Grass mower as a line for a trimmer

Main tools and equipment

What to cut the grass with. product names and functions

  • Hand-held grass mowers, or litoviks in other words. Been in use since ancient times. Of course, compared to modern devices, the process of mowing will be long, labor-intensive, but cheap.
  • Lawn mowers. It is best to use them strictly for their intended purpose (to mow lawns). so say the manufacturers. Do not use them to remove weeds. For example, overgrown wormwood, various field grasses. In this case, the blades wear out quickly, reducing the service life of the device, it soon falls into disrepair.
  • grass trimmers. They are called electric mowers or gasoline mowers. Suitable for work on a small area.
  • Motoblocs. Usually equipped with a mower attachment. Such devices are able to quickly process a large area.
  • Mini and ordinary tractors. For agricultural work on large fields.

Based on this list, it’s clear that grass mowing equipment is chosen based on the task at hand. If you just want to mow a small square of grass in your garden, a hand-held grass mower is the right choice. When it comes to beautiful lawns and lawn care, a lawnmower is the way to go. When you need to remove weeds from a relatively large garden plot, you’ll need a powerful trimmer or single-axis tractor.

What can we mow grass on the garden plot?

Apart from the garden, vegetable garden and flower bed, there is always grass on the dacha. It grows on the lawn, along paths and by the fence. And this vegetation should be mowed from time to time.

Over the past decades, people have invented a dozen devices for this purpose. Let’s list the main ones:

Fortunately, long gone are the days when it alone reigned over a sea of grass. Even for men, this work was not easy. Not to mention women?

Hand-held lawnmower

The days when grass was harvested for the winter to feed livestock are almost universally gone. Today, even in the countryside, grass on the lawn is not just grass, but lawn grass. And you don’t need it there to turn it into hay, but to beautify the area.

Rules for watering, feeding and mowing your lawn in the summer that will help keep your lawn looking tidy for years to come.

The simplest device for lawn care is a hand-held mechanical lawn mower. There is nothing complicated about its construction. A lawnmower consists of a blade fixed between two wheels and a moving drum. Man pushes the mower, the wheels start to move, setting the cylinder in motion. Its steel blades grab the grass and press it against the fixed blade. At this point the grass is cut. The cut is as straight as a pair of scissors. This is one of the main advantages of mechanical lawn mowers. The grass is thereby less traumatized and does not turn yellow. Ease of operation and low operating costs are also among the pluses, since the lawn mower is more economical to operate.к. These lawnmowers do not require gasoline, a line for the trimmer, or electricity to operate. The main drawback is that this device is only suitable for small lawns.

grass trimmer

A more sophisticated grass trimmer that is also used on relatively small areas. Depending on the type of engine, the grass trimmer can be electric or gasoline. There are grass trimmers that are battery-powered.

Lawn trimmer

Lawn mowers are used for more convenient mowing. They, like grass trimmers, are divided into gasoline and electric.

grass, mower, line, trimmer


Riders are used for working on large plots. These machines are capable of mowing not only lawn grass, but also ordinary tall grass. Due to the fact that most rider models have the deck. the cutting mechanism. at the front, these machines are suitable for mowing areas where there are benches and flower beds, growing trees and bushes, etc.п. A person operates the machine by sitting on it. Anyone can do it.


A tractor differs from a rider in that the engine is at the front while the rider is at the back. The difference is in the location of the mowing deck: the tractor has it between the wheels. For this reason, for mowing areas with many obstacles (trees, flowerbeds, etc.) the lawn can be mowed using a cordless mower.п.), this equipment is not suitable. But after mowing, the tractor lawn becomes very neat, and the grass is not scattered on the plot, but collected in the grass catcher box. Otherwise, the two cars are very similar.

Robot mower

And finally, the most modern way of mowing the lawn: the robot mower. No human involvement at all. the robot mows your grass by itself. A man is only needed to “specify” the territory to be mowed. For this purpose, a cable is laid around the perimeter of the site, which is the limiter. The device can mow not only on a plain surface, but also on the most difficult terrain.

The battery powered mower can run for 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the obstacle. Unlike gasoline and even electric lawnmowers, the robot is very quiet. Another advantage of this mower is that the grass is shredded into mulch, so there is no need to remove it from the lawn. The only disadvantage of this mechanism, perhaps, is its price.

So what to choose from all this variety to work on the dacha site? The most common of all the devices for mowing the grass are the grass trimmer and lawn mower. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Features and best models

Special mention should be made of “STIHL” mowers, which are multifunctional, reliable and easy to use. Specialists of the company have developed many varieties of scythes, with different characteristics and application.

For example, the range of lawn mowers is designed for mowing grass over large areas. For this purpose, a self-propelled wheel system was developed, with the help of which it is possible to care for a large area without spending a lot of time and effort. For decorating shrubs, giving them a certain artistic touch and texture, a lawnmower is perfect. And if you need a lawnmower for high grass and uneven areas, then follow this link and get complete information on the selection of this type of equipment.

If you need a more delicate approach to cleaning the grass, for example, near the flowerbeds or between trees, then the gasoline grass trimmer, designed for accuracy and precision performance, will perfectly cope with this task. Specialists of the company have foreseen all the nuances and possible difficulties when working with mowers, so they have equipped them with nylon strings, which prevent mechanical damage to trees.

It also uses a special AutoCut trimmer head that makes sure that the string blades of the gasoline trimmer function properly. The for gasoline hand lawn trimmers for grass will tell you about this article, as well as it will help you make the right purchase, which you will not regret.

The STIHL FS 130 and FS 250 ride-on lawn trimmers are geared towards professionals. Let’s take a few examples of the FS 38, FS 70 and FS 130.

Watch the features on the video.

Gasoline lawnmower FS 38

Model differs above all for its simplicity and compactness, which is enough for the proper care of the yard. Main control keys are located on the handle of the device, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the work.

  • Engine output. 0.9 l.с;
  • engine capacity. 27,2 cm3;
  • tank volume. 0,33 l;
  • engine type. two-stroke;
  • boom. straight;
  • handle. D-shaped;
  • equipment. 2-toothed trimmer blade for grass, goggles for protection, belt;
  • weight. 4,1 kg.

This model is one of the most popular on the market! You will learn about all the units that were included in the rating of the best gasoline mowers here.

It is a more advanced model, characterized by higher power and multitasking. Anti-vibration system allows to significantly reduce the impact of running engine on the handle.

  • engine power. 1,2 l.с;
  • engine volume. 27,2 cm3;
  • tank capacity. 0,34 l
  • engine type. two-stroke;
  • boom. straight;
  • Stick is T-shaped;
  • equipment. belt, spool with a fishing line;
  • line diameter 2,4 mm
  • weight. 5,4 kg.

FS 130

The model belongs to the professional models, so the goals set for it will be a little higher. It is designed for mowing coarse grass, removing tough shrubs and young trees.

It has the latest high-powered, low-emission engine.

  • engine power. 1,9 l.с;
  • engine capacity. 36.3 cm3;
  • tank volume. 0.53 l;
  • The boom is straight;
  • Stick is T-handle;
  • equipment. shoulder strap, double blade knife;
  • fishing line diameter. 2.4 mm;
  • weight. 5,9 kg.

The variation in price of these models does not indicate any differences in quality, above all, each STIHL mower is designed for a particular type of work.

It makes absolutely no sense to buy a more expensive and powerful model if you have a small plot or lawn in front of the house. Simpler models can do the job, but the word “simple” is not used here in a pejorative way. The more powerful mowers are designed to handle larger areas with overgrown and dense surfaces, hence the difference in price. If you are confused in such a variety of tools, then do not get upset, and safely click here and we will tell you how to choose a lawn mower for dacha.

But whatever model you choose, you need to follow certain rules of operation, recommended by the manufacturer to avoid possible damage.

Safety precautions

To quickly and safely change the line on the mower spool, it is necessary to follow the safety precautions. Before removing the spool to wind the line for the trimmer on the lawnmower, it is necessary to disconnect the technique from the power supply (if the mower runs on electricity). Here we want to mention the rating of electric lawnmowers on reliability, which will help you choose a safe helper.

grass, mower, line, trimmer

Another important safety rule to follow is to press the locking button. You can find out its location on the body of the equipment with the help of the instruction manual. You can find, for example, the Owner’s Manual of a hand-held petrol lawnmower here.

Do not forget that the cutting element needs to be adjusted. There is an adjustment button on the body of the machine. If the process does not start automatically and the thread tension is loosened, then the button is clamped and the line for the trimmer is forcefully pulled from the spool.

It is necessary to remember that replacing the line in the lawnmower is an important process that requires responsibility. Everything should be done in stages, and only a special polyethylene line for the trimmer should be inserted into the spool. An iron cable, some high quality wire or even reinforced line for the trimmer will not work here.

Safety precautions

Safety precautions allow you to quickly and safely insert a new trimmer line into the spool on the mower. Be sure to disconnect the device before the replacement begins and the spool is removed, especially for electric lawnmowers. It is important to constantly remind yourself to press the special locking button. This may be located in different places on each mower, but this is made clear in the instruction manual.

Keep in mind the adjustment of the cutting element. Otherwise the operation will be unstable and of poor quality. Most often there is a button on the unit itself that allows you to set this. If nothing happens when you press it, or if the string has loosened its tension, you need to clamp the button and pull the trimmer line out of the spool with force.

Winding the line is a very demanding process. It is important to follow all the steps correctly in order to tension the line for the trimmer well. Do not use other materials than special nylon strings. It is worth remembering that you can not put a wire made of metal, a rod or an iron rope instead of a fishing line. This is dangerous because the tooling can very easily cut shoes, even of rough material, and cause injury to the person using the mower. Before putting on a new line for the trimmer, it is important to carefully read the instruction manual for the device, as some models of lawnmowers may have their own characteristics of construction, which is important to consider when replacing.

On how to replace the line for the trimmer on the trimmer, you can learn from the video below.

Choosing a line for the trimmer

the trimmer line must be strong, stiff and flexible. it is the working tool of the trimmer to cut the grass. Filament thicknesses from 1.2 mm to 4.0 mm are available. Most models are designed for a maximum thread thickness of 3 mm. Which diameter of grass trimmer line is the right one or the other depends on a number of factors.

Depends on the hardness of the vegetation to be mowed:

Important: If the filament is too thin, it will cause wear on the engine, if too coarse it will overheat and cause premature engine failure.

The structure of the cord of the line is important:

  • round. universal, the most durable, for coarse grass;
  • shaped. for soft plants;
  • Twisted, knurled. for long, thin stems.

Important! Choose lines for your trimmer in the style and specifications recommended by the brushcutter manufacturer. Such material will work long and well with optimal loads on the product’s motor.

How to wind?

Knowing how to disassemble the spool can speed up the process of changing the line. Here it all depends on the construction of the spool and the number of tendrils. Threading the bobbin, which has only one working whisk, is quite easy, especially if you follow a sequential plan.

Depending on the parameters of the reel and the length of line installed initially, it is recommended to choose a string of 2 to 5 meters.

First remove the bobbin from the tool and then open it.

Into the hole, located inside the bobbin, it is necessary to install one of the ends of the line.

Next, the string should be wound on a reel. This is done in the opposite direction from the normal rotation of the bobbin. Usually, trimmers have an arrow on the inside of the bobbin, which shows in what direction to wind.

Part of the line must be pulled out and secured in the special groove on the inside of the bobbin. Its purpose is to hold the bobbin in place when the bobbin is brought into working order.

The end of the string should be inserted in the hole, which is located on the outside of the spool.

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As a final step, the parts of the reel must be assembled and put on the mower bar.

Setting the line on a spool with two whiskers has a slightly different effect. First you need to determine how many grooves run along the inside of the spool, on which you put the line for the trimmer. There are variants with one groove, and then both whiskers must be wound together. There are also models with two grooves, when each of the whiskers goes on a separate.

For all reels with two whiskers, it is recommended to use a string length of 2 to 3 meters.

What is better to mow the grass in the country. trimmer or lawnmower?

What kind of work is better for the grass trimmer?

  • for mowing overgrown or tough grass
  • for uneven terrain;
  • for mowing fences, trees, bushes, curbs, etc.п.;
  • To create original patterns on the grass.
  • low grass;
  • perfect lawn, and you want all the grasses to be the same length;
  • flat area;
  • large territory;
  • health does not allow you to use a trimmer, t.к. It puts a lot of strain on your arms, back, and legs, and a lawn mower is easier to mow.

To decide what to choose. lawn mower or grass trimmer, you need to determine for what purposes you need this device.

HONDA and STIHL Trimmers Vs Crazy Long and Lush Grass! I visit Jim’s Mowing!

  • If you have a relief area and you need to mow more often not lawn grass, and high tough vegetation, then we advise you to opt for a trimmer.
  • If you have a large property, flat area, and you dream of a lawn with a picture. you should think about a lawn mower.

How to make a rotary mower

Useful in the cottage rotary mower with their own hands is done as follows. Homemade rotary mower-cultivator is made from the rear axle of VAZ. To work you need:

An inexpensive homemade rotary mower is made as follows. You should make holes in the disks. Then attach the bar to the opener, and the knives to the bar. The knife and the bar must be the thickness of the first one at a distance from each other. The cutter bar should rotate through 360°. Carbon steel 8 mm in diameter is needed to create the axes to fix the knives. It is necessary to bring the axle to the stop by means of the disc. This is how to make rotary mowers for tractor or power tiller with your own hands. Let’s move on to the next homemade.

grass, mower, line, trimmer