Lifting mechanism for the motor-block adapter with their own hands

Types of adapters for Belarus 09n

There are quite a few varieties of adapters, which are produced by third-party brands. Such equipment is not offered as a standard option on MTZ. Nevertheless, the design must be chosen based on the specific tasks that need to be optimized when working with a power tiller.

Many farmers prefer to collect an adapter for MTZ 09n with their own hands, motivating it by the fact that only in this case you can consider all the wishes and operating conditions of agricultural machinery. But if we still summarize, we can distinguish the following types:

  • with front or rear linkage;
  • with front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive;
  • with a lever for lifting (accelerates single-axle tractor and facilitates steering);
  • with a conventional or tipper body;
  • with drawbar of different length.

By installing various adapters for the MTZ 09n power tiller, you can turn a modest single-axle tractor into a full tractor with attachments. Attachments can also be bolted to the adapter. That makes it possible to hang equipment both in the front and in the rear. See photos for all possible layouts.

Description of the adapter for a power tiller

The adapter is a special module for transporting on a power tiller. With it, you can operate the machine from a sitting position and still cultivate the land. For example, the adapter to the MTZ motoblock has a steering control. It is quite possible to make it with your own hands. One of the sections of the article below is devoted to how it can be done. And now let’s talk about the purpose of this attachment.

The adapter makes it much easier to use this home appliance. You can change attachments for plowing or planting potatoes, ploughing and other operations. Also the adapter speeds up absolutely all gardening work. In other words, if you apply such a device in practice, the speed of the working forces will increase from 5 to 10-11 km / h.

Scheme and design of an adapter to a power tiller

The adapter to the tiller is a trailer with a seat is made on the basis of a two-wheel frame. Its purpose is to facilitate the work with a power tiller, which it transforms into a device for carrying loads, similar to a mini-tractor.

lifting, mechanism, adapter, their, hands

The adaptor provides a significant reduction in labor intensity of agricultural work and increases the efficiency of the power tiller operation many times over. It is worth noting that heavy adapters come in two types: long and short. They can be docked to different power tillers. Also known and light adapter for a tiller, which is attached to one wheel of the power tiller, as opposed to the heavy adapter.

Adapters, being the main link in the connection of a power tiller and attachments, are equipped with a seat, an extended or short frame (drawbar) and hitches. Structurally, the adapter contains drawbars. One of them provides connection of the adapter to the tiller, and the second one is used for hitch mounting of auxiliary equipment: harrows, ploughs, cultivators, mattocks, mowers, etc.д. Attachments are generally connected to the adapter with a single hitch.Attachments are manually operated into operating position.

Today, many different kinds of adapters are produced, which, based on the principal characteristics of their design, can be classified into two basic types: body (universal) adapters are suitable for both agricultural work and for haulage; bodyless adapters. only for machining.

Long or short drawbar adapters for various power outputs. Adapters with short drawbars are used only on light-duty tractors and adapters with long drawbars on heavy-duty tractors. Adaptor models are usually equipped with track width adjustment devices, extendable drawbars and lowering and raising actuators.

Making a front adapter on a single axle tractor with their own hands

How to make a steering adapter for a power tiller? the type of design where the steering wheel is provided must have a rigid fixation. The steering gear is made as a separate independent unit. A pair of wheels and an axle, which serves as a steering drive, are installed in the front and rear. The places of fixation are selected on the basis of individual features. Location of the steering mechanism depends on the type of spare parts. When assembling, it is recommended to make exactly this improved model.

They Claim It Will Lift an Engine Block

Motor cultivator with steering control has many positive qualities:

  • the operator will not waste strength when moving behind the machine;
  • The technique has maneuverability and increased functionality;
  • The tractive force is realized to 100%;
  • on the power tiller can be driven to the workplace, without the use of additional equipment;
  • Ease of operation in comparison with other variants.

How to make an adapter for the “Neva” power tiller with your own hands

It is not too difficult to produce a high quality, reliable and durable adapter for the motor block “Neva” with your own hands. To make such a device yourself you will need to prepare the correct drawings, as well as familiarize yourself with the features that the factory units have.

How to make a hoist for a power tiller

To improve a single-axle tractor, attaching a jack to it, you need to have special equipment. a welding machine, an angle grinder and a drill. To make a scissor jack, you can remake a screw jack, and you can make the device from previously created parts.

The need to create a homemade jack is due to the fact that it is very inconvenient to change the wheels and cutters of the motoblock by yourself. You have to hold it with one hand and with the other try to remove the wheel, which is often difficult to remove. When working physically hard, the machine can fall over, and in such a situation it’s very easy to injure your back. Jack. this is a convenient device for lifting the car, which can easily be made with your own hands from improvised materials.

How to make an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands?

Self-made adapter for power tiller will not require from you any special financial and material costs or specific knowledge. It will be enough to think through the drawings and dimensions, to get hold of some materials and the appropriate set of tools. The necessary minimum of devices for independent assembly of the adapter to the tiller looks as follows:

  • Metal corners;
  • Metal profile square;
  • 2 wheels of the right size;
  • welding;
  • dense sheets of metal (for support under the feet)
  • Small hand tools (screwdriver, saw, tape measure, etc.). д.).

A general idea of what the adapter should look like, we have already given in the beginning of the article. Now more about the other main elements of its design.

  • Frame. The main component of the future equipment. Some of the adapters are designed to be combined with a power tiller into one piece, but such an adapter requires rearrangement of the power tiller as well (a new stand for the engine will be needed).
  • Suspension.
  • Coupling. It provides stability and reliability of the whole construction. It is necessary to consider the type of coupling device depending on the type of adapter. If the adapter has a handlebar, the hitch must be rigid. In the case of the movable coupling, the coupling must be rotatable, on a horizontal pivot.
  • Seat. A prefabricated product should be designed or selected based on the builder’s preferences.
  • Control system. Useful if there is a rigid hitch. Can also be welded yourself or purchased.

The drawings below detail the dimensions of the adapter design, as well as its main connecting assemblies.

How to make an adapter for a power tiller

No technical training is needed to build an adapter for a power tiller by hand. It will be enough to rely on recommendations and advice from masters and professionals in their business, drawings and diagrams, as well as have a little experience with welding works. To make it easier to navigate in the topic, we made a separate sub-item for beginner masters and designers, which is broken down by all the necessary steps.

Step-by-step instructions for assembling a homemade adapter

Construct a homemade device should be made with the help of ready-made or created schemes by you personally. After all, in the diagram and drawings it is important to show the sequential transfer of movements from the engine of the power tiller through the transmission mechanism to the working organs of the machine.

Attention must be paid to the balance of the system mechanism and overload protection.

Making a frame takes place in a certain sequence:

  • A piece of pipe with the approximate size of 6 cm is welded to the shank. A pivoting bracket is mounted on it and secured with a pin.
  • The frame must be welded perpendicular to the crossbar angle with dimensions of 5×5 cm.
  • A 3 mm thick steel sheet is welded to the frame and the corner.
  • The side sheet edges with an approximate length of about 1 cm bend downward to prevent damage.
  • Fenders need to be bent and welded. On the upper part, weld the winglets, which are constructed as reflectors.
lifting, mechanism, adapter, their, hands

The frame is equipped with an additional 5 cm thick extension, which should be bolted together.

If the steering adapter is using the diagram below:

If the adapter with steering control making the main parts begins with the frame, fork and bushing for free steering. Using bolts or welding parts according to the scheme to fasten the pre-cut into parts using a metal profile.

Making the running gear. It depends on the location of the engine. If the engine is located in the front of the unit, the rear wheels need to be fixed to the frame with a wheel axle, but the base (front) wheels provide the track width.

When making the frame for the running gear adapter, a tube of the appropriate size and width is needed, with pressed-in bushings with bearings installed inside at the ends, on which the wheels are fixed.

If the engine is located at the back, then in order to perform a normal balance of the homemade machine, the width of the laid track should be greater. This is why, for this task, it is recommended that the wheels that are provided with the basic motorblock be reinstalled on a more substantial axle width.

It is possible to supplement the construction with a luggage rack. To do this, you need:

  • Assemble the frame from part of a 1-inch central water pipe and several pipes with a diameter smaller than one inch.
  • Strengthen the center tube with an additional pipe for support, this structure should be welded to the trunk.
  • To connect pipes created for support with the gearbox and the block rod.

The height of the support will depend on the location of the trunk. Therefore, it should not be placed over the instrument panels, oil and fuel tank.

Fabrication of the swivel bracket is as follows:

  • Bend and weld a 5 cm piece of pipe. To the upper part to weld two steel bushings, which will provide swinging of the device along and across the axis.
  • One side of the bracket should be fixed to the shank, and the other side should be fixed to the single-axle tractor.
  • For easy installation and removal of the bracket a handle should be welded.

It will not be superfluous to approach with all seriousness and to the rear-view mirror (a mirror from any car and moped will do). The part is mounted on the handle of the unit, and it is attached to the trunk at the back.

Installation of the braking system should be performed in this sequence:

  • Dismantle the rod of the locking assembly. Use a special die to extend the thread on the surface of the locking rod of the assembly.
  • check compression and vacuum in the gas tank;. create a strong steel stop.
  • Drill a hole in the boom, which is about 4-10 mm in size.
  • The return spring must be installed and fastened.
  • Locking rod handle
  • Return spring
  • Thin wall tube (from radio antenna)
  • Nut M-8
  • Thrust
  • Locking rod
  • Cable
  • Lock-on spring
  • Rope sheath stop
  • Bowden cable
  • Emergency engine stop button
  • Cable clamp

The last step is to install the axle with wheels. Parts from old equipment, such as a moped or motorcycle, can be used. If the axle is very long, you can shorten it with an electric hacksaw.

If you want to make a homemade adapter for a power tiller with steering, you should do all the above steps and continue with the following steps in sequence.

Install the steering mechanism. There are two ways to solve the problem:

There is also a third option to use the hand crank of the power tiller, which will do an excellent job for the purpose of convenient control.

The seat can be fixed by welding, but with the possibility of adjusting it.

It is necessary to install the hydraulic system to perform various types of work with additional attachments: plough, cultivator, trailer, ridger.

With the help of a channel with holes for a power tiller pin, it is necessary to hitch the two main elements: the purchased single-axle tractor and the adapter made by hand. Holes must be made beforehand with a lathe or drill.

The final step is to paint all parts to avoid rust. It is also important to properly care for the technique and clearly follow the rules of operation:

  • Pour quality oil;
  • Watch the direction of the blades during the installation of mechanisms for cultivation;
  • Close the air supply when starting the chilled unit;
  • Limit revolutions when warming up the engine.

Using an adapter makes it easier to operate the power tiller. With an adapter it is easier and much easier to cope with the laborious work of cultivating farmland, mowing lawns or clearing snow piles.

How to assemble an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

To assemble the adapter yourself at home is not so difficult. In fact, it is an ordinary trailed cart. The trailer is designed so that the center of gravity of the entire structure falls on the supporting frame. The most complicated mechanism here is the coupling mechanism with the MB, because its strength determines how long the device will work.

The construction of a standard device consists of the following components

  • frame;
  • rudder;
  • wheel set;
  • operator’s seat;
  • hitch
  • lifting mechanism of the coupling device;
  • brake mechanism.

In the drawings below you can see the drawings, which, if you have skilful hands, you can build a simple device with your own hands.

Fig. 1. Drawing of the platform for the feet and part of the frame of the trailed cart

The manufacture usually uses a metal pipe of round or rectangular shape or a metal bar.

The clutch mechanism allows you to attach the trailer to the tiller, provided that the connecting brackets of the tiller and the adapter fit each other in diameter.

The step-by-step instructions for making the adapter can be seen in the corresponding video: