How To Choose A Lawnmower?

Well, aren’t you going to mow the lawn with a scythe? What kind of aristocracy? To help you and created a lawn mower.
Besides, the grass around the cottage is also useful from time to time to cut. To do it manually is troublesome, and the lawn mower, as a garden mower, will greatly facilitate this work.

What are lawn mowers?

Lawn mowers are very different in cost and ease of handling.
As they do not call: trimmers, lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, etc. All of them can be classified by usability and general characteristics.

  1. Lawn mowers that a person carries on them during mowing. It is a barbell with a motor (electric or gasoline) and a mowing head (a fishing line, wire or a knife). When installing a knife-like head with a lawn mower, you can easily mow shrubs and small shoots. These lawn mowers can have a handle for mowing or mounted on the shoulder with a belt. Devices of this class are often called trimmers.
  2. Wheel mowers. These lawn mowers are a cart with a handle that you roll on the lawn. There are electric and gasoline. Can be self-propelled, i.e. engine power is distributed between knives and wheels. There are models with a grass catcher when the grass is collected in a special container. It is more convenient than picking grass after mowing with a rake. There are lawn mowers with a mulching function that chop the grass into powder and pour it on the lawn as a natural fertilizer.
  3. Raiders. These are lawn mowers who carry the operator. It is a mini-tractor adapted for a lawnmower. Designed for mowing grass in large areas.

Electric or gasoline?

Gasoline mowers are harder to maintain and operate. When working, make a powerful noise. The weight of gasoline mowers is higher. On the other hand, they have more power.
Electric lawn mowers are tied to a power source with a cord. It somewhat limits the area that you can mow. The power cord is inconvenient when mowing because you need to monitor it constantly. Such lawn mowers have low power, up to 2 KW. There is a danger of electric shock (mowing in wet conditions, cord damage, etc.). Of the benefits only low noise, ease of use and maintenance.

What are the factors to choose a lawnmower.

Three factors determine the type of lawn mower:

  • The composition of the mowed grass.

This factor determines the power of the mower.
If you only intend to mow a lawn, then a low-power lawnmower is sufficient. If you use a lawnmower or trimmer to mow field grass or shrubs, then you should take the device more powerful.

  • Terrain.

This factor determines the design of the mower.
Wheeled lawn mowers or raiders are suitable for flat surfaces or slightly uneven surfaces. Wheeled lawn mowers have limited working angles, and it’s impossible to mow steep slopes.
For rough surfaces with steep slopes, a lawn mower that can be worn on itself is more suitable. So you can easily trim any surfaces at any angle. Note that to work with such lawn mowers, you need to have good physical training because The mowing process is somewhat tedious.

  • The area to be cut and the availability of power sources.

This factor also determines the design.
With the power source, everything is clear. If you have a small area, and there is a power source nearby, then you should buy an electric lawn mower. If the mowed area is large, or it is difficult to find a power source, you will have to take a mower.
For small lawns, 1-3 weave, fit a small lawn mower low power trimmer.
For medium-sized areas, the wheel mower is more suitable. Mowing the lawn with a wheeled mower is less tiring.
For cutting large areas, it is better to use a raider. It will greatly speed up the mowing process. Also, conventional lawn mowers can be heated during operation.

General advice on choosing.

Think in advance about what you will do with working out. Raking the grass uncomfortable. It is better to take a lawnmower with the mulching function.
If you take a lawnmower with a grass collector, it is better if the grass collector has enough capacity to cut around the entire area. Collector also reduces the spread of weed seeds. Compost can be prepared from mown grass, which is a good and environmentally friendly fertilizer.
Pay attention to the quality of the grass collector material and lawn mower parts. A broken collection box can be a problem, and the search for a new one can take a long time. It is better if the parts are made of durable plastic or metal.
Consider your physical fitness. Lawn mowers that need to be worn on themselves are massive and mowing tires quickly. Especially important if you have problems with the spine (sciatica, etc.).
Many wheel mowers and raiders have a mowing height adjustment. Especially noteworthy is the ability to raise knives for hilly terrain, so as not to touch the ground.
The larger the wheel diameter of the wheel mower, the easier it will move on the lawn.
Grass for lawns is better to mow a lawnmower with sharp knives. Then the grass will look healthy and have a natural green colour. When mowing a lawnmower with cables or fishing line as a mowing element, the grass will tear, which can take on a yellowish tint and an unhealthy appearance.
Pay attention to the cutting width. By dividing the width of the section by the width of the mowing, you will find out how many passes you need to make to trim the part.