Which is better than a Makita or Metabo?

Comparison of products

The tools for professional work should be designed for heavier loads and for a longer time than tools for household use. This is why products from companies such as Metabo and Makita are designed to withstand heavy mechanical loads and extremely long working hours with ease.

Most parts are made of solid or reinforced components. These qualities are what set these tools apart from the tools for small jobs in the home. Metabo‘s history goes back to 1914. Throughout its long history, the company is constantly developing and looking for ways to improve its products.

The firm specializes in the development and manufacture of electric drills, impact drills, cordless drills and screwdrivers, rotary torches, hand-held circular saws, jigsaws, milling machines, staple punches, etc.

A closer look at some of Metabo‘s tools. Metabo is famous for its electric drill models. screwdrivers almost all over the world. These self-powered tools combine power, fast recharging and ease of use. Their features are appreciated by professional and hobbyist operators alike. The power output of most self-contained power tools is directly related to amperage. In recent years the advantage in use remains with 12V batteries, although there are more powerful 14V batteries, because the 12-volt batteries are the best combination of light weight, autonomy, power and convenience. These batteries are charged in an hour, which is a good quality that allows you to work without having to interrupt. If you want to choose an electric drill to your liking, then the first thing you should pay attention to is such a factor as the placement and shape of the handle. For example, if the handle is placed in the center of gravity of the tool itself, it will reduce the load and increase the accuracy of work. It is possible to take a variant with two handles, if that is more convenient for you. Some models have an advantage over others if they have a peorator function, which will fundamentally expand their range of application. Popular models in recent years include such electric drills as the BS 14.4 Li 1.3 Ahx2, SBP 12 Plus, BZ 9.6 SP, BE 250 RL and BZ 12 SP 2.0 Ah.

Metabo electric saws are also renowned for their positive reviews. Popular saw models include the KGS 216, BAS 260 SWIFT, KS 216 Lasercut, BAS 317 Precision WNB and one of the latest additions, the KSE 55 VARIO PLUS the first plunge-cut saw. The company’s saws are simple and safe, have a fixed cutting depth, are fully compatible with other brands and designed to make your work faster and easier.

Метабо 2860 или Макита 2470 �� какой пеоратор лучше ?

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In contrast, Makita is virtually one year old of Metabo. Makita was founded in 1915. By this time, the company has clearly grown into a huge corporation. The main production line of this company belongs to the production and sale of stationary woodworking machines, power tools, household and garden tools, and even construction vacuum cleaners. Makita is one of the world’s leading power tool manufacturers. Tools of this company have a well-deserved reputation among customers who work with wood, concrete and various building materials. The company extends an official warranty on all its products for 1 year. Almost all elements of the product are made with high strength, which guarantees their durability and reliability. Popular saw models from this manufacturer include the LS1040, UC4020A, 5604R, LS1013 and more. Let’s take a deeper look at the Makita 5704 RK, for example. The model makes little noise and has a power of 1200 watts. The machine is equipped with a solid base plate, a reliable riving knife. Double protective insulation, very strong cord. Pay attention to durability, safety and wear resistance. 4900 rpm. good value. The unit weighs 3.6 kg.

Makita power drills are very popular. The main indicator that people pay attention to first of all is lower as compared with analogues, meanwhile the tool is still reliable and technically perfect equipment. Makita power drills use a housing, bearings and gearbox that have been manufactured using the finest materials. The drill shows excellent performance in conditions close to the extreme. They are well-balanced and easy to grip. Intelligently made drills are popular with both amateur and professional operators. Makita power tools can be found almost everywhere. at home, on construction sites or in factories.

Makita power tools also hold an important position in the global construction market. All the torch models are lightweight and yet are capable of showing great impact energy. Makita peorators can also make holes in particularly hard working materials, in reinforced concrete, for example, or in stone. Can also be used as a regular drill. Exactly when you have to work in super-tough materials, you know that Makita power tools move quickly and easily. Each model has a very handy switch for turning your drilling, tapping, screwdriving or chiselling. Practically all grip models have a handle with soft rubber coating that guarantees total control over your power tool and prevents it from slipping in the palm of your hand. Conclusion: if you are looking for a tool for intensive work, the Makita is definitely the right choice.

Metabo KGS 255 0102550000

The capabilities of this tool are similar: It can also make wide cuts of up to 300 mm. But in addition it has four steel-rod guides that ensure precision work. The carriage is installed on two rails, this allowed to reduce the size of the tool. Functionality is limited to making 0° to 45° bevel cuts to the right.

which, better, makita, metabo
Specifications Metabo KGS 255 0102550000 Makita LS 0714
Power, W 1300 1010
Idle speed, rpm 5700 6000
Disc diameter, mm 210 190
Cutting depth, at 90°/45°, mm 60×255 / 30×177 52х300 / 52х212
Weight, kg 14.5 12.7

When getting started with your choice of mitre saw, pay attention to the main performance indicator. power. It will determine the pace and quality of your work. But the 300 watt advantage of the Metabo KGS 255 0102550000 will not be noticeable, because this tool is equipped with a disc with a larger diameter.

And this is what the depth of cut and overall performance depends on. Having compared these data, we can see that the width and depth of cut do not differ significantly in favor of Makita. but the Metabo has a wider range of uses thanks to better functionality and swivel and tilt angles. Therefore, before choosing a tool, you should assess which of the functions will be required in the work and with what workpieces will have to deal. Both tools are equally suitable for wide workpieces.

The best cordless screwdrivers

Plug-and-play, non-stop operation for a whole day. It is a very compact product, because it works without a battery. This model is distinguished by its great power and can fasten large self-tapping screws. Can be used not only for home repair, but also for work in small shops and even in furniture factories.

Its main application is fastening strips to the ceiling. The high power allows you to drive an electric screwdriver in wood with a length of 100 mm for only 1.5 seconds. It takes at least a minute to tighten the same screw with an ordinary screwdriver. A cable length of 5 meters allows you to work comfortably around the workbench and not move things around. its

  • long cable;
  • electronic speed control;
  • depth stop;
  • magnetic holder;
  • trigger lock;
  • high power;
  • low weight.

Powerful and durable motor this model received. Drills easily penetrate metal profiles and hardwoods. The average user can tackle any job without problems. Can also be suitable for professionals. For securing roofing materials is ideal. The device is able to independently apply pressure to the screw, so there is no need to apply great force. Key guard protects the tool from falls, and the gearbox is enclosed by a metal casing. Reverse button on the side of the machine.

  • bit holder;
  • indicator shows the number of revolutions;
  • easy to use;
  • The screwing depth can be adjusted;
  • aluminum body;
  • high power;
  • one-handed operation is possible;
  • ergonomic shape.

Such a device costs up to 10000. State-of-the-art impact wrench with excellent performance. It also belongs to the percussion type models. Enables high quality screwdriving even in hard-to-reach places. Characterised by a high working speed, which is not accompanied by a kickback tendency.

You can work on the toughest materials. Modern Vario electronics let you adjust the speed. Body made of high-strength aluminium. Body construction ensures excellent heat dissipation and a long service life. Machine weighs 3 kg. Power cord length. 5 meters.

which, better, makita, metabo

Power output is 650 W and rotation speed is 2200 rpm.

If you need to do a lot of work, then this electric screwdriver is a great helper. Has high power and rotation speed. No need for any wrenches to connect the tool. Thanks to the comfortable handle, the tool is very comfortable to hold. It can be purchased at a price of 16000. The tool is designed for drywall work. It is possible to use normal strips of up to 50 screws, and there is a high accuracy of screwing adjustment. Sturdy magazine removable without the need for special tools.

  • quality;
  • durability;
  • many revolutions;
  • One-handed control mode;
  • easy operation;
  • for high volume of work.

An excellent electric drywall screwdriver. There is a function to regulate the number of revolutions. There is a depth limiter and low-noise cam clutch. Compact and lightweight, can be held with one hand. Can fasten drywall and gypsum fiberboard to metal and wooden structures. Those who want to heat their home or garage will be happy with this device. Maximum speed of 2500 rpm. Weight of the machine is 1.2 kg.

Makita GA5030 или Metabo W650-125, сравнение двух популярных угловых шлифовальных машин

The perfect all-round tool. It is designed for masonry and masonry work, for drilling holes in wood, plastic or metal. Equipped with a wide range of equipment for cutting, screwing, measuring and drilling. All in all, this compact handy machine can handle virtually any material.