How To Change Oil In A Huter Lawnmower

Huter GET-1000S is an electric trimmer designed to work in hard-to-reach places. The device has support for a variety of options, which makes it multifunctional, as well as suitable for most tasks. Compared to the competition, the Huter GET-1000S model stands out for its excellent workmanship, high performance and rich equipment. Due to this, the lawn mowing in question is in demand all over the world, and is widely in demand among summer residents, farmers, gardeners, and is in demand in municipal and municipal services.

General information

Since the trimmer is electric, it does not require any fluids. it does not consume oil or fuel. A powerful and high-speed electric motor is powered by 220V. The main purpose of this trimmer is to mow grass along fences, near trees, bushes and around flower beds. The device is a curved bar, which will be a good alternative to a lawn mower.

The indisputable advantages of the GET-1000S model are its compact dimensions, light weight, ease of maintenance and inexpensive spare parts, the absence of noise and vibration. It should be recognized that against the background of more expensive competitors, the trimmer can not be attributed to the number of powerful devices. In addition, it depends on the mains, as its design does not include the installation of batteries. But on the other hand, this is a plus, especially if the machine is used only in one place, and there is a 220V power supply nearby.
Among the interesting features of the GET-1000S, let’s pay attention to the location of the trimmer components. they are applied to a metal rod, which has an elongated shape. Practice has shown that this form is the most ergonomic, and to some extent increases labor productivity. The handle is comfortable to hold. In addition, it can be adjusted in height based on the growth of the operator. Thus, he will be less tired.

How To Change Oil In A Huter Lawnmower

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Of the other important structural elements of the trimmer, we note the saw block located at the very bottom of the device. The saw block includes a gearbox, holes for installing nylon fishing line and a protective casing. With these devices, the trimmer is designed for cutting widths up to 350 mm. As for the casing, it protects the operator and the trimmer body from external influences. for example, solid objects in the form of stones or branches.

The developers made the bar curved to provide convenience and efficiency for hours of work. The bar is connected from two parts that can be disassembled, for example, if necessary, transportation in the trunk of a car. The two parts of the rod are connected with a wing clamp. The upper part of the rod has an additional oval-shaped handle. The handle was made closed to protect the limbs of the operator.

The engine is located at the top of the structure. Its performance is at a decent level, but nothing more. At the very least, an electric motor is capable of developing an acceptable 7600 rpm. The motor housing itself is made in a durable casing, which is equipped with ventilation holes, and also provides protection from harmful external influences. Note that under the motor there is a special handle made of non-slip polymer material. On the handle there is a engine start button.

Based on the foregoing, we highlight three main advantages of the Huter GET-1000S trimmer:

  • Built-in protection and ventilation system. provides effective cooling of the electric motor, as well as other internal components
  • Compact dimensions allow you to use the equipment anywhere, even in small areas with a lot of obstacles. shrubs, trees and large stones
  • The trimmer is ideally suited for storage and transportation. thanks in large part to the split bar of two connected parts
  • The protective cover provides reliable protection against hit of stones and other flying objects during the mowing of grass


The Huter GET-1000S trimmer works from a voltage of 220 W with a current frequency of 50 Hz. Electric motor power. 1000 watts. The delivery set includes a fishing line with a speed of 7600 rpm at idle. The permissible cutting width is 350 mm in one pass.

The mass of the device is 5.2 kg.

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The average cost of the Huter GET-1000S trimmer in the Russian market is 3,500 rubles.