How to Change a Disc to an Angle Grinder

Angle grinder is a universal power tool. With its help, you can cut steel profiles and wood, process concrete and stones, perform grinding and peeling work, sharpen hacksaws. And for each operation there is a certain circle. For example, you cannot grind surfaces with a thin cutting wheel for an angle grinder. it will quickly break. How to put the disk on the angle grinder when grinding and breaking the wheel or switching to another type of work?

How to Change a Disc to an Angle Grinder

According to the instruction manual, the disc must be replaced with an angle grinder as follows.

  1. Unplug the cord from the power outlet.
  2. Press the spindle rotation lock button.
  3. While holding the stop button, angle grinder, unscrew the flange nut with the open-end wrench. Turn the key for the angle grinder in the direction of rotation of the disk. If it is difficult to press the button with one hand and use the key as the second, ask someone close to help you.
  4. Remove the old disk from the spindle shaft.
  5. Install a new drive.
  6. Secure it with a nut manually or using the same universal key. At this moment, the second hand must hold the stopper. Do not tighten the nut strongly.
  7. Turn the angle grinder into the network for 30 seconds at maximum speed. If the disk rotates freely, without beating, without touching the protective cover, you can begin to work.

The scope of delivery for the angle grinder should include an open-end wrench. Cheap angle grinders often come with a poor quality key. It can quickly break down (however, this happens with the tools of leading manufacturers). In the end, the key can simply be lost. How to install the disk on the angle grinder in this case, without having the right tool on hand?

How to change a disk for a keyless angle grinder?

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Method 1 Use the gas key. Use a pipe wrench to grasp the nut and carefully unscrew it, without applying much effort. Disadvantage: you can crush the nut, break the rotation lock.

Method 2 To make a homemade key for an angle grinder. To do this, you need a long nail (at least 100 mm). It is necessary to cut off the hat, the point and give the nail a U-shaped. It should be bent so that the racks of the “tool” fall into the holes of the flange. If the nut is tightened tightly, insert any metal bar between the nail posts and, holding both hands, rotate the structure in the direction of the circle movement. At this time, press and hold the spindle lock button. The method is safe, but it takes time and additional tools. a hacksaw, a vice, a hammer.

Method 3 Tapping with a chisel. Before changing the disc, you can treat the spindle shaft with WD-40 fluid and wait at least 15 minutes. Then put the tip of a thin chisel at an angle to the hole in the flange nut and gently tap the entire surface of the hole with a metal hammer. Sooner or later, thanks to light tapping, the nut will be loose and it will be possible to unscrew it manually. The disadvantage of this method is that you can damage the holes and spoil the flange.

Method 4 Heat the nut. If it is difficult to unscrew the angle grinder nut by hand, you can heat it a bit with a gas burner or autogenous. Unscrew the flange with gloves so as not to burn yourself. This is the most risky of the proposed methods. It is possible to overheat bearings and oil in the gear of an angle grinder.

Finally, I want to mention A few important points regarding replacing a disc with an angle grinder.

  1. On angle grinders you need to install circles of a suitable size. It is necessary to strictly observe safety precautions and in no case to remove the protective cover in order to install a larger diameter disk. When choosing a disk, you need to consider the model of a power tool, its power, spindle speed.
  2. Due to the disk rotating at high speed, a rivet is formed on the protective casing of the angle grinder. Therefore, when changing the disc, remove and clean the casing.
  3. Some grinder models have washers to prevent the disc from jamming between the flanges. At least the support flange can be equipped with a rubber washer. Instead of factory fasteners, gaskets can be cut out of cardboard, rubber or plastic. It is necessary to use 2 gaskets: between the support flange and the disk, between the disk and the nut.
  4. Do not forget: if the circle rotates clockwise, then the nut is also unscrewed clockwise and twisted counterclockwise.
  5. If you do not want to buy a new key, install the Bosch keyless nut on the angle grinder. it can easily be unscrewed by hand.

The main thing is that when changing a disk to an angle grinder, do not violate safety precautions and perform all manipulations with the tool turned off from the mains.