The electric screwdriver stopped twisting in one direction. How to repair

The reasons for the uneven operation of the electric screwdriver

The situation when the Bosch, Makita, Dewalt or any other brand is characterized mainly for a tool that has been in operation for a fairly long time for a fairly long time.

Such a problem may be accompanied by extraneous sounds, occur spontaneously or with a certain pattern. each of these factors helps in diagnosing the cause and search for the primary source of malfunction.

It should be noted that the lack of necessary equipment, special knowledge and practical experience will significantly complicate the independent repair of the power tool. To avoid unproductive loss of time and means with difficulty with a diagnosis. contact a service center with a good reputation, where the breakdown will be eliminated quickly and efficiently.

Frequent sources of interruptions in the operation of an electric screwdriver

Structurally screwdrivers of all brands are similar to each other, only network and battery models are fundamentally distinguished. Accordingly, the list of the most common malfunctions remains stable:

  • In network models, a gap in one of the cores of the power cable may occur. In this case, the power will disappear in certain positions of the wire;
  • When contaminating the contact site of the inclusion button, the tool will turn off in one of its positions;
  • In the tool with batteries, the impulse mode of operation may indicate the failure of one or more batons of the battery;
  • worn.out brushes. a frequent source of failures in the operation of an electric screwdriver. Replacing them is not difficult to independently follow the elementary technological regulations;
  • If Interskol, BlackDecker, Skil, and T.D This is often caused by the appearance on the surface of the lamellas of the collector of soot or a different species pollution, clogging grooves between the plates;
  • moisture and trim breaks violate the nominal operating mode of the electric motor. At home, such a malfunction is solved by the complete replacement of the rotor, stator or engine assembly;
  • Interruptions in the work can cause the worn teeth of the gear of the gearbox, poor contact on the engine terminals, thickened lubricant in the working nodes, the failed bearing.

In the nearest workshop SC “Successful Service Technique”, the malfunction of your tool will be identified and eliminated as soon as possible, and the cost of repairs will pleasantly please you.

Starts speed or does not work reverse on an electric screwdriver

Quite often an encountered complaint of the owners of the Makita tool and some other brands. knocks out the speed on the electrical screwdriver of many relevant models. The switching key is not fixed in one of the provisions, or spontaneously returns to a position close to the average (which, in principle, is absent in such nodes). We also offer you to buy Viking spare parts.

  • If the first speed does not work on an electric screwdriver, then this is fraught with damage to the slots of metizes, bats or the tool itself when twisting screws or screws, since the rotor speed of the engine will strive for maximum;
  • когда в электрическом шуруповерте Makita или Interskol выпадает 2 скорость – это ограничивает возможности успешного сверления плотных материалов;
  • The main thing is that such malfunctions lead to incomplete inclusion or spontaneous execution of gear gears from the engagement, which provokes their destruction and failure of the node out of order.

Repair opportunities

The switch is very inexpensive, but in some situations there is no way to purchase and install a new part. To repair the speed switch of an electric screwdriver, you will need to disassemble the case, extract the part and increase the elasticity of the lateral lamellas that ensure its fixation by bending them in the outside and short.term heating.

electric, screwdriver, twisting, direction, repair

You can’t do without disassembling the tool and if the reverse on an electric screwdriver broke. Most often, contacts are polluted in the rotation direction of the rotation direction. after they are cleaned to the node, performance is returned. With charred or deformed contacts, you will need to replace the reverse or button entirely if the switch is located inside its case. Here you can also find a jack of a hammer Bosch spare parts.

Another common problem is that a smooth launch of an electric screwdriver does not work. This is usually caused by contamination or complete abrasion of the resistive layer. In the first case, the cleaning of all conductive contacts will help, the second will need to replace the button.

Any of these problems with minimal time, finance and quality guarantee can be solved in SC “Successful Service Technique”. we are waiting for you!

How the switch works in an electric screwdriver.

In general, I figured out, thank everyone who helped, everything turns out to be simple.

In general, the upper part simply switches to change the direction, nothing is served through these wires. It closes AC and BD, in the switched state AB and CD. Wire 3 does not open, it corresponds to one of the contacts of the fork itself. Wire 2 is gaping the switch, t.e. When pressing from another contact of the fork, current is.

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Button like driving. On the battery shoes, the button is different, but the reverse is the same.

Variable current is going on the engine. The revolutions are regulated by the button. The reverse change of polarity with a lever, by the way it is removed separately from the button, is attached on the pins.

t.e. it seems that he didn’t explain anything, but it seems to have shown that you know?

I also recently ended up with a similar problem in the Chinese 12th Gaykover 🙂 only a switch without any designations, 6 contacts and 4 of them disconnected 🙂

to the button, constant after the button alternating (shim) changes dependence on pressing your finger

With a reverse, everything is simple.In the stature, two windings.In one position of the rotation switch, the first winding supplies the current to the upper brush, and the second winding is opened in the button to the lower button, the corresponding contacts are opened and the first winding gives the current to the lower brush, and the second to the upper.This phase transfer provides rotation in the other direction.And no “internal chip” is involved in this.

on the stator I understand everything is submitted unchanged?

I’ll throw you a photo from my worktheld.I can’t vouch for the quality of the photo.If you get a photo, add to the post.Then many have no questions will disappear.Click?

I’ll throw you a photo from my worktheld.I can’t vouch for the quality of the photo.If you get a photo, add to the post.Then many have no questions will disappear.Click?

Interesting thing. himself in the process of garage curtains. There are schemes how to control this without using the stock button? She is unreliable and expensive.

I don’t remember the link, but there were such aims remained:

electric, screwdriver, twisting, direction, repair

Master City “How to restore the operation of the speed of the drill” Google!

Interesting thing. himself in the process of garage curtains. There are schemes how to control this without using the stock button? She is unreliable and expensive.

I am no longer to the sneaker, everything works fine there

For sure someone knows the alternating or direct current on the motor? (I remind you of this network electric screwdriver from 220 V, there is no battery in it)

Collector electric motors

These single.phase motors have smaller efficiency than direct current engines, but due to simplicity of manufacture and control circuits they have found the widest application in household appliances and power tools. They can be called “universal”, They are capable of working both with alternating and constant current. This is due to the fact that when the variable voltage is included in the network, the direction of the magnetic field and current will change in the stature and rotor at the same time, without causing a change in the direction of rotation. The reverse of such devices is carried out by reversing the ends of the rotor.that is, you need to throw wires on brushes

not for every engine will do12 Volta will drift more to burn a bicop

Reverse boils only to a change in the polarity of the voltage supplied to the engine brush. For this, cross.line contacts are provided, which are driven by the reversal lever.The speed controller is assembled on the basis of the SWM controller and the key N-channel field transistor. Controls the operation of the controller variable resistor, the position of which depends on the effort of pressing the power button (trigger).

and the Simistor button is drawn (engine 220)

To start the engine in the other direction, you need to change the connection of the brushes in places.

I ask once again, how the difference is where to change the direction of the magnetic flux?

photo from a drill (((with power from an alternating current network.

Yeah and Kondyuk to smooth out interference for 220V

Not for this. For a revolutionary control regulator, based

photo from a drill (((with power from an alternating current network.

It changes the polarity of the starting moment, if the current from the capacitor (yellow cube) goes to one side then twists one, if it is supplied, on the contrary, it turns reverse

DIY drill repair

In order to find a malfunction, the drill needs to be disassembled.

How to disassemble the tool

Some drills have an additional handle and a drilling depth limiter.

Additional handle and drilling depth limiter

hidden button on the PS4 controller

It is necessary to relax the mounting of the clamp and pull the handle through the cartridge.

In other models, an additional handle is screwed into the drill housing.

An additional handle is screwed into the drill housing

If there is a lining on the drill handle connecting two halves of the case, then it is pushed by a flat screwdriver and removed.

  • Unscrew the entire fasteners and remove the upper part of the body. Please note that two screws in the place where the case holds the shaft of the cartridge, in shorter than the rest.
  • Unscrew the screws fastening the cord to the body. The wires and other components of the drill gently remove from your grooves.

A cartridge with a shaft and a large gear 2 is easily disconnected from the drill housing. Remove the metal case of the gearbox 1 together with the engine. There is a ball on the shaft that cannot be lost, because it will be difficult to choose the same.

Remove the gearbox body from the electric motor spindle.

Replacing brushes

Signals for checking the condition of the brushes are sparking in the collector area, reducing revolutions and heating the drill. If these problems are not, then the condition of the brushes must be checked periodically. When worn at least one of the brushes by 40 percent change both. Disassemble the drill housing. Brushes are extracted along with brush holders. In some models there are plugs on the case that are displayed.

The brush is removed from the brush holder and a new.

Turning button, smooth start and speed controller

The drill revolution regulator can be combined with a smooth start or displayed into a separate wheel on the case, or the wheel is installed on the start button.

The device and the principle of operation of the button with the speed regulator:

    When the trigger is pressed, the sliding plates 2 move, sliding along the resistor strips 3 located on the electronic board. Contact group 1 springs are squeezed.

If the drill does not have a revolution regulator, then the circuit is similar, but without a wheeled.

The revolution regulator, as well as a smooth start, fails due to the malfunction of the microcircuit. If it is located separately from the power button, disassemble the case, disconnect the contacts and replace it with a new. If the regulator is installed on the button, disassemble the housing and remove the power button from it.

    Put the multimeter in the call mode. Attach the probes to the input terminals of the power button and press the button. In this case, the sound signal should be made. If it is not, the button must be replaced.

Two up two screws that press the network cable not to the end. Remove the wires.

Insert the pin into the hole with the wire running from the stator. And remove the wire with the pin. With the second stator wire, do the same.

Replacing the button is easier than to disassemble and repair it, because it has many small details in it. But if you decide, carefully disassemble the button body so as not to lose jumping springs.

Contact sites are erased and dust forms that settles inside a plastic box. Dielectric surfaces become electric current conductors. Because of this, the turnover and smooth start are not adjusted. Remove metal dust with cotton with alcohol. Contacts can be curtained with a knife, but not with sandpaper, so as not to spoil their surface.

Remove the microcircuit from the other half of the button case. Call all the elements. Replace the damaged.

Often internal cleaning of the button body restores its operation.

Reverse does not work or the drill does not twist to the right

With direct rotation of the rotor, the end of the first winding of the stator is connected to the first brush. With the second to the second. This switch occurs in the reverse button. If the drill stops twisting in one direction or another, then the chain does not close. It is necessary to diagnose a button and, in case of a malfunction, replace it or disassemble and clean the contacts.

The reverse is nicknamed in several visits:

  • Set the reverse flag in the right position.
  • Insert the probe of the multimeter in two holes on one side of the reverse button. Check the presence of the sound signal of the device. Now insert the probes in two holes on the other side. There is a sound signal on both sides, which means that the right position of the reverse works.
  • Now install the reverse in the left position.

Insert the probes into two holes, but on the other side of the button. Then in the other two holes. Check the multimeter sound signal.

If at least at least one stage there was no call, the button is faulty. You can disassemble it. If in both positions of the switch the contacts close, then clean them and call them again. If it did not help, then replace the button.

Take the pin, insert it into the hole and remove the wire. Remove all wires in the same way.

Wires from the stator and brushes are brought to the reverse. They are connected diagonally, so draw a diagram, so as not to confuse. Or glue with tape to each wire tag.

Connecting a drill to a cable without a button

Dismantle the power button. It includes two veins of the network cable. If the drill had a reverse, then two wires leave the stator and brushes. It turns out four. To connect them with two veins of the network cable, do the following:

Damage to mechanics

As for the mechanical part, there are breakdowns of the gearbox and support bearings.

In the case of the gearbox, it is necessary to inspect all the gears, smoothly turning them with a hand. Seats and teeth should be intact. Otherwise, the gears must be changed.

Bearing is checked by holding the inner shaft with one hand and turning the outer part of the bearing with the second hand. The whole bearing should spin freely, not vibrate and not play. If there are vibrations or backlash, then the bearing is changing. If you just spin badly, then you can try to add grease to it

electric, screwdriver, twisting, direction, repair

These are the main causes of drill breakdowns. If it does not work for you, then you can sequentially check all the nodes according to the above instructions. with a high probability you will find in this way a malfunction. This work is actually simple, so you can not worry that you will not succeed. And this text has come to an end. Until new meetings!

Why is it cracking and scrolling the cartridge on an electric screwdriver?

Various interpretations of the concept of “scrolling” should be taken into account. When the coupling is simply triggered. the torque regulator (ratchet), then it is enough to choose a different mode of its operation to complete screwing the screw.

If the electric screwdriver cracks and scrolls when working in previously used modes, this may indicate the presence of any of the causes of the tool:

  • the absence of a sufficient amount of consistent lubrication of the corresponding type in the gearbox;
  • The reduction shaft is curved. this is a factory or acquired defect;
  • received physical damage either completely broken pin fixation of satellites, or satellite itself;
  • wear of the working surfaces of plastic (less often metal) gears;
  • Bearing of bearings, production on the shaft.

Skil Twist Cordless Power Screwdriver (1986)

Also, the reason that the electric screwdriver began to scroll is unreliable fixation of the bat in the cartridge due to the wear of its cams.

Methods of repair

Depending on the location of the breakdown. the coupling, gearbox, speed switch, cartridge. a decision is made, what to do if the electric screwdriver is scrolled under the load:

  • bushings, defective shaft or bearing are subject to replacement with new products with similar original parameters;
  • In the absence of alternatives, the gear can be repaired, but the best solution will be the installation of new ones or replacing the entire gearbox;
  • Also the right choice would be to replace a faulty cartridge.

Independent repair of the responsible nodes of the gearbox is not always possible and justified. SC “Successful Technique Service” will perform repair work of any complexity much faster, better and at an adequate price. In our catalog you can also buy spare parts for a peorator.

How to remove and change the cartridge

In order to safety, the maintenance of the mechanical and electrical parts of the device should be repaired or change the cartridge.

To do this, you will have to perform a small dismantling operation:

  • It is necessary to dilute the fists to the side, unscrewing the outer rotating part of the cartridge to the stop.
  • Then turn the screw (clockwise) with a cross.shaped screwdriver, which the head is attached to the spindle.
  • The next stage is more convenient to conduct, armed with an auxiliary tool. You can use a gas key of a suitable size. The electrical appliance must be placed on the table. The cartridge is rigidly fixed in the key’s lips, and the lever with a sharp movement rotates counterclockwise.
  • Now it remains to establish a replacement, not forgetting to fix the screw on the spindle.

Is it possible to repair

The ability to restore the failed node depends on the specific design.

In some models, the repair is provided by the manufacturer. Others are conditionally repaired, that is, they can be carefully disassembled and assembled, but the question is the presence of a spare part of the part.

There are also monolithic cartridges that are poorly or not amenable to restoration.

Most often, the cartridge of electrical screwdriver does not clamp the bat due to wear of fasteners. The best option is to change the broken knot in its entirety. The possibility of repair depends on the specific modification of the electrical appliance.

Why does an electric screwdriver not twist under load. causes and repair

If an electric screwdriver does not twist, this is not a reason to dispose of it and buy a new device in the store. Most of the breakdowns are easily eliminated without the help of a specialist, but for this it is necessary to have basic knowledge about the work of the mechanism. First you need to start diagnostics and, after identifying the causes of the breakdown, fix the tool or take it to the service center.

Depending on how the breakdown manifests itself, its causes can be determined. There are 7 most common types of malfunctions, due to which the electric mechanism fails:

  • Battery wear. the tool works weakly, requires more frequent recharging. Solution. buying a new battery and independent replacement.
  • Damage to satellite or pin is a malfunction that can be eliminated by replacing components.
  • If an electric screwdriver does not twist under load, this indicates the improper operation of the device.
  • Damage to the shaft or bearings is another reason for poor work. During operation, the mechanism cracks and does not cope with the load.
  • Wear of internal gears also violates the functioning of the device.
  • Lack of lubrication in the gearbox. this happens if the tool is rarely used.
  • He may not work due to burning the motor winding. In such a situation, a motor replacement requires.

Determine the cause not only during a visual examination of the device, it is necessary to perform diagnostics according to the following instructions:

  • Disable the device from the network;
  • Remove the cartridge;
  • Remove the body part;
  • remove gearboxes and a fixing plate;
  • disassemble the gearbox to gain access to gears;
  • inspect each complete set, evaluate the degree of wear or detect damage;
  • replace broken details;
  • set the springs with pliers to improve the device control;
  • get to the bearings, check them, damaged. replace them;
  • Check the condition of the motor, brushes and shaft.

Bearings and gears wear out with intensive operation quickly enough, so they require periodic replacement. The battery even in high.quality technology should also be periodically replaced.

Features of the repair of electric screwdriver, if it does not twist or twists poorly

Before starting the repair, you need to prepare everything. There are several rules and recommendations that should be followed during the repair:

  • If the details are required, it is necessary to buy only original components released by the manufacturer of the tool;
  • After disassembling the tool, it is worth checking everything, since there can be several breakdowns;
  • After the repair, it is necessary to check the fixation of all parts.

Important! If you independently start repairing equipment that is still under warranty, after disassembly, the rights to free service in the service center will be lost.

If the device does not twist or work slowly, you can identify the malfunction and repair it without involving a specialist. First you need to diagnose the causes by checking all the details of the device, and then proceed to eliminate the problem. If the device is under warranty, it is recommended to contact the service center with a breakdown.

electric screwdriver and its design features

You should start repairing an electric screwdriver with your own hands with familiarization with its design. The main element of the electrical screwdriver is an electric motor. Screwdrivers are both network and battery type. The use of network electric screwdriver resorts less often, due to such a drawback as the need to connect the tool to the 220V network. The battery.type tools are more popular, as they allow not only the repair work of the house, but also beyond its borders.

The main nodes of the battery electrical screwdriver are:

  • Frame. Usually all screwdrivers are made of durable plastic.
  • Start button. It is arranged so that the number of revolutions of the cartridge depends on it.
  • Electric motor. In the battery tools, single.phase collector.type and direct current engines are used. The engine is a rotor, a stator in the form of magnets, as well as a brush unit.
  • Gearbox.
  • Effort regulator.
  • Reversion switch.
  • Battery. It is usually removable and often equipped with a product in a double copy.
  • Cartridge. As a rule, fast.and.packed cartridges are used.

Some models are additionally equipped with LED lighting lights, as well as battery charging indicators. Returning to problems with an electric screwdriver, it should be noted that any of the above elements can cause a tool malfunction. What is needed for repair? First of all, it is required to find the cause of the breakdown, and then make the appropriate decision to eliminate it. The tool can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical. Initially, it is required to find out what is the problem of the inoperability of the electrical screwdriver: in mechanics or electrician. This will not be difficult to do, so we consider the breakdown in more detail.

Malfunctions of the mechanical part

It is possible to identify mechanical malfunctions of screwdrivers by such a feature as the audibility of the functioning of the electric motor. When you press the start button, signs of the electric motor are heard, but at the same time the tool cartridge does not rotate or the characteristic sounds of a malfunction are heard during rotation.

The device of an electric screwdriver is quite simple, but a significant disadvantage is that all elements are almost 2-3 times smaller than electric drill. The mechanical possible breakdowns of electrical screwdriver include the following malfunctions:

  • Bench of the cartridge. Despite the fact that fast.sounding cartridges are more universal and simple in work, their significant drawback can be called a low service life. It is impossible to fix a fast.packed cartridge, so if the tool refuses to hold a drill or bit, then the cartridge should be removed and replaced with a new. This is one of the most frequent malfunctions of the tool, but you will not need to disassemble an electric screwdriver.
  • The failure of the gearbox. A planetary type gearbox is installed at the screwdrivers. Typically, manufacturers in order to save money make gears of gearbox from plastic or low.quality metal. This affects not only the power of the tool, but also on its service life. If the engine is pressing the “Start” button, and the cartridge does not rotate, then the problem is precisely in the planetary gearbox. To find out the cause of its malfunction, you need to disassemble the tool, and then determine the breakdown. A gearbox in case of failure of one six should be replaced.
  • Bearing wear. The bearing is in the planetary gearbox, so it is replaced with the gears.
  • Damage to the regulator effort. This device in screwdrivers is used not only to increase or decrease the traction force of the tool, but also to increase safety. If during the work of the work there is a jamming of the working nozzle, then instead of turning the tool, the regulator will turn. Thus, the master will not receive a dislocation of the hand, and the electric motor will be protected from the high load, from which it can burn out.

It should be noted that the small dimensions of the mechanical part of the tool are somewhat complicated by the process of repairing the tool, so be sure to be careful when carrying out repair work.

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electric, screwdriver, twisting, direction, repair

The performance of the screwdriver cartridge

The run of the screwdriver cartridge indicates the availability of problems with the serviceability of the reducer tool, which is located directly behind the electric motor. This is another reason why the screwdriver does not work with a full return.

Spare parts for planetary screwdrivers

The output shaft of this gearbox is the place of attachment of the cartridge; Therefore, if we are talking about the mileage of the cartridge, we must remember the inconsistency of the gear shaft. The reasons for this may be as follows:

  • A) the curvature of the gear shaft;
  • B) the wear of the gearboxes;
  • C) the failure of the supporting bearing of the gear shaft;
  • D) the maximum production of pins on which the satellites of planetary programs are installed.

All of the above parts of factory origin are not subject to this repair. The problem of beating the cartridge of the screwdriver in this case is solved by replacing the parts of the gearbox with new.