How to charge a trimmer drum for fishing grass. Types of trimmer heads

How to wind a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass: guides and video instructions

A beautiful lawn will look truly well-groomed only if you regularly give up grass. For processing complex areas, a trimmer for grass is best suited. Any owner of the unit will sooner or later collide with the solution to the problem, how to wrap a fishing line for a trimmer to a coil, because from incorrect actions you can not only worsen the quality of the mowing, but also disable the equipment. Today in the Homius review, we will talk about all the ways and nuances of the replacement of fishing line and the features of the selection of consumables.

It is convenient to use a trimmer for grass for pumping small or complex areas, for example, near the hedge, between the beds and along the paths. Today, manufacturers produce a wide variety of gasoline, electric and battery models, which can be selected for any requests of the owners.

As a cutting element of a trimmer for grass, a fishing line for a trimmer is used. In the process of work sooner or later, its length will end, and then the owner will arise the question of how to properly replace and fix the thread tucked in the removable coil.

What to consider when choosing a fishing line

Before inserting and fixing the fishing line for a trimmer in a removable coil of a trimmer for grass, it is important to choose the right material.

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By quality

Before you put a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer for grass, you need to pay attention to the cross section of the cord:

how to grass cutting aluminium. ರೂಪು ಮಿಷಿನ್.How to make a grass cutter DIY at home,

  • Round cross.sections are the most common option. They perfectly give way to grass even in complex areas;
  • A line for a trimmer with a spiral section is suitable for thin grass. It is not very durable and is not suitable for old thickets;
  • The cord with zabrinki and sharp faces is chosen for mating by weeds;
  • A fishing line for a trimmer with a variety of geometric sections will help to mow the lawn more evenly, but the strength of the consumable material is low.

Important! The most wear.resistant consumables are a two.component fishing line for a trimmer with a round section, enhanced from the inside.

The owner of Motokosi should know that it is categorically impossible to use metal wire, fishing thread and a variety of strings.

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In size

Before winding the thread, you should pay attention to its size to the coil of the trimmer for the grass. Most often use a fishing line for a trim with a cross section of 2 mm.

You can choose the right diameter in the following ways:

  • View recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions for trimmer.
  • Often manufacturers apply information about the cross.section to the bobbin.
  • The cross section of the cord should be suitable for the diameter of the coil opening.

Important! The thicker the thread will be seasoned, the more rigid grass it will be able to mow.

How to replace a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer?

Replacing the fishing line of the trimmer for the grass with instructions will even allow the owner of the lawn mowed inexpensive in such matters to do a fairly difficult job.

However, before starting work to replace the fishing line on the trimmer, it is necessary to ensure the safety of work. In particular, it should be taken protection measures against careless or spontaneous inclusion of the lawn mower:

  • Exclude spontaneous start,
  • Delete the battery (if used),
  • Place the tool on a comfortable site for work.

It is convenient to perform work on replacing the fishing line for the grass when the lawn mower lies on the table, and the master, who is performed by replacing the fishing line of the trimmer for the grass, has the opportunity to approach the instrument from any side.

Remove the head of the head of the grass for the grass

At the first stage of disassembly, the head of the head of the grass is removed. On the example of the models of trimmers “Black and Decker” and others, it is usually enough to apply some pressure to squeeze the click-fixer, which are on the side of the head of the head of the head of the head of the head of the body to remove the lid to remove the lid.

Some models of lawn mowers initially include dismantling the head of a trimmer for grass, for which a playback key is used, which is included in the tool kit. The head is usually held by two or three screws, access to which is provided through the side holes of the rear decorative cover.

The head cover, where the coil with a fishing line is installed, is usually held due. It is enough for some effort to squeeze the tongue-thorough and slightly turn the lid, after which the lid is easily removed

At the time of squeezing the tongue-fixer, you need to turn slightly and raise the head of the head of the trimmer for the grass to remove the winding drum.

Step two: extracting a winding drum (coil) with a fishing line

The next step in the process is the exhaust drum with a fishing line from the inner region of the head. You need to turn the head with an open side to see a fishing line for a trimmer and a reel. On the side of the head, find two recesses (eyelets) through which the fishing line for the trimmer is bred outside.

You should release a fishing line for a trimmer from the holes by checking the drum. Then gently remove the coil from the head of the head. The winding drum of some models is installed on the spring. This moment must be taken into account by performing the operation to extract.

The procedure for extracting a coil of a trimmer for grass with a fishing line from the inner region of the head: 1. head assembly with a coil; 2. extracting neatly with a small axial turn; 3. extracted details

The old fishing line for the trimmer is completely removed from the coil. To remove the old fishing line for grass, you need to remove the forest from the loops and pull the free end. This method is removed by the whole old winding. A similar process is repeated on the second section of the drum. The master is recommended to use gloves when performing work.

charge, trimmer, drum, fishing, grass

Installation of a new fishing line on the coil of a trimmer for grass

Equipping the coil with a new fishing line is performed in the reverse order. The procedure looks like it is described below, regardless of the model of the lawn mower:

Step one: fixing and styling

Fold the end of the fishing line in half. Place the workpiece above the coil on each side of each half of the winding area. Wrap both halves completely around the winding drum. Stretch the fishing line for the trimmer through the loop.

The procedure for preparing fishing line in the field of both wound sections of the drum. The loops are laid in specially made cutouts, after which the winding of the fishing line is performed in each area

Pull the fishing line for the trimmer enough and put the knot in the groove made on each side of the winding drum.

Step two: winding cutting material according to sections

The next step is to turn the fishing line in a circle of coil, observing caution. It is necessary that each half be filled with “its own” winding, exactly, without intersections. Usually on the hull of the winding drum you can see the arrows indicating the direction of winding. This moment should be borne in mind, filling the reel with a fishing line.

Step Three: The Club of the Head Noner

Stretch the ends of the fishing line through a pair of oval cuts of coil. Replace both goals and a spring (if any in the design) with new elements included in the package. Bend both ends of the fishing line at right angles.

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The last technical stroke of the process of replacing the fishing line on the trimmer is to put the cover on the head with subsequent fixation by pressure and slight turnover.

Let each end into the hole, which is at the base of the winding drum. Install the coil in the inner area of ​​the head with an emphasis on the spring. Put the lid, leve on the base and light pressure down with a small rotation counterclockwise, put the cover on the tongues of the latch. This is where the replacement procedure is completed.

We carry out the winding of the fishing line

Sentlessly completed disassembly of a spray coil without losing its spare parts allows you to go to the main task-winding into a fishing line coil. Technological features of the design of the spool and the number of working antennae determine the sequence of actions.

Coil with one working osik

The easiest option and a simple sequence of actions:

  • The dimensions of the bobbin and the length of the original factory winding determine the length of the fishing line recommended for winding. 2 5 m.
  • One end of the fishing line is inserted into the fixing technological hole located inside the spool.
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is wound on the drum in reverse rotation of the spray in the trimmer product direction. as a rule, on the inside of the bobin, the arrow indicates which direction the winding is carried out.
  • A small section of the fishing line is left free to output it. it is fixed in a specialized border on the inside of the bobbin, designed to keep the winding when assembling a spool in working condition.
  • The left end of the fishing line is passed through the hole of the outer part of the bobbin.
  • Half of the bobbin are collected and put on the bar of the trimmer device.

Two working antennae

In this type of spools, the number of grooves for winding the fishing line lying on the inside of the coil should be determined:

For both cases, a fishing line for a trimmer 2-3 m long is taken. In a single.captable coils, the fishing line for a trimmer stretches into a through hole, its ends (antennae) are folded together and aligned, after which they are wound in the back of the rotation of the bobbin on the bar the side. inside the arrow is usually indicated the correct direction of the winding. In the presence of fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are threaded in them or hold their free arm fingers, spread into the through hole of the outer half of the bobin, the spool is closed and attached to the bar of the trimmer product.

The difference between the winding of the fishing line in the two-to-dancing coils is that initially a line of fishing line 2-5 m long is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the bend loop is inserted into a special groove between the grooves. Both strains of the fishing line are wound each in its own groove, fixing the antennae and assembly of the coil is similar to the option considered above with one groove.

The first implementation of this procedure may seem long and quite time.consuming, but over time and experience, this task will be solved much faster and easier.

The video below will clearly show how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for the grass and correct it correctly. this operation is not a complicated one and, with some patience, will necessarily be crowned with success:

Supercut braid head

This two.string design is also designed to mow and clearing space and is used in obstacles and processing large areas. For the cutting cord, an automatically supported optimal cut length is implemented here. It is used only with a universal or special protective shield for the mowing.

We will explain how to refuel a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer coil for the grass of these two modifications. First, prepare two strings of maximum length (7 m or 10 m), depending on its type. You can find out these data on the packaging sheet.

  • Take the head in your hand so that its cover with a bulge in the center is from above. Thick two recesses located on the sides of the structure with the other hand. they are exactly opposite each other. Press your fingers in these recesses at the same time or in turn so that the constipation comes out of the hook, and then click the other. Turn the lid clockwise: now it can be removed and put aside.
  • Take the coil itself. To do this, slightly cram it to free the plastic hook. With rotational movements, bring it out of the holding position and raise it up. A free drum with two compartments will be in your hands.
  • Find the ear, which adjoins the dividing wall in the middle of the bobbin. Take a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass and insert its end into this recess until it stops. Having bent the string, wrap it around the coil in the opposite direction so that the fixed piece of the trimmer cord does not fall out of the ear. With quick and confident movements, continue to wrap the line for the trimmer turning behind the turnover, trying to distribute the layers evenly and tightly. Когда отрезок закончится – другой конец струны зацепите за одну из двух насечек так, чтобы наружу выходил остаток примерно 10 сантиметров.
  • Make the same actions with the second string. Wrap a fishing line for a trimmer in the second compartment on the same side. Fix the free end of the same length on a notch located on the opposite side. After that, the coil can be inserted back into the body.
  • With rotation of the bobbin, compare the strings and sleeve inserted into the head so that they are next to each other. Take each of the forests, carefully unhook it from the notch and put it in a special groove for exit outside. Now the ends stick out of the channels of the rumps and the lid can be closed. Put it on in accordance with the position of the fixers and press it strongly to the click.
  • Pull strongly by one string so that the reel body shifting a little up. You will hear another click, and part of the fishing line will come out a couple of centimeters.
  • The next action can be cut out by the ends of each string by the secateur to the required equal length, if necessary. STIHL recommends that the trimmer fishing line protrude from the hole for about 10 cm.

Autocut C

The mowing head of the following type is also equipped with a coil for a cutting string, and its feed occurs during the operation of the tool, as in the variety Autocut without a letter from. However, in this modification, the replacement of the trimmer cord is carried out especially quickly and simply. When installing it, it is not required to open the mowing head and prepare two identical segments.

  • Before filling the fishing line for the trimmer into the coil of the trimmer for the grass, set the handle with the handle when the arrows on the head are nearby opposite the round recesses.
  • Remove the cutting string of maximum length. 8 m. and insert its ends into the opposite holes of the drum. It is necessary to ensure that the ends of the forest are trimmed with a bevel. After that, rotate the coil in the direction indicated on the lid. clockwise. Thus, a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is completely wound on a bobbin.
  • Cut a protruding loop in the middle. The resulting ends of the string should protrude from the drum for about 12 centimeters.

The choice of fishing line

In order to easily wrap a fishing line for a trimmer to a trimmer coil for grass, it is worth deciding on what tasks the garden tool will perform. The thicker the thread tucked into the head, the more difficult the tasks that it can complete. It should be noted that a universal thread is often used, the width of which does not exceed 2 mm. You, in turn, can decide on the size, using the following methods:

  • get acquainted with the information set out in the instructions from the manufacturer;
  • check the suitability of the fishing line for use on your own, trying to insert it into the coil hole;
  • study the spool for information about diameters allowed for use.

Selection of fishing line for refueling a trimmer for grass can be carried out by engine type. So, for example, an overly thick thread can affect an increase in rotational resistance. Because of this, the load on the engine will increase, which will certainly affect the quality and timing of its further operation.

Avoiding negative consequences is easy. To do this, it must be borne in mind that for electric motors with a power of up to 500 W, a fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of up to 1.2 mm is ideal. If you cannot get such a thread, you can use the cord by 1.6 mm. A thread with a diameter of 2 mm, in turn, is used for engines with a power of more than 1 kW. It is worth noting that the cord for 2 mm is often used for winding on a bent mower. If the gasoline device has a straight shaft, the thread should be used 2.5 or 3 mm. The thickest fishing lines are installed exclusively on devices, the power of which is equal or exceeds 1.3 kW.

The last, but no less important factor is the type of fishing cross section. When choosing it, it is worth focusing on the tasks set before the garden tool. There are several demanded cross.sectional options:

  • twisted-has a small margin of safety, which is why it suits exclusively for young grass;
  • Substitute. is characterized by sharp edges suitable for working on overgrown weeds;
  • Round. the most common section. Such fishing lines cope well with fresh grass, but they are not suitable for shrubs and dry ones;
  • rectangular, square and star type of cross section-due to low strength, are used to work on lawns.

The most durable and universal cord is a two.component fishing line for a trimmer with a round cross section, inside which the core is located. It is this thread that is suitable for the majority of work. It must be remembered that the use of fishing fishing line, ordinary wire and other materials as a cord pose a danger to others.

Removing and disassembling the coil

In order to correctly wind the fishing line for a trimmer to the coil of a trimmer for grass, you must familiarize yourself with the structure of the trimmer head. It consists of a protective casing, a bobbin with a thread, a hull cover, as well as a spring that is present only in some devices.

Starting to disassemble the coil, you must completely turn off/de.energize the device. In this case, the method of work directly depends on the type of head. The first option is to conduct the following actions:

  • The user presses on fixers located on both sides of the cover.
  • After removing the lid, the spool is extracted. Some models may have a spring, which also needs to be extracted.
  • A screw is located in the center of the case, which should be unscrewed with a regular screwdriver.
  • When the fasteners are removed, it remains to remove the gearbox from the shaft, gently shaking the case of the product body.

The second option for removing the coil for refueling the fishing line in a trimmer for grass is to tighten the head for the gearbox shaft. To carry out such a procedure, many devices are equipped with a hole into which you can insert the tool. When the screwdriver is inserted, the user can only take up the product body and scroll it clockwise. It is noteworthy that this method, in contrast to the previously described method, differs in the simplicity of execution.

How to change a fishing line for a trimmer on a lawn mower: detailed instructions

In 1971, American entrepreneur George Bollas invented a mower for grass, where a fishing line for a trimmer played the role of a cutting knife. A lot of time has passed since then, the drive has become more powerful, a modern trimmer can easily damage the bark, so that the idea itself was transformed into mowing around obstacles without damage to the very cutting apparatus of a mowing room. For a neat mowing around obstacles, you can have a head with a smaller fishing line, it is easy to change it when moving from mowing large areas to delicate blocking. However, periodically and the cutting tool itself requires replacement. We tell you how to disassemble the head of the lawn mower (trimmer for grass) and wind a new fishing line for a trimmer.

All about the replacement of fishing line with a trimmer head

There are many types of heads that are designed for different types of fishing line. The latter is also available in several diameters: from 1.0 mm to 3.2 mm. At the same time, its section is round (including with a special groove to reduce noise), square, twisted and in the shape of a star.

There are no clear preferences, and this explains the wide variety of forms and diameters in the market. The round shape is usually stronger, but has a worst cutting ability, in addition, when rotation, it makes a characteristic sound. Therefore, sometimes they make an acoustic groove, however, the use of this fishing line makes sense only on battery trimmers, in machines with gasoline and network drive, the sound level of the drive itself practically drowses the sound from the fishing line. The square has a good cutting ability, and despite the fact that such a fishing line for a trimmer is less durable than round, on average it is consumed less. A square fishing line for a trimmer quite easily cuts the shoots of the same Ivnyak up to 1 cm in diameter. The star has the maximum number of cutting faces, mows best and is the fastest consumed.

charge, trimmer, drum, fishing, grass

The next nuance when choosing is stiffness. The fact is that in the production of nylon, a modifier (often maleine anhydride) is added to it, which improves its strength and prevents gaps. However, modifiers are not the cheapest component, they are trying to save on it. Therefore, it seems to be a good fishing line for a trimmer that remained for the winter, in the spring suddenly behaves completely differently. it breaks, stops doing normally from the reel. There is a recommendation to soak a fishing line for a trimmer in the water before work, but I do not see much sense in this, malein anhydride interacts with water, but if it is not enough in the nylon, then there will be nothing to interact. Therefore, it makes no sense to stock up on fishing line for a long period of time, a breakdown or constantly torn fishing line for a trimmer, which also does not want to leave the reel itself, can significantly complicate the work.

How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass

The trimmer for the grass bought in the store is already ready to work. a standard nylon fishing forest is tucked into it. She cuts the grass, but does not cope with work poorly. only young, thin plants quickly fail and mows. She does not take old grass and weeds with stem stems or cuts off at all, wear out quickly. It grabs it for a short time, after which you need to replace the fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer.

It is not recommended to use a fishing fishing line for a trimmer, it is better to take a special thread with a fiberglass core. It is sold in construction stores. Stop your choice on an option that has a square or triangle in a section. their sharp edges will work like knives.

Fishing line consumption for a trimmer for grass using faceted and reinforced consumables will decrease by 2-3 times, performance will increase by the same amount compared to the circle of round section and fishing line not reinforced with fiberglass.

Purchase material with a diameter not less than recommended by the manufacturer. If the diameter is unknown, you need to look at the size of the holes on the outer body of the mowing head: the diameter of the working thread should be slightly smaller than the hole to pass through it freely.

Buy a sufficient supply of cutting thread (with 2-3 replacements), try to buy different options to compare which one is best in work.

Upon learning how much material is needed for one winding, focus on the length of the forest during the next purchases, so that there are no too short for winding pieces.

To replace the forest on a mechanical spit with your own hands, you need to disassemble the braid head and get the coil on which the working thread is wound.

How to remove a fishing line for a trimmer

To replace a fishing line for a trimmer in a trimmer, remove the head cover. To do this, press the fingers of the latches of fixers located on both sides of the lid, and pull the lid up. Access to the coil will open. After that, pull it out, pulling up the axis on which the coil sits. If the ends of the fishing line stick out from the holes of the head, then lift the coil along the axis and pull the remaining fishing line from the holes of the head. Now the detail does not hold anything and it is easy to remove and remove the remaining working thread.

The coil is divided into two parts by the central partition with a neckline. Different models of cobs differ in size, so you need to check how much you can wind the fishing lines on the bobbin. Its length ranges between 1 and 4 m.

charge, trimmer, drum, fishing, grass

Instructions with a description how to wind the coil of a trimmer for grass and lawn mower

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a suitable fishing line for your tool, you should first disassemble the head and look at the side wall of the coil. This information is usually presented on a tip, which will not allow us to make a mistake using the appropriate equipment.

If the information on the coil about what diameter the fishing line for the trimmer can be refueled, then this information can be clarified in the instructions. Having decided on the thickness or diameter of the equipment, it remains to figure out how to charge it. There are two ways for this, but not for all they are applicable. Consider both methods in details, and already depending on what models and trimmers you use, you are determined on your own which option is suitable.

It is interesting! The principle of how to wind a fishing line for a trimmer for a tip of motorcycles is appropriate not only for autonomous benzar groups, but also for electric trimmers.

The second method differs from the first in that not a whole piece of equipment is charged into the coil, but segments of two parts. Manufacturers use this way, and it is also suitable for those who have the remains of the material. The principle of how to insert two segments of the fishing line into the tip of the motorcycles, the same with the first way, and to make sure of this, below is a detailed instruction:

  • There are two equal lengths of the segment of the material that you can use
  • One segment is taken, and the edge is bend in the form of a clamping bracket or hook, with which the fishing line will be fixed
  • Inside the coil, there are holes in the form of a bracket for fixation, which are there for a reason. If they are not, then the second option will not work. The appearance of these brackets is shown in the photo below. Each bracket is on its own
  • The line of fishing line should catch on the bracket, and make it wound in compliance with the direction of the arrow
  • The equipment is wound until the segment of 10-15 cm remains, which is fixed in the corresponding hole on the side of the tip
  • The same manipulations with the second end of the fishing line are carried out
  • The protrusions are starting into the holes of the head, and then, extracting the equipment from temporary fasteners in the coil, a cover with clamps is installed

The above instructions on how to install a fishing line for a trimmer in a motorcycle will help not only correctly, but also quickly perform a replacement procedure. The assembly of the coil of the trimmer for the grass, as mentioned above, can be performed without removing the head, but in this case you will need to conveniently fix the tool. Video Instruction is presented below.

Replacing the fishing line with a disk or knife

When ennobleing a personal plot, park zones and other places where various plants are required, it is often necessary to change the cutting tool in the trimmer. This is dictated by the fact that the standard cord installed in a mowing head can only cope with herbs. But when a shrub or young growth of trees appears on the path of an employee, a fishing line for a trimmer cannot cope with such a task, and it requires a change to a more effective cutting tool.

Manufacturers of trimmers provided such situations, and complemented their products with a mass of nozzles in the form of knives with several “petals” or in the form of disks similar to circular saws.

If you replace a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife with several “petals”, then such a tool can be mowed by both high grass and plants with thick and dry stems. And changing the fishing line for the trimmer to the disk, the user of motorcycles has the opportunity to cut shrubs or small trees.

Knives and discs are installed according to the following algorithm.

    The first thing you need to remove, stagnating the shaft, a mowing head (twist clockwise) or a nut with anthers if the unit has not yet been used.

For a better understanding of the process of changing the tool, you can watch this video.

Problems with fishing line

Trimmeres users, both gasoline and electric, sometimes have problems with the cord. “Advanced” Kosilov owners can easily cope with the difficulties, realizing why this is happening, and for beginners, this is a problem that does not have a rational explanation. But in fact, everything is solved quite simply. The most common problems that happen to the fishing line are the following.

Cords of cord

If a trimmer fishing line is often torn, this can cause the following reasons:

  • Stones, small branches and other hard obstacles come across the grass;
  • The user mows the grass back to the fence, and if he is mesh, then this breaks the “antennae” even faster;
  • poor quality of the cord (it is recommended to purchase high.quality);
  • The output holes are worn out in a mowing head, which is why the fishing line for a trimmer is erased on the sharp edges of the bushings and breaks off (a complete replacement of the part will be required).

Large cord consumption

Basically, the cord quickly ends if you often knock on the ground with a semi.automatic head or press it hard. The coil unlock occurs, and the fishing line for the trimmer, lengthening, is cut off with a knife. Another reason that the cord quickly ends is the improper operation of the device with an automatic head: the user during kosbe often drops engine speed. But as we recall, the automatic head is arranged so that it is with each reduction in the revolution that a new portion of fishing line is supplied, so it is quickly consumed.

The thread does not hold

It happens that the thread is unwound if the spring weakened in the semi.automatic head. The fishing line for the trimmer is constantly extended and cut off with a knife installed on the casing, which increases its consumption. To check this, remove the casing and turn on the unit. If the fishing line for the trimmer “climbed”, then you will need to replace the spring.

a fishing line for a trimmer flies out

The reason that the cord after starting the unit is unwound is also a weakening of the spring inside the head. In addition, there are times when when the unit is turned on, a spitter head is scattered, and the spring installed in it is lost. Inexperienced users do not notice the absence of a spring and collect this node without it. Therefore, the cord does not hold, and under the influence of centrifugal force flies out.

The cord is not served, the coil does not spin

Automatic or semi.automatic head should serve a fishing line for a trimmer without stopping the unit. But if it does not come out, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • The fishing line for a trimmer in a coil is incorrectly wound, which is why the latter does not spin;
  • The cord is wound unevenly, and the thread can get stuck between the turns (the thread should be wrapped neatly, the turn to the turns, without distortions);
  • Too short ends of the threads come out of the holes, as a result of which there is not enough centrifugal force to extract them, and the fishing line is not supplied for the trimmer (it is recommended to always adjust the length of the cord before starting the unit, slightly pulling it up);
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is sticking together (it will be considered later).

The thread sticks together

This nuisance occurs most often due to the use of poor-quality cord. When the apparatus is operating, the head of the trimmer for the grass heats up, and a poor.quality fishing line for a trimmer in it melts, gluing among themselves. Also, sintering of the threads occurs when a fishing line with a solid obstacle occurs. In this case, there is a sharp braking of the cord, after which it drags it into the head, where it bothers. Some unit owners recommend lubricating the cord with mineral oil or spray on it with a silicone spray after winding on a spul. Others advise to wrap less threads on the coil. But it is better to immediately buy a quality product, in the manufacture of which the manufacturer took into account the factor of overheating of the head, and the thread will not stick together.