Modern Chain Saw Lubrication System Stihl

The most compact and having a sufficiently large capacity is called the Stihl chainsaw. It allows you to perform various operations with wood. This model is the most popular device, as it has excellent cutting ability. The tool has many additional accessories that add convenience in work.

The main characterizing points.

Chain lubrication system chainsaw Stihl consists of:

  • guide rail;
  • saw chain;
  • oil pump.

The oil feed pump has a special adjustment. Chainsaw chain lubrication occurs constantly when the machine is running. Therefore, chainsaw chains have a long service life.
During operation, the chain requires a constant supply of lubricant. It must be continuous feed. It involves the design of the device. During the process of the chainsaw, the oil leaves the groove of the tire, instantly absorbed by sawdust.
For this reason, lubrication of the chain occurs in automatic mode. Some chainsaw chains are equipped with a system that regulates the exact amount of lubricant supplied. The cheapest devices are equipped with a manual pump that operates from a drive located on the handle.
For good chain lubrication, a special oil has been specially developed. After work, it quickly decomposes, so there is no violation of the ecological system. You can also use oils brand:
Absolutely not suitable for transmission gear lubricant. In winter, it freezes, as a result of clogging the oil system, it is necessary to clean it completely.
In winter, chain lubrication requires special attention. Branded oil “M-20” thickens in intense frost and resembles petrolatum. Therefore, to work in the winter time, it is necessary to lubricate the chainsaws with special winter oil, which has a more liquid consistency.
It is not always possible to purchase such a lubricant. Diesel fuel is mixed with oil, and the viscosity decreases to solve the problem. However, if the previously poured oil remains in the crankcase, the diluted additive will not give a positive effect, the system channels will remain clogged — only one way out. heated chainsaw in a warm room.
If the chain oil is not very large, you can try to melt it by running the saw at low idle.

Practical recommendations:

The layout of the holes for lubrication.
Before starting to operate the chainsaws, it is necessary to check the lubrication system of the chainsaw chain. To this end, it is essential to hold the end of the tire by placing a paper sheet under it. When revolutions are added, an oily strip should form on the sheet.
Competent lubrication of the chain greatly increases the life of the chainsaw headset. If there is not enough oil, then the device will run dry. The cutting headset will quickly break. The friction of parts should have a minimal character, therefore all guides, hinged joints should be covered with an oily film.
When the chain is moving along the guide rail, the lubrication system should provide a constant flow of oil. An oil pump performs this function. With it, the right amount of oil is fed into the guide rail and its groove.
Leading chain links scatter oil to the total length of the groove.

Guarantee the right chain lubrication is considered:

  • fine tuning of the oil pump;
  • completely filled oil tank;
  • the right choice of oil.

Before starting work, it is necessary to monitor the operation of the lubrication system constantly. The sides of the chain determine the correctness of the supply of lubricant; they must be constantly lubricated.

The main parameters of the chain chainsaw.

The need for lubricants is always different. It all depends on what you need to cut. When the length of the cut reaches large quantities, the tree has a high hardness and thick bark, and you must have a plentiful supply of oil.
If the cutting headset smokes or the chain stops, you can talk about a lot of heat. The main reason is the lack of lubrication.

Other reasons may be:

  • dull chain;
  • strong tension.

How to repair chainsaws?

To repair a chainsaw, you need to familiarize yourself with its internal structure, the operation of all mechanisms, and examine the lubricant supply system. When a chainsaw works, the following problems may occur.
Often there is leakage of oil fluid.
Probably, tightness of fastening of hoses is broken. To solve this problem, you need to disassemble the tool to replace the hoses. If there are no spare parts, you can decrease the old hose and its seat. Mount self-locking clamps at the junction of the hose with a tube. The field of this tightness will be restored.
Sometimes the oil filter gets clogged. It must be periodically cleaned. The oil supply is repaired only in the case of a dry chain. It is usually due to clogged channels. They must be thoroughly cleaned. This phenomenon occurs very often.
When it is challenging to start a chainsaw, and sometimes it is simply impossible, you need to diagnose the device. At first candles and the air filter are checked before reinstalling all parts must be a dry well.
If there is fuel on the candles, you can talk about its excess. The leading cause of this problem is poor carburetor adjustment or improper starting. The fuel supply valve may be closed. To fix the damage, you need to make sure that there is enough fuel in the gas tank, to check how well the combustion chamber functions. If the candles become unusable, they must be replaced.
The fuel supply may have stopped due to a clogged breather. A vacuum is created in the tank that blocks the flow of fuel. This phenomenon occurs when channels are clogged, the carburetor is poorly tuned, and the air filter is clogged. These problems require valve repair, which equalizes the pressure during gas supply. The breather is cleaned with a sharp needle.
To adjust the carburetor, need to find the optimal value of revolutions. To do this, you need to tuck or, conversely, turn out the adjusting screws. This setting should be done precisely according to the instructions for repairing a Stihl chainsaw.
In the carburetor, the filter mesh is cleaned, all channels are purged, the membrane is checked for performance, no ruptures are allowed.
Work with the carburetor due to its complex mechanism should be carried out carefully and in perfect purity. Its normal and good work depends on it.
To achieve proper operation of the chainsaw, you need to look after her continually. It requires constant cleaning of the air filter, lubrication of the chain, and necessarily new, fresh oil.
When the tool is removed for long-term storage, you must drain all gasoline and remove the oil to lubricate the chain. In this case, the chainsaw will work without breakdowns for a long time.

Stihl semi-synthetic oil.

Very often, the owners of such chainsaws, wonder what oil can be used for the saw.

It’s work can be affected by:

  • cutting headset;
  • climate;
  • wood species.

To solve this problem, a universal semi-synthetic oil was developed at Stihl. It fits all high-speed chainsaws. Under all conditions, this oil can lubricate the chains. The tool will work smoothly.
Since the Stihl semi-synthetics is intended for chains, it is made of special high-quality materials and does not include various toxic substances that can cause cancer. Oil fully meets the most stringent environmental requirements.
The Russian climate is quite severe. In our country, there are areas where frosts often overcome values ​​of.20 ° C. The newest chain saw oil Stihl had been specially developed for use in cold conditions. With such cold weather, it exhibits excellent fluidity.
Special additives that make up the oil do not allow oiling of the cutting headset. They will prolong life and other lubricated parts. Saw with this oil is easy to run, even after prolonged storage.
The use of such a chain lubricant reduces wear of the saw chain. Due to the high endurance of the oil at high temperatures, the cutting set is under perfect protection. This oil is not afraid of peak temperature load. Rarely appears smoke.