How to choose the right gasoline lawn mower

How to choose a lawn mower for home and garden. Leroy Merlin

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  • Greenworks 40V GD40LM45

    Semi-professional model that works continuously for an hour from a 40 V battery and mows a strip of 45 cm. Designed for areas up to 500 sq. m. The DigiPro electric motor is of a brushless type, therefore it is distinguished by its efficiency, reliability, and quiet operation. The machine has a grass catcher for 50 liters, the function of unloading to the side, mulching. The height of the grass is adjustable with a seven-step lever, it can be in the range of 1.9-7.6 cm.

    The lawn mower is easy to store and transport because the frame can be folded. The engine is protected against mechanical damage. The package also includes a security key.

    Advantages: reliability, versatility.

    Disadvantages: high, although it is justified by the quality of the unit, good assembly.

    Electric mower from a drill

    The frame is made in a curved shape. An example would be a homemade drill device, where a wide knife is attached instead of a drill. The drill is fixed on the frame handle.

    The advantages of such a device include:

  • no connection of the power cord, since the drill mechanism is used;
  • the ability to cut grass near curbs and under trees.
  • It is not difficult to come up with fastening to the frame of a drill, but in terms of the duration of operation and reliability, a home-made lawn mower based on it will be inferior at times to asynchronous motors, which are more often used for these purposes. Therefore, to care for large areas, they prefer the latter.

    choose, right, gasoline, lawn, mower

    A drill is more suitable if you need to assemble a homemade trimmer.

    Electric lawn mowers.

    Electric lawn mowers are still the same four-wheeled cart, but with an electric motor that runs from the mains (cord up to 20 meters). In addition, as a rule, they are equipped with a grass catcher for 25-80 liters, which can be made of linen, plastic and metal.

    An electric lawn mower will be the optimal solution for caring for a well-groomed, even lawn with an area of ​​up to 3 acres.

    Electric lawn mower repair tips: the appliance does not work at all

    If the device does not function at all, there can be many reasons for this. You can familiarize yourself with the most common problems and ways to solve them by looking at the table below.

    Elimination of breakdowns in the lawn mower:

    Breaking Remedy
    Stuck knives Using a wooden stick, twist the cutting element in the opposite direction to free it from the grass
    Broken drive belt Replace the element according to the manufacturer’s instructions
    Broken electrical cable Replace the element according to the manufacturer’s instructions
    Breaker breakage Using a multimeter, identify the problem area and replace the cord
    No voltage at the outlet Check the protection on the shield, if the problem is not in it, replace the power point
    Burnt out special. fork Identify the problem with a tester and replace

    Some modifications have thermal protection. When triggered, it shuts down the drive. This problem occurs in the event of overheating or blocking of the knife. The knives can be cleaned with soft brushes. Thermal protection blocks the device until the drive has cooled down to the permissible temperature. Turning on occurs automatically.

    Before cleaning the mower and making repairs, the unit must be unplugged for safety reasons.

    AL-KO Comfort 46.4 E

    The electric unit is designed for the treatment of areas up to 900 square meters, the mowing strip has a width of 46 cm. The machine body is made of steel with a powder coating that protects the surface from corrosion and scratches. 1.6 kW motor is reliably protected from debris, moisture, grass.

    Plastic grass catcher, rigid, rather large (65 liters), with full indicator. There are mulching functions, 7 positions of mowing height adjustment (within 2.5-7 cm). what is inexpensive for this category.

    THE REVIEW. Honda HRX217VKA 21″ 186cc Select Drive™ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

    Advantages: versatility, wide mowing, high-quality assembly.

    Disadvantages: heavy weight (30 kg), difficulty maneuvering in tight spaces.

    What to look for?

    The main characteristics that you need to pay attention to when buying are the mowing width and the power of the unit. The wider the mowing width, the faster you will be able to get through the work you need. This characteristic is often directly proportional to power. These characteristics also determine the price of electric lawn mowers, which ranges from 100 to 450.

    Basic properties and criteria

    When choosing a gasoline lawn mower, you need to focus on its main parameters, that is:

    • engine power;
    • cutting width;
    • mass;
    • methods of processing and disposal of grass;
    • methods and range of cutting height adjustment;
    • type of wheel drive;
    • wheel size;
    • chassis type.

    Chassis type

    Most gasoline powered lawnmowers are equipped with a four-wheel chassis, which is considered standard for such devices. The advantage of the standard chassis is low price and good stability on slopes, but it has low maneuverability, so it is not suitable for mowing grass around various obstacles.

    The four-wheel chassis with front piano wheels is noticeably more expensive than the standard one, and also has much more maneuverability, because you do not have to tilt the device too much to turn or make a sharp turn, lifting the front wheels off the ground.

    The disadvantage of such a chassis is less stability on slopes, as well as the impossibility of installing front-wheel drive on them.

    Three-wheel chassis with a rigidly fixed front wheel in terms of maneuverability is slightly inferior to a four-wheel chassis with front piano wheels, although they surpass the standard chassis.

    However, their main advantage is the ability to more accurately follow the pattern of the soil surface.

    This makes them ideal for working on hill tops or valley bottoms, as well as for mowing tall grass, as this design crushes less vegetation.

    The main disadvantage of this chassis is the high price. Three-wheeled chassis with a front piano wheel have all the advantages and disadvantages of their counterparts, but they are much more expensive and more maneuverable.


    This parameter must be taken into account if:

    • the mower will be used by women, the elderly or adolescents;
    • from the storage place to the lawn, the device will have to be delivered using a car;
    • it is not possible to repair and service the lawn mower on your own and to perform these actions it must be taken by car to a workshop or service center.

    Before choosing a mower, you need to evaluate your capabilities for loading and unloading the device into a car. If physical strength allows or there is a possibility of loading and unloading with the involvement of physically strong assistants, then the mass of the apparatus does not play a special role.

    If the one who will control it does not have great physical strength and does not have the ability to attract someone to help, then it is advisable to take the lightest model possible, sacrificing some other qualities or capabilities of a gasoline lawn mower.

    Plot size

    The larger the size of the plot, the longer it will take to mow it, therefore it is very important to correctly select the mowing width (often this parameter is called the working width) and engine power.

    After all, the wider the mowing width, the faster the mower will cope with its task, and the higher the engine power, the easier it will be to mow the grass. This is especially important when you are likely to use the lawnmower to deal with tall, tough grass, such as weeds or weeds.

    Some manufacturers indicate in the description of the device the maximum or recommended size of the area with which the mower can cope without reducing the engine resource, but this value is rather arbitrary, because much depends on the density of vegetation and other factors.

    Nevertheless, it is necessary to take this parameter into account, because if you exceed it by 2 times or more, then the device will constantly work for wear and tear, which means it will not last long without repair.

    Engine power

    This parameter is most important for those who often have to mow relatively tall (20-50 cm) grass, because the higher the engine power, the easier it is for the mower to cope with such vegetation.

    In addition, high power is very important for those who have to serve large green areas.

    The higher this parameter, the less the load on the engine parts, which means that the more powerful apparatus will work longer before repair.

    However, an increase in power is always associated with an increase in the cost and weight of the lawn mower, so you have to find a balance between the two. This is especially important in cases where the main users of the mower will be women or elderly people who do not have great physical strength, which means it will be difficult for them to handle heavy machines.

    In such cases, it is better to prefer a less powerful, but lighter model so that its use is beneficial to the operator and does not lead to overloads that negatively affect health.

    Petrol lawn mowers with a capacity of 1-3 liters. from. well suited for home use, because they are not too heavy, especially if the case is made of plastic, but they have good performance.

    Therefore, they can be used to maintain lawns or lawns with an area of ​​up to fifteen acres (1500 m 2). In addition, devices of this power are most preferable for women and elderly people due to their relatively low weight and sufficient performance.

    Lawn mowers with a capacity of 3-5 liters. from. suitable for semi-professional use, because they can be used to maintain lawns and lawns up to a hectare (100 acres or 10,000 m 2).

    They are noticeably heavier than devices of lower power, therefore they are poorly suited for women or the elderly, but they have a noticeably higher performance.

    Increased engine power allows manufacturers to install wider jaws.

    In addition, these mowers can be used to control relatively tall (20-30 cm) grass, although they are not powerful enough to control weeds and thickets of weeds.

    Lawn mowers with power exceeding 5 HP. with., can be attributed to universal devices, because they are suitable not only for the maintenance of lawns and lawns, but also for the fight against tall grass and weeds.

    Their disadvantage is a rather large mass, as well as a high price, so they should be chosen only if the area of ​​the green area is several hectares.

    Useful video

    We suggest watching a video with the recommendations of a lawn mower specialist:

    Cutting width

    This parameter is most important for those who often have to maintain large green areas or lawns, because the wider the working width, the more area the operator can process in a certain time.

    However, it must be borne in mind that for cutting young grass it is permissible to use devices with a small ratio of power and cutting width, for example, 3 liters. from. and a working width of 53 cm, but for mowing tall grass, the power must be noticeably more.

    Therefore, for regular mowing of young grass on lawns or lawns, it is necessary to choose machines with the maximum working width and minimum power. If you have to mow not only young, but also tall vegetation, then you must either choose a lawn mower with a smaller working width, or give preference to more powerful devices.

    Those who often have to mow not only tall grass, but also weeds, need an apparatus with a minimum working width and maximum power.

    How to choose a gasoline lawn mower: tips

    Experts say that before buying any garden equipment, it is imperative to determine the area that you are going to process with it. This is necessary in order to understand which particular engine is right for you and with what characteristics. Now gasoline lawn mowers are becoming very popular. This article will tell you how to choose them and not be mistaken.

    If you are wondering how to choose a gasoline lawn mower, then look for a model that would be equipped with a drive. This technique, of course, will cost more, but it is more convenient to work with it and the cut will turn out smoother. Such equipment also allows you to process the largest areas of the area.

    Attention should be paid to the body of the device as well. It can be made of aluminum, steel or impact resistant plastic. The second option is extremely unfortunate. After all, lawn mowers are already heavy, and if the body of the unit is also steel, you will have to make every effort to push it in front of you. Plastic is usually used to produce cheap models of equipment. It turns out that the best option is a lawn mower with a body made of aluminum.

    The cutting width and height also affect the work result. It is important. The wider the bevel width is, the higher the productivity will be. If you are thinking about how to choose a gasoline lawn mower, always calculate how many walkers the operator will need, maybe a smaller width is required. But the height of the bevel usually varies from two to ten centimeters. The adjustment can be done in several ways. by means of the shift of the lever on the wheels, the axle of the wheels and the central adjustment. The latter option is ideal for flat areas.

    If you do not know how to choose a gasoline lawn mower, you need to buy one that has sharp wide blades, stable wheels, and large blades. In addition, the unit can be equipped with pins for soil aeration, mulching function. Manufacturers also offer manual gasoline lawn mowers. How to choose them, the information above will tell you. The final decision will be helped by the proposed technical characteristics of the devices and their prices.

    Power is a factor that will make it possible to determine and understand how to choose a gasoline lawn mower for a summer cottage, a personal plot or other, more spacious area.

    The thing is that automated units are equipped with a gasoline engine. The engine clock frequency will be the fundamental factor that will determine the selection of a gasoline lawn mower in terms of power parameters. It is important to understand that a more powerful unit will allow you to work more productively, however, most likely, it will have greater weight or dimensions. Choosing a less powerful mower, you should know that it works much louder, and this is not an unimportant factor, because the user will have to regularly wear specialized headphones.

    Quality and configuration of cutting elements.

    The best solution at this moment is to buy a unit equipped exclusively with steel blades. The fact is that when stones or large fragments hit, the cutting element can be deformed, and over time it will necessarily become dull. Only exceptional steel blades can be sharpened and restored to their original form, in addition, they will be more durable, which means. you rarely have to think about replacing them.

    How to start choosing the right petrol lawn mower?

    In order for the choice of a gasoline lawn mower to bring the desired results, it is worthwhile to immediately talk about the functionality and advantages of such a unit:

    The level of fuel consumption is an extremely important factor that characterizes how a gasoline lawn mower works, which power to choose, because its maintenance will be radically different.

    Units with high fuel consumption are powerful devices with significant functional advantages. However, the question here is more likely not a financial issue (although, of course, it is very important. the more fuel, the more expensive the operating cost), but rather. in ease of use. The fact is that lawn mowers are used not only by men, but also by women, and not all people, regardless of gender, have an idea of ​​how to handle mechanisms and units. For some future owners, keeping track of the condition of parts, their level of lubrication and the amount of fuel can be much more difficult than the process of mowing the grass itself. Here you need to be very careful and carefully learn about the functionality of the device.

    The statement that the best lawn mower is gasoline is quite justified.

    The thing is that such a unit is completely devoid of communication with the power supply network, and thanks to this, it has higher safety parameters. When working with electric tools, the user will have to constantly take care of the correct and efficient placement of the cable, making sure that it does not fall into the cutting part of the unit. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for owners to suffer from a powerful electric shock, not observing the rules of elementary safety. However, the worst thing is that no one is immune from such a case. Given the known performance characteristics of the mowers, are you still undecided? Keep in mind: a gas powered lawn mower. it’s better!

    How to choose a gasoline lawn mower?

    We have prepared this article with a detailed description of the advantages, disadvantages, features and capabilities of gasoline braid options in order to make the use of such equipment a pleasure, as well as in order to answer a frequent question from potential buyers. how to choose a gasoline lawn mower.

    Thanks to the intensification of technological progress and the high potential of engineers and designers, every average user can afford to purchase interesting and incredibly useful household appliances, gadgets and automated tools that can take on some of the household chores, and sometimes even save the owner from doing homework. work. This state of affairs greatly simplifies life, making it modern and diverse, because each person gets a lot of free time to perform other duties.

    Those people who live in private houses, own summer cottages or are engaged in a garden, know firsthand how difficult it is to cope with everyday problems. the arrangement of the territory and the regular mowing of grass and thickets. Many years ago, the owners could not afford to clean the area, using equipment, and created a smooth, beautiful landscape around the house, exclusively with the help of hand tools, which had an extremely low productivity.

    In order to know how to choose the right gasoline lawn mower, you should pay attention to the configuration of its performance.

    Unfortunately, due to the high cost of such units, more often people turn to those mowers that need to be carried manually. In addition, self-propelled machines will not be able to cope with grass on a raised area or where there is a high probability of falling stones or fragments of dense materials. With such complex tasks, the portable version will cope faster and better.

    What is the best gasoline mower?

    Every year, the market for such equipment is ready to bring to the arena more and more modern and functional tools, with a lot of new features, creative design and incredible performance characteristics. However, one thing is invariable. the best gasoline lawn mower of 2016 and previous years, the one that suits you and is able to cope with your goals.

    Age and physical condition

    It is important to remember and take into account the age and physical condition of the person who will operate the device. For this reason, a self-propelled petrol lawn mower can be suitable even for very small areas. This is an ideal choice, especially if it is physically difficult for a person to push the device. What’s more, a self-propelled mower can be the right choice if walking behind the mower is a challenge for the operator.

    Therefore, a petrol-powered wheel-drive lawnmower is ideal for people who do not want or cannot exert physical effort when mowing the lawn. At the same time, one must be careful when using this type of device and carefully observe safety precautions.

    Types of lawn mowers

    Depending on the type of drive, the following models are available:

    choose, right, gasoline, lawn, mower
    • Hand Power Lawn Mowers. Powered by the strength of our muscles, they are suitable for very small lawns. The devices do not require access to electricity, so they can be chosen for processing a small area outside the city. Use caution during operation in the case of rough terrain, which can complicate control.
    • Electric lawn mowers require access to electricity and can therefore only be used in areas that have access to the electricity network. With their help, you can mow the grass on a medium-sized lawn; in the case of a very large garden, the length of the cable may be an obstacle to work. Even with an extension, the treatment area may not be completely covered. In addition, in the case of gardens with a lot of trees and shrubs, the cable can become entangled between the plants, making it difficult to work. In these gardens it is definitely better to choose a petrol-powered model.
    • A petrol lawn mower runs on petrol and is a great choice for large areas.

    Optional equipment

    While some additional items can add to the cost of the mower, they are also worth considering.

    • Mulching. This option presupposes, first of all, very fine chopping of the grass. This produces finely chopped grass pieces that can serve as a natural lawn fertilizer. Read the instructions carefully to properly operate the mower in mulching mode for best results. Mulching helps us cultivate the lawn, weeds grow more slowly, and also reduces the evaporation of water from the soil.
    • Tank (bag) for grass. If you plan to collect and dispose of mowed residues, a grass container can help you with this. Such a device can be attached to the side or from the back, as a rule, the container is included with the device.

    Rotary Lawn Mower

    This model is currently the most popular and widespread. The mowing mechanism works like a scythe with rapidly rotating blades. These devices are usually quite heavy, but have a lot of power. It is the best choice for large lawns as well as long, overgrown lawns. Currently, you can choose from a variety of rotary models, as their range is the widest. The rotating mower blades are easy to remove so they can be easily replaced or re-sharpened.

    How to choose a gasoline lawn mower. with or without wheel drive?

    Before we move on to the various models, which are also divided into subspecies, it is worth noting the distribution of lawn mowers into two types by drive type:

    • without wheel drive, while the device for moving around the site must be pushed manually;
    • with a wheel drive, which moves the cart around the site, a person only drives it.

    What are the differences between them? The mower drive is very important for many reasons. There are two categories of advantages and disadvantages, and it is certainly worth noting the conditions in which both types will perform best. Let’s start with non-wheel drive petrol lawn mowers, which are cheaper and less complicated to build.

    Benefits of a gasoline lawn mower

    This device has a number of important advantages compared to manual and electric models:

    • allows you to mow a large area;
    • avoids the inconvenience of cable tangling;
    • easy access to all corners, even very remote from buildings;
    • does not require access to electricity, it will show itself well on any site away from power networks;
    • characterized by high power, will be able to cope with very lush grass and weeds;
    • an area with an uneven surface will not become an obstacle for her;
    • thanks to the large working width, the machine works very efficiently and quickly.

    Which lawn mower to choose. rotary or cylinder?

    There are many different types of lawn mowers on the market, but almost all of them can be divided into two categories: rotary and cylinder. How to choose a gasoline trimmer lawn mower?

    Non-wheel drive petrol lawn mower

    With such a device, it is not too much of a hassle, because there is nothing else to break in it besides the engine and the blades. This model is characterized by very simple mechanics. The operation of the device is very simple, all you have to do is start the mower and push it forward, enjoying the view of evenly cut grass. Most of us are mainly focused on costs, but such a design, in addition to savings, also provides many other advantages.

    Advantages of a petrol mower without wheel drive:

    • The first reason people choose to buy non-drive gasoline mowers is the lower price.
    • Low weight. These mowers are lighter, making them the most convenient for small areas and for women.
    • Small dimensions make it easier to operate the mower, which is very important when cutting corners and “secluded” places. Ideal for small gardens.