Front beam for power tiller with his own hands

Anything that can be used with or attached to your motorcycle, whether it’s a boxcart, hay mower, dip bar, harrow, or any other implement is secured with a hitch. If the basic element is not suitable, the owner has a choice. buy a suitable or make a coupling for the machine with their own hands.

Be that as it may, deciding which version of the mechanism is able to respond to the maximum functions, which performs a unit, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, in the list of which:

  • The distinctive features of a cultivator or power tiller;
  • The scope of use of the machine. the duties it performs;
  • Equipment that will integrate with it;
  • loads;
  • the need for versatility.

Proceeding from this, it is necessary to become thoroughly acquainted with the particularly frequently practiced devices and choose, taking as a basis the properties of what is best suited in this case.

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How to make a front beam on a homemade mini tractor video

Serious interest in machinery came to me in my teenage years, when I began not only to repair mopeds myself, but also to assemble them from various old parts. Then, growing up, I switched to motorcycles, reinvented them in my own way: I clad them according to my own taste (there was no word “design” in my vocabulary back then), made them more comfortable, fashionable, more powerful, more comfortable.

After serving in the army, in 1985, I bought a VAZ-2108 “Sputnik”. For those days the car was not studied, it was unwillingly accepted in service stations, therefore I had to repair it myself, understanding its structure, and this made me get more “attached” to the equipment.

After driving the eight for two years, I started “tuning” the car: I redid the bumpers, installed spoilers. all this was just coming into fashion at the time.

The car started to look nice and to stand out from its counterparts, and it was no longer safe to leave it outside the house overnight.

My garage was a bit far, and I had to get up early for work, when there was no public transportation. Then I decided to buy cheaply an old ZAZ-965 (humpbacked Zaporozhets), manufactured in 1965, that would drive me to my garage in the morning and back in the evening. I rebuilt it, adjusted it and examined it, as they say, up to the smallest detail.

It started up in any frost, but the heater practically did not warm. I tried to invent my own, gas-powered car, but the desired effect was not achieved.

Then I decided to put on “Zaporozhets” the engine of liquid cooling from VAZ-2103 to solve the problem at once. A preliminary assessment showed that the Zigul engine fits in the Zaporozhye engine compartment, but the hood lid would still have to be redesigned.

Increased weight required strengthening of suspensions, and increased power. strengthening of drive wheels and improved efficiency of brakes. And it was necessary to change the wheels themselves to ones that would match the engine. Reworking of the hood, though it required accuracy of execution, did not cause much trouble.

It was much more difficult to dock the VAZ engine and Zaporozhye transmission unit, or rather its clutch crankcase. Carried out this connection through the adapter plate (flat ring). Its thickness is 24mm, but the location of the holes I can’t even reproduce in the drawing. everything was done “by hand”, by the plasma prints on the cylinder block and clutch crankcase.

The task was further complicated by the fact that this also had to include holes and a notch for a non-standard starter mount. It was also necessary to make a special fork for the release bearing. Parts and units of braking system, as well as front hubs and shortened hubs were “borrowed” from VAZ-2101. I used 175/70 R13 tires from VAZ “five”.

I reinforced the front suspension with parts from ZAZ-968, installing new torsions, knuckles, shock absorbers and other units. only cross-beam remained original. I also had to make a special fork for the expander bearing. With respect to rear suspension, at first I did not take radical measures. only made it stiffer and slightly reduced its stroke.

The problem of heating, which was to be solved, somehow became secondary. But it was solved quite successfully along the way, putting in front under the dashboard Zhiguli heater.

But I had to pull the pipes of inlet (hot) and return (cold) water line from the engine through the whole salon On the trunk lid (I’ll call it “front hood”) I installed a self-made plastic air intake. Cut a hatch in the roof with a sliding lid.

Thus the cabin was not only well heated in cold weather, but also effectively ventilated in hot weather. First of all I couldn’t mount the radiator in the front part of the car. Therefore, taking the radiator from the truck GAZ-53 and cut it in half lengthwise, installed half in the engine compartment on both sides of the engine.

Ready-made variants

If you start to compare the factory carts for power tillers, their just seem exorbitant, given that such a product will be used in a limited area and on a simple route.

Although their quality still attracts attention of many owners of power tillers, who for one reason or another don’t make them at home. Although there is a lot to look at. galvanized sides and bottoms, brakes for every taste and padded seats with footrests. almost all kinds of comfort.

You can even get a warranty on the product. But because they are all manufactured to certain standards, their dimensions, load capacity and overall comfort of design, often do not meet the needs of customers. Therefore, it is a serious question of choice. to buy or make it yourself?

  • Bogie TPM-350-1 for power tillers, equipped with belt brakes, with non-galvanized tipper body type, has the dimensions of 1,2 m by 1 m. Load capacity of this product. 500 kg.
  • The cart is suitable for many models of power tillers, both foreign, made in China, and for domestic, which use components supplied from China. Their overall length is 2.6 meters, and width is 1.3 meters.
  • Cart TP-350-1 galvanized collapsible for minitractor, the body of which is fully assembled from galvanized steel sheets, also equipped with reflective elements. With its own weight of 90 kg its lifting capacity is about 500 kg.
  • The dimensions of the body are 1.1 metre by 1 metre exactly. the truck is equipped with disc brakes and is completely demountable. True, in the standard configuration it is suitable only for attaching to the tractor.
  • In order to use a cart with a power tiller it will be necessary to supplement it with necessary fasteners. Medium
  • The trailer is a cart which, in spite of its name, can be used not only with this firm’s power tillers, but also with their analogues. And they are enough, because as well as motor blocks, it is made in China.

Products of this country are known for the fact that different models and even companies use the same components, thanks to which you can make repairs, replacing parts in similar models.

The same applies to attachments, or rather mountings for them.

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  • Dimensions of the trailer body. 1.4 meters by 1 meter flat, height. 1.13 meters. The trailer type is a tipper trailer with a capacity of 350 kilograms. Of the available amenities, which are equipped with all trailers of this model without exception. a handy glove compartment, which is located under the seat.
  • Medium

Determine the size and prepare self-made drawings

A cart for a power tiller is a serious business, so you should start with the drawings. It’s clear that every homebuilder chooses his own solutions, but the dimensions of already existing products will obviously help.

You can use these drawings to assemble a medium-sized trailer with rigid suspension. In this case we use a body made of planks.

This drawing helps make the above trailer frame. Usually you use 25×25 mm or 20×40 mm section section profile tube for these purposes.

This diagram illustrates the parameters of a trailer with a hoist. It is easy to make a telescopic stop from two pipes of different diameters, inserted into each other. There is a ledge on the frame that locks the front part of the body from transverse movements during travel. The support under the drawbar secures the trailer horizontally.

This drawing will help you make a simple design with a flat loading platform. Lightweight trailer can be made from a profile pipe section of 20×20 mm or angle 45×45 mm.

It is convenient to use the suspension for the trailer from a scooter “Muravy” or make the same by your own forces. Two independent levers on the silent blocks plus shock absorbers with springs provide a high smoothness of movement.

Another drawing of a trailer with soft suspension. In this case it is suggested to use the torsion suspension from “Zaporozhets” or motor-cars. Note, no matter what design you have chosen, at least the simplest sketch of the frame with the dimensions to prepare the necessary. This will help avoid mistakes, spoiling material and wasting time.

Hitching equipment for power tillers with his own hands drawings. Attachments for the Neva power tiller with your own hands

The list of attachments for all models of power tillers is very long. First of all, it includes:

  • harrows and plows;
  • mowers and rakes;
  • potato planters and potato harvesters;
  • tillers and planters;
  • snow blowers and woodchoppers ;
  • planters and mouldboards;
  • sprayers and pumps.

Such a large selection of attachments is never included with a Neva power tiller. It’s hard to imagine how much money you need to buy all the extras you need for the farm. And also it is necessary to remember that fully universal power tillers are practically not produced. In other words, the units that fit a particular model are very rarely installed on another single-axle tractor. Sometimes manufacturers anticipate additional opportunities to improve their equipment, which is done through the use of additional attachments. These include:

  • weights;
  • undercarriage slackeners;
  • additional hubs;
  • adapters;
  • grousers ;
  • transport carts;
  • thrust levers;
  • couplings.

Absolutely any such equipment can be made with their own hands or borrow from other power tillers and remake. The main thing is to make sure that they are compatible. The maximum power of the motor, connection method, dimensions and weight, drawings, load limits and other indicators should be taken into account when developing the equipment. Otherwise you may lose money and wasted labor.

GBM-028-001 mini-tractor front beam

This model of front beam (or as it is also called front axle of mini-tractor with cams and half-axles) is designed for installation on mini-tractors, homemade machines, as well as for installation on the front adapters to power tillers, so you can also remake power tillers and tillers for a mini-tractor. The unit consists of a rocking beam with a mounting sleeve in the middle for mounting on the frame of a mini-tractor with a kingpin, on both sides there are two welded sleeves with grease nipples for quick and easy supply of lubricant to the rotary knot, as well as two swivel posts of trunnion-half axle, which freely swings on the beam sleeves and on which hubs with wheels are mounted. The hubs consist of two buried bearings. The base configuration is equipped with pneumatic wheels 4×10 (herringbone pattern), other sizes are also available (e.g. herringbone wheel 4×8, 5×10, 5×12, 6×12). And also there are swivel cams on the half axle. Material hubs, axles and hubs are carbon steel St. 45. It is possible to complete the half axles with all the arms, bipods and rods, as well as all the necessary fasteners on your request. It is possible to produce both simple and more complex models with smaller or larger capacities, with different swivel structures depending on the tractor on which it will be used. Before ordering mandatory preparation of our drawings and mounting schemes for approval by the customer.

General technical characteristics of the minitractor front axle: Standard wheel size: pneumatic 4.0″-10″; Operating speed: up to 10-30km/h; Brake type: Disk brakes (optional). option); Standard model track: 700 mm (Possibility of standard configuration with adjustable beam width); Carrying capacity: Up to 500 kg; Weight: 30 kg; Overall dimensions: 780x280x360 mm.

Supply includes: Front beam assembly with rolling unit 1 pc Front hub 2 pcs. Trunnion right, swivel assembly 1 pc. Trunnion left swivel assembly 1 pc. Swivel arm left side 1 pc. Swivel arm right 1 pc. Fixing elements of swivel half-axles and hubs 1 pcs. Additional elements (customer-specific options): Steering arm, levers and rods (steering gearbox) 1 piece; Pneumatic wheel 4×10 2 pieces. Disc brakes and pads 1 pcs.; Sliding front beam with adjustable wheel track width.

Can be used on the following tractors: Uralets 120. 160; Xingtai 120 / Xingtai 120; Xingtai 160.

It is possible to manufacture front adapters for power tillers, with alteration of your power tiller into a minitractor.

front adapter for a motor block Neva front adapters with steering for a motor block front adapter for a motor block with steering hub front adapter for a motor block with his hands front adapter for a motor block agate front beam on a minitractor with his hands drawings Front beam of a minitractor with hubs Front beam on a minitractor from a power tiller Front beam on a minitractor with his hands Front beam adapter for a tractor Swinging beam of a tractor Front axle of a minitractor Front beam of a minitractor

Supply includes: GBM-028-001 front bar of tractor GBM-028-001. 1 piece; User manual. 1 pc.

Similar names for this product: front beam adapter for power tiller; front beam on a minitractor with his hands; front beam on a minitractor from a power tiller; front beam on a minitractor with his hands drawings; front beam minitractor with hubs; swaying beam minitractor; front beam minitractor.

Homemade tools for power tiller, description, video, photos

It is easier and more convenient to work on small plots of land with a small tractor. And do not worry, if you do not have enough money to buy. you can make it yourself from an inexpensive power tiller. Especially when you have interest to machinery, engineering abilities, necessary equipment and tools, it will be absolutely not difficult to make. The main thing is to understand the technical aspects, prepare for the transformation and choose the right single axle tractor.

Homemade tractor front beam

front beam for a mini tractor with my own hands. Works great to this day!

Mini tractor, front beam (in detail)

Hello all, in this video I will show you a full assembly of the front beam on my mini tractor.

MT-7. Homemade tractor. Day 2 (front beam) [Homemade tractor. Day 2 (front axle)]

I am in : Friends, hi all! In today’s video we will focus on.

Front beam on the MINITRAKTOR from the power tiller.Front axle for homemade tractor

Front beam on a mini tractor from a power tiller.VAZ hubs. HOOK jack lift

classic mini tractor. Front beam

Front beam on the classic mini tractor.

Front beam for self-made tractor mini T-16.

Good to see you on my channel! This is a channel about power tillers and various attachments. NEW PROJECT!

GAZel girder for homemade tractor. Complete redesign process. homemade tractor

Hi all. Complete process of rebuilding GAZel beam for homemade tractor as well as steering.

Front axle from GAZelle for homemade tractor

Hi all. Continuing to remake GAZel front axle, for homemade tractor with Mersedes engine.

Model with drawings of tractor front beam.

In this video I present a 3D model of the front beam of a mini tractor, based on pivot knuckles VAZ classic.

HAND HANDS mini tractor CLASSIC front beam


Front bar on a mini tractor PART 1 (my way of assembling and tuning)

To order a mini tractor 7-918-127-49-46 For those who want to financially help the channel to its development CART.

=04= Homemade mini-tractor, front beam

Finished making the front beam of homemade tractor. And also how we are beginning of spring.

How to make a front beam for a tractor classic

To order a tractor or loader or at least a classic version, then call or if.

Front bar for a mini tractor from garage hinges.

Rebuilt the front beam on my minitractor. Didn’t have to do any turning. Bought two garage hinges, 160 each.

Homemade mini-tractor C4 Ch2. Front beam, rear axle.

Assembled the rear axle with interim plates, welded front beam.

The front beam of the homemade mini-tractor

Mini tractor review Rear axle part 1 Rear axle part 2.

Homemade mini-tractor front axle from VAZ knuckles

Started to make a classic mini-tractor with a minimum of lathe work.

The mini-tractor classics with his own hands (front beam rocker) part 1

To order the mini-tractor 7-918-127-49-46 For those who want to financially help the channel to develop it CARD.

DIY mini-tractor classic (front beam. rocker, I change the turning radius)

To order a mini tractor 7-918-127-49-46 For those who want to help the channel financially for its development CARD.

How to make a front beam on a mini tractor like T 25. with my own hands. Two gearboxes UAZ axle. Part 3

HOMEMADE tractor off-road with their own hands.Two gearboxes.UAZ gearbox with transfer case. UAZ rear axle. Front beam.

Front beam on a minitractor PART 2 (my way of assembling and tuning)

To order a mini tractor 7-918-127-49-46 For those who want to financially help the channel to its development CARD.

shortening front beam of the minitractor

Having converted a single-axle tractor in a minitractor, I found a number of shortcomings, one of them is not adjustable front beam.

Front Beam.Review for subscriber.

One of the viewers of my channel asked to do a review of the front beam of my mini tractor. Enjoy watching.

[MT-12] Front bar for a mini tractor with his hands

Good afternoon! Today in details how all the same it is very simple and thus correctly to make.

Homemade tractor.Assembling process.Making knuckle mounts for the front beam.#10

Making steering knuckle mounts to make a front beam. Your help for development.

Front beam and wheels on a mini tractor.

In this video we will show and tell you how to make some parts for a mini tractor. If you have.

Making a front beam for a minitractor. Front beam to minitractor.

Made a beam from a channel,,10,,, and VAZ-classic knuckles.

Front girder on a mini tractor

Created by Video Maker:

New engine on homemade mini tractor.Painting wheels and front beam.

A new engine for a homemade mini-tractor. Painting the wheels and front beam of a mini tractor.

MT-6. Series 2. Front beam on a mini tractor (mini tractor with their own hands) #Eugene Permyakov_KSK

I’m in : MT-1:.

Part3️⃣ front beam rocker, on a mini tractor.

This video contains information on how to make a front beam rocker on a homemade mini tractor,by your.

Improvements to the front beam of a homemade mini-tractor

Improvements to the front beam of a homemade mini-tractor.

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Trailer for a power tiller with your own hands: steps of work, video instruction

Determining the sizes and drawing you need to calculate how many meters of rolled metal and how many channels you need for making the trailer home-made. This is necessary in order to protect yourself from unnecessary costs for the purchase of unnecessary parts and fasteners.

Kubota PEM. 140DI Power Tiller

Required materials and tools:

  • welding machine;
  • Steel angles 40×40 mm and 50×25 mm;
  • timber in the size of 50×50 mm;
  • 20 mm thick boards;
  • scraps of pipes of round and rectangular cross-section;
  • wheels and hub assembly.

The future trailer will consist of four basic units, connected by welding.

  • Using scrap pipes and angles 40×40 mm and 50×25 mm the frame is assembled and welded together.
  • The body is made of 20 mm boards, which nodes are then trimmed with steel angles.
  • The body is fitted to the trailer frame with three cross-bars, which are made of wood.
  • The wheels are mounted on the structure. Before this, it is necessary to sharpen the ends of the axle rod, so that its diameter coincides with the size of the hub bearings. It is necessary to trace the length of the rod. When assembled, the wheels should not protrude over the body rims.
  • The rod is welded to the longitudinal joint body and frame members through the corner supports and brackets.
  • The trailer will be attached to the power tiller with the help of the console, which should be made with your own hands. The lower part of this element is the axle around which the swivel unit rotates. the upper part should be made to follow the contours of the pickup. The console is attached to the bracket of the attachment.
  • To make the trailer wheels work independently of the tiller wheels and to make the machine easy to drive, it is recommended to insert the drawbar into the longitudinal joint body and secure it with stop rings.

Dump trailer for power tiller ready. Now you can mount the footrest and the driver’s seat, from which the machine will be controlled.