How much pressure do you need for your impact wrench?

Air tools how much pressure is needed for the pneumatic wrench

Bosch impact wrenches have always been and remain the most expensive and hardest living pneumatic tool for the garage. Only American brand models of the same company, Chicago Pneumatic, can boast of a higher price, their models even in the most budget variant are cheaper than 300. are not.

You don’t need an impact wrench with the most outstanding features and parameters to service the wheels of your own passenger car. To tighten the nut, 150 Nm is enough, to unscrew the most rusty bolt 300 Nm is enough. Several models fall under these parameters at once, such as the Bosch 628.

Because of the use of a large amount of metal in the design, the weight of the tool is not trivial. 2.4 kg. The developers managed to combine a good tightening torque of 30 Nm with a modest air consumption of 6 l/sec. Uses a standard 10 mm oxygen hose for connection. The model costs only 230 USD.

If you need a pneumatic wrench for professional work and repair of cars, tire fitting and chassis maintenance, you can use the more expensive and powerful model Bosch 622 with improved characteristics:

  • The torque is 900Nm, which is enough to loosen the nuts on the truck wheels;
  • Air consumption.18 l/s or 1.08 m3/min., a powerful compressor station is needed;
  • Chuck is made to the size 3/8 inch, the hose. 12 mm;
  • Weight of the percussion tool is 5.6 kg.

The Bosch 593 is considered the most powerful impact wrench available on the non-professional tool market. Weighing in at 9.The 6 kg pneumatic impact wrench delivers a tightening torque of 1700 Nm, which is sufficient for tightening nuts 50-60mm. Impact wrench capabilities and price of 1,800., For the home garage, the pneumatic impact wrench is clearly overkill.

The best impact wrench in the pneumatic industry

The Ingersoll RAND 631L is the feature-rich impact wrench of choice. It is designed for use in workshops, production halls, and car repair shops. This impact wrench handles high loads with ease, thanks to its impressive torque and powerful impact mechanism. Additional handle provides a comfortable grip on the tool.

The Ingersoll RAND 631L features a 4-step power control, and can handle fasteners up to M42. Has a pistol grip in a closed design for ease of operation.


  • the chuck is 1″;
  • 6.2 atm pressure.;
  • torque of 4.3 kNm;
  • air flow rate. 426 liters per minute;
  • rotation speed. 3,500 rpm. The torque is the speed of rotation per minute;
  • weight. 16,6 kg.


  • long service life;
  • sturdy housing;
  • continuous operation capability;
  • high torque;
  • good air consumption.

How to use the tool

For the tool to have a really long service life, the following rules of operation must be followed:

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  • Before using the unit, make sure that the air supply is dry and enriched with a special oil, which is often included in the kit. The service life of your tool is noticeably reduced when using moist or raw air.
  • The air volume must correspond to the data in the tool’s data sheet.
  • It is necessary to use only percussion heads in order to avoid premature wear of the shaft.

Areas of application

Pneumatic tools of this type are widely used in industries such as construction and mechanical engineering. And they are also used in the professional car repair shop as power tools, along with pneumatic brushes, to ensure productive work for the mechanic.

Features of use in the workshop are as follows:

  • Pneumatic impact wrenches are widely used for tire fitting, as well as in the procedure of car assembly and disassembly. Some power pullers as well as special tools are designed in such a way that they can be used with a pneumatic brush or a nutrunner at the same time;
  • Some professional models have a high torque, simple design and high reliability. They can be used even in harsh environments. in tire shops and service stations;
  • Reliability is ensured by the use of modern, robust impact mechanisms;
  • Nutrunners have excellent ergonomic parameters because they are made with magnesium alloys, and they are also very light;
  • Heavy duty versions have high reliability and can be used for the maintenance of commercial vehicles. Robust construction and low weight make the truck impact wrench equal to the electric models.
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Today, Volga Grinder. Volga is a seller of pneumatic and power tools. Having contractual relations with a number of manufacturers of pneumatic and electric tools, we can offer you the following tools of the following manufacturers (KAWASAKI, PFERD, DAEWOO, FUJI, BOSCN, HITACHI, Metabo, ARCHIMEDES, Rezolit and many others). et al.):

Pneumatic wrenches are a valid alternative to the wrench. Wrench allows you to tighten the nuts and bolts fast enough to cope even with very rusty, clogged copies.

The impact wrench makes the construction stronger and more resistant than a conventional wrench.

Therefore, the purchase of a nutrunner for workshops, car repair shops (½” nutrunners are widespread), mechanical engineering, automotive or other industries is simply necessary.

At an operating pressure of 6.3 atm. the wrench with ½” square footage has an airflow from 110 to 300 l/m that is a passport data.

it is not recommended to use an air hose which diameter will deliver insufficient quantity of air owing to what there will be a loss of capacity, at the excessive delivery the mechanism will wear out (it is recommended as well to use a lubricator for drills with a square of ½ inch for greasing rubbing details which allows to increase service life of the tool).

Operating principle of the impact wrench: compressed air from an external compressor drives a rotary mechanism and a chuck.In addition to the rotary motion the impactor can also produce a hammering action.

Pneumatic impact wrench has higher power than its unimpacted counterpart, and is convenient when working with tight bolt connections. Impact wrench should be used when there is a risk of accidental stripping of thread.

This impact wrench lets you do the job “softly” without damage.

Should You Maintain Your Impact Wrench? We Try It! [Milwaukee and Snap-On]

Choosing a pneumatic impact wrench you should pay attention to the technical parameters of the product: tightening torque and rotation speed.

The first parameter determines the level of force with which the fastener will be screwed in, and can be in the range of 30-3000 Nm.

The higher the spindle speed, the larger the fasteners the tool can handle. Typically it ranges from 3-8 thousand rpm.

There are also ½” square and straight drive screwdrivers. The straight wrench is similar to a pistol in shape and is available in different impact configurations.

Here you can buy air tools, impact sockets, extension cords, gimbals, air hoses, as well as compressors, filters, lubricators, fittings and much more. We can help you fully equip your workplace.

Turning to us, you can buy products from both Russian manufacturers pneumoinstrumentov (Tomsk Electromechanical Plant, plant pneumoinstrumentov and plant Gidroagregat) and imported (Taiwan, Korea, Japan, USA, Poland, Germany, Italy, etc.), as well as brand-name tools.д.)

How much pressure do you need for the impact wrench

Pneumatic impact wrench. design and features

Pneumatic impact wrench belongs to the category of tools designed to work with threaded connections. In contrast to the nutrunners that operate on an electronic drive, the pneumatic tools absolutely exclude the formation of sparks during operation, so such equipment is an option to work in the presence of an increased fire hazard.

Features of a pneumatic impact wrench

Screw joints are rather capricious. Once a certain amount of corrosion has formed on the thread, it becomes problematic to unscrew the nut. or whatever they call it. and remove the bolt. There’s even a term for it: “the thread is stuck. Although not related to boiling.

The impact wrench is a corrosion process in which a layer of rust builds up between the threads and the friction in the thread connection increases so that it is not possible to loosen the nut or other bolt without destroying the tight layer between the threads.

You can try to unscrew in the traditional way, but then there is a danger that the edges on the head of the bolt or nut will be torn off.

And the cracking of the “stuck-on” layer is caused by the impact loads this type of impact wrench generates. The high frequency of impact loads is able to move practically any threaded joint without much physical effort on the part of a person. And then the unscrewing process goes like clockwork.

It is possible, of course, to pour a special active liquid into each threaded connection, which partially dissolves the layer of deposits between the threads. But the active fluid works very slowly and so does the dissolving of deposits. And everything happens very quickly with an air impact wrench.

Operating principle of a pneumatic impact wrench

You can distinguish two power units inside the impact wrench that operate in different modes. The first block is responsible for the rotation of the impact wrench head. The second unit is for the creation of shock loads. Rotation occurs through the use of compressed air. The compressed air is sucked in via a hose from the compressor.

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Inside the body of the impact wrench there are two channels that direct the compressed air in different directions in relation to the turbine blades. One direction of airflow enables direct rotation. The second air flow direction gives the rotation. The direction of air and correspondingly the direction of rotation is given by a special switch that distributes the airflow.

The turbine transmits the rotation through the rotor to the working head of the impact wrench and to the hammer mechanism that consists of two cams (hammers). The cams have a rather complex configuration.

If at the moment of unscrewing the nut the torque is not sufficient to undo the nut, the impact force generated by the two cams helps. In tightening mode, the cams (hammers) of many impact wrench models do not work. Т.е.

the screwing process is performed as usual. There are also systems that use only one hammer jaw instead of two.

Pneumatic impact wrench Jonnesway. Applications, tips, care of the tool

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What is the difference between the different impact wrenches?

The main difference is the torque created by the pneumatic impact wrench. The amount of torque an impact wrench develops depends on the size of the turbine and the number of blades, as well as how much pressure the blower generates. The more powerful the compressor, the greater the torque that can be exerted on the impact wrench.

Other differences include the size and shape of the operating head of the impact wrench. Some models are available with interchangeable heads that fit different sizes of nuts or bolt heads.

Advantages of pneumatic impact wrenches

Using a pneumatic impact wrench significantly reduces the time required to tighten or loosen screw connections. Anything can be handled with a impact wrench, even tight and oxidized threads. All loads will be applied to the tool, not a person.

For convenience, impact wrenches can be fitted with additional handles that are perpendicular to the axis of the impact wrench. The auxiliary handles can often be repositioned to one side or the other.

The pneumatic impact wrench is considerably lighter than its electric counterpart. This is because the pneumatic motor in this impact wrench is lighter than an electric motor, but does not lose power. It is much easier to work with lightweight tools.

Besides, pneumatic wrenches do not get as hot during operation as electrically powered ones.

Another advantage is that it is possible to connect several compressed air tools to one compressor at the same time. Naturally, if the compressor is able to create the right pressure and air volume.

Where pneumatic impact wrenches are used?

  • First and foremost in large companies, namely in assembly shops. Where there is a lot of assembly and disassembly work associated with screw connections. There all the wrenches are connected to a powerful pneumatic line.
  • In workshops which undertake tire service or similar operations associated with the tightening and loosening of screw connections. For example, it is the car service centers, which deal with the alignment of the chassis of a car, operations related to the repair of the suspension of cars.

In a domestic environment, it would probably be impractical to use an air impact wrench.

Although there are situations when it is impossible to unscrew a nut or bolt without this tool. But if you approach in terms of the cost of acquiring the entire set of equipment, it is the compressor that will cost more money, not the wrench.

Mid-range (3000 to 8000 )

Fubag IW720(100193)

One of the best impact wrenches for the home garage. Powerful enough to handle all bolts and nuts. The latter do not have torn heads. Equipped with carrying case, Rapid coupler and oil gun. Includes many sockets, from 9mm to 27mm. Can be used for industrial applications with the right compressor. Slightly heavy. weight of almost 3 kg.

Eco AIW-600

Impact wrench Eco AIW-600 with a chuck type. outside square. Good choice for any garage or small auto shop. it comes with a case that is easy to carry. It has a full set of sockets, oiler, connector, extension cord. Average torque. 569 Nm, but can cope with most nuts. Metal housing withstands even dropping onto concrete.

Wester PSS-10

Compact impact wrench Wester PSS-10 as a gun with a knurled rubberized handle. Easily unscrew nuts even in the most hard-to-reach places, without fatiguing the hand. There is a three-position tightening torque adjustment. Nearly silent and vibration free. All in all, this impact wrench is a good solution for a small automotive repair shop.

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How to choose the right compressor for your impact wrench?

Even the most powerful impact wrench cannot work without a compressor. only how to choose the right compressor for your impact wrench? Here are two rules:

Impact wrench requires an airflow that is equal to or lower than that of the compressor. Only then can you work without major interruptions.

And so, if we have a wrench with an average air flow of 210 liters per minute, it is best to choose a compressor that will provide at least 320 l/min output, we take into account the real compressor capacity, which is usually lower than the claimed by 15-20%.

And if the capacity of the compressor will be lower.? Then the whole system will work in intermittent mode. That is, not only will the wrench not reach its rated capacity, but it can not work without interruption.

And if the compressor capacity is clearly too low for the impact wrench.? There is a chance that the wrench will work but the compressor will stop giving the right amount of air from time to time, because it will take time to pump the air in the air tank to the required pressure.

A compressor is needed for a tire shop or car service in any case. However it is impossible to hide that only a powerful compressor with a big air receiver will provide comfort of work. The compressor capacity is of great importance. But the impact efficiency is even more important.

Price of the device

Air line in car service center or garage provides air delivery from compressor to end users acting as the “bloodstream” of the pneumatic tool. Another important function is to supply fresh air to the tool. In this material we will understand the device pnevmolinii and pick up modules of air preparation for problem-free operation of the tool.

The following components will be needed to connect the end equipment:

  • Hoses and hose reels;
  • Splitters, connectors and quick couplers for line switching and connection of tire changers with tire changers;
  • Air treatment equipment. which include lubricator modules (lubricators), air filters and pressure regulators.

Hoses directly affect line reliability and proper tool operation

Slow Motion. How an Impact Wrench Works

For the same wrenches to work in accordance with the passport figures, it is important to meet the following conditions:. 1

A hose with the right working pressure and inside diameter has been selected. High-performance tools may have more stringent demands on hose strength and capacity;

Hose with suitable working pressure and inside diameter has been selected. High-performance tools may have more stringent demands on hose strength and capacity;

Balance in length of hoses and number of couplers during installation of compressed air line. The more branches that are planned, the more care must be taken when selecting the cross-section of the dispensing hoses and the compressor capacity;

Use the proper sectional splitters and quick disconnect couplers (HCDs).