Popular Models Of “Poulan” Chainsaws Review.

Poulan chainsaws are very popular among buyers. Models of the American brand are excellent helpers in everyday life when working in the garden, repairing, when making small carpentry work and not only. On the features of Poulan drank, on the characteristics of different representatives of the model range, this article.

Who produces?

The chainsaw Poulan is the development of a famous American brand, which was founded back in 1944 by K. Poulan in order to facilitate the work of people, associated primarily with working in the garden. The garden tool invented by an American company quickly became popular at home and abroad. This well-known company in the USA still manufactures Poulan chainsaws and other units. They represent a quality product, the reliability of which has been confirmed for decades.
Important! When choosing a Poulan saw, you need to pay attention to the labelling with the country of origin.

Features of chainsaws Poulan.

Production of gasoline saws is considered the first production established in the company founded by Poulan. For their technical characteristics, these American saws have received due recognition from their owners in our country.

Among the features of chainsaws brand Poulan are the following:

  • application in the construction of the tool is relatively inexpensive, but high-quality and reliable material;
  • high guarantee of safety of work with the tool;
  • availability of reliable and high quality engine;
  • high enough power, but at the same time the small weight of the tool;
  • ease and convenience in work due to mobility;
  • multifunctionality.

Review of popular models of chainsaws Poulan.

We will get acquainted with some of the most popular representatives of the Poulan brand and their characteristics in more detail.

Poulan 2150.

Chainsaw Poulan 2150. one of the most popular representatives of the entire range of American brand in our country. Refers to household saws. However, having a power of 1.3 kW, it can be used in work that goes beyond simple construction and repair.
A typical structure for some chainsaws characterizes the pole of 2150. The inner contents, protected by a robust plastic housing, consist of a carburetor, a two-stroke engine, an ignition system including a coil and a candle, a starter-starting device, and a fuel pump designed to transfer gasoline to the carburetor.
The chainsaw Poulan 2150, like all other modern chainsaws, has two tanks: fuel for the engine and oil for lubrication of the chain. Fuel oil-gasoline mixture is prepared in the ratio of 1/50. The chain and tire are lubricated automatically, which increases the service life of the cutting headset.

This model has the following features:

  1. High-strength plastic from which the body of the saw is made, withstands any damaging effects.
  2. The material of the side. aluminum alloy.
  3. Handles have an arrangement, convenient for work with a saw.
  4. The durability of the motor provides an additional protective layer, which is covered with a cylinder-piston group.
  5. The anti-vibration system, made of steel springs, successfully dampens all unnecessary vibrations.
  6. The oil pump, which is required for supplying oil to the circuit, does not have a manual adjustment.
  7. The presence of a primer that serves for the purpose of instant start-up at any operating temperature.
  8. Nylon filter with easy maintenance and replacement.

Pole 2150 also has a tire length of 40 cm, crankcase and gas tank volume. 0.2 l and 0.35 l, respectively, weight. 4.7 kg.

Poulan 2250.

Chainsaw Poulan 2250 has many useful functions in everyday life. Great for working in the garden. But in order to perform more complex works, it is better to purchase a professional model.

It has such features:

  1. To protect the piston group from corrosion, a chrome-plated coating is used.
  2. The chain brake starting both under the influence of inertial force, and manually.
  3. Automatic oil supply for cutting headset lubrication (the manual adjustment is not provided).
  4. The primer is a pump that boosts fuel for a motor launch on a cold one.

Besides, this model has a capacity of 1.3 kW, a tire length of 40 cm, crankcase and fuel tank volumes are 210 ml and 360 ml, respectively, and the instrument weight is 4.7 kg.

Poulan 1950.

This tool has an average price. The 1950 pole line is popular among people who are just starting to work with gasoline-powered saws, as well as among professionals who have been working in wood for a long time.
This model also has a carburetor engine with a nominal volume of 36 cm 3. Power is 1.3 kW.

Features of the saw Poulan 1950:

  1. It is characterized by good structural balancing.
  2. High quality saw headset. The length of the tire is 40 cm, the chain pitch is 3/8 inches.
  3. Adjustable oil supply for chain lubrication. The amount of lubricant supplied corresponds to the load of the gasoline engine.
  4. Easy to clean nylon filter.
  5. The presence of a primer that facilitates the launch of a cold motor.

At the end of the review of the three models of chainsaws from the Poulan series, you need to say a few words about how the repair and maintenance of these saws can be carried out. When scoring a Poulan 2150 chainsaw user manual or a Poulan 2250 chainsaw user manual, etc., you may encounter some difficulties. They are associated primarily with the fact that if the chainsaw is original, i.e. US production, then the instruction in Russian is not found. If you have any problems with working with these saws, you can use the articles of our compatriots, based on personal experience using Pawlan chainsaws. Many useful articles about repairing chainsaws can be found on our website in the Service and Repair section. Most chainsaws of all manufacturers are not structurally very different (Poulan is not an exception), so the algorithm for troubleshooting the carburetor will be the same, both on the Poulan saw and on the Partner. On the features of the carburetor Poulan talk below.

Carburetor adjustment.

The work of the power units is based on the fuel-oil mixture produced by the carburetor in a volume ratio of 16/1.
Note! Too poor or rich mixture adversely affects the drive, economical and work resources.
During production, the carburettor is adjusted as standard in average parameters; the set of external factors is not taken into account. The sequence of actions when setting up fuel systems for chainsaws of different representatives of the Poulan differs slightly.
Ensuring good injectivity and stability of the idling speed is accomplished by adjusting the composition of the gasoline-oil mixture to a predetermined ratio due to the rotation of the quality screw and the quantity screw.