What is the best drive for the power tiller?

Mega T 15 sit and drive power tiller in Roads

Model SP MB-S

This is also a very popular drive. Suitable, for example, this tracked attachment to power tillers “Salyut”, the owners of which are many dacha owners and farmers. Technical properties of all models of SP MB, including the C-series drive, have the same. In other words, a power tiller with this attachment can be driven at a speed of about 18 km / h and translate loads of up to 200 kg.

To the advantages of the drive SP MB-C farmers and gardeners include, in addition to everything else, the ease of operation, the lack of need for any modification of the motor-block when installing, the presence of 3 pairs of rollers, etc. д.

Types of power tillers

Lightweight single axle tractor. Often it is a gasoline single-axle tractor. Diesel ones are also found, but rarely. Economical. Low price. Equipped with an engine rated from 6 to 9 liters.с. Motor cooling is air-cooled. Designed for medium-depth soil cultivation. Static attachments can be attached: plow, ridging plow, potato weeder, etc.д. You just need to know that it is unlikely to cope with the uncultivated soil. will jump, cutters can not penetrate deep. Works best on plots of 15-20 acres with pre-cultivated soil.

Medium. These units are much more serious. Their advantage is that they can be attached to a large list of equipment, including active (dynamic) attachments: rotary mower, brush, snow auger, water pump. The power is higher, the weight is heavier. Mostly air-cooled diesel engines, but you can also often find gasoline-powered engines. It is best to buy them for use on areas of 20 acres to half an acre.

Heavy single axle tractor. This includes the most expensive and functional models. Dimensions. Great weight. Handles dynamic attachments. All are equipped with extremely powerful, water-cooled diesel engines, allowing them to work on any type of soil for extended periods of time. A power tiller, usually steel, with an active feed. Turns independently and very quickly, plowing deep into tough work. The power of a heavy power tiller makes it possible to turn it into a tractor.

best, drive, power, tiller

Virtually all types of attachments, including active attachments such as:

  • Water pump
  • Chipper
  • Mowers
  • Mulchers
  • Sweeping brushes
  • Sprayers
  • Seeders
  • Snowplows

How to choose a single axle tractor and determine which is better

To find out how to choose a single-axle tractor and figure out which model is best, you need to pay attention to the technical specifications.


Parameters of mini-vehicles are important, and the types of power tillers also depend on them.


The power of the equipment is the most important choice. Really, because it depends on the ability of the device to work a certain area. For example, when the site is a hard type of soil, then and motocultivator should be chosen with the highest power.

Pay attention! The more power in the machine, the higher the fuel consumption. That is why it is recommended not to buy powerful mowing machines for small gardens.

Fuel type

As you know, power tillers are made to work on one of two types of fuel: diesel or gasoline. At the moment the gasoline devices are popular, as they work almost noiselessly and more stably.


It is best to choose the weight of your power tiller depending on the soil type. It is not advisable to buy lightweight machines for processing difficult soils.

Cutter width

When selecting a power tiller, the width of the tiller must also be taken into account to ensure that it is not wider than the passage between the rows.

The motoblock gearbox is one of the main assemblies. To avoid spending a lot of money on its repair or replacement, it needs to be monitored and maintained. The gearbox should always have the right oil level. Make sure that all gears are well lubricated. If the gearbox is run dry, it will quickly wear out and will need repair or even replacement.

What is the best single axle tractor to buy? Feedback from owners say that you should give preference to well-known brands that have been on the market for a long time. It is better to avoid very cheap models, they may be made of very low-quality materials.

If you bought a single axle tractor with a geared or belt drive, be careful when choosing attachments. It must have the same type of connection as a motorblock.

Also reviews of motoblocks can be negative, not because of the bad motoblock, but because of his wrong choice. Consult a professional before you buy. And when you’ve already bought one, keep an eye on it and take care of it and it will serve you for a very long time.

Front, mid and rear engines. which is better?

Which configuration is better: front, middle, or rear motors? As usual, it’s not so clear-cut. Each configuration has characteristics that make it good for some applications but bad for others, so let’s break it all down.

Unless you’re on a race track, cars with rear-mounted engines are pretty hard to find. The reason is that these engine applications require a higher learning curve than other configurations.

But for race cars driven by a professional driver, rear engines are great. They provide more power and traction to the rear wheels, which allows them to accelerate quickly. Although the same force can return to the rear wheels to bite them.

They are prone to oversteer. as the power and weight of the rear tends to turn it forward. but with the right suspension and chassis tuning, rear-engined cars can be incredible sports cars. Take a look at the Porsche 911.

Mid-engine is a funny term because these engines are usually in what’s called a rear-mid position. In any case, many people will tell you that mid-engine cars are the best to drive, and for the most part they’re right.

By placing the engine in the center of the car, engineers balance front and rear weight and can maintain equal traction on all four wheels. This makes them incredibly stable in corners.

However, a mid-engine car has a few disadvantages. First of all, there’s not enough room in the cabin. As a rule, this middle engine is located where you might want a back seat. Second, if you ever lose control of a mid-engine vehicle and start spinning, it will be harder to overcome and stop spinning because of its low center of gravity. Think of it like the difference between a baseball and a baseball bat. A baseball’s center of gravity shrinks toward the center, while a baseball bat is unbalanced and unfolds.

We’re willing to bet that 98% of the vehicles on the road have a front engine. Why? First, most cars are front wheel drive (FWD), so it makes sense to mount the engine over the wheels that need traction. This makes the car more stable, and also helps maintain a relatively balanced weight distribution during acceleration. However, front-mounted cars are prone to understeer because they lose traction when accelerating because the weight of the vehicle is shifted to the rear wheels.That makes them somewhat undesirable for racing applications.

Rear-wheel-drive, front-engine cars, on the other hand, are better balanced. Their weight is more evenly distributed, making them less prone to oversteer than rear-engined cars and less prone to understeer than front-engined cars. But the low center of gravity in a mid-engine car still beats them.

Front-engined cars tend to be the best for consumers.Rear-mounted cars are unrivaled in acceleration, but sometimes difficult to handle. And mid-engine cars are incredibly stable, but also have their share of drawbacks. So, all we can say is that they are all the best in their own way. How’s that for a positive attitude??

Here’s a video update on our blog, “Front, mid and rear engines. which is better?”

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How to assemble an adapter to a power tiller with your own hands

To assemble an adapter by yourself at home is not so difficult. It’s essentially just a simple trailer dolly. The trailer is designed so that the center of gravity of the entire structure is on the supporting frame. The most difficult mechanism here is the clutch mechanism with the MB, as its strength determines how long the machine will last.

power tiller steering System | best idea Driving | How to Drive Tractor | Steering Driving

The design of the standard device consists of the following components:

  • frame;
  • steering wheel;
  • wheel set;
  • operator’s seat;
  • hitch;
  • lifting mechanism of the coupling device;
  • brake mechanism.
best, drive, power, tiller

In the pictures below you can see the drawings, which, if you have a skillful hand, you can build a simple device with your own hands.

Fig 1. Drawing of the footplate and part of the frame of the towed bogie

Metal pipe of round or rectangular shape or a metal bar is usually used in the manufacture.

best, drive, power, tiller

The coupling mechanism allows the attachment of the trailer to the tiller, provided that the connecting lugs of the tiller and the adapter match each other in diameter.

The step-by-step instructions for making an adapter can be seen in the corresponding clip: