How to choose a single axle tractor for the house

Which one to choose for a single-axle tractor. How to choose a single axle tractor?

In fact, the topic is quite relevant and requires thorough analysis. I decided to share my knowledge with you and explain what principle is worth choosing a single axle tractor. Because this thing, for all the saturation of the market is quite individual.

What’s the difference between a singleaxle tractor and a cultivator?

Cultivator. is a power unit designed for tillage with cutters. Cultivating the soil, one of the most difficult and important jobs on a cultivated plot. Previously, we used to take a shovel in our hands and dig up the ground, then formed beds and planted different crops on them. Then in the USSR appeared power tillers but they turned out to be too heavy and cumbersome, moreover, their price was rather steep. So it was decided to make the design cheaper, cut out all the extra: the wheels, the power takeoff system, replace the frame and build a machine which would be more compact, maneuverable, lighter and would fulfill the main task. soil cultivation. The main elements of the cultivator: frame (not always), gearbox, motor, clutch. Besides, as a rule, cultivators were equipped with a worm gearing and it was not even possible to use a plough, otherwise the gearing would have been simply ruined. But time has moved on, and today we are in the 21st century. Plants that worked in the USSR remained committed to the same ideas and concept, the cultivator must be compact, lightweight and inexpensive. In essence, it should meet the requirements of the consumer with a cottage plot of up to 6 acres, where no more than 4-5 acres of land is cultivated.

Types of power tillers

Light single axle tractor. Often it is a gasoline single-axle tractor. Diesel also occurs, but rarely. Economical. Low price. Equipped with engine power from 6 to 9 liters.с. Motor cooling is air cooled. Designed for cultivating the soil to a medium depth. Static attachments can be attached: plow, ridger, potato weeder, etc.д. You just need to know that it is unlikely to cope with unploughed soil. will jump, cutters will not be able to penetrate deep. Works best on plots of 15-20 acres with a pre-tilled soil.

Medium. These units are much more serious. Their advantage is that they can be mounted on a large list of equipment, including active (dynamic) attachments: rotary mower, brush, snow auger, water pump. Higher power, heavier weight. These are mostly air-cooled diesel motor blocks, but a powerful gasoline engine is also common. Best to buy them for use on areas of 20 acres to half an acre.

Heavy single axle tractor. Here are the most expensive and functional models. Dimensional. Heavier weight. Handle dynamic attachments. All of them are equipped with extremely powerful, water-cooled diesel engines, which makes it possible to work on any type of soil for a long time. Cutter, as a rule, is powerful, steel, with active feed. Turns independently and very quickly, plowing deep into tough work. The power of a heavy power tiller makes it possible to transform it into a tractor.

choose, single, axle, tractor

Virtually all types of attachments, including active attachments such as:

  • Water pump
  • Chipper
  • Mowers
  • Shredders
  • Sweeping brushes
  • Sprayers
  • Seeders
  • Snow blowers
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Foton Lovol Tractor Parts Rear axle housing

Selection options

Among the main features when selecting an appliance, the following should be the main focus:

  • Functionality. determined by the number of attachments that can be used in conjunction with the tiller. It is preferable to choose universal models.
  • Torque transmission. Products may have a gearbox or belts on the shaft. The first option is better because of its versatility.
  • Class. for a plot of land up to 15 acres a lightweight machine is enough, it is close to a cultivator by the set of functions. Medium models are more versatile and optimal for a vegetable garden up to 100 hectares. Heavy types are the most productive and are comparable to minitractors.
  • Tank volume. the size of 3-8 liters will be sufficient. A larger reservoir is needed only for heavy machinery.
  • The power. for the area of 10-20 acres is better to take a model with a motor of 3-4 liters. с. A vegetable garden of up to 1 hectare will require a device with a 5-6 liter motor. с. Plots with a larger area or dense soil is convenient to handle with the units of 7-9 liters. с.
  • Clutch. can be belt or disc. The first option is cheaper, but suitable only for light soils. Harder soil is better to cultivate with a disc device.
  • Gearbox. chain and pinion. The latter type is more durable and long-lasting.
  • Plunge depth. For a thin fertile layer 25 cm is enough, black earth soil will require a deepening of 30-35 cm.
  • Working width. For home use, it is preferable to choose models of 60-70 cm in size.
  • Number of speeds. Standard version with 2 front and 1 back is enough for most of the works.
  • Weight. the devices weighing 60-80 kg are applicable for transportation and processing of over-cultivated soil. For the purpose it is better to take the devices for 90-110 kg.
  • The electric starter is a function that makes the work easier. Especially true for diesel versions.


Before buying a power tiller, it is better to choose a rating to understand which manufacturer makes the best products. It helps to assess the situation on the sales market of agricultural equipment and facilitate the consumer’s choice when choosing the best motoblock in Russia.

Below it is proposed to consider the rating of the 10 best models of motor blocks in Russia, depending on the weight categories.

How is the rating compiled and what models are worthy of entering the top? When compiling such a list is taken into account:

  • Consumers’ opinion. First and foremost consider the good reviews of owners of power tillers. Indeed, only users can evaluate the functionality of the device, because they use them in practice and, perhaps, for more than one year. Of course, many owners of power tillers have chosen common manufacturers, than could bypass enough quality models.
  • Getting acquainted with the technical characteristics. Having considered in detail the characteristics of available models on the machinery market, it is possible to assess unpopular models, which are not inferior in quality to leading manufacturing firms. Monitoring of such products is very important, because this way no model is left out.
  • Quality-to-price ratio. yes, this is also important when compiling the rating, as this analysis helped to sift out expensive options.
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2010 Mack CXU612 Single Axle Tractor Truck

MTZ-09N (Belarus)

Minsk Tractor Works was founded in 1946. It produces tractors, motorized machinery and attachments. Machines of the “Belarus” brand have become a cult and are the benchmark for farmers. Motor trucks are not the main production line for MTZ; the first model was put into production only in 1985, and the Belarus MTZ-09H has been producing since 1992.

The Moto-Block is equipped with the Japanese Honda GX 270 four-stroke petrol engine with the power of 9 liters.с. This engine is often used in the manufacture of gardening and construction equipment. There is a protective arch underneath and in front of the engine. The motor is started manually, but optionally you can install an electric starter. Fuel tank capacity. 5.3 liters.

Model MTZ-09H. it is a 2×2 wheeled machine. Before the mass spread of power tillers it was called “single axle tractor”. The machine is designed for use with an active rotary cultivator, so its center of gravity is shifted forward. Gearbox with four forward and two reverse speeds. A limited-slip differential with steering capability allows the wheels to move at different angular speeds for improved driving on rough terrain and in curves. Machine weight 176 kg.

PTO shaft mounted on the front axle transmits engine torque to the implement. Speed of rotation. 1200 rpm. The attached equipment is connected to the trailed device at the rear and to the PTO at the front. MTZ. is a good single axle tractor, because it aggregates agricultural and municipal equipment: plow, cultivator, snow blower, trailer, etc. д. The aggregate can be easily used for tillage in virgin soil, and its multi-functionality is not inferior to minitractors.

Types of power tillers

In general, a single-axle tractor is a self-propelled machine designed to perform a wide Spectra of agricultural work.

choose, single, axle, tractor

The following types of power tillers are on the market:

Structurally, in addition to the engine, a single-axle tractor includes:

During work, a single-axle tractor can be equipped with additional agricultural equipment, which turns it into a versatile machine with which to perform such operations as, for example:

In addition, by attaching a trailer with an operator’s seat to the power tiller you can turn it into a minitractor, which also expands its functionality.


Distinctive features of the technique. diesel engine, availability of electric starter, gear reducer, disk clutch.

The model design requires the addition of attachments.

Three gears operate smoothly, providing a smooth running motoblock.

  • PTO shaft, reverse, pneumatic wheels;
  • Working width. 125 cm;
  • availability of 10 power tillers with diameter of 34 cm
  • engine power. 9 liters. с.;
  • weight. 164 kg.
  • Spending a minimum amount of time for processing the land;
  • powerful engine designed for a long service life, does not require frequent maintenance;
  • Cutters are delivered in the set, but it is possible to increase their quantity;
  • possibility to use any attachments, based on the expected types of work;
  • fair price.
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Huter MK-7500

Petrol unit with belt connection and power take-off shaft. Easily and efficiently cultivates any type of soil without any effort on the part of the user.

Handle is comfortably designed to suit the operator’s height and has all the necessary controls on the handle, such as throttle and clutch levers.

Frame made of steel, so it does not deteriorate after first use.

  • Plowing width. 85 cm;
  • Availability of 6 tillers, mechanical gearbox (2 forward and 1 reverse), reverser, pneumatic wheels
  • Engine type. four-stroke with 1 cylinder, capacity. 208 cc. cm, power. 7 l. с.;
  • fuel tank capacity. 6 l.
  • Robust bracket for mounting any kind of attachments;
  • The ability to increase the number of cutters up to 8;
  • Protective discs prevent the wheels from damage;
  • Wings protect the user and the landing from accidental ingress of land clods;
  • understandable assembly, easy operation;
  • reasonable price.

Huter MK-9500

gasoline powered universal model. It is distinguished by the speed of movement. It became a great helper for farmers planting crops.

Cope with the task at hand in a short time, ploughing the ground with high quality.

  • plowing width is 115 cm;
  • The availability of 6 cutters with a diameter of 32 cm;
  • engine type. four-stroke with 1 cylinder, 250 cc displacement. cm, capacity. 9, 50 l. с.;
  • manual gearbox with 3 speed modes;
  • fuel tank capacity. 6 l
  • dimensions. 97x57x85 cm.
  • high level of reliability and durability of each structural element;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • smooth switching of the desired speed;
  • easy operation;
  • quiet operation;
  • durability;
  • Endurance with additional mechanisms.

Champion DC1193E

Distinctive features. diesel engine, disc clutch, worm drive, electric starter. Equipped with Champion D420-1HK high-performance engine.

choose, single, axle, tractor

It is designed for long life, does not require regular maintenance or replacement.

attracted by functionality and universal purpose. the model not only helps to plow quickly, but also acts as a tractor.

  • cultivation width. 110 cm, depth. 30 cm;
  • Availability of 8 tillers, PTO, reversing, pneumatic wheels
  • engine type. four-stroke with 1 cylinder, cubic capacity. 418 cc. cm, capacity. 9, 50 l. с.;
  • the noise level is 92 dB;
  • tank volume. 5, 5 liters;
  • dimensions. 180x80x110 cm
  • weight. 177 kg.
  • economical fuel consumption. 280 g per one hour of work
  • the design weight is almost not felt, because the manufacturer has cleverly designed the handle;
  • the price corresponds to the quality and performance;
  • the ability to change the number of cutters for even faster plowing, other tasks.


High-performance gasoline single-axle tractor with increased number of working rotary tools and service life. Main feature. 4 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Thanks to its unique features, the model has won popularity among owners of large farms.