How to change a disc on a mower

How to put an iron disc on a grass trimmer

Teeth can differ in shape, form, and size. For small trees, also thick grass, it is better to give preference to discs with a huge number of teeth.

It is necessary to note such an advantage of milling discs for brushcutters as a sharp speed gain. But the high moment of inertia doesn’t have the best effect on the drive unit. For dense mowing, for tall and small coarse grass and bushes it is better to choose wheels with 40 or more tines and peoria. They are not capable of shredding vegetation, and in all cases it will not actually wind up on the wheel. If the number of tines is more than 60, you can safely mow grass and trees with a trunk width up to seven cm.

Blades with a full plate and without holes are very heavy, so they are a good choice for large trimmers (over 40 cm3). For all that, they are good for mowing sparse grass, dead wood and for mowing of varying densities.

Pobedite discs are the right choice when mowing near obstacles. If you want to mow grass in hay, preference should be given to iron cutters with a huge number of teeth with a smooth sharpening. Solid discs with sixteen to 30 teeth are good for cutting thick trunk plants.

For low-power trimmers, it is best to use paddle discs with less moment of inertia. The smaller the blades, the harder the tool will crush the grass. So, discs with 2 blades in most cases are used for mowing homogeneous grass. The main advantage of this type is that it throws the cut plants to the side.

Blade thickness is also crucial when choosing a blade. Rims can be stamped or forged. The 1st ones are low priced, but can be very damaging when encountering an obstacle. As for forged discs, they do not get chipped or sheared when colliding with hard objects.

For electronic trimmers, only plastic blades should be chosen. Their low weight will not create unnecessary load on the engine. Soft plastic allows knives when encountering an obstacle not to break, but simply to bend or deform slightly. These cutting tools are recommended for cutting thick, soft grass.

Changing the location of the Downloads folder

To move the Downloads folder in Windows 10, just follow these simple steps:

  • In Windows 10 Explorer, right-click on the “Downloads” folder and open its properties.
  • Click “Move” under “Locations” and select another folder on your computer where you want the downloads folder to be located.
  • Click “Apply” and in the dialog box, answer whether you want to move the files you already have in the “Downloads” folder to the new folder (this can take a while) or not.
  • Wait until you finish moving the files (if you chose this option) to the new folder.

This completes the process: browsers and other programs that download files into the system folder “Downloads” will now download them into the new folder you specified.

Change the download folder in browsers and programs

Most browsers and many other programs that download files from the Internet have their own settings that allow you to specify exactly where they should be downloaded by default. Usually the system specified folder is used, but not always.

This varies from program to program, but you can almost always find it in the settings. For example, in Google Chrome you will need to open the settings, open advanced options and specify a folder in the “Downloaded files” section, as in the screenshot above (or you can enable the option to ask for the location where you want to place the file every time you download it).

Disabling date grouping in the Downloads folder

In the latest version of Windows 10, files in the Downloads folder are grouped by date by default, which is not always convenient for use.

To turn on the standard view, while in this folder, right-click in an empty space in Explorer, select “Grouping” and then select “None”.

Microsoft engineers have implemented the Windows boot repository, also known as Boot Configuration Data (BCD), and the boot menu. The first contains the boot loader identifiers of all operating systems available on the PC, and the second reads them and displays them as a list of operating systems available for launch. This makes life much easier for users who have more than one system on their computer. It doesn’t need to do anything fancy to switch between them. It is sufficient to reboot the computer and select the one from the list presented. Like other parts of Windows, the boot menu can be customized. This manual lists the available ways to edit this partition.

change, disc, mower

Note: almost all of the steps in this manual have to be done under an account with administrator privileges. Otherwise you have to know its password.

Using the autorun file.inf to change the flash or disc icon

the second way you can set an icon not to a letter, but to a specific hard drive or USB stick, no matter what letter or even what computer (but definitely with Windows) it will be connected to. However, you will not be able to specify an icon for a DVD or CD this way, unless you do so when writing the.

  • Place the icon file in the root of the drive for which you want to change the icon (t.е., For example, in C:\icon.ico)
  • Run Notepad (located in standard programs, can be quickly found through a Windows 10 and 8 search).
  • In notepad, type text with the first line being [autorun] and the second line being ICON=icon_name.ico (see. example on the screenshot).
  • In the notepad menu, select “File”. “Save”, in the “File type” field specify “All files”, and then save the file to the root of the drive for which we are changing the icon, specifying the name autorun.inf

After that just reboot your computer if you have changed the icon for your computer’s hard drive or remove and reconnect the flash drive if the change was performed for it. as a result in Windows Explorer you will see already a new icon of the drive.

If you want, you can make an icon file and an autorun file.inf hidden, so they are not visible on the disk or flash drive.

Note: some anti-viruses may block or delete autorun files.inf from drives, because apart from the functions described in this instruction, this file is often used by malware (it is automatically created and hidden on the drive, and then, when you connect the flash drive to another computer, it also runs malware on it).

Changing in Windows

First of all, it is worth saying that this method will only work for those who do not have important information on the drive, from which the necessary amount of memory will be “cut off. If we take space, for example, from memory partition D, all information on it will be erased. It is possible to use plug-in devices for copying information (e.g. a flash drive or an external HDD).

In order to increase the volume with Windows 10, you need to:

  • Press WinR and in the window that will open type diskmgmt.msc, click on “OK”. A tool called “Disk Management” will be displayed.
  • In the lower half of the utility window you can see the sizes of the memory partitions (C, D, etc.).д.). For example, you want to change the amount of memory at C in favor of volume D.
  • Right click on C, choose “shrink the disk” and specify the size you “take” from disk C. After that, an “unallocated” area will appear (meaning the hard disk area).
  • Right-click on D, select “Expand Volume”. This will open the “Volume Extension Wizard”. In the first window select “Next”.
  • In the next window, at the “Choose the size of the allocated space” line, enter the amount of space that you wish to add from the unallocated space. For example you wish to add 10GB. One GB equals 1024 MB, so this is where you write 10240.
  • Select “Next,” then “Done.”.

As a result, logical partition D will be enlarged to the needed size. Finally click on “Finish”. You do not need to agree with the formatting, once the partition is created the system will format it by itself.

How to swap disks in my computer?

(or win r) diskmgmt. msc. In this snap-in we can see the current disk settings. To change the drive letter, right click on the desired drive and select “Change drive letter or drive path”.

Find the item “Administration” and open it. Open “Disk Management” service and right-click on the partition you need and select “Change drive letter or path”. And in the next window open the drop-down list and select the letter you need, then click “OK”.

How to change the drive on an angle grinder? Step-by-step instruction

To work with the angle grinder you must first install and then, if necessary, change the drive on the angle grinder.

Often with this fairly simple procedure in some beginners and not only beginners can have all sorts of difficulties.

Below you will find detailed instructions for replacing the disc on the angle grinder.

To change the disk on the angle grinder it is necessary to unscrew the fixing washer.

The fixing washer, as a rule, comes with special grooves, and you can unscrew it only with the appropriate wrench, which usually comes with every angle grinder.


Some angle grinders are fastened with regular nuts that can be unscrewed with a wrench.

To unscrew the fixing washer, insert the angle grinder wrench into the washer groove.

Press the locking button on the other side of the angle grinder to lock the rotor in place.

Next you need to turn the key counterclockwise.

This is how you unscrew the fasteners, then replace the old disc with a new one.

After installing the new disc in place, first screw in the fixing washer by hand, and finally tighten it with a wrench.

After all the above manipulations angular grinder “charged” a new disc and you can proceed to work.

In the case where there is no special key, to remove the disc and replace it with a new one, you can use improvised means, namely, to use a large screwdriver or its analogues, such as a blunt chisel or t.п.

The bottom line is as follows, set the end of the screwdriver in the slot for a special key in the direction of unscrewing, also fix a lock, so that the drive does not twist, and sharp not very strong but strong enough blows on the back of the screwdriver produce unscrewing of the disk. Read more in the article “How to unscrew the fixing nut on the angle grinder without a wrench?”.

Safety precautions

To change the line on the mower reel quickly and safely, you must observe the following safety precautions. Before removing the spool to wind the line for the trimmer on the lawnmower, you need to disconnect the equipment from the power supply (if the mower runs on electricity). Here I would like to mention the reliability rating of electronic mowers, which will help you to choose a non-dangerous assistant.

Another important safety rule to follow is to press the locking button. To find out its location on the machine’s body, you can use the instruction manual. So for example, the manual gasoline lawnmower operating manual you can find here.

Do not forget that the cutting element must be adjusted. There is an adjustment button on the body of the machine. If the process does not start automatically and there was a loosening of the thread tension, then the button is clamped, and the line for the trimmer with force is pulled out of the spool.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the replacement of the line in the lawnmower. it is a fundamental process that asks for responsibility. You have to do it all in stages. You should only insert a special plastic line for your trimmer in the spool. This will not fit a metal cord, some high quality wire or even a reinforced line for the trimmer.

Preparing for replacement

For clarity, the mowing head (bobbin) was removed from the brushcutter. To change the line there is no need to remove it, everything is done in place. It doesn’t take much time.

change, disc, mower

We disassemble the grass trimmer bobbin, it is attached to the latches. Remove the cover by pushing on the latches. If your hands are not strong enough to do this, use a screwdriver.

Here’s how it works. Push the button and the reel is pressed against the spring and comes out of the fixing grooves in the cover of the bobbin. Holding it in this state, you can twist the reel, thereby adjusting the length of the line. When the button is released, the housing spring returns the spool to its original locked position.

There are several holes on the bottom of the spool for different line diameters. This varies from trimmer manufacturer to trimmer manufacturer. In some cases (as here), they are signed, others are not.

These holes are needed to fix the line when changing it. After winding the line on the reel, the ends of the latter are inserted. This is to prevent the fishing line from unwinding at the moment of installation of the reel in the body of the grass trimmer. In other words, it makes it easier to change the line.

There are some models that do not show the diameter of the consumable. Then, in order to find out what the maximum diameter of the line can be used, it is tried on the holes of the line output from the body of the grass trimmer bobbin (Washing machine. figure below).

The reel has two sections for the line, separated by a partition. They may not be. They are only needed to distinguish and facilitate the winding of the consumable.

First determine the length of the fishing line you need. The latter is wound into one of the sections of the spool so that it does not extend beyond its limits. In this case, it was wound 3 mm and was about 2 meters long. Т.е. for two sections you need a 4 meter section. that’s for method 1. For the second method, you need two pieces of 2 meters.

Now it is necessary to figure out in which direction it should be winded. To do this, many trimmer manufacturers put special markings on the spool, such as in the figure below.

STIHL FS 55. Changing the brushcutter reel

If such designations were not found, then you need to pay attention to the body of the bobbin. There is necessarily an arrow that indicates the movement of the mowing head. The line for the trimmer is wound in the opposite direction.

Changing a line on your trimmer: 2 simple ways

Grass trimmer. a necessary and useful tool for the suburban area and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to replace the line for the trimmer in the trimmer, especially, at first.

In these instructions, let’s break down the entire replacement process step by step. Looking ahead, there are two ways to fill the trimmer bobbin with line. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case will be tucked in one line for the trimmer, folded in half, and in the second such lines will be two segments.

The first way

Prepared piece (in this case it is 4 meters) is bent approximately in half. one piece should be 15-20 cm longer, and inserted into a special slit located on the divider.

change, disc, mower

The line for the trimmer is wound in the previously determined direction. This is done with the tension, the line for the trimmer is carefully distributed. In this case, it is necessary to wind the section that is longer into the section that is closer to the button.

How To Replace Friction Disc On Weed Eater One 261 Riding Lawn Mower (Tutorial).

There are designs that do not provide for the division of the spool into two sections. This does not change anything, the line for the trimmer is wound in a similar way. You just need to make sure that the sections do not overlap with each other.

The first part of the line should be the one at the bottom of the spool.е. the one closest to the locking holes.

This tip is placed in the appropriate diameter hole. the line for the trimmer is securely fastened.

A long section is wound in another half turn. there, it is fixed in the same way. In doing so, the segment crosses another section of the spool.

The long section is wound in another half turn

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes of the grass trimmer bobbin case.

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin

Reel is attached to the body. The ends of the line are tightened with force so that the line, which was previously fixed in the holes of the reel, comes out of there. This can easily be identified by the characteristic sound (click).

The reel with the button is snapped into the body of the grass trimmer bobbin.

A reel with a button is snapped into the body of the grass trimmer bobbin

The line has been successfully changed. In this case you need to install back on the grass trimmer and you can start mowing the grass.

The ends, so they do not hit the hood of the grass trimmer can and should be trimmed.

Carburetor on petrol grass trimmer UNION BTS-9252L, BTS-9256L

TRANSMISSION FBC-452/2200 gasoline grass trimmer

Universal reel for gasoline trimmer

TRANSMISSION FBC-522/2600 petrol grass trimmer

The coil is worn out from too much work.

The first repair project is to solder a new nylon or plastic extension cap.

To keep the saw in the hole, it was necessary to clamp it in the chuck of the lathe and cut a groove under the retaining ring with a cutter 1 mm deep and 2 mm wide.

How to Replace Disc Mower Knives | 11 or 18 Degree Knife | Massey Self- Propelled & Pull-Type

I bent a retaining ring on a cut water pipe from a bicycle needle and removed the extra space.

After a simple repair, I put my head on the brush cutter, put on my shoe, tucked in my trimmer line and went into the garden to test. Everything works! Correct! I pressed the updated speech. the line for the trimmer continued. After mowing, the dust remains in place. Planned surfaces don’t get clogged with grass and soil.

Successful solution within the next hour was re-implemented on the second worn head. Now I have a spare!

If you look closely at the attached drawings, you can guess from the bronze billet “tube plus tube” joint prosthesis.

Or even with a protective cap on the trunk. Then the groove with the retaining ring is unnecessary.