Engine Selection For A Tiller.

The engine for a tiller is an essential element in the design of a mechanical assistant of any gardener or gardener, tiller technical characteristics and ease of operation directly depend on its power, reliability and simplicity.

The range of industrial production tillers increases from year to year, but the interest in making tillers with their own hands does not get less from this. Accordingly, the demand for good engines, which are suitable for use on homemade tillage machines, is increasing.

The market is going to meet consumers, and more and more new compact, low weight, excellent performance and reasonable price engines are continually appearing.

Companies such as Honda (Honda), Agromotor, Greenfield (GreenField), Subaru (Subaru), Forza (Forza), BRIGGS STRATTON. All models of engines of these manufacturers are of high quality, reliability and relatively low cost.

The engines of domestic manufacturers are less popular; this is primarily due to the price and relatively short operating time before repair, compared to foreign analogues.

Chinese engines for tillers.

Over the past few years, a steady increase in the popularity of motors from Chinese manufacturers has been observed. Distinctive features of Chinese products: low cost, modern design, characterized by high reliability, the versatility of destination. All these differences, coupled with the availability of spare parts in the public domain, allow the use of DPRK engines on any garden and garden equipment, including homemade tillers.

When working in the climatic conditions of our country, excellent performance is provided by low-cost models of Chinese engines of the Lifan family.

Depending on the intended application, the motors can be completed with additional equipment, such as lighting coils, electric starters and gearboxes.

The engine for a tiller with a gearbox can be called an ideal solution for the home-builder since there are no additional difficulties in designing the unit.

Chinese companies use the latest equipment and technologies in the manufacture of engines; the finished products undergo pre-sales training and arrive at the buyer completely ready for operation. Besides, many models are guaranteed for two years, and all these measures contribute to increasing the popularity of Chinese brands in our country.

How to choose an engine for tiller?

Most modern engines for tillers operate on a four-stroke cycle. Such engines are much more economical and unpretentious than two-stroke engines, which is an undoubted advantage. Begin to be popular and diesel, for example, diesel engine for tiller KM186F.

This engine, with a working volume of 0.4 litres develops power up to 9 horsepower. Forced air cooling allows motor operation for a long time.

From the family of motors, Lifan model can be distinguished Lifan160F. The unit is characterized by sufficient power (4.3 kW) with a small working volume (0.118 litres), a torque of 7.4 N / m is reached at 3600 revolutions per minute.

The claimed motor potential of the engine attracts attention: 3000 turnover, an excellent indicator for an engine that works for the tiller.

When choosing an engine, one should not forget that its durability directly depends on power. For example, when working on the same tiller soil with a capacity of 3. 3.5 hp and 5. 9 hp, the first tiller risks getting more potential problems than it’s older brother.

It is explained by the fact that a low-power engine is forced to constantly work at high speeds and loads on the gearbox, respectively, the wear of parts occurs earlier than that of a more powerful motor.

Choosing an engine for a tiller, plan the conditions and duration of its work to determine the power and equipment of the unit, this will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses for the purchase of a motor with functions unnecessary for your case.

As a rule, the best choice in most cases is the Chinese engine Lifan for the tiller, due to the optimal ratio of power, quality, reliability and cost.