How the cartridge is removed on a screwdriver

Sizes and decoding

In order to choose a suitable replacement option, you need to know its standard size. There is a special marking on the cone, where:

  • The first numbers (through a dash) – options for the size of the shank, which can be installed on the product in millimeters.
  • The letter and number next to it is the calibration of the cone. Allocate 9 different indicators.
  • In some cases, numbers in the form “1 × 1” may be written on the cone after the letter (numerical values ​​depend on the model), thus indicating the thread parameters. The size is indicated in millimeters or inches.

Some products have slightly different markings (eg 4 – 15 mm ½ – 22 UNF). In this case, it is assumed that 4 – 15 mm is the diameter of the bits allowed for use, ½ is the thread size in inches, and 22 is the number of turns in one inch..

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Vise may be needed in serious cases

Cam mount

To quickly disassemble a tool with this type of fastening, perform the following steps:

  • Unclench your fists and look inside.
  • Unscrew the screw completely clockwise..
  • Tighten the hexagon and turn sharply counterclockwise to wiggle the chuck.
  • If necessary, you can take a hammer and strike the key, but this must be done carefully so as not to damage the structure.

Fixing methods

There are several different methods that can be used to securely attach an element to a product. The following options are most often distinguished:

  • Morse taper type. This method is considered the most popular and famous, it has been used since the 19th century. The shaft is sharpened so that it fits the data of the cone located in the inner part. At the same time, a reliable and high-quality fastening is created..
  • Threaded fastening. The option implies that a special thread is machined on the shaft and the chuck, therefore, to fix it, you only need to screw both elements on top of each other..
  • Locking screw. The part is used for more secure fixation. The head of the screw is made in the shape of a cross, and the threads are cut with a left direction. You will need to disassemble the chuck jaws so that you can see the screw.
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How to determine how to mount on your tool

In order to determine the method of fastening the cartridge to the screwdriver, it is recommended to consider the mechanism. On products where the Morse taper is installed, there is a marking of the form 1-6В10, where the numbers before the letter are the shank diameter, and the indicators after the letter are the value of the cone size.

For products with a threaded connection, the marking will be slightly different, for example, 1.0-11 M12 × 125, where the last digits are the size of the metric thread.

Important! If the device was not manufactured in Russia, then all indicators are indicated in inches.

Features for single-sleeve fasteners

To remove a cartridge with one sleeve, it is recommended to use a screwdriver or knife to separate the sleeve. Then they remove the ring, which is pressed onto the body – carefully knock out with a bolt, and then squeeze it with cams. Then, with a quick push, squeeze the ring out and disassemble the part.

How to remove and change the cartridge

Knowing how to unscrew the chuck on a screwdriver is necessary not only for repairs, but also for servicing the device. Periodic cleaning will extend the life of the instrument. The methods depend on each specific manufacturer. However, there is one more popular option..

For the procedure, you must select a hex wrench. The parsing process is as follows:

  • The short end of the key is well clamped in the chuck.
  • Turn on the screwdriver so that it works until the key hits the table.
  • The chuck rotates along the internal thread on which it is attached to the shaft.

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The cartridge in different models is removed in different ways

How to disassemble a cartridge on a screwdriver – detailed instructions

A screwdriver is a tool that is often used in a domestic environment. The device consists of various parts that have to be removed and replaced if necessary. The question of how to remove a cartridge from a screwdriver is quite relevant, especially for those who often use it.

Manufacturers produce different models of screwdrivers that differ in design

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Chuck Removal: Makita Screwdriver

Typically, Makita brand power tools are equipped with a threaded fastener with an auxiliary fixation by means of a left-hand thread screw..

A number of actions should be followed:

  • Unscrew the fixing screw (clockwise).
  • Activate the spindle stop button.
  • Wrap the body with a dense cloth and squeeze in a vice.
  • Clamp the hexagon in the cams.
  • Striking with a hammer on the free plane of the key, the chuck is scrolled and then removed from the shaft.

Choosing a new instrument

If the old cartridge could not be carefully disassembled and repaired, then it is necessary to replace it. We’ll have to choose a new one. It should be noted that different types of cartridges can be installed in the design of screwdrivers. They are key or keyless, as well as quick-clamping. The key product is different in that the clamp on it can be done with a better quality. Keyless chucks are not inferior in this parameter, but they have to be changed quite often, since the clamping mechanism very quickly becomes unusable.

If during the removal of the chuck you have to frequently change the tooling, it is preferable to select the quick-clamping option, since if you replace the old part with it, you can save time on this procedure. When using large diameter tooling, it is best to purchase a key chuck.

There are cartridges that are fixed inside the device using a cone. They are also available with a key or quick-release. The choice always remains solely with the buyer..

How to remove a chuck from a screwdriver

Owners of screwdrivers sometimes need to remove the chuck from the power tool. This can be caused by various circumstances:

  • Repair, lubrication and cleaning of this unit.
  • The desire to replace this cartridge with another model (of a different design, size).

This operation does not require any special tools, skills and abilities. But, while performing it, it is necessary to remember some features that complicate the disassembly operations. Most three-jaw self-centering screwdriver chucks are keyless. That is, they have several differences from the usual (key types):

  • The unit has a plastic surface that can break down even with minimal mechanical stress on it with metal tools.
  • Very close position of the chuck to the drill body, with a small gap, which will not allow fixing the spindle with a pipe wrench or a vice.

Another factor that can complicate disassembly in the easiest way is the relative low power of the screwdriver (when compared with drills).

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Makita cordless drill

Additional measures

Sometimes there is a situation where none of the methods helped to cope with the problem. Then you will have to completely untwist and disassemble the entire tool, and then remove the spindle with the chuck and the gearbox from the structure. All that remains should be well clamped in a vice, and then the cartridge can be removed using a key. It is worth noting that you need to clamp very carefully: there is a risk of unit breakdown due to too much effort.

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It is worth noting that in some models of screwdrivers grooves are installed, with which you can simplify the task of removing. But in a modern instrument, this is quite rare..

The chuck can jam if the tool is overheated. That is why it is necessary to periodically let the machine rest. It is also worth making sure that the cartridge does not start “hitting”. This can also cause a malfunction..

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Removing the chuck from the disassembled screwdriver

All of the above methods involve removing the cartridge from the whole screwdriver. But a situation may arise when the power tool is disassembled. The chuck will be removed from the screwdriver along with the gearbox.

Then there are two ways to remove the cam assembly:

  • Secure the reducer between the jaws of the vise using soft spacers (eg wooden) to avoid damaging the body. Fix the L-shaped tool in the jaws, and try to “rip” the chuck with a hammer.
  • Select a socket wrench so that it fits snugly on the three gearbox studs (you can start with size 9).

Holding the cartridge with one hand, turn the key counterclockwise with the other.

The designs of most manufacturers of modern household screwdrivers with three-jaw keyless chucks are very similar, so the disassembly methods are applicable to most models..

The easiest and safest way is to use an L-shaped faceted tool, clamped between the chuck jaws..