Diy Electric Trimmer Repair

We all have to deal with the improvement of household plots. in the summer and, of course, to give a beautiful view of the site:
– do not do without trimmer. The reasons for breakdowns of electric trimmers are a strong vibration \ at work \, which affects various electrical connections of this electric appliance.
Before us is a photograph with the technical data of the electric trimmer. Repair trimmer will be accompanied by personal photos with a detailed description of the repair.

Electric trimmer circuit.

Electric circuit trimmer with fishing line, simple, consisting of:

  • potentiometer, motor control speed;
  • capacitor
  • and directly the motor itself.

The cause of the failure at the beginning during the visual inspection was incomprehensible; the trimmer had to be completely disassembled to determine the true cause of the breakdown.

Trimmer disassembly.

We proceed to disassemble the electric trimmer:

  • At the beginning we disconnect the two connected halves of the trimmer, the control knob from the contact connection with the electric motor itself.
  • Next, we need to check, perform diagnostics. control knobs. We analyze this part and carry out diagnostics for individual electrical connections.

Check with indicator screwdriver.

We need a simple tool for checking electrical connections. indicator screwdriver.
With integrity, the absence of any break in the electrical connections, the indicator screwdriver indicator light will glow, that is, the electrical circuit will close on the indicator screwdriver LED light bulb.
When performing this diagnostics, it is also necessary to close the contact of the potentiometer
One half of the electric trimmer. the handle of the manual trimmer is in good condition and then we need to check the second half of the trimmer, consisting of an electric motor and a capacitor.

Diagnostics by multimeter.

We need for such a test. a digital multimeter. You can also use a pointer multimeter or a device such as an Ohmmeter. there is no difference at all.
We expose the digital multimeter to the measurement range of the smallest resistance, connect the instrument’s probes to the socket of the detachable connection. The device in this example shows one in us. the indication of the display of the device means a gap in the electric circuit of the electric motor.
It is necessary to look further into what the cause of the malfunction may be and of course we will need to disassemble the two connected parts of the housing where the motor circuit is located directly.

Check collector motor.

First, check the collector motor. Connect the gauges of the device to the contacts of the graphite brushes, the display of the device shows the resistance as shown in the photograph. 29 Ohms. The instrument reading indicates the integrity of the stator windings of the collector motor.
Look further, what could be the cause of the fault. We conduct diagnostics of wires, output terminals of a detachable connection from an electric motor with contacts of graphite brushes.
Two outgoing contacts from the electric motor we grip with the fingers of one hand and with the tip of the indicator screwdriver touch the contacts of the graphite brushes.
And when checking the data of electrical sections, the cause of the malfunction of the trimmer is detected.
In the contact connection of the wire with a graphite brush. the contact is broken. The elimination of such a malfunction is no difficulty. For this, it is necessary to pickle the contact connection with the wire and the contact connection with a graphite brush with soldering acid. Next, apply a small layer of tin with a soldering iron  and solder the wire with a contact of a graphite brush.
So, the cause of the malfunction “electric trimmer with fishing line” installed and eliminated. As you have seen for yourself, such reasons may be minor breakdowns that can be determined without any difficulty.