How much can you work with a corner grinder with a brush. Cutting “from yourself”

How to work correctly with a corner grinder: safety measures instructions for operating

You plan to use the power tool in the process of home repairs, but do not know how to work properly a corner grinder so as not to injure? Agree, it would be unreasonable out of ignorance in the first minutes to break a disk or, even worse, injure yourself.

Or you just decided to acquire a power tool and study in advance the rules for its operation? In this case, pay attention to the products of eminent manufacturers with a good reputation, selling truly high.quality excrete assemblies with a longevity guarantee.

After all, it is safer to work with a reliable tool. One of the excellent options is the products of the brand Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, as well as Metabo angular grinder, implemented in a wide assortment network in a wide assortment. Operating rules and basic errors when working with this type of power tool we will consider in detail in our article.

The material, in addition to the recommendations for the use of angular grinding, contains visual photos on working with an angular grinder and useful video councils of experienced users. Having familiarized yourself with the latter and, observing the rules of personal safety, you can cope with the stroke of the concrete wall, sharp tiles or brick on your own, without attracting specialists for these tasks.

Types and features of use angular grinder

The popular corner grinder known to the people is nothing more than an angular grinding machine. This power tool, according to the townsfolk, is necessary for each more or less self-respecting owner.

It is not surprising, because in addition to grinding, the device is able to perform high.quality cutting of various kinds of materials, ranging from simple wood and ending with metal corners and reinforcement.

Most often in everyday life, this tool is not used for grinding operations, but for cutting materials.

Reinforcement, metal corners, metal pipes and other metal products most often have to be cut precisely with a corner grinder. Therefore, her presence in the arsenal of the owner of the house or apartment is quite reasonable. not to invite an outsider to elementary work for the elementary work

Processing of brick products is a popular phenomenon, especially during the repair period. For these purposes, the angular grinder should be equipped with special disks. a device for cutting metal and reinforcement in this case will not work

For concrete or concrete product such as a wall, floor, individual elements, a cut.out disc recommended by the manufacturer for performing specifically these tasks is to be used. over, in view of increased dust, the smell organs should necessarily protect

For wood and its derivatives, you need to use special discs, which the manufacturer offers to use to work with wood. You also need to put on the corresponding type of protective casing, which will protect you from heavy sawdust, chips and wood dust

Instructions for labor protection for staff when working with a grinder of the “Corner grinder instructed personnel and having an electrical safety group 1 is allowed to work with a grinder of the type of angular grinder ”. one.2.Installation of grinding circles is entrusted to repair personnel (locksmith) after familiarizing it with this instruction. When working with a grinder, there is a risk of gaping a grinding circle from centrifugal force and the effort used in the processing of parts. Therefore, the existing law provides for the fact that the circles, newly assigned to work, except for the external examination for the lack of cracks, should be tested within 0.5 hours.

II. Safety requirements before work start

2.1 Before starting work, check:.completeness and reliability of attaching parts;.check the serviceability of the electric cable, the circuit breaker;.Check the work of the machine at idle;.Check the grinding of a grinding circle and fence. 2.2.Check the illumination of the workplace and the serviceability of dielectric gloves.

III. Safety requirements during work Monitor the working condition of the grinding machine. 3.2.Use protective glasses to protect the eyes from abrasive and metal dust 3.3. Reliably and tightly hold a grinding machine in your hands. 3.four. Do not clean the handle of the hand. When the machine is turned off, use a metal brush. 3.5. The working surface of the circle should have strictly circular rotation. To edit grinding circles, it is necessary to use diamonds or balls. Editing a circle with a notch, a chisel or a similar tool is prohibited, since this method of editing contributes to the formation of cracks. 3.6. When leaving the workplace. even for a short time, it is necessary to de.energize the machine. 3.7 is prohibited to work:.without a protective casing;.without personal protective equipment;.with the appearance of smoke, extraneous noise;.to persons unfamiliar with the conditions of work with a grinder of the “angular grinder” type and have not been trained when working on this equipment

IV. Safety requirements in emergency situations

If defects in equipment (grinding, circles) are detected, which are a danger to the life of personnel and the integrity of equipment, immediately suspend work, to turn off electrical equipment if possible, take measures to eliminate the accident. 2. Upon receipt of the injury, contact the first.aid post or call an ambulance, notify the master about the injury.

V. Safety requirements for the end of work

Report to the responsible person about the work performed and report the faults noticed. 2. Put in order the workplace and machine. 3. At the end of the work, remove and remove overalls, wash your hands with warm water, take a shower.

Instructions for labor protection when working with an angular grinding machine For independent work with a corner grinding machine, faces of at least 18 years old who have passed:.preliminary (when entering work) or periodic medical examination and suitable for health reasons;.introductory briefing on labor protection and fire safety;.primary briefing at the workplace for labor protection and fire safety;.training in safe methods and techniques for performing work and providing first aid, affected by accidents at work. one.2. When working with a corner grinding machine, you need:.observe the requirements for the operation of the angular grinding machine;.observe the rules of safety and labor protection when working with an angular grinding machine;.use for its intended purpose and take care of issued personal protective equipment. one.3. The main dangerous and harmful production factors when working with an angular grinding machine are:.moving and rotating details and nodes;.increased level of vibration;.increased noise;.The possibility of electric shock. one.four. If the malfunctions of the angular grinding machine, devices and other shortcomings or dangers at the workplace are detected, immediately stop the work. Only after eliminating the shortcomings noticed, continue to work. one.5. In the event of an accident, provide the victim with the first (pre.medical) medical care, immediately inform the immediate supervisor of the work, take measures to maintain the situation of the incident (accident), if this does not create a danger to others. one.6. When working with a corner grinding machine, there is a danger of a grinding circle of centrifugal force and the effort used in the processing of parts. Therefore, the existing law provides for the fact that the circles, newly assigned to work, except for the external examination for the lack of cracks, should be tested within 0.5 hours. one.7. For failure to comply with safety requirements, and labor protection set forth in this Instructions, persons operating an angular grinding machine are liable in accordance with the current legislation. When working with a corner grinding machine, you need:.make sure the reliability of fastening the parts;.make sure that there are no extraneous objects in the area of ​​work;.check the serviceability of the electric cable, the circuit breaker;.check the operation of a corner grinding machine at idle;.Check the grinding of a grinding circle and fence. 2.2. Persons operating an angular grinding machine should not begin to perform work in the following violations of safety requirements:.the presence of cracks or deformations of the cable (cord), its protective tube and plug, the integrity of the insulating parts of the case, the handle and covers of the brush holders, protective casings of the corner grinding machine;.the presence of cod, rattle and other signs of a malfunction in the engine operation;.insufficient illumination and clutter of the working area. Monitor the working condition of the corner grinding machine. 3.2. Use protective glasses to protect the eyes from abrasive and metal dust. 3.3. Reliably and tightly hold an angular grinding machine in your hands. 3.four. Do not clean the processed surface with your hands, use a metal brush. 3.5. The working surface of the circle should have strictly circular rotation. To edit grinding circles, it is necessary to use diamonds or balls. Editing a circle with a notch, a chisel or a similar tool is prohibited. 3.6. The power tool cable must be protected from random mechanical damage. 3.7. The direct contact of wires and cables with hot, wet and oily surfaces or objects is not allowed. 3.eight. When working with a corner grinding machine, it is prohibited:.overload the equipment;.work without a protective casing;.work without personal protective equipment;.work with the appearance of smoke, extraneous noise;. pull, twist or extend the cable, put a load on it, as well as allow it to intersect it with cables, coils of welding equipment;.Touch rotating details and grinding circles. 3.9. If any malfunctions are detected, work with an angular grinding machine should be stopped.

much, work, corner, grinder If a fire occurs due to a malfunction of the equipment of the corner grinding machine, it is necessary:.stop the corner grinding machine;.Take measures to extinguish the sunbathing, using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher or sand, tarpaulin. four.2. If damage is detected in an angular grinding machine, it is necessary to stop moving, inform the direct manager of the work about all malfunctions. At the end of the work, it is necessary:.turn off the angular grinding machine from the network, remove it to the installed place;.put things in order at the workplace;.Report all the faults in the work of the corner grinding machine.

The main characteristics of the corner grinder

It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the main parameters of the corner grinding of. This will help to choose a model for the planned volume of work and functionality. For example, if it is needed only for grinding, then a low.power device with a small radius of the circle is suitable. I exist small corner grinders that do not have a handle and are used in narrow places. Large models have a pen and a place to retain, located at the base.

The number of revolutions

To know how to choose a corner grinder for the house, you also need to find out the number of revolutions (rpm.). This characteristic indicates how much revolutions the spindle makes for 1 minute. If it spins too fast, then the disk can burst or the rotation mechanism breaks down, and if slowly, then the circle is wiped faster. Some manufacturers leave a memo on the product about the permissible amount of rpm on the product housing. They are determined by the size of the canvas and the power of the device.

The marginal value can be from 2.8 thousand. up to 11 thousand. rpm and change using a special mechanism on the gearbox. Optimal number of r/min. It is determined depending on the selected material, for example, 2.8 thousand is enough for grinding marble., and for cutting metal about 6 thousand.

The power of the corner grinder

The engine power is most often from 0.5 to 2.6 kW and increases in proportion to the size of the canvas. For example, for the normal performance of a device with a canvas size of 125 mm, a drive of 750 W is required. If it is not planned to use heavy equipment, then the power of the corner grinder can be limited to 1 kW.

You should also pay attention to the fact that a tool with a large radius of the circle can have a low power, on which the torque depends. This parameter shows whether the disk can overcome the friction force during cutting or grinding during rotation and not stop. All components of the characteristics change from the quality of the product, which is chosen by the producing side.


In the beginning, select the optimal diameter of the equipment. It is important to understand that protection limits the maximum permissible size for the circle. But with sufficient power of the corner grinder, you can install a large disk if you remove the protective part before the start of work. This is strictly prohibited by the rules of operation and safety, since the disk breakdown, at the time of use, can lead to injury.

The depth of the hole that can cut the canvas depends on the size of the circle. This parameter is important if you need to cut walls or large parts. For such purposes, you should choose an angular grinder of 230 mm with a protective coupling, since the depth of the cut in it is up to 70 mm. For 125 mm circle, it is most often up to 34 mm. a corner grinder with a small canvas is not recommended to cut the metal, and the surface should not be grinded with large.

For proper use of the disk, it should be understood what material it is suitable:

  • Curunde cut circles are needed for sawing metals, from silicon carbide. for stone and concrete, and diamonds are needed for working with tiles
  • Wood circles are most often made for circular saws, but they can also be used with a corner grinder. There is a variety with teeth and a chain from a chainsaw.
  • Rittle brushes are made of metal wire and have the shape of a bowl or circle. They are used to remove paint, corrosion or primer from various surfaces. The rudeness of the work depends on the thickness and shape (loose, twisted).

There are also several variations of disks for grinding of different surfaces:

  • Petal. It is needed for work with a large volume of wood materials. Evas paper is on its surface.
  • Velcro model. used for polishing, since a special abrasive is applied to its surface.
  • With wire nozzles. Such a tool is needed to clean iron from corrosion and paint.
  • Circles with diamond spraying. It is needed to work with solid rocks of stone, for example, granite or marble.
  • Cotton nozzles are used for soft processing of the material.
  • Sharped circles have a thickness of 5 mm and are often used in tools for sharpening the tool.

It is not recommended to cut the glass with corner grinding, as it crumbles, dusts and can lead to injuries. When working with a tree, you should carefully monitor the temperature of the material. At high speeds, due to friction, it can be caught or charged. For the listed materials, a specialized tool should be used.

There are 5 varieties of the size of the canvas. The maximum speed recommended for the tool also depends on it:

Diameter (mm) Turning revolutions (RPM) Where they use
115 13.3 thousand.
125 12.3 thousand.
150 10 thousand.
180 8.5 thousand.
230 6.7 thousand.

All discs must be selected depending on use. For example, in order to cut the curb, the disc is not suitable for 125 mm. And to polish the tree inappropriate to take a circle with a wire nozzle.

Necessary safety precautions

Before using a corner grinder, you should strictly learn all safety requirements. It is not fundamentally in which direction the dust and sparks will fly, when the rules for working with a corner grinder are not learned and the necessary precautions are not observed, which implies the possibility of serious injuries.

The necessary measures for the prevention of injuries during operation is angular grinding:

The presence of a non.hazardous place of work

Before working with a corner grinding for metal, it is necessary to devote time to prepare the workspace. The selected place must be cleaned of garbage elements, remove any combustible materials or flammable substances, check the absence of open electrical wiring.

For work, you will also need the presence of high.quality natural lighting or the installation of artificial.

The workflow with a machine is allowed only in a dry environment. It is necessary to exclude any use of the tool in the rain or in buildings subjected to water.

Important! Working with a corner grinder, the presence of worn decorations (chains, key fobs, etc. should be excluded. items) capable of being protected (wound) machine mechanism.

Before working with a corner grinder, you should take care of the presence of fire extinguishing means at hand. It can be either a fire extinguisher of any class, or a container with water, sand, etc.D.

Application of individual protective equipment

All equipment must be thoroughly fixed, fastened and tied to prevent the machine from getting into the working part of the machine.

Special danger from a flying sheaf of sparks. Therefore, it is important to protect vision and open areas of the body, using glasses, masks, mittens, special shoes. To protect hearing, it is recommended to insert Berush or the use of construction headphones. In working with “dusty” materials, a respirator will come in handy. Special construction shoes will not allow damage to the legs from the fall of metal parts.

Using a working tool

Before starting work, it is important to verify the equipment for the lack of mechanical damage that can harm the current.

It is necessary to correctly install a protective casing in order to prevent sparks on the face and body, and reliably fix it.

Be sure to check the handle on the gearbox for integrity (the presence of damage and cracks) in order to prevent its breakdown during cutting.

How to work. Safety precautions (hereinafter referred to as TB)

I will not walk around the bush. With safety measures Corner grinder full mess. There are no intelligible official recommendations. According to the instructions, corner grinder. This is a grinding machine, but the spectrum performed by this electric tool goes far beyond the grinding and polishing framework.

Let’s try to deal with the issue of security based on existing practical prerequisites. Good tool. Why you need to buy it

I write absolutely seriously about this aspect in the safety precautionary. Choose a strong and reliable tool. A good corner grinder costs only 1.5 living wage. On average, in 1 month, a healthy person earns 7.5 mines. Per year it is 90 minimum wages.

It turns out that for a high.quality angular grinder with protective mechanisms structurally laid manufacturer, you need to give only 1.7% of your annual income. than reasonable investment in their own security. In the furnace Chinese and cheap models!

By the way, in the safety of the car (signaling, CASCO, etc.D.) the average owner invests 10% of its cost.

I personally purchased Bosch Gws. Equipped with the Kickback Stop protective system, which disables the tool when jamming the disk. This is all salt. Also, the corner grinder produced under the Metabo brand is equipped with a special coupling with a similar purpose.

Most likely Makita also has something, but I will not say. I do not own accurate information on this manufacturer.

Meanwhile, if the corner grinder is not equipped with an auto shutdown when biting an abrasive circle, then two equally unattractive options are possible:

1) The disk will fall apart and the wreckage will fly at the linear speed, which we now calculate for a disk with a diameter of 125mm and the number of revolutions of 12,000 rpm:

Diameter d = 125 mm = 0.125 m

The length of the circumference is C = pid = 3.140.125 = 0.392 m.

Frequency ν = 12000 rpm = 200 rpm.

Linear speed v = ca = 2000.392 = 78.5 m/s

For angular grinding garners with a circle diameter of 125mm and a speed of 12,000 rpm of/min, the linear speed of the discs of the disk will be 78.5 m/s.

Ранее здесь присутствовала ошибка в вычислениях. Огромное спасибо Павлу Серкову и Дмитрию (к сожалению фамилия неизвестна) за письма с указанием на грубый просчет.

The resulting value is 4 times lower than the initial speed of the bullet from the Makarov pistol = 315 m/s.

2) the disk will withstand and then the corner grinder will tear out from the hands, which again from the construction tool will turn into firearms. Here and without formulas it is clear that a rotating disk will enter a person like a knife into the oil.

5.2. Work without a casing. This is a game of Russian roulette

The casing should always be between you and the axis of the rotation of the tool. Situations will certainly arise when the casing interferes, but this is not a reason to dismantle it. Use a corner grinder with a quick adjustment of the protection position (I wrote about such a tool above)

In the vast majority of cases, the protective casing works like this:

The disk collapsed, bounced off the casing and the fragments were in the zone safe for the operator angular grinder. but on the contrary, potentially dangerous for his partner and other people in the work area.

Attention! Sometimes a fragment can “leak” through a casing or flying through a ricochet. The presence of a casing. Not a reason to forget about personal protective equipment.

5.3. Eliminate extraneous objects

In the mid-90s, when he first took a one-handed corner grinder, made his first repair in the bathroom, cut concrete with diamond, far from me dangled the underwear cord ok.1.5 m.

I felt only a strong blow to the mask, and the tool in a split second at the ceiling in the far corner screens.

much, work, corner, grinder

Quote from the Mastergrad

I believe the explanations are not needed, organize your workplace properly. HEAD. EYES

Protective glasses. Not a panacea, but better than nothing.

It looks scary, but in terms of time it passes approximately like a bruise on the skin and does not affect the vision. This is one of the easiest and most gentle damage that can be obtained when working with a corner grinding.

Protective glasses. Not a panacea. Use them only if there is nothing else, but even in protective glasses when working with metal may surprise you

Chip. Two words about first aid

The Internet is full of stories about how chips have leaked into the eye even if protective glasses were used. It is very painful to blink. The chips scratches Beko and not everyone can stand before taking the doctor. In this case, at their own peril and risk act as follows:

Do not touch the eyes.

They drip from a pipette in the eye of Lidocaine (sold in ampoules in a pharmacy). It will burn a little when the burning sensation passes and the pain is 10-15 minutes.

Make the insides of a cigarette filter. Cut along an acute angle.

Further the thin end of the filter. Pruning is mined. She literally magnetizes to this porous material and is visually clearly visible.

Instill albucid into the eye and go for a control examination to the doctor.

Protective mask. The face was taken

“Advanced” put on a shield of a turner, which will really protect the eyes from chips, but nothing more. We recall the initial speed of the discs of the disk 78.5 m/s and look at the photo from the Hansa:

Safety precautions

In the process of processing surfaces, whether metal surfaces or wooden, it is necessary to observe safety precautions. The fact is that the higher the speed of rotation of the disk on the corner grinder, the faster the vest wear. Metal bristles fly away from it, scraps and metal burrs from the treated surface also fly off. It happens that it does not withstand the load of the cup, and the brush itself scribes.

And all this literally shoots at a working person. Therefore, working with such a brush, you need to have glasses, a respirator, mittens and preferably a dense overalls. Even if the sun shines outside and there is unbearable heat.

The loud sound of the corner grinder tires, makes the employee irritable, so it is also recommended to have headphones. Some employees combine useful with pleasant and muffle the sound of their grinders with their favorite music, inserting headphones from player or phone into their ears.

Safety precautions when working with a corner grinder: the secrets of the master

This article shows the main errors when working with corner grinding (corner grinding), as well as measures to eliminate them. We will talk about the causes of dangerous situations associated with the use of this tool, as well as how to avoid them. The article shows cases not described in the instructions.

Even the most harmless tool in appearance under certain circumstances becomes dangerous not only for health, but also for life. In this regard, we will talk about the most common cases of incorrect operation of the corner grinding, which may entail injuries. precisely, we will pay attention to what needs to be done to avoid them.

Corner grinder, regardless of size, is considered the most dangerous tool for several reasons:

  • A relatively large open area of ​​the rotating element (disk).
  • Lack of a reliable reference point.
  • Killed discs (abrasive).
  • High rotation speed in small models and high power in large.

The number of injuries from it exceeds the rest of the factors by several times (the nearest “competitor” is winter ice). For full and safe work with it, a certain skill is required, which is purchased during operation.

Note. These recommendations relate to the right tool and work in normal conditions.

The danger of this tool is primarily determined by the principle of operation. cutting occurs during the contact of the rotating disk with the workpiece. In this case, the contact point is the only stationary support, since the tool itself is held by the operator by weight. Under such conditions, even a slight skew can cause a sharp uncontrolled jerk.

How to be safe. If you have to work for the first time with a corner grinder, start with low.power models (disk diameter 115–125 mm). This will help to master the principle of distribution of loads on the tool on. Give up work that seems dangerous to you.

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About 90% of “emergency” cases falls on problems with an abrasive disk (or a detachment circle), which serves as an activator and a cutter at the same time. Working with a defective abrasive disk. a common case.

Chip. This visible defect forms Zazubin, which, when contacting metal at speed, will cause a sharp jerk. At the same time, the operator will not have time to extinguish it due to a high speed of rotation. At best, after a jerk, the disk will fail. In the worst disc, it will either fly to pieces at a speed of up to 300 km/h (bullet speed), or the tool will simply tear out of the hands with minimal consequences.

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Breakdown. This defect can be invisible at first glance, but immediately felt when turning on. it begins to “chat”. A broken disk can collapse even before contact with the workpiece. Often a breakdown (thin disc 1.5–1.8 mm) occurs in the process of operation, when an angular grinder with a disk lies on the ground and accidentally advance. If this happened to you or before your eyes, inform the operator (t. to. He may be sure that everything is in order with the disk).

How to be safe. Only verification before installation and control literally before each launch will give a guarantee of reliability (factory defects are rare). If the brigade works, the operator of the corner grinder works only with her and monitors his tool. The disks of a reliable manufacturer (Lugaabrasiv, Bosh, Kronomax) have greater stability of the gap than cheap analogues.

The rule for each operation has its own disk

A huge number of cutting and grinding circles are produced in dozens of large and small factories literally for every task. The usual desire to save money and the desire to make everything with one disk can lead to a hospital bed.

  • To save time, the plywood or wood is often a abrasive, which is softer than metal. The disk almost does not wear out, and there is no risk of its split due to the viscosity of the material. However, the high temperature from friction warms up glue and resin and caustic smoke goes, which, falling into the eyes and respiratory organs, can cause the operator disorientation or distract it.
  • Installation on the corner grinding of a wood disk is prohibited by all manufacturers of this tool. The toothed disk clings better to the material than an abrasive, so the resistance force is several times higher. In such conditions, only a very experienced operator will be able to keep the corner grinder in such conditions. The identity of the seats of the disks of the corner grinder and the circular saw, as well as the desire for unhealthy economy, pushes people to this step.
  • Sharpening of metal on the lateral plane of the circle leads to a decrease in the thickness and unbalancing of the disk. The top layer of abrasive is erased and fiberglass is exposed. This is very bad. There are appropriate discs for sharpening and processing metal. It also applies to grinding with an edge.

How to be safe. Each disk must indicate the scope of its application. If all the inscriptions in a foreign language, choose another company. in each section of the store or on the market there are more than enough. Any forms of use of cutting and grinding circles for other purposes (except for the stand for hot). for the responsibility of the operator.

STIHL rule, attentiveness, caution

much, work, corner, grinder

In the absence of these factors, the operator can become dangerous not only for him, but also for others. There are a number of typical situations when an injury can be obtained by carelessness.

Hidden obstacle. On the path of cutting a sheet of metal or a number of reinforcement, there can be something firm (for example, stone) located under the sheet, t. e. Invisible to the operator. The disk stumbles upon it and there is a gap.

The clamp between the supports. “Favorite” mistake of newcomers. When installing the workpiece, pay attention to how the efforts are distributed regarding support. If you cut between the two supports, the edges of the groove will converge and the disk will clamp (the tool will tear out of the hands). The same happens if you cut on a flat plane.