What is a good drill for home

Top 20 best drills: rating 2021-2022 by price/quality for home use

Drill is a versatile tool for construction and installation work. It allows you to make holes in various materials, tighten screws, stir liquid construction and finishing mixtures.

There is a large selection of drills in 2021-2022 of different modifications. To make the choice of such devices easier, our rating, which includes 20 reliable models with different functionality.

For the convenience of the user provided detailed information about the functions, technical characteristics of each model of the drill, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of equipment identified by buyers and experts during operation.

What company to buy a hammer drill?

Many companies today produce drills. Some are known on the market for many decades, winning the trust of the whole world. Others have only recently begun to produce similar equipment. How to choose among all this variety of the manufacturer that you can trust? Let’s list a few of the most well-known companies. by purchasing their products, you definitely do not have to regret.

  • Bosch. the undisputed leader among drills in the world market. German quality combined with a wide range and convenience make the purchase of such a model a good choice for professionals and amateurs. However, you will have to pay for quality. a comfortable and reliable drill does not come cheap.
  • DeWALT is another major player in the market of power tools. All the products can be recognized by its distinctive yellow and black color scheme. High-quality components combined with high reliability make this product a good buy for many years.
  • Metabo is a brand whose owners put the emphasis on easy and safe use. Needless to say, the tool is in great demand. there are official Makita outlets in over a hundred countries around the world.
  • Makita is the most famous and popular Japanese brand in our country. All products are characterized by ease of use and at the same time have a very reasonable price. If you need an inexpensive impact drill, you should opt for this brand.
  • Hitachi is also a Japanese company that is almost as popular as Makita. for drills are quite affordable, while the company puts a lot of emphasis on continuous research and continuous improvement of product quality.

So, the choice of companies is quite large. If you buy a drill from any of these manufacturers, you will not regret your decision.


The most powerful in the category Country: Russia (made in China) Average Rating (2022): 4.4

VICHR DU-850 is designed for drilling plastic, wood, metal, as well as concrete or stone (the last two materials. due to the presence of drilling functions with impact). In addition, the presented model can be used as an electric screwdriver, since it has a reverse option. The efficiency of this impact drill is ensured by the 850 W electric motor, which guarantees a speed of up to 3000 rpm at idle speed. Set the desired speed, which depends on the selected material, you can use the electronic adjustment.

High quality and accuracy of work performed by the impact drill VICHR DU-850 is provided by the presence of the drilling depth limiter. Key chuck guarantees reliability of tool fastening. For operator comfort, this model has an additional handle with soft grip for vertical drilling. In the reviews left for the impact drill VICHR DU-850, owners point out quite sufficient power and performance of the tool, necessary to meet the needs of the home.

Power of a drill

Power of drills, available for sale, ranges from 300 to 1500 watts. The higher this indicator, the heavier the load the tool can handle. In professional models, the power, as a rule, is higher than 800-1000 watts. With power goes up and weight of the device, so that it makes no sense to take a drill with a large margin on this parameter. your hands will be very tired when working. On the contrary, if you take a model with insufficient power, your hands will get tired because you have to apply additional pressure while drilling.

If you work with materials that are no harder than bricks, you can go with an 800 watt drill. If you plan to drill in concrete or constantly use the drill as a construction mixer, you will need a more powerful model.


To decide which drill is best to buy, you need to decide on the spectrum of your needs.

If you are buying a home wood drill for occasional work, we recommend choosing a household model.

Determine if you need a hammer function. If you need one, determine how often you are going to use the impact drill at home. It might make sense to buy a torch separately.

Determine the type of power. The corded model will be sufficient for most tasks. For work out of town, in a garage or other location with limited access to a network, choose a cordless drill.

Determine the basic characteristics of the drill. For drilling without a hammer, the 800 W tool with its 1200-1300 rpm power output and up to 30 Nm of torque will be sufficient.

Decide which additional features you need.

Now you know what drill to choose for your home or cottage. Read the full tool catalog in the catalog section Drills.

Top 10 best for quality-price ratio

Impact drill for drilling in all kinds of materials. It is indispensable for working with any material, even the hardest: concrete, metal, stone, etc.д. The design feature makes this tool almost universally usable.

We have ranked the best drills that can cope with the tasks assigned to them. All of them are durable, practical, and offer excellent value for money. Tailor it to your needs!

Makita HP1640

The presented model belongs to the category of small tools. Its weight is only 1.8 kg. That’s where the performance of the device can give a head start to modifications of the impressive size.

Benefits include:

  • Drilling in a wide range of hole diameters, up to 30 mm.
  • Versatility. Tool is able to work percussively and unpercussively (44800 BPM). in a minute).
  • Turn rate can be precisely adjusted for each revolution, important especially for fragile materials. maximum possible on the tool is 2,800 rpm.
  • Use of the ball-type support in the drill guarantees long use.
  • Ergonomic design is very comfortable for the operator. Positioning of this type prevents fatigue, and the handle with rubberized protection grips the tool comfortably and securely in the hand.
  • Rotating handle design adds to user convenience.
  • The on/off switch can be latched, making the tool suitable for continuous use
  • Reverse function works electronically.
  • Depth stop ensures operator safety, precise drilling, and prevents unintentional slipping
  • Perfect size/power ratio: the 680 watt, two-kilogram device covers almost all applications.

Makita HP1640. a modification that is ideal for household use. Check it out if you want no more!

Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT

Renowned brand for premium quality tools. Bosch has presented a universal drill that is immediately beloved by users.

The secret of the model’s success is a combination of strengths:

  • One-handed work tool change thanks to the patented quick-release drill chuck with locking element.
  • The brush holder is designed so that you can turn it sideways with the same amount of force. Hole diameter between 16 and 40 mm, depending on material type.
  • The drill will not slip from your hands, because an innovative locking system is used to create the handle, complemented by a reliable and comfortable pad of soft rubberized material.
  • Safety in use is guaranteed by the use of a safety clutch made with anti-rotation technology. The tool is now capable of performing any job of any complexity!
  • Body made of metal, durable and wear-resistant material that increases service life of the model in comparison with analogues.
  • Impact speed of the drill can reach 51,000 strokes per minute.
  • Uses special technologies for secure grip and control of the tool, such as rubberized handle, and special housing design.
  • Cable is protected from tearing and crimping, while mobility is maintained through the use of hinge mounts.
  • Drill spindle compatible with drill presses. This design approach significantly increases the functionality of the tool.
  • Continuity of drill is ensured by the company’s engineers. Tool keeps up speed regardless of the load. Max. speed is 3,000 rpm.

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The modification Bosch GSB 21-2 RCT created so that the operator feels himself maximally protected from all kinds of unpleasant surprises. The tool perfectly combines reliability, durability and unprecedented ease of use.

Interskol DU-16/1000 EP

Impact drill Interskol DU-16/1000 ER. tool proven brand, offering the market the versatility of high quality equipment, simplicity and significant service life.

  • Two-speed gearbox with adjustable, die-cast aluminium housing.
  • Reverse rotation control. It allows the coal shields to cope with their tasks, extending their functionality.
  • Two interchangeable operating modes, so the drill is suitable for working with concrete, stone, foam concrete, cutting holes of the order of 16-40 mm.
  • Speed modes for blows at the required frequency, expanding the possibilities for material processing. Max. speed up to 2500 rpm.
  • Advanced reversing.
  • Availability of additional features, in particular. the function of an electric screwdriver.
  • With a safety sleeve, the appliance is protected against overvoltage and overload.
  • Industrial chuck (with impact-resistant tooling) is secured with a wrench, which is stowed in a special place on the mains cable. The drill body is designed for tight spaces where the handyman needs to use a small, powerful tool
  • Indicator light for fault indication is set. Overload indicator lights up with alarm
  • Reverse mode and drilling depth control help the craftsman work accurately and carefully with different materials. When switched to drill mode, the drill deals professionally with wood, metal.

Do-it-yourselfers will not refuse such a drill, and professionals will like the power tool for its advanced capabilities in working with almost all materials.

Makita HP2070

For domestic use, the leading brand of equipment for the home has created a universal modification of the impact drill. Makita HP2070. Its compact size allows you to carry the tools you need

We considered it worthy to take a place of the best in its class because of the undeniable advantages. Among them:

TOP-7. The best impact drills. 2020 rating!

Hello all! Today’s review is about impact drills. They are versatile tools. They can be used not only to drill holes in metal, plastic and wood, but also to work on materials that require impact. such as low-grade brick and concrete. Naturally, the performance of percussion drills can not be compared with peorators, but the price for such tools is much lower.

Especially for you, we have analyzed the products of domestic and foreign manufacturers and selected seven best models that can be purchased in 2020. In our selection we considered technical characteristics, functionality, reliability, ease of operation and price of the tool. So, let’s begin!

Interskol DU-13/780ER

  • Power rating. 780 W;
  • The maximum diameter of the holes:
  • Wood. 30 mm;
  • Metal. 13 m;
  • Concrete. 16mm;
  • Nominal speed. from 0 to 2700;
  • The rated number of blows. 0 to 3000;
  • Power cord length. 3 m;
  • Weight. 2.2 kg.

Let’s start the review with Interskol DU-13/780ER. a tool of domestic production, which compares favorably with foreign analogues at an affordable price. The model is suitable for general construction work. Powerful drill allows effective drilling in fragile materials, including masonry and ceramics. The device is equipped with a reliable key chuck designed for nozzles from 1.5 to 13 mm in diameter. Single-speed gearbox is made of high-strength metal, which ensures a long service life.

Manufacturers have equipped the tool with a built-in level, which allows you to increase the accuracy and quality of work performed. It is worth noting the high maintainability of the model. the drill is assembled from Chinese spare parts rather good quality, which without much trouble can be found on the open market. Machine comes in a cardboard box with additional multi-position handle and drilling depth stop.

Bosch GSB 13 RE

  • Power rating 600 W;
  • The maximum diameter of holes:
  • Wood. 25 mm;
  • Metal. 10 m;
  • Concrete. 13 mm;
  • Brick. 15 mm;
  • Nominal speed of rotation. from 0 to 2800;
  • Rated Blows. 0 to 44800;
  • Power cord length. 3 m;
  • Weight. 1,7 kg.

Bosch GSB 13 RE. reliable drill from a popular German manufacturer. The model features compact size and low weight, which enables comfortable work in confined spaces with minimal fatigue. The machine has a key chuck for accessories with diameters from 1.5 to 13 mm. The model is capable of working in two modes. drilling and drilling. Mode switch is located on top of the housing.

Built-in electronic speed control that allows infinitely variable speed adjustment of spindle, which improves accuracy and quality of work. Design allows for locking the power key for continuous operation. For working with fasteners and removing jammed drills, there is a reverse function, designed similarly to a screwdriver.

Highlighted mechanical reliability: gear wheels and percussion parts are made of high quality and wear-resistant metal, ensuring a long service life. Additional collar with depth stop, depth stop and chuck wrench included in the scope of delivery.

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Metabo SBE 650

  • Nominal power. 650 W;
  • Maximum hole diameter:
  • The wood. 30 mm;
  • Metal. 13 m;
  • Concrete. 14 mm;
  • Brick. 16 mm;
  • Rated speed from 0 to 2800;
  • Nominal number of blows. 0 to 44800;
  • Power cord length. 2.5 m
  • Weight. 1.8 kg.
good, drill, home

The Metabo SBE 650 is a high-quality single-speed impact drill with an impulse feature, which is useful for removing rusty and stuck screws. In addition, the pulse helps to drill holes in smooth surfaces without pre-drilling.

Features a handy quick-change chuck that allows tool-free accessory changes. Models with classic key chucks are also available. Speed is adjustable, allowing for optimum performance, depending on the nature of the work. The controller is conveniently located on the key switch. It is also possible to lock the button for intensive work in long mode.

To extend the life of the tool, manufacturers have reinforced the collector part of the armature. This is necessary to compensate for the negative effects of sudden jerks that occur when working in pulse mode. The machine is sold with an additional adjustable handle and depth limiter. The drill comes in a cardboard box or a branded plastic case with metal clasps, depending on the equipment selected.

Makita HP1640

  • Nominal power. 680 W;
  • Maximum diameter of holes:
  • Wood. 30 mm;
  • Metal. 13 m;
  • Concrete. 16 mm;
  • Nominal speed of rotation. from 0 to 2800;
  • Nominal number of blows. 0 to 44800;
  • Power cord length. 2.0 m;
  • Weight. 2.0 kg.

The Makita HP1640 is a reliable impact drill enclosed in a body made of high-strength plastic that is resistant to mechanical damage and other external influences. The device is equipped with a reliable metal keyhole chuck designed for nozzles up to 13 mm in diameter.

good, drill, home

Ergonomic shape of handle provides comfortable usage regardless of spatial position of the drill. Rubber inserts on the back of handle increases grip and prevents the tool from slipping out. Features a reversing function that is activated by flipping the brushes, which allows you to maintain constant power, regardless of the direction of rotation of the spindle.

Top 10 rated by KP

Makita HP1640K (medium )

Very popular drill from the legendary Japanese manufacturer of construction tools. Though this model belongs to budget line, but HP1640K is as well thought-out and reliable as its older “sisters”. The drill belongs to the percussion drill, powered from the mains. With a maximum speed of 2800 rpm, the maximum power of the electric drill motor is 680 W, which hints at its domestic use, although it can safely work on a construction site (although, taking breaks). Variable-diameter chuck can hold drills from 1.5 to 13 mm. By the way, this model has a handy reverser with electronic control of electric motor brushes. Claims to the “Japanese” very little. it is inconvenient and carelessly made case, as well as poor centering on some instances, which can lead to failure of the chuck.

Pros and cons

This model is well-proven in the market, 13 mm drill bit is not just a tick here, it is durable, and it can also be used at the construction site

DILD MES-5-01 BZP (medium)

Affordable power drill from the Smolensk Power Tool Factory (however, rumor has it that the device is assembled in China, and the Russian one has only a sticker on the case). Economy is evident in all in this model. First, not the highest quality materials and assembly. Secondly, this drill is a hammerless drill, which means the drilling speed will be lower and hard materials like concrete will not yield as well. The maximum power of the electric motor. 550 W. It allows you to cope with the work with drill bits up to 10 mm in diameter. It even has reverse, but the reverse switch is literally under your arm, making it extremely easy to hit it by accident. But alignment is the real problem with this drill. So be prepared for the run-out during work with it. But the kit includes a replaceable motor brushes, and such generosity is rare these days.

Bosch EasyImpact 550 Case (medium )

A conservative update to the proven PSB 350/500 series household drill. This is a relatively powerful model with 550 W, 3000 rpm and 33,000 rpm in impact mode. What is interesting, the chuck is a quick-change chuck, which means that it is much easier to insert or change the drill bit than it would be with a wrench. From the nice. the delivery set of the drill. It has an extra grip for two-handed use and a plastic drilling depth stop. Also, the cord is half a meter longer than most competitors. 2.5 m. The EasyImpact 550 is pleasant to work with, but there is a danger of getting carried away. And this model does not like overloads, so get involved with hours of continuous operation or drilling metal is not worth it. the device will not hold.

Interskol DU-13/780ER 421.1.0.00 (medium )

Model from another Russian manufacturer with distinctly Chinese pedigree. This impact drill has an outstanding power of 780 W at a low price, which seems to put it in the category of bargain purchase for semi-professional use. The DU-13/780ER has a machine tool option, a chuck for 13mm drills, an extra handgrip, and even a two-year warranty. But lately users have been complaining about the quality from new batches, namely about chuck backlash and its alignment. Not only that, the drill has more than doubled in price in a few years.

Hammer UDD1100B (medium)

Serious enough device, which can be used by professionals as well. The design of this “drummer” uses a lot of metal, which on the one hand adds to the reliability, but on the other hand. the weight of 2.76 kg, which practically puts an end to one-handed use. The good thing about the case is that there is an additional handle. Needless to say, even the drilling depth limiter is made of metal (here is an example to follow, Bosch). Quick-change chuck design lets you change drills up to 13 mm in diameter very quickly. over, the manufacturer officially declares that the drill can and should be used as a construction mixer. You can, of course, complain about the flimsy case, but this is a pickle.

Pros and cons

Low price for a practically professional tool, high power makes it possible to make holes almost instantly

DeWALT DWD024 (medium )

Drill from the famous American manufacturer of equipment for construction and repair DeWALT. The main feature of this model is prodigious for such a compact tool. more than 47 thousand blows per minute. This means that thick concrete or metal plates are no problem for the DWD024. True, some users complain about overheating, but here we must discount the size of the drill and the tight internal layout. In the end, if you really had to do serious work with such a tool. take a break every 40-45 minutes. Unlike many competitors, this drill has continuously variable speed control of the 750-watt motor. This model, unfortunately, was not spared the cheapening of production. in recent years, the power cord is short and blows out in the cold, and at high intensity of work may appear the smell of hot metal from the drill, which is not very good.

Hyundai D 850 impact drill

Hyundai. The world famous South Korean company that produces diversified and multifunctional devices. Its drill is designed for frequent or intermittent use in industrial and domestic applications. The Hyundai D 850 tops the drill rating, thanks to its high reliability and breakdown protection. Drills and chisels. Equipped with a robust and well-protected 850 W motor. Impact frequency when chiseling. 45,000 rpm, maximum speed for drilling is 3,000 rpm. Metal chuck design with 13 mm diameter ensures easy and reliable percussion operation. Possibility to disengage the hammer mechanism during operation. Drill bit locks securely in place to protect the operator during operation. Reverse is installed, so the drill can also be used as an electric screwdriver. Should a drill jam, it can easily be removed using the reverse. There is also a variable speed function. for working with different materials.