How a mechanical lawnmower works

Features of mechanical lawnmowers and consumer reviews

In the age of total automation, mechanical lawn mowers have not lost relevance. For a small, flat, well kept lawn, a manual lawn mower is the right choice. Its main element is a drum cutting mechanism, which is driven by the rotation of the wheels. Such mowers are inexpensive, they do not need to be connected to a power source, they are quiet, compact and safe. If you buy a grass catcher bag, then the convenience of using mechanical models can compete with the motor. All this is true if the lawn is not overgrown too much and if enough thought has been given to the choice. What lawn mowers with manual drive have won the appreciation of users. this will tell our rating.

Electric lawn mower: rating of the best models

To understand which mechanical lawnmower is better, it is necessary to pay attention to the parameters of choice:

  • Mowing width, mowing height. The wider the blades, the more effort the user has to apply.
  • The size of the support wheels. High wheels are suitable for surfaces with small bumps and irregularities. Bearings give a longer life, but are more expensive.
  • Grass catcher box. Not the most important point, but still, if you need minimal emissions on the mowed area, it is worth looking closely at these models.
  • Performance level. If you need to mow taller, denser grass, look for the more powerful models. With the cleaning of small lawns with soft greenery will cope with a simple device.

When choosing, it is also important to pay attention to ergonomics. The machine must be easy to operate, not too heavy, slippery.

What to look for when choosing a lawn mower

How it works?

The user pushes the lawnmower in front of him after selecting a flat area with growing grass. From the support wheels the motion (rotation) is transferred to the work shaft, and in front of it there is a horizontal and fixed blade. In the process, the grass rests on the horizontal blade, and it is cut evenly with the spiral blade. If the lawnmower is a contact mower, the blades also maintain a sharpening pattern when in contact.

The modern hand-held lawn mower is classified into:

  • Household. Low weight. Average width of the cutting blade is 34 cm. Ideal for a maximum vegetation height of 45 millimeters.
  • Professional. Mowing large areas. Average cutting blade width of 40 centimeters. Good for vegetation up to 5 centimeters.

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Types of lawn mowers

Self-propelled gasoline snow blower: rating of the best models

According to the characteristics and internal structure devices are classified into 2 types.

Spindle mowers

The definition came from the structure. the spindle blade enters into work inertly after the movement of the wheels. This type is used on small plots. Has low power.

Lawn mower of this type are divided into contact (blades interact with each other) and non-contact (there is a gap between the blades, so it is necessary to set the speed during mowing).

Spindle mowers

Hand held mowers

This variant is equipped with a cylinder with a working knife. The device is adjusted to a comfortable speed with the element. Optimal speed. 4 km/h.

Types of lawnmowers

Gasoline self-propelled snowplow machine: rating of the best models

According to the characteristics and internal structure of the devices are classified into 2 types.

Spindle mowers

Defined by their construction. spindle mower is put into operation inertly after the wheels have moved. This type is used on small plots. Has low power.

Lawn mowers of this type are divided into contact (blades interact with each other) and non-contact (there is a gap between the blades, so it is necessary to set the speed during mowing).

Spindle mowers

Hand lawn mowers

This version is equipped with a cylinder with a working knife. The device is adjusted to a comfortable speed with the element. Optimal speed. 4 km / h.

Pros and cons of mechanical mowers

From the positive aspects of the machine stand out:

  • Quiet operation (virtually no sound during work).
  • Environmentally friendly. no fuel elements are deposited on the grass surface, so the surface remains fresh, dense for longer.
  • Economical. no electricity required.
  • Collecting fine grass. new models are equipped with a grass catcher box. It collects the cuttings into a compartment that can later be opened and cleaned.
  • Mulching. grass clippings remain on the surface as fertilizer.
  • Relatively low price compared to other types of mowers.

Mechanical lawnmowers have their own disadvantages:

  • Not suitable for difficult, uneven and large areas.
  • Treatment of the surface will need to be carried out often, as soon as the grass has grown by 3-5 cm.
  • Treatment of old, overgrown areas is not possible (the device cannot cope with the load).
  • You need to move at a certain pace. If you go very slowly, the device will chew up the grass, if fast, it will not have time to mow it.

Moves at a certain pace

Design and principle of operation

The basis of a mechanic lawnmower is a housing made of metal or solid plastic. Sliding wheels are mounted on sliding bushings. Cutting parts are fixed under the housing. To actuate the device, a small pushing motion is sufficient. Special handle on the housing adjusts to the desired inclination and height.

The operation of the cutting parts is similar to that of the shears. The manual lawnmower has several mobile and one stationary blade. There are models with high wheels, ideal for problematic ground conditions. Products with wide blades require more physical effort when working.

According to the technical characteristics of the products are divided into two types:

The spindle model is suitable for processing small and flat areas. It is called so because of the spindle blade, which comes into play after the wheels start moving. It is recommended to cut an area lengthwise and crosswise with this type of equipment.

mechanical, lawnmower, works

Spindle grinders are available in contact and non-contact type. In contact devices, the cutting blades interact with each other when mowing. In non-contact models there is a distance between the blades, when working with this type of device it is necessary to maintain an optimal and uniform speed.

The manual model is equipped with a cylinder with working blades and allows you to adjust the speed of the cutter.

The mower is pre-set to the desired speed to avoid reworking the area.

Modern manual grass cutters come in a home and professional version. Household mini-models have a low weight and the width of the cutting blades is only 34 cm on average. Suitable for cutting grass up to 4.5 cm in height. Professional devices are designed to work on large areas, have a blade width of 40 cm, can process vegetation up to 5 cm in height.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the wide range of equipment, hand-held devices remain in demand due to the many advantages:

  • Cost-effectiveness. No electricity or fuel are needed to operate the appliance.
  • Eco-friendliness. Vegetation is not affected by the fuel element, keeping grass fresh and thick for longer.
  • Practically silent operation.
  • Mulching. Grass cuttings remain on the ground as fertilizer.
  • The ability to independently adjust the quality of mowing.
  • Collecting fine vegetation. Branded models are equipped with grass collectors, allowing you to save working time.

Mechanical unit is safer for the user and more convenient to operate, but has a few peculiarities. The grass needs to be mowed with such a device often according to the growth of the grass. Move with the haymower should be at the optimal pace for the work of the device, if you pass the area too slowly, a clear cut will not be. Mechanical devices are not suitable for old, overgrown lawns and lawns. They are not recommended for larger areas either.

Best models on the market

Mechanical devices have the same design and the same principle of work, but even among the products with manual drive there is a rating of the best models and manufacturers.


It is a model with a cutting cylinder, horizontal counter blade. Characterized by the non-contact operating principle. Hand-held mowers are for regular lawn care up to 200 square metres. м. Thanks to the special folding handle, it can be easily handled and requires little space for storage. The working parts are made of solid steel, so there is no need to sharpen the cutting edge.

Hand-held lawnmower with 5 sharpened blades and 38 cm guide bar. Suitable for working on uneven ground. The non-contact type is an inexpensive option for garden and summerhouse lawn care.

Most products are designed for areas up to 250 square kilometers. м. Mowing width up to 35 cm and height of 4-4,5 cm. Maximum product weight 10 kg. The company also makes mechanical devices with a grass catcher box.


Modern models are mowers of high quality, reliability and ease of use. Equipped with 5 knives and mow at a height of 1,3-3,8 cm. Cutting width up to 4-5,5 cm depending on the individual equipment. Machine weight 8.7 kg.

Light-weight and maneuverable with spindle mechanism for a cutting width up to 30 cm and a height of about 1,2-4 cm. Suitable for a 100 to 150 square meter area. м. Easy to clean off grass residue and requires no special maintenance.

Anna: “My husband bought this for my garden. I did not read the reviews of mechanical lawnmowers in advance, but after starting to work, I was pleasantly surprised. Fragile myself and I do not weigh much, but the mower is light, even for me. And the price is low in comparison with electric devices. about 5 thousand. “.

Vyacheslav: “I think the mechanical version corresponds to its budget cost. Handheld trimmer for grass inferior electric models as a cut, but it works quietly and treats small areas with low grass well. You can choose a model costing 9-10 thousand which will work not worse than an electric machine”.

Recommendations for choosing mechanical lawn mowers

There are only two “minuses” to note:

  • Mechanical lawn mowers require a level, well-groomed lawn, as they have to be moved through the grass by human effort;
  • For the same reason, these mowers are also designed for small lawns. If the lawn is more than five acres, you will have to buy a lawn mower with an engine. electric or gasoline.

Choosing a mechanical lawn mower is not difficult:

  • Check with your salesperson about the size of your lawn and compare it to your lawn. The recommended lawn area is usually stated in the instruction manual;
  • Lawn mower wheels are installed either on bushes or on bearings. Bearings are more reliable and durable, but also more expensive;
  • Pay attention to such characteristics as cutting width, cutting height, mower weight and compare it all to your needs and physical capabilities;
  • Check with your dealer if the mower is equipped with a special shaft that crushes the grass. This is for those who like “striped” lawns;
  • In some models, you can additionally install a grass collector, which must be purchased separately. Check with your salesperson if you’re interested in this type of appliance.
mechanical, lawnmower, works

Remember. work in the garden should bring you joy and satisfaction of the beauty that you have created with your own hands. Have a great shopping experience and a beautiful lawn.

Types of mechanical lawn mowers

Even such a seemingly uncomplicated device as a hand-held lawnmower is divided into types. There are only two of them:

The first type of devices is not too convenient for mowing grass on large garden plots. Such mowers have spindle blades that start moving from the energy transmitted by the spinning wheels. According to the type of cutting spindle devices are of two types:

The name of each type speaks for itself. In the first case, when cutting, the blades intersect with each other, and in the second. they do not contact, as there is a small distance between them. The cutting is done by feeding the grass to the blade at the bottom of the construction. The greatest inconvenience in use is the need to constantly adjust the speed of the device, which greatly complicates the process of decorating large areas. In addition, spindle mowers do not work the surface of the lawn well, so you need to pass over the area both along and across.

Hand-held devices are much more convenient to work with. They are equipped with a rotating cylinder that carries the blades. These lawnmowers have a handle, on which there are regulating elements, which eliminates the need to constantly monitor the speed of the lawnmower. The apparatus is simply adjusted to the desired mode of operation, after which you can proceed to the processing of the lawn. Manual mowers are able to cut the grass at a speed of 3-5 km/h. And, importantly, they are more durable than their spindle counterparts.

Both the first and the second type of mowers are offered by manufacturers at about the same cost. The difference between manual and spindle devices, for the most part, is noticeable only in the technical characteristics of each device. However, it is worth noting that among the mechanical mowers, the manual type is considered the highest quality, especially when you consider that the price of such devices is quite attractive.

Mechanical mowers: the rules of choice

In order to make the process of improving the site bring not only benefits, but also pleasure, it is necessary to choose the right device for mowing the grass. The mechanical lawnmower, which is not suitable for this or that amount of work, will bring a sea of troubles rather than a successful completion of the garden lawn. Therefore, it is extremely important when choosing a device to consider its technical characteristics, such as:

On the performance of the unit will depend on the efficiency of its work. If you buy a lawn mower to mow bigger and denser lawns, it might be a good idea to buy a more powerful device. A simpler machine can handle small lawns covered in soft greenery.

The blade size is a factor that directly affects the cutting width. The longer the blades in a lawnmower, the larger the area they cover in one movement and, accordingly, cut a greater amount of vegetation.

As for the grass catcher, not all devices are equipped with it. In fact, this container is a bit useless, as the grass during mowing with a mechanical lawnmower is still partially dispersed in different directions. However, if this element is still necessary, it is worth paying attention to its capacity.

A separate point can be brought out the ergonomic indicators of the selected lawnmower. These characteristics can not be generalized, because they are individual for each person. In any case, the unit should be easy to work.

Is it convenient to mow the grass with a manual lawnmower??

Due to the lack of a motor in these devices, many believe that manual mowers will mow the lawn worse, compared to electric and gasoline models. It really isn’t. Yes, of course, too big thickets and thick grass is better to mow more powerful motor models, but for the care of lawns with grass of small height and a small area. this is the most inexpensive and optimal solution.

In addition, the manual reel mower has a number of other advantages:

  • They are lightweight and easy to operate. People of all physical abilities, even children and pensioners, can cope with them;
  • They are very quiet devices. They don’t make a lot of noise, so they don’t disturb other residents or neighbors. If you live in the countryside, we assume that you have faced more than once the great noise from the neighboring plots, when the neighbors used gasoline or electric mowers. Lawn mowers are quiet and do not make noise. who knows, maybe this is a reason to buy such a device themselves, and their neighbors and live in harmony?
  • It’s a cheap device to operate. Buying a manual lawn mower you will not have to pay for its maintenance, unlike electric or gasoline models. You won’t have to pay more for electricity and fuel. All you have to pay is the cost of the mower and a fee for regular sharpening of the blades (although there are self-sharpening models on the market);
  • They are the most precise mowers. Due to the special shape and design of the drum or cylinder, manual lawn mowers mow the lawn much more accurately than electric and gasoline devices. over, the grass can be mowed on several levels. the effect can be compared to trimming with garden shears. After you walk this kind of mower over your lawn, the grass on it will be smooth and neat;
  • This is the most compact type of mower. Mechanical models are usually small in size, so they take up much less space when stored compared to gasoline or electric mowers;
  • They are environmentally friendly devices. Lawn mowers are environmentally friendly. This is especially important if you want to keep the air in your garden, your community clean and if you are a health-conscious person. These lawn mowers do not produce exhaust fumes and do not use any energy other than our own.

Silver for “Soft Touch 38 HM Comfort”, this model is not noisy, lightweight, suitable for a small garden plot. Mechanical spindle design works without producing emissions into the atmosphere, so there is no need for a battery or a socket. It is important to note that a clean, clear cut and gentle treatment of the lawn is ensured at the same time.

“AL-KO Soft Touch 38 HM Comfort” is equipped with a non-contact spindle with five blades of strong metal, providing mowing vegetation width of 38 cm. The cutting drum is located on the same axle as the wheels and is driven by their rolling movement, so no petrol or electric motor is needed. The cutting cylinder can be set to one of four different cutting heights (1.4-3.5 cm). Adjustment is very easy, taking no more than two minutes.

With large-diameter tires with quality tread, the equipment has a low specific pressure on the lawn, leaving no marks when driving. Wide wheels make it easier to steer the machine on hilly terrain.

Type of drive manual
Spindle 128 mm / 5 steel blades
Wheel Ø front/rear, mm 220
For areas up to, m² 250
Cutting technology Non-contact
Working width, cm 38
Cut 14-35 mm
Cutting adjustment 4-stage
Weight, kg (approx.) 7.9
  • No noise, no emissions;
  • easy operation;
  • Four height adjustment possibilities;
  • low weight;
  • rubber bumper that protects the body from impact;
  • integrated grass catcher box.

Bosch AHM 38 C wins. the manual grass mower. Japanese machine has a spindle with 5 blades, which evenly cuts the vegetation on your homestead. Grass box (optional) can be attached to the equipment and can hold grass cuttings.

Intelligent adjustment of the Bosch AHM 38 C blades allows you to cut at a desired height. Due to its small size, the model is easy to transport and the gear motor provides smooth running of the wheels.

Weight 7kg
working width 38 cm
Cut 15-43 mm
Packaged weight, kg 7.7
Home of the brand Germany
Country of production China
  • spindle system. 5 blades;
  • ergonomic holder;
  • bottom knife lock by “click”;
  • Spindle shaft mounted on bearings, requires no regular maintenance.


4th place goes to the spool model “Gardena 400 Comfort. This design gives you a neat, quick and perfect lawn. The principle of its operation is simple enough, pushing the machine forward, you together with the wheels rotate the cutting cylinder, which in turn cuts the vegetation. Scissor-like mechanism, it first lifts the grass, then cuts it.

Cutting drum and bed do not touch, which makes the work pleasant, silent. The blades are made of robust, hardened steel and are additionally coated to prevent dirt from sticking. It is important to mention the sharpening of the knife, which guarantees a neat, safe mowing, making your plot perfectly groomed.