How To Make A Boat Motor Out Of The Garden Trimmer?

Many people are interested in whether it is possible to convert a rubber boat into a motor boat. To do this, you need to mount a trimmer outboard motor on it.

Advantages of using a trimmer.

Consider the advantages of using a trimmer:

  1. Do not have to buy an expensive outboard motor.
  2. A trimmer internal combustion engine spends less gasoline than a boat motor.
  3. The engine from the Trimmer more compact than the factory motor for the boat.
  4. The engine of the gas mowers has high strength, hermetic case, and the presence of an integrated tank.
  5. It has all the knots that are needed to control a homemade motor: a starter, a gas lever, a rod, a shaft, a fuel tank.

Principle of operation.

The motor for a trimmer boat has a higher speed of rotation of the blades, which allows you to move faster on the river. When the lawn mower is working when mowing lawns, its blades are turned in the other direction. In the manufacture of a motor for a boat, the engine blades are turned over. Then the engine will work to push the boat. The higher the blades to the surface of the water, the faster the speed and the higher the speed of the boat.

Ready set of nozzles.

Now they sell special nozzles for trimming the Trimmer into a boat motor. This console includes everything you need to attach to the motor mower. The control stick and the switch button are mounted to the rod. The gas handle is made with the ability to switch speeds and is equipped with a ratchet, which secures the desired position.

Motor for a boat do it yourself.

You can perform a homemade outboard motor from the Trimmer.

First, you need to prepare materials and tools:

  • 3 hp trimmer;
  • steel sheet 2 mm thick for screws;
  • welding machine;
  • fasteners;
  • clamp to install the engine on board the boat;
  • Bulgarian;
  • drill.

Before work, you need to create drawings showing all the dimensions required for the work of parts and assemblies, as well as the scheme and procedure for installation.
It is necessary to find out the size of the screw, which depends on the power and mass of the boat with the load. It should be borne in mind that the screw size 3×10 cm, installed on the engine, can carry a boat with passengers weighing up to 120 kg.

Stages of work on the manufacture of the motor mowers:

  1. To make the motor for the boat, you first need to redo the bent shaft.
  2. Then make a screw.
  3. Replace the engine cover with a plastic switch.
  4. Attach the shaft to the engine from the mower.

Reworking a bent shaft.

First, you need to redo the curved shaft. To do this, take a nut with a height of 2 cm in the form of a cylinder with a thread inside. Unscrewed nuts and bolts must be retained, as they have a non-standard thread. Then remake the barbell with a rigid shaft. Pull the flexible shaft out of the bar by removing the nut.
The end of the rod has no bearings, they are replaced by a sleeve, so it must be cut. Remove the protector. Since the metal pipe is curved, it is difficult to level it, so it will not be used. Instead, you should choose a duralumin pipe of the same diameter, or smaller than the diameter of the sleeve.
A bronze bushing is installed in the pipe. To do this, slightly bore pipe. Then gently press the sleeve over the groove with a hammer. It is not recommended to make efforts so that the sleeve does not deteriorate. Tread cut to the desired diameter and put in the bar. If the tube has a large diameter and it is difficult to put it in the hole of the engine head, then it should be turned to the required size.
Instead of a flexible shaft, take a steel bar and connect it to the motor shaft. Then tighten the screw on the shaft and secure with a nut. Then it is necessary to fix the engine with the internal shaft to the engine using adapters. They need to perform in the turning shop. Different models of mowers may have features that need to be considered.

The use of gear from the grinder.

To create the engine on the boat based on mowers often use a gearbox from the grinder. It needs to be improved. Shaft with gear must be replaced by a longer one that will fit the bar. The end of the shaft is performed by analogy with the extracted short shaft to be able to use the same bearings.
At the bearing installation points, an oil seal is installed that will protect the angle gearbox from water ingress. The gearbox housing is twisted with a sealant. In the gearbox pour lubricant to cover the gears.

Screw making.

To create a screw, you need a duralumin strip with a length of 100 mm and a width of 30 mm. If you put a screw on the table, then from it to the blade should be 10 mm. The angle of inclination of the propeller blades must be adjusted with pliers. Before this, perform annealing of duralumin. You can make screws with 2 or 3 blades of various sizes. Dimensions of the propeller should be selected individually.