principle, as described above. There are holes on its case, into which, in order to adjust the engine speed, you need to insert a flat screwdriver. Each hole is signed by any one letter of three. As a rule, near the upper hole you can see the letter “T”, and near the lower ones (shown by arrows). the letters “L” and “H”.

The Chinese Carver chainsaw (Carver) has the same location of the screws. The following figure shows what a carburetor looks like from a Chinese chainsaw outside the unit housing.

Carburetor adjustment of the Chinese chainsaw

Carburetors installed on Chinese.made saws are made similarly to European ones and have the same settings screws.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Chinese chainsaw passes through the algorithm presented above, and differs in that when primary setting up the screws (L) and (h), they must be turned into two turns. Further, the carburetors of the Chinese saw are regulated in exactly the same way as European.

The setting of the saw carburetor can be studied by the video presented below. In this video, the master shows how the phased adjustment of the Chinese.made chainsaw is performed without the use of a tachometer. Conducts after adjusting verification in various modes.

The adjustment of the chainsaw carburetor, although it looks like a fairly simple process, but requires a very attentive and responsible approach. The article describes in sufficient detail, however, if you have never regulated a chainsaw, you should turn to specialists, this will help save time, nerves and means.

How to wash the carburetor of a chainsaw?

It is best to use a tool that is sold in pressure cylinders to clean the site of severe dirt. A dispenser and a long thin tube are included with the cleaner, thanks to which you can spray the product in any inaccessible places.

Keep in mind that the carburetor on the chainsaw is cleaned using combustible chemicals. You need to work with them in a special protective mask and only in well.ventilated rooms.

To clean the carburetor on the chainsaw, the node will need to be partially disassembled. The throttle valve, adjusting screws, housing and other parts of the carburetor will need to be washed with a product from a bottle and set aside until it dries completely. When all the elements dry, the node can be assembled and installed back on the chainsaw.

Gasoline does not enter the carburetor of the chainsaw

If the fuel does not fall into the standard chamber, this may indicate several breakdowns at the same time. First of all, it is necessary to check the air and fuel filter. During the long.term operation of the saw, these elements absorb a large amount of dust, which additionally prevents the leakage of clean air and fuel. A slightly contaminated filter can be cleaned with gasoline, but if the part is clogged with a lot of dust, it will need to be replaced.

Another reason for the problem. Needle. This part is characterized by gluing, especially on Chinese.made chainsaws. To eliminate problems in most cases, just move the needle.

If the fuel does not fall into the chamber, the owner of the saw must inspect the sealing of the tool. After several months of using the tool, these parts lose their tightness. Over time, they begin to skip gas, as a result of which the tool ceases to turn on. Repair is carried out by replacing the seals.

When starting a saw, the respiratory apparatus plays an important role. It is located next to the lid of the saw tank and performs 2 tasks at the same time. It maintains optimal air pressure and prevents fuel leakage. To check the fan, you need to turn off the fuel chip and see how much gasoline flows. If it does not flow at all, then the normal breathing tube is clogged with garbage and dirt. In this case, you will need to clean the item and set it in place.

If the fuel does not get into the chamber, it is necessary to check the fuel chip. Most often, the Chinese hose is used to equip a budget instrument, which eventually loses its tightness. In this case, it is necessary to replace the fishing line for the trimmer, paying special attention to the tightness of the seams of the channel.

Carburetor adjustment

As we have already mentioned, the manufacturer sets quite accurate settings in which your chainsaw should work well. However, during operation, the wear of individual nodes and parts occurs, factory adjustments are violated.

The movement of any of the adjusting screws is not even a quarter of turnover, can lead to fairly unpleasant consequences.

If you notice that the chainsaws are crashing, lost power, often stalls for no apparent reason: it’s time to adjust the carburetor.

The process of adjusting the Chinese chainsaw is carried out using manipulations with three screws: h (High), L (Low) and T. Screw t, depending on where and by whom your chainsaw is produced, may have a mark S or LA.

  • High: regulates the operation of the chainsaw at high speeds, is responsible for the work of the chief jail;
  • LOW: is responsible for the operation of the engine at low speeds, is responsible for the idle nozzle;
  • T (s, la): through this screw, the optimal level of idle speed is adjusted;

Starting to adjust the carburetor, find the chainsaw passport with the table of the angle of rotation of the adjusting screws. Adjustment can be carried out with a special or ordinary flat screwdriver.

Step.by.step instructions for adjusting the carburetor:

  • Install a chainsaw in a well.lit room or in open space;
  • The next step depends on the chainsaw. On some models, adjustment can be done without removing the protective cover of the air filter. Other manufacturers close the screws with a casing that must be removed;
  • The main stage of adjustment is started by manipulations with screws h and l. Twist them all the way. Feeling resistance, unscrewing a half turn back;
  • Try to start the motor. If it does not start, achieve the desired result, turning the screw t clockwise, no more than ¼ turn;

Thus, we found the starting parameters to start adjusting.

  • Having launched the engine, let it warm up for 8-11 minutes;
  • Using the screw l, find the highest speed of the engine and unscrew the screw from this point by ¼ turn. In the presence of a tachometer, this operation is best carried out with its help;
  • The idle screw (T) achieve the normal operation of the chainsaw at idle;
  • Check the engine’s receipt, chase it in different modes;
  • If the breakdown could not be eliminated at home, then you will have to turn to experienced mechanics, which has not only knowledge, but also experience;

The process of adjusting the most common carburetors is given above, which are installed on Chinese.made chainsaws. The process of adjusting some branded chainsaws can be carried more insignificantly.

If possible, expensive devices should be repaired in specialized workshops.

Alexander Trofimenko, 33 years old, Chernihiv region

“Guys, I have a chainsaw 270. I have been working with her for two years, but for some time, trabes and breakdowns have begun. For a long time I could not understand what was the matter, then it turned out that the settings of the carburetor had flown. I took it off, dismantled it, cleaned, washed, collected, put up gaps, manually adjusted. Then he went to the neighbor, lent the tachometer from that and it turned out that he was mistaken at 1,500 revolutions. So hearing is good, and the device is better in such matters.””

Alexey Ivanov, 47 years old, Tver

“After winter, the chainsaws have become poorly started, the engine works unevenly. Changed the candle to Champion, flooded fresh fuel. it did not help a gram. I rackled my head for a long time, why this happens, then I realized. the whole reason is in the fuel supply. My carb was littered. I had to blow it up and adjust it for a new exhibit. I spent three days and two tanks of gasoline on this business. Maybe it’s funny for you, but I got the experience and I tuned my chainsaw. I will not get enough.””

Sergey Akimov, 51 years old, Primorsky Territory

“I’ll tell you my sad story. Why sad, and therefore you should not get into the factory adjustments idle if you do not understand anything about it. In short, I bought a chainsaw, started, works fine. everything is through. I decided to cut the oak, 50. 55 centimeters in diameter. And it seemed to me that the relics were not enough. Well, since there is not enough, then I need to add and I climbed to the screws. Twisted them, and the chainsaw works worse and works worse, and then did not start at all. Spent a bunch of nerves, time, and then money. Then they made adjustment in the workshop and consulted with their crooked hands no more to the screws not to touch. The log is not sawn.””