How to choose a good mowing for grass. Self -propelled

Help select a lawn mower for a plot of 25 acres with an uneven surface

The plot of 25 acres has a very uneven surface, plus the hills from mole. Trimmer for grass is inconvenient to roll, all the time stumbles upon obstacles, and a woman of 55 years will mow. Tell me, is there any alternative?

You probably did not mean a trimmer for the grass, but a mower-tank? A trimmer is just convenient to wave in unevenness. Then, however, it is hard to rake the grass. The car is almost not going on an uneven surface, you have to drag it, raise and put it. I did not master even a third of the site (30 acres) per day An alternative. to roll up the site in concrete Yesterday I tried to mow all day with a car for the same irregularities, I realized that I did not need a summer house and did not need anything at all Next time I would be a trimmer to a trimmer Know, with a fishing line, so that the grass in the dust is scattered. If you mow with knives, then a trimmer for grass cuts the hay.

Given what a middle.aged lady will work, you need to purchase an elktrokosil. Gasoline is heavy and for a weak man. Take a mower with a mandatory bag for collecting grass.

I agree that with bumps is better than a trimmer for grass. But “waving” them much, I realized that it was hard. Can first invite helpers from the fraternal republics, at the same time leve a site. And then you can mow the lawn mower. But you can make flower beds in bumps or bushes.

Yes, the assistants are good That year 500 asked for mowing trimmer. Damn, I would give it yesterday and 1000)))

Kat, I would go bankrupt and more. But the husband is against says, we can handle it, and Filonite himself. So you have to jump with a trimmer and a sickle.

I have repeatedly shared my experience in caring for a 25-cell area of ​​almost continuous lawn with flower beds We have a slope with bumps, which are gradually smoothed out when a gasoline self-propelled mitch husqvarna is cooked. And she does not jump anywhere, she goes evenly, because you need to choose a powerful and not quite cheap model. Ours cost thousand. 26, about 5 years ago. Well, there is either to pay and enjoy, or save and suffer Kosim in open areas, quickly, evenly (she rang the mounds for a long time). over, I am a woman of 60, only I can use it. She goes on, and at different speeds, 8 heights of mowing to choose from, the grass can be sent to the bag, or you can immediately spille out. We use a trimmer for grass in uncomfortable places and in the fight against high or rude weeds (they are only behind the site, along the roads near the site. we are also sure every time we are crumbling). By the way, now it has been bored once this season. Here.

Tata, your energy can only be happy. I would also like to do 60 so And to do stones, and follow the garden, and twist the blanks. One word well done!

Tatyana, thanks for the kind words. Of course, my husband helps me in everything, it is very important when there is a male shoulder nearby. But I believe that the female role of a huge man can be moved from a place without female energy and ideas. :

Maxim, here I got to the garage-I took a picture of our Khuskvarn, maybe my recommendation will help someone. The unit is really very reliable, quite powerful. True, native production. Sweden. Model 675 EX.

budget option Austrian AL-KO. Very good technique. My lawn mower is 4 years old, except for prevention, they did nothing. And be sure to buy a Scarifier-Ater. During the scripture, the irregularities of the lawn are gradually eliminated. Both units take self.propelled

Suddenly I saw this post on the list of the most readable. And then she noticed that he was published back in 2014. So my advice, perhaps long ago late? What if it still helps? I support Tanya for 100%, I am for Khuskvarna. We have lands at home and in front of the garden, well, there are a lot. In the first year, 2007, the husband of the month mowed with an ordinary manual scythe, he knows how. But realized that you need to buy a trimmer for grass. Bought benzo, STERN. And still, he only did what mowed the grass. Once a week we came starts from one end, but for now everything is bought out in a couple of weeks, you have to start again. The next summer I bought a mechanical lawn mower with a bosh grass.bombers in Maga, for 3 thousand and dragged the whole lawn in front of the house, although it was very difficult for me (now I am sinking to her path to the river) but my husband was a pity! I bought an electric trimmer for the grass, I don’t remember the brand, I was lying around in the village in the barn-I wanted it to be easier, but the seller persuaded it more restraint. But she is heavier. Sons sometimes mowed, in rare visits. In 2012, the eldest son wanted her to mow the grass, and in her a fishing line for a trimmer ended. And he mowed for half an hour. Then the whole sweaty, on trembling legs came and said: That’s it, dad! Let’s choose a lawn mower! We stopped on this brand, then it cost 27 thousand from self.propelled Khuskvarna wonderful mulch comes out, you can use fresh if you mow with a container, or you can leave finely crushed grass on the lawn without a container. She overcomes a decent slope of our plot near the house towards the river, more than 5 degrees. She gradually smoothes the irregularities of “lawns”, for example. mole heaps. Everything can mow. She, like Tanya, has been plowing for 5 years so that in our “Park of Lawn Models” now there are now 5 units, for every taste. Here are a photo of our assistants, only there is no electrimmer for the grass, and did not look for-everyone already knows. July 2007, our first summer in the village.

There are no photos, found on the Internet.

They brought, study.

Everything can mow!

What qualities should a mower be for an uneven site have?

Here are the main qualities that the lawn mower should have, designed for mowing uneven areas:

  • self.income;
  • increased rear wheels;
  • ball bearings;
  • rear or all.wheel drive;
  • central adjustment of the height of the mowing;
  • three.wheeled chassis;
  • Royal wheels.


Non.self.propelled devices have to move around the site due to its own physical strength, which is not difficult if the surface is even, without holes or hills. However, in uneven areas, the apparatus often has to push with all his might, which is very tiring and unsafe.

In addition, non.self.propelled devices slide much stronger from the inclined surface, so they have to be constantly directed and pushed to the higher side of the slope, which greatly increases the load on the body.

If there are holes or hollows on the site, then only a large and strong person will be able to pull out or pushing out of them.

Self.propelled models are deprived of these shortcomings, so they do not have to push them, except when the drive wheels cannot pull the lawn mower out of a complex site. But even in this case, many times less effort are required than when working with non.self.propelled models.

Due to the fact that the drive wheels rotate at the same speed, self.propelled lawn mowers are more stable on the slopes, so they are enough to turn a little in the direction of the top, so they will move along the slope without sliding.

Increased rear wheels

The larger the diameter of the rear wheels, the easier it is to get out of the pit or hollow, where it can get during the mowing of an uneven area.

This is due to the fact that the larger the diameter of the wheel, the greater the way he needs to go to the same height, which means that the wheel to some extent plays the role of a lever, the long shoulder of which helps the operator to pull out the lawn mower from the pit.

However, the larger the diameter of the wheel, the higher the engine power should be so that the wheel effectively copes with the role of the lever.

Ball bearings

Not all lawn mowers are equipped with ball bearings with wheels, plastic or bronze sliding bearings are placed on some models, that is, bushings. With careful use and maintenance at least once a week, sliding bearings are almost not inferior to rolling bearings, that is, ball bearings, however, work on an uneven area involves a higher level of pollution.

Because of this, sliding bearings are quickly clogged with dust and an additional resistance factor appears that interferes with the movement of the device. This increases the load on the engine, and also forces the operator to help the lawn mower more often, due to his muscular force, pushing it forward.

Back or four.wheel drive

Lawn mowers with leading front wheels are more maneuverable when moving on a flat surface, however, in uneven areas, this turns into a disadvantage, because it is often necessary to tear off the front axis from the ground for turning, which means that the device will lose its course and it will have to push it.

The rear-wheel drive models are deprived of this lack, however, in more or less even areas, they are inferior in control of front-wheel drive models.

A full.wheel drive models combine the advantages of both types, but they are noticeably more expensive, so not everyone can afford to buy such a technique.

Central adjustment of the height of the mowing

Part of the models of lawn mowers are equipped with separate regulators that change the position of each wheel separately, which is justified when working in even inclined areas, where it is enough to set the height of the mowing relative to each wheel.

However, in uneven areas, the height of the mowing has to be changed often so that the cutting deck more accurately follows the level of the soil and, the height of the mowing is always the same.

Therefore, models with a central change in this parameter are best suited for work in uneven areas, because the operator in one movement can adjust the height of the mowing of the grass in accordance with the changed conditions.

Three.wheeled chassis

With a mowing of uneven areas, there is a high probability that the device will be in an unstable position and will not be able to maintain the same mowing height. After all, stability depends on the number of points of the support and the difference in their heights. the more such points and stronger the difference in heights between them, the less stable the lawn mower will be.

The three.wheeled scheme is more stable on various irregularities than four.wheeled, because it requires less support points, which means that it will be more sustainable.

However, a three.wheeled chassis has a significant minus. a fishing line for a mowing trimmer of such devices less corresponds to the relief than four.wheeled. This is due to the fact that the four-wheeled chassis always ran into an obstacle with the front wheel, which is why the position of the knives relative to the horizon line begins to change.

The cooler the obstacle, the faster and stronger the deviation of the knives from the conditional horizon changes. Therefore, the three.wheeled chart of the chassis did not receive a large distribution.

Royal wheels

Regardless of the type of chassis, the front piano wheels greatly facilitate the use of the lawn mower in uneven areas, because for turning it will no longer have to raise the front of the device to reduce the resistance of the wheel to the side.

over, the advantage must be given to those models in which the upper edge of the wheel is located at least slightly below the lower edge of the frame, or is carried beyond its limits, because this design provides a free rotation of the front wheels by 360 degrees.

Why a gasoline self.propelled lawn mower is most suitable?

Thanks to the gasoline engine, such a device is mobile, that is, it can work even where there is no way to connect to the electric network. In addition, electric lawns are rarely equipped with motors, the power of which exceeds 5 kW, and connecting a more powerful device to the network will lead to the heating of the wiring, and in some cases the operation of protection against overload.

Gasoline devices are deprived of this lack, so their motors often exceed 5 kW (6.8 liters. With.).

In addition, working with a gasoline apparatus allows you to do without a dragging thick cable, which is now and then hooks for various irregularities of the relief and all kinds of obstacles. Self.propelled gasoline models do not have to push with the tension of all forces, because part of the engine energy is spent on movement, and thanks to the rear wheels of a large diameter, such an apparatus easily overcomes most irregularities.

Types, principle of work, their pros and cons of

There are several types of braids, each of them has both undeniable advantages and a number of disadvantages that must be taken into account.


Modern electric mint for grass is a frequently used device. It is simple, compact and convenient to work. This light technique cannot boast of special power. However, no harm, electrical devices do not create any dangerous emissions, which is already excellent. Consumers can choose both expensive and budget electrosics. These garden assistants are customary to be divided into battery and wired (network) options.

AKB devices deserve a separate conversation. As for network models, they have a very important advantage over the batteries. cheapness. However, when working in places, extension cords have to be used. And still, the mobility of the devices is very limited. However, experts indicate that such a problem is compensated by a long duration of a continuous haircut.

Along with manual electric mowers, self.propelled and wheel apparatus are also found. Strictly speaking, a manual mower should be called a trimmer. You can move it in any desired direction. Such a device is perfect for uneven surfaces, where height drops are combined with thickets of hard herbs. But in most models there are still wheels.

The presence of movers avoids the characteristic problem of trimmers: you do not need to keep the mower by weight. Part of the wheeled versions is even declared suitable for cutting wet grass. It is unlikely that it makes sense to trust such information from manufacturers. After all, even when powering along the wire, the danger of electric damage still remains. Electric mowers do not require special service, there is no need to replace the candles, motor oil.


Mowers with an internal combustion engine are mobile than their electric counterparts. However, starting them is somewhat more difficult. Even if an electric ignition system is provided, it still only initiates the launch of a gasoline engine. And much depends on the serviceability of this very motor. In addition, any gasoline apparatus has such a serious drawback as the release of pollution in the environment.

ICE also creates a fairly loud noise. Because of this, it is almost impossible to work without headphones or Berusha. Great risk, if not deaf, then significantly worsen the hearing. But the gasoline engine allows for a very high power of the lawn mower. The electric drive is unlikely to develop it.

Separate attention is deserved by gasoline segmented lawn mowers. These are non.self.propelled devices attached to tractors and diesel or gasoline motoblocks. Such devices are used to:

  • tidy up the adjacent territory;
  • Process the virgin land, preparing it for use;
  • harvest hay and put it in rollers;
  • mow cereals on small farms.


The presence of a battery in the device is usually considered a sign of its increased mobility. But the lawn mower is somewhat different than that of mobile phones or laptops. A very capacious battery, despite all technological successes, cannot be very easy. Therefore, in order to maintain the total mass of the device in an acceptable framework, the charge is limited very hard. And the current consumption in mowing equipment is quite high.

The considerable popularity of battery models is due to the fact that they allow you to do without wires, but they work much quieter than gasoline. In modern models, lithium-ion batteries are more often used. Lead sources of energy due to their bulkiness gradually go out of use. Among the batteries, there are both mowers in the full sense of the word and manual trimmers for grass. In most cases, the battery technique is non.self.propelled. These are carts for 2 or 4 wheels. Four.wheeled versions are more common for models with 2 wheels. The cutting section of non.self.propelled devices is called deck, mowing knives are attached to it. Deco can be made from various materials.


An important feature of a cylindrical lawn mower is that it will cut the grass very high quality and soundly. Such devices are approved even by professional landscape designers. Around the cylinder in the horizontal plane there are knives. They will cut grass as soon as the cylinder begins to spin. An important feature of the device is its suitability for restoring order on a large lawn.


Rotary type models are much more common than cylindrical mowers. The reason for this popularity is the cheapness of the manufacture of the working mechanism. Manufacturers, choosing it, minimize costs. The rotary lawn mower uses a disk.shaped knife mounted directly on the working shaft. The high power rate allows you to compensate for the partial blunt of blades, however, the quality of the cut of grass is reduced.


The dimensions of the devices are also of great importance in practice. A compact mini-wheelhouse is suitable mainly on a personal utility section and in small dachas. But on the farm, in the park and in the like, she is unlikely to cope. But it is important to understand that even in a small lawn mower, motors of different capacities can be installed. The productivity of a particular device directly depends on this.

Rating of the best models

Among the models that can successfully cope with the work in very overgrown or uneven terrain, both gasoline and electrical options can be noted.


  • Hyundai L 5100S. A model of a lawn mower with a four.stroke engine for 5 liters. With., has the ability to literally draw grass under the knife. The technique is optimal for processing large areas from 15 acres, effective, has adjustable speed and height of the cut. Ideal for mowing high grass.
  • Caiman Xplorer 60s 4000360901. This model of a self.propelled lawn mower is equipped with a four.stroke gasoline engine and is able to cope with the work both within a private territory and in public territories. With its help, you can care for the slopes of rivers and lakes, roadsides of roads, lawns and parks, destroy thick weeds, cut off the young shoot of shrubs. The cut height range varies between 55-120 mm, the wheelbase of three-point, provides high maneuverability of technology. The mass of the self.propelled device is large enough, reaches 50 kg.
  • Champion LM5345. Modern powerful gasoline lawn mower capable of working with and without mulching function. The four-wheel rear-wheel drive structure weighs 36 kg, is equipped with a 4-stroke engine for 3 liters. With. The cut width reaches 53 cm, there is a 75-liter grass collector in the kit, the supported cut height varies in the range of 25-75 mm, the adjustment is carried out at 7 levels.

The model easily copes with the most difficult tasks, is well suited for caring for large areas.

  • Ikra Mogatec BRM 1446 S. Model with an average cut height of 25 to 75 mm and a width of the proxy 46 cm, equipped with a four.stroke gasoline engine per 3 liter. With. The lawn mower has 4 wheels (front pair diameter 18 cm, rear 20 cm), steel case. The kit contains a soft grass collector for 50 liters, which allows to collect cut stems.
  • Viking MB 2 R. Gasoline lawn mower suitable for use in areas of not more than 1500 kV. m with different types of relief. A three.wheeled structure with a steel case can easily maneuver, has a cut width up to 46 cm and is able to mow grass at an altitude of up to 77 mm. The model has a mulching function, grinding waste, a grass collector is absent.
  • Huter GLM-5.0 s. A model with a relatively small cut width (46 cm) and a powerful four.stroke engine for 5 liters. With. The lawn mowing is included in the package of grass for 60 liters, the mowing height is adjustable at 5 levels, in the range from 20 to 85 mm. The technique is quite heavy. 40 kg weighing, the body is durable, steel.


  • Bosch Advanced Rotak 760. The low.noise lawn mower from a well.known brand weighs only 16 kg, has a cut width of 46 cm, is equipped with a comfortable soft grass collector with a volume of 50 liters. The model is able to leave a grass carpet 2-8 cm high, adjustment is performed at 7 levels.

The power of the electric motor is 1800 watts, this is quite enough to care for a plot of 10 acres.

  • Al-ko Classic 3.82 se. The lawn mower manufactured in Germany is equipped with a 1400 watts engine, is able to maintain performance for a long time, and is not subject to overheating. Large wheels cope well with complex relief.
  • Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E. An electric lawn mower with a rigid compact 20 liter has an acceptable power of 1600 watts and is able to effectively carry out mowing grass with a strip of 34 cm at an altitude of 25-65 mm. The model has a central adjustment at 5 levels, 4 wheels, a light housing weighing no more than 10.5 kg.
  • DDE LME3110. The simplest of the electrogazonocylets recommended for work in areas with a complex terrain. This model is well suited for processing small areas in area. The width of the cut in this technique reaches 46 cm, the kit has a small hard grass collector for 26 liters. The motor has a power of 1070 watts, and in this the lawn mower is very losing its analogues.

Choice recommendations

When deciding which lawn mower to choose for a summer residence, it is worth paying attention to a number of parameters that will have the greatest importance during operation of the equipment.

  • The area of ​​the pumped area. Up to 500 square meters. m can be treated with a manual or battery non.self.propelled mower with a drum mechanism. With its help, you can quickly return to life a strongly overgrown lawn or improve the overall appearance of the site. For a larger area, it is worthwhile to use only the footing devices that have a rotational mechanism.
  • Equipment capacity. For plots with completely grassy, ​​but abundant vegetation, there is usually enough equipment with indicators from 400 to 900 watts. You can choose electrical and gasoline options, but robotic models sensitive to the changes in heights will be useless in such conditions. Powerful rotational versions of mowers will cope with heterogeneous vegetation-here it is better to purchase equipment for 900-1800 watts.
  • The height of the grass cover. Typically, in rotary models it is 18-120 mm, drums are limited to 12-45 mm indicators. The method of adjusting this indicator also matters: it is better if it is levers on wheels or a special button. If the grass is rarely cut off, you need to pay attention to the lower boundary of the mowing height.
  • The maximum overcame is a slope. Many models are able to successfully mow grass on the slopes up to 40%. But in most mowers, these indicators are much more modest, and with a significant difference in the relief, the quality of cutting of the stems will deteriorate.
  • The mass of the unit. Two-wheeled drum models are the lightest, designed for manual carrying and weigh no more than 13-15 kg. Four.wheeled lawn mowers weigh up to 40 kg, gasoline versions are much heavier due to the fuel tank and the combustible fuel tank in it. If you have to mow in different parts of the site, the weight must be taken into account.
  • Type of power. Power.dependent models are preferred in cases where the site is not electrified. In addition, gasoline versions do better with heterogeneous vegetation.
  • The number of wheels. It directly affects the maneuverability of equipment. Non.self.propelled drum braids are most often two.wheeled, light enough, easy to transport. If increased maneuverability is required, it is worth giving preference to three.wheeled models having the smallest angle of turn. The four.wheeled model is the most clumsy, it is better to process areas to move linearly.

Given these recommendations, make the final choice of a lawn mower suitable for uneven or overgrown sites will be much easier.

In the next video, you will find a review of a self.propelled gasoline lawn mower for high grass of Caiman Athena 60S.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

Gasoline or electric

Gasoline lawn mowers do not work from the mains, but are quite expensive, and, moreover, non.emotional. throw out exhausts into the atmosphere.

The power and operation of gasoline models significantly exceeds electrical. The latter require the presence of a cable and a power source, cannot work in wet weather, but are cheaper and are environmentally friendly and lightweight.

To choose the type of lawn mower, it is necessary to decide on the goals: for large areas it is more advisable to buy a lawn mower operating on topopolva, for small ones. an electric.

Type. self.propelled or not

Gasoline law mmores are both self.propelled and non.self.propelled. If the owner of a summer cottage loves heavy physical exercises and does not mind sweating, a non.self.propelled lawn mower is perfect for him.

The rest of the people should purchase a self.propelled device, otherwise the haircut of grass on the lawn can take all day.

Speasing area

For a large lawn, a machine with higher power and performance indicators is suitable. It takes such a lawn for such a lawn, so it is better for her to purchase a lawn mower on gasoline.

Devices operating from the network or from the battery can cut grass for only 15 minutes, so they will cope with only a small lawn.

Speasing width

Typically, the width of the mowing ranges from 20 to 50 cm. All that is above 35 is the norm for the garden and a summer cottage, so you should not purchase a device with a smaller mowing width.

The characteristic in the value of more than 50 cm is found in professional lawn mowers. Together with the power, the width of the mowing affects performance.


Gasoline law mmores are more powerful than electric. The seconds work from the mains, which means they do not have too powerful motors, because the 220 W network may not withstand voltage.

However, electric models can have two batteries in the kit, but they are not designed for a long time.

It should be understood that a powerful gasoline unit has a very loud engine (often the headphones go to the tacious lawn mower).

A gasoline model with 7 horsepower is suitable for giving, or a compact electric model.

Work from the battery

Electric models usually work from the battery. there are often two batteries in stock. The operation of the batteries is enough for only two hours, then they will again have to be charged at a special substation.

Battering electric lawns are purchased for small lawns with low, and, as a rule, soft grass.

The number of wheels

The number of wheels does not affect the quality of the haircut of the grass. It is only important to remember that the wheels of a good lawn mower should be wide and rotate on bearings.

The drive of self.propelled devices is both on the rear and the front wheels. Leading wheels have a larger diameter.

The presence and volume of the grass collector

The grass collector can greatly improve the quality of work and care for the lawn. After all, a person will not need to rake all the mowed grass himself later.

In the presence of an impressive lawn, it is better to take a car with a large.volume grass collector, which is not constantly stopping work.

When buying an unit, pay attention to the reviews of the models you are interested in. often, in some devices, not all grass falls into the collection and remains on the lawn.

Herbackers are soft, from grids, and hard. from plastic. A soft bag easily shows overcrowding. stops swelling. But the plastic grass collector is more convenient because wet grasses do not stick to it.

Additional functions

Such options include mulching. It means grinding everything that gets inside and throws in the form of mulch for feeding the lawn. Good mulch can only be made of dry grass, so the function is suitable for people who do not matter the quality of the lawn.

After all, often the lawn mower mowls moist grass, which, when mulching, turns into lumps and then clogs the roots of grass on the lawn.

The side emission of grass will be useful for those places where you need to cut the grass on the sidelines.

The adjustment of the height of the mowing is actually very important only in the open area.

It can occur in two ways: regulation of wheels and control of the main cutting system.

Popular manufacturing companies

Today, manufacturers of lawn mowers have proven themselves well:

  • Husqvarna. A company from Sweden, which has the glory of a large manufacturer of garden tools and construction equipment. Official distribution of grass cutting machines for the Elite Nascar Elite Auto Highway series.
  • Makita. A company from Japan engaged in the creation of electrical and benzo-tools for mowing grass. The manufacturer’s devices are reliable, a long operating time and inexpensive cost.
  • Hammer. A well.known manufacturer from Germany, which is engaged in the creation of electrical equipment and garden equipment. lawn mowers and trimmers. A distinctive feature is the low cost of products and quality warranty service.
  • Al. Co. German company existing since 1931. Practiced on the creation of ventilation systems, auto.comprehensive and garden techniques of the highest class.

Types of lawn mower

Lawn mowers presented in the market can be divided into five main types:

To decide which lawn mower to choose for a summer house, or for a professional haircut of lawns, first read about the advantages and disadvantages that are characteristic of each type:

Used most often in relatively small areas. The reason is obvious. the radius of the electric lawn mower is limited to the length of the network cord. It is not very pleasant to drag a long tail behind you, and even make sure that the lanes of the lawn mower do not damage it. Nevertheless, electric lawn mowers are convenient for working in the yard, where there is always the possibility of connecting

Advantages of electric lawn mowers:

  • Noiselessness. This is not to say that the electric lawn mower works completely silently, but the comparison with gasoline, of course, will not be in favor of the latter. The maximum recorded noise of an electric lawn mower barely reaches 50 dB, while gasoline produces 90.
  • Economy. No fuel, no motor oil, no spark plugs. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline.
  • Environmental friendliness. Complete absence of harmful emissions.
  • Price. The most expensive electric lawn mower will cost you approximately 5 or more times cheaper than the same in equipping gasoline.
  • Light weight. Thanks to this, units are much easier to transport.
  • Unpretentiousness. Electric lawn mowers require minimal care. No inspections and repairs of the piston system. And if you have to rewind the burned electric motor, it will cost much cheaper for ICE repair.

Disadvantages of electric lawns:

choose, good, mowing, grass, self, propelled
  • Dependence on the network. As already mentioned, you will not leave the outlet further than the length of the wire allows. Or you will be forced to use extension cords, which will also not add convenience to the process of work. But not only the length of the network cord limits the area of ​​the processed site.
  • Low power. Electric motors installed on such lawmakers are much weaker than internal combustion engines. The approximate range of the working power of such engines is 900–2000 W. At the same time, they tend to overheat, which is why you will have to stop regularly to let the engine cool down. Prolonged overheating can lead to a serious malfunction. However, most of modern models are equipped with a special thermal attribute, which will not allow you to bring the electric motor to a dangerous degree of overheating.

Perhaps the most popular type of lawn mowed. This group includes almost all professional units. As a rule, gasoline mowers are used in areas more than three acres, but they are also used in smaller areas, if there is no possibility of connecting to the mains. If you are interested in how to choose a gasoline law mower, read the disadvantages and advantages of this type:

  • Autonomy. Independence from external energy sources.
  • Power. Gasoline models cope with much more complex areas than electrical.
  • The duration of the work session. The engine is not required to stop for cooling. The duration of the working session is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank.
  • Maneuverability. Due to the absence of a supply cord, gasoline lawnmands are actively used on landscapes with complex design (alpine slides, trees, shrub).
  • Low environmental friendliness. The most obvious and significant flaw. Exhaust gases, which are an integral part of the internal combustion engine, may cause you inconvenience.
  • Noisiness. Again, the operation of the gasoline engine is associated with a noise of more than 90 dB.
  • Whimsical service. The internal combustion engine requires a regular one, you will have to spend money on fuel and lubricants and periodically change the spark plugs.
  • A large mass, as a result of which such lawmakers are inconvenient to transport.

When choosing a gasoline lawn mower, pay attention to the engine power.

For household models, 2 engines are used.3-5 l. With. with an approximate volume of 110–190 cm³. These models, as a rule, are used for processing areas of not more than 8 acres. For such an engine, a motor resource is usually indicated about 700 hours. This means that after seven hundred hours of work, he must undergo a scheduled repair.

choose, good, mowing, grass, self, propelled

Semi.professional lawn mowers are equipped with 5–7 liters of engines. With. with a working volume of 160–200 cm³. Such an unit will allow you to process a plot of 5 to 20 acres. Motoresurs reaches 1200 hours.

And finally, professional law mmores are equipped with an engine with a capacity of 7 horses. At the same time, the engine volume, as a rule, exceeds 200 cm³, and the motorcycle resource reaches 2500 or more hours. Such devices use not only utilities, but also private traders who want to purchase a lawn mower with a good reserve of reliability. In addition to a powerful engine, such models are characterized by expanded functionality. Most often they carry additional trimmers for grass, mulching devices, etc. P.

The so.called riders stand apart among gasoline lawn mowers.

If completely in brief, then a rider is a lawn mower, which is equipped with a saddle, a steering wheel and pedals. Thus, it does not need to be pushed, you don’t even need to go for it. Ryder himself is lucky, simultaneously mowing the grass.

In addition to mowing grass, with the help of a rider you can perform a number of functions. Some models allow instead of a mowing deck to fix on the front of the attachment equipment for snowplowing. In addition, in the rear there is a mount to which additional devices (seeder, plow, a small cargo trailer, etc. can also be attached. P.).

It should be noted right away that the riders are not only gasoline. There are batteries, but they are still quite rare and are not very popular.

The criteria for choosing a lawn mower

Here we will consider individual elements of the lawn mowers that or can have devices with both a gasoline engine and with an electric.

Buildings and Decks of the Lawn Model

Sometimes these two concepts mix, but the case and deck are different structural elements.

The deck is called the supporting part of the structure, the frame on which all other nodes and blocks are fixed. The case usually covers the lawn mower from above, closing the mechanisms from external influences.

The following materials are used for the manufacture of decks and housing:

  • plastic. the most budget option. Not subject to corrosion, but very susceptible to mechanical influences and temperature changes;
  • impact.resistant plastic ABS. withstands blows, rather racks to abrasion. Even several deep scratches will not affect the work of the unit;
  • steel. firmly, reliably, not very expensive. But it has a large weight, and if you damage the anti.corrosion coating, it can be broken by rust.
  • aluminum is the most practical, but the most expensive option. Light, not subject to corrosion, durable. Professional models are most often mounted on aluminum decorations.

Wheels of a lawn mower

It is preferable to choose a lawn mower with a large diameter and width of the wheels, as well as with a fairly rude tread pattern. This provides lighter control and ability in addition to large wheels, large wheels are less injured by lawn grass and soil.

Also distinguish the wheels installed on bearings, or sliding bushings. The former is more expensive, but more durable, more reliable and economical due to the lack of friction.

Lugus of the lawn mower

Distinguish non.self.propelled and self.propelled lawn mowers.

In non.self.propelled lawnmands, the entire power of the power unit goes to rotation of the cutting mechanism, and the movement is carried out due to the muscular force of the user. In other words, you will have to push the law mower yourself. This option is more suitable for even areas.

Self.propelled lawn mowers go themselves, you only need to direct them. Among the self.propelled lawmakers are distinguished with front, rear or all.wheel drive. Each of the options has its own advantages:

Halfly breeders in lawnmands, mulching function

If the grass collector is not used, then beveled grass can be thrown back or to the side. Some models allow you to use both options, while the so.called mulching function can be available in them.

Mulching is grinding of mowed grass in fine dust, with the aim of its subsequent use as organic fertilizer. It is recommended to leave mulched grass on the lawn from time to time, this has a beneficial effect on its condition. However, you should not get carried away. Experts advise fertilizing the lawn with mulched grass no more than once a week, otherwise it does not have time to rot and covers the growing grass access to sunlight.

As you probably already understood, there is no universal recipe for any user. The choice entirely depends on the characteristics of your site, your preferences and budget.

What are the lawn mowers?

Mechanical wheeled lawn mowers are easy to drive, electricity or gasoline is not needed here, but significant muscular efforts are needed. They are environmentally friendly, silent and allow you to regulate the height of the grass mowing. Cutting mechanism. a cylindrical knife with a wheel drive. Such a tool is good for caring for a young lawn, since the low speed of rotation of the knife prevents grass with a fragile root system.

Mechanical wheeled lawn mower

And we will consider gasoline and electric lawns below.

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Trimmers for grass

Hand lawn mowers (trimmers for grass) are suitable for regular haircuts of the lawn on a small area even with an uneven surface, They can mow at any angle. A trimmer for grass is a holder bar, on the lower end of which is a cutting device with a fishing line. And at high power. additionally and with a disk knife. The braid hangs on the belt on the operator’s shoulder, literally facilitating his work.

Trimmer for grass

A trimmer for grass can be equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. Electrician is located on the lower or at the upper end of the bar, and gasoline. only on the upper.

The protective casing limits the edge of the mowing and protects the legs of the mower from injury. When working, the left hand holds the handle of the bar (adjusting, if necessary, the height of the grass mowing), and the right. the handle with the engine control button.

Trimmer for grass

The main advantage of trimmers is the ability to mow grass in uneven areas and close to bushes and trees. But to withstand the same mowing height will not work.

choose, good, mowing, grass, self, propelled

Electric trimmers for grass

  • Light weight,
  • environmental friendliness (no exhaust gases and noise).
  • Binding to the network (outlet),
  • The presence of stable voltage,
  • forever interfering the lawn cable,
  • Small power.

Electric trimmer for grass

Trimmer for the grass is the same. the same as the electric one, but the engine does not work for a socket, so you can mow at any distance from the house. This is its main convenience. However, the mowing area is determined by the battery capacity.

Gasoline trimmers for grass

The gasoline trimmer for the grass is designed to work in large areas. Therefore, he is especially in demand by summer residents, and owners of suburban estates, and employees of city utilities. However, working with him requires a certain preparation.

Gasoline trimmer for grass

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This type of lawn mower is characterized by enviable mobility, increased power and practicality. It can be used to mow not only lawn grass, but also weeds, and overgrown with shrubs. And professional models can cut stems with a thickness of up to one and a half centimeters.

  • Quite a lot weighs,
  • requires the preparation of a mixture of gasoline with oil,
  • pollutes the environment with exhaust gases,
  • Noise.

The convenience of mowing the grass with a trimmer is determined by several points and one of them is the location of the engine.

Trimmers with the lower engine location on sale a lot. Most often they are battery, small power. Quickly overheated, so they require frequent breaks in work. Protection against moisture and mechanical influences are poor. They cannot work on morning dew and immediately after the rain, otherwise a short circuit is possible. trimmer for grass with the lower engine location

Trammers for grass with the upper engine are more practical, more correctly balanced and more powerful, require less effort to mow, which means it is more comfortable in operation. They have good cooling (less overheating), and, therefore, greater performance.

A trimmer for grass with the upper engine location among trimmers with the upper engine location I especially want to highlight the ranger. Their engines are fixed behind (like a school satchel), which significantly reduces the load on their hands and much less constraining movements.

Running benzotrimmer

A pleasant option for a trimmer for grass is an anti.vibration system. It allows you to reduce the vibration load on the shoulders and hands of the hands, protects the hands and back of the mower.

Powerful gasoline trimmers for grass to reduce the load on the hands are equipped with an ergonomic handle, similar to a bicycle steering wheel. On the right handle are the tool control buttons. When buying a trimmer for grass, check that the handle and the location of the buttons on it are convenient for you.

Convenient bicycle handle

  • For what types and volume of work do you need a mower? An inexpensive electric trimmer for grass with a simple cutting tool will also cope with a regularly mowing small lawn near the house. But it is better to think about a large weed to the owner of a large site overgrown with high weeds about a gasoline trimmer of increased power and performance and an expanded set of cutting tools.
  • What power source will you use: outlet or battery? The choice is determined by the duration of the trimmer for the grass from one battery charging and its remoteness from the power source.

But from this video you will learn how to make a nozzle on a trimmer for grass with your own hands, which will cost you only 100:

In favor of a trimmer for grass

Trammers for grass. not for weaklings. After all, the user will have to wear a 5-7-kilogram apparatus mounted on belts, or hold a 3-kilogram device in his hands (and actively wield).

The trimmers have an obvious advantage over wheels’ wheel mowers: they can mow grass any height. at least waist.deep, while wheeled lawn mowers are more suitable for regular care for the site: if the grass has grown a certain height, then the “cart” cannot cope. In addition, a trimmer for grass is always maneuverability and the ability to carefully circumvent obstacles: bushes, trees, flowers, garden decor. Trimmer for grass. if power allows. cuts off young shoots of shrubs and weeds, and in addition, he does not need to adapt to a complex relief.

What to look at when choosing a portable trimmer for grass?

The most important characteristic is power. The higher it is, the better and faster the trimmer mows for the grass, but at the same time there will be more noise and vibration. The power of electric trimmers varies from 250 watts to 1700 watts.

Power up to 600-700 W is suitable for caring for small unlocked areas, ending the edges. Such devices are often used in addition to a more powerful trimmer or wheelbreak. 1000–1200 W is a serious power for an electric trimmer for grass. Well, and 1,500-1700 watts are already so unique that it is more profitable and reliable to buy a gasoline trimmer for grass. Capacity of models operating on gasoline (from 1 to 7 liters.With.), usually enough for caring for complex and neglected areas, and here the increased power of four.stroke engines is needed, so that not only for the kosba, but also for the movement of the unit.

Another important parameter is that the cutting block consists of. It can only be a fishing line for a trimmer or a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife (disk), and rarely. only a knife. Fishing line for a trimmer is consumable, it can suddenly end, and then a knife will help out great. The knife can swell or shove. then a fishing line for a trimmer. Although every user understands what is suitable for what is suitable: someone cuts shrubs with a knife, someone likes a thick fishing line for a trimmer, and the knife uses to trim. In most cases (especially in inexpensive trimmers), the kit includes a thin fishing line for a trimmer of unimportant quality. even among trimmers of eminent brands. Experienced users immediately change the fishing line for a trimmer to thicker-1.6-2 mm in diameter.

Possible problems

Unfortunately, even the highest quality products manufactured by eminent manufacturers are not insured against malfunctions. Based on this, the owners of the lawn mowers have to deal with situations when the equipment stopped starting or smoked in the process. It must be borne in mind that all breakdowns of such equipment are divided into mechanical and electrical. In the first case, we are talking about breakdowns of knives, wheels, handles, elements of the housing, and in the second. about the failure of the electric motor, the battery, controls and damage to the wiring. The most common problems include the following situations.

  • The appearance of extraneous sounds in the region of the Decks, which are symptoms of low.quality tightening of fasteners.
  • Strong vibration accompanying the inclusion of the knife system. The reasons can be poor fixation of the knives or their damage.
  • The appearance of a whistle during the operation of the lawn mower. Most often this indicates the entry of foreign objects into the mowing zone.
  • Significant deterioration in the quality of lawn processing. In such situations, sharpening or replacing knives is required.

In situations with self.propelled models, many malfunctions are associated with the drive system. Problems with the uniform movement of the device may indicate a belt wear. Eliminate such a malfunction (replace the belt with a new one) is quite possible independently.

Summing up, we can conclude that with many mechanical malfunctions they cope with their own hands in the presence of appropriate knowledge, skills and tools. If you had to encounter electrical breakdowns, then the most rational solution would be to appeal to a specialized service. This approach will avoid aggravation of the problem and reduce financial costs for repair work.

Do not forget about the timely, quality maintenance of equipment, which is the key to its performance and durability.

Review of reviews

The reviews of real owners of electric lawn mowers help the potential buyer to objectively evaluate the operational qualities of equipment to the potential buyer. As in the situation with any equipment, in the open spaces of the World Wide Web, you can find both positive and negative users’ statements. At the same time, the characteristics of mowers equipped with electric motor and internal combustion engines are often compared.

Judging by the reviews, many make a choice in favor of precisely electrical models, taking into account the noise level. From the point of view of this parameter, gasoline braids clearly lose. In parallel, attention is focused on the difference in the cost of gasoline and electricity. Those who decided to change the equipment equipped with an ICE for an electric counterpart, most often note the absence of noise in the process of work and the smell of gasoline.

Positive reviews about the considered category of equipment for the care of lawns are left by ordinary people and representatives of firms carrying out appropriate activities.

At the same time, not everything is so cloudless, and negative reviews are often found on the Internet. In situations with wired models, their owners are unhappy with the limitations of the working area. When it comes to battery mowers, the minuses include a relatively short duration of the working cycle. An equally important factor for some users is the risk of an electric current operator damage.