Do Not Hold Drill In Hammer

For professionals in their field, replacing or repairing a perforator cartridge is not difficult. However, what to do for those who are not involved in the construction and repair of a professional level? Since any man in his life at least once held a drill in his hands, he should be aware of the removal process, as well as the replacement of its cartridge. At the same time, the reasons can be very different, starting with the slowed down operation of the gear rim and ending with a major breakdown. How to change the cartridge on the punch? Consider the replacement in more detail.

How to remove the cartridge from the punch

The first step is to determine which cartridge is used directly in your rock drill. They are cam, collet SDS and keyless. The latter, in turn, are one- and two-sleeve. In the cam chuck, the drill is fixed with a key, which can not be said about SDS collet and quick-clamping. In order to replace the drill in the SDS collet chuck, you just need to turn it.

Replacing the cartridge on the punch begins with the study of fixtures. It can be held at the expense of a screw rod or spindle. In most cases, removing the cartridge is not difficult. However, sometimes there is a stronger fixation, which will require patience and additional tools. In a simplified version, a tightly fixed cartridge is removed by means of a hammer, key and screwdriver. The removal process is as follows:

Punch Cartridge Device

Almost any construction tool is universal, and rotary hammers are no exception. For them, there are many different nozzles, adapters, cartridges. The basis for the work of any kind of work is a cartridge. The punch adapter is used to install a drill that is removed from a conventional drill. Nozzles and drills have a huge variety and are selected in accordance with the tasks.

Always keep a replaceable cartridge for a puncher at home, since at any time one can fail. It is also worth noting that for each type of work it is preferable to use different cartridges. The main types of cartridges include:

Fans often wonder why so many varieties of ammo are needed. Recall that there are perforators with more and less power. If the tool is powerful, then you need to think about reliable fastening of the drill and nozzles. Such a cartridge as SDS-max is designed for deep landing, which means that the likelihood that the drill will fly off during operation is minimized. The same thing with less powerful perforators, which are designed for "jewelry" work. In this case, more emphasis is placed not on fixation, but on accuracy.

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In order to know how to repair a perforator cartridge, you need to study its device. But how is the punch holder arranged?

At one time, the drill was fastened by means of movable cams, but progress does not stand still. In SDS, drills are fixed with 2 guide wedges and 2 locking balls. SDS-plus and SDS-max differ only in the number of guide wedges (the latter has 1 more). Thus, the mount comes out very reliable and fast.

Do Not Hold Drill In Hammer

The fixing of the nozzle itself was also simplified: you just need to insert the selected nozzle into the socket of the cartridge, slightly press and wait for a click. Thus, the nozzle is well fixed. Removing the drill is also not particularly difficult: pressing the movable cover. and the drill is removed.

Additionally, the hammer drill may include:

How to disassemble a perforator cartridge

When disassembling a cartridge, it is necessary to take into account the manufacturer, because the disassembling of a perforator cartridge will differ significantly. To date, the list of the most popular include:

Consider a disassembly using the example of a cartridge for a Bosch rotary hammer:

1. The plastic part is pushed back, the rubber seal is removed.

2. Using a screwdriver, carefully remove the locking ring.

3. Next, the locking washer.

4. Behind the puck we will see the second ring. It should be turned and removed, also prying off with a screwdriver.

5. Behind the plastic part, we see the SDS clamp, consisting of a spring, ball and washer. The ball is taken out first, then the washer and spring.

The cartridge is dismantled for various purposes: repair, replacement of individual parts, cleaning, lubrication, etc. The cartridge for the Makita rotary hammer and other manufacturers is disassembled in approximately the same way, with the exception of a few nuances that are taken into account based on the design of the cartridge.

After disassembling and producing everything that was planned to work with the cartridge parts, a logical question arises: how to assemble a perforator cartridge? Just use the disassembly instructions, starting from the last stage and ending with the first (do everything exactly the opposite).

How to replace a cartridge on a rotary hammer

We have already written above that not every cartridge will fit any drill. We also examined the process of removing and even disassembling a cartridge. To install a new cartridge, follow these steps: