How to collect and disassemble a corner grinder. Repair of the angular grinding gearbox Intersterskol angular grinding grinder 125

Angle grinding machines (corner grinder, corner grinder) under the German brand Bosch are of high quality, reliability and durability. The main competitive advantage of Bosch angle grinders is the widespread use of innovative technologies in the manufacture of the product.

But German quality cannot resist Russian negligence. Improper use of the tool, untimely replacement of lubrication, coal brushes, bearings leads to the failure of the tool.

In order to repair the Bosch angular grinding machine, you can go in two ways: give the corner grinder to the service center or perform repair of the corner grinder of Bosch with your own hands.

The first option is more costly and not always of high quality. The second option can only be carried out if the consumer has a great desire to figure it out on its own.

Bosch corner grinder circuit will help to carry out repairs on your own.

Bosch corner grinders are conditionally divided into low-power up to 1000 watts, and powerful over 1000 watts are labeled GWS 7-125, GWS 20-230 or others.

The first digits 20 or more indicates the power of the tool of more than 1000 watts. The second number 230 certifies that this is the maximum diameter of the detachment circle.

The first digit of up to 20 indicates the power of the tool up to 1000 watts, and the second about the maximum diameter of the cutting circle up to 125 mm.

Features of the design of the corner grinding machine Bosch

The peculiarity of the design of the corner grinder of Bosch is presented as a gearbox in the gearbox as a ledwater of the gear of a needle bearing.In the Bosch pedorators, the driven gear on the spindle shaft is attached by pressing.

In the Bosch Bosch grinder, in which straight.toothed gears are placed in the gearboxes, the installation of adjusting gaskets is provided. This design allows you to restore the operation of the contact of the gears, reducing the thickness of the gasket. The braids of the tools wear significantly less straightforward.

The work environment of the Bulgarians is most often dusty space. Dust is the main danger leading to the failure of the power tool, falling in love with the corner grinder.

The device and purpose of the corner grinder

Corner grinder is designed for grinding and cutting various materials.

The corner grinder consists of the following elements:

  • The flat housing of the aluminum alloy gearbox is better removed heat.
  • Coal brushes.
  • Handbone fastening.
  • Electronic system of smooth start. Prevents a jerk when turned on and reduces the starting loads on the engine.
  • Quick protective casing.
  • Ball bearings.
  • Electric motor.
  • Corner grinding switch switch.

A large selection of bearing products is offered by the company “Thermopolis”. https: //

The main malfunctions, their causes and diagnosis

How to disassemble and assemble a corner grinder

To search for malfunctions, the angular grinder needs to be disassembled.

    Remove the nut that holds the working disk.

Unscrew the bolts of fastening the protective casing.

Unscrew the bolts of the corner grinder body and those with which the case is attached to the gearbox.

Remove the top of the rear case. Unscrew the cord bolts. Remove the wires and button from your grooves. In some models, for example, in DWT, the rear case does not understand parts, but is removed entirely.

Unscrew the gearbox bolts located around the fastening of the casing.

To disconnect the anchor from the aluminum case, unscrew the nut located in the gearbox body.

Collect the tool in the reverse order.

The clamping nut does not spin

During operation, the disk can be tightened so much with a nut that it begins to crumble. It is impossible to unscrew the nut with a key. And this is not necessary to do this, since you can break the corner grinder. First break the disk to the nut itself. Then find the metal plate a little thinner than the working disk. With its help, get the rest of the disk under the nut. She easily unscrews with a key or hands. In order not to bring the tool to this problem, put the puck under the nut.

The casing is not removed

In some Bulgarians, for example, Bosh, the casing is not screwed with bolts, but is fixed. To remove it, you need to turn the neckline of the casing perpendicular to the corner grinder. To put on, turn to click.

Stator check

  • Interpretation close. Put the resistance mode 200 Ohms. Combine the probes of the device with the ends of one winding. The unit means a cliff, and zero is a short circuit between the turns. If it shows the presence of a resistance of more than 1.5 Ohms, then check the second winding. Both windings should have approximately the same resistance.
  • Break to mass or closing the winding with the metal body of the stator. In the multimeter, put the maximum resistance mode. Connect one probe with the end of the winding, the other probe with the metal body of the stator. The unit speaks of the lack of breakdown.

Checking the anchor

First visually inspect the collector and winding. There may be visible damage: black traces, bent rounds of windings, raised, worn or burnt collector plates. After inspection, proceed to check the tester.

    Place the resistance of 200 Ohms. Combine the probes of the device with two neighboring collector plates. If the resistance is the same between all neighboring plates, then the winding is serviceable. If the resistance is less than 1 Ohm and very close to zero, there is a short circuit between the turns. If the resistance is higher than average in two or more times, then there is a break in the windings of the winding.

Definition of breakdown for mass is made in the absence of a break in the winding. Put the maximum resistance on the device scale. Depending on the tester, it can be from 2 MOM to 200 MOM. Connect one probe with the shaft, and the other with each plate in turn. In the absence of malfunctions, the resistance should be zero. Do the same with the rotor. Connect one probe with the iron rotor housing, and move the other on the plates.

Checking the power button

Insert one probe into the button output, and the other in the opposite input.

Press the button. The sound signal indicates the serviceability of this part of the button.

Do the same actions with another input and button output.

Makita Angle Grinder Repair – How to replace the Gear

Checking the power cord

Connect one probe with the contact of the fork, the other with the entrances to the button. There should be a sound signal in one of the two provisions. Similarly, do a plug with another contact.

Checking a smooth start and a speed regulator

If the power button and the power cord work, but the engine does not turn on, check the control board of the smooth start. Unscrew the screw that fasten the control board. Gently remove it. Call all the elements. If there is a speed controller in the corner grinder, then it can be connected sequentially to the power button and have one fee with a smooth start. But can have a separate fee. Checked similarly to the smooth start.

How to correctly disassemble the gearbox of the corner grind

When repairing a gearbox, any corner grinder is the most difficult task is to remove the gears and the extinguishing of the support bearing.

Dismantling the gearbox begins with the removal of the lid of the gearbox pos.1 and disconnecting the stator body and the release of the rotor pos.2. The freed rotor is clamped in a vice and unscrew the nut nut of the poses.3 leading small gear.

A spindle bearing is pressed in the gearbox cover. To get the bearing, in some grinders you should remove the locking ring, fixing the support bearing, and extract the bearing.

Destroyed bearing pos.1 in the housing of the gearbox pos.2 is easiest to get. Putting it with a screwdriver.

In other models, the gear in the spindle fixes the lock ring.

The driven large gear on the spindle is attached in several ways:

The leading small gear or on the shaft is wound on the left thread (in some models of Sparky, the right carving), or fixed with a wrecking connection and is clamped by a nut.

How to remove gear gears

Direct gears are used in grinds up to 1000 watts, and scosom gears are used in angular grinding machines.

The gears are attached in different grinders in different ways. The lead gear is attached to the rotor shaft with a wrecking connection or installed on the thread. The driven gear is attached to the spindle shaft with an interference or using a key joint. Details about how to remove gears and a bearing from the shaft.

The repair of gears consists in replacing them, and only pair.

The prolonged and uninterrupted operation of the gearbox depends on the presence of a sufficient amount of lubrication and its timely replacement.

Repair of the spindle fixation button

The spindle fixation button is designed to quickly remove the working tool.The button breaks when pressing it at the time of rotation of the disk. Repair of corner grinder consists in the complete replacement of the button.

The button should only be pressed in the state of complete stopping the corner grinder.

Electric malfunctions of corner grind

The electrical circuit of the main part of the Bulgarians is almost the same. The rotor passes the rotational moment through the gearbox to the working tool. The rotor rotates in the stator field. The control circuits consist of a button that regulates the turnover and the smooth launch of the tool, coal brushes that provide the transmission of alternating voltage to the collector’s lamellas. Power supply for the tool is supplied through the connecting cable.

The main malfunctions of the corner grinder in the electric part include:

  • a break in the supply cable at the entrance to the instrument;
  • destruction or wear of coal brushes;
  • the failure of the power button;
  • cliff or short circuit of the stator;
  • cliff or short circuit of the rotor;
  • Mattering or production of the collector lamellas.

The malfunctions of the corner grinder through the electric part are best determined by the tester or other device. Suitable for these goals and a home.made device, among the people “Arkashka”.

The circuit of the corner grinder is quite simple and does not require special knowledge. It is only necessary to observe caution and safety measures when performing repair work and know electrical engineering in the volume of secondary school.

Finding a cliff of power wire

One of the common breakdowns of the corner grinder is the inability to turn on the tool or spontaneous stop in the process. The cause of malfunctions of this kind is the break in the power cable of poses.27 at the entrance site. The malfunction is eliminated by replacing the cable or throwing out the failed site. The malfunction is easily located with a tester.

If there is no tester at hand, but there is a screwdriver with a neon indicator bulb, then the malfunction can be found, alternately connecting the power wires to the phase.

Malfunctions of coal brushes

The reliable operation of any power tool is largely dependent on the integrity and proper operation of coal brushes. High.quality fit of coal brushes, their correct location relative to the collector lamella affects the operability of the rotor collector.

Remember! The length of the coal electrode cannot be less than 8 mm.

Timely replacement of coal brushes avoids most of the malfunctions.

The degree of wear of coal brushes is characterized by types of sparking in the site of the collector. Sparking should be uniform throughout the stain of the contact of the coal brush and lamellas and not exceed a length of more than 8 mm. Circular sparking indicates the appearance of a malfunction in the rotor chains.

In the grinder, it is recommended to use coal brushes only tool manufacturers. Homemade coal brushes can be installed, but only for a short period and immediately replace as soon as possible.

Repair of the inclusion button and revolutions regulator

The faults of the inclusion buttons are most often manifested in a difficult and unreliable turning on the tool when starting. Such a malfunction spontaneously appears and disappears.

It is unacceptable to work with a corner grinding with a faulty on. This malfunction leads to the jamming of cutting discs during operation and their destruction with unpredictable consequences.

The malfunction is eliminated by the complete replacement of the button with a new.

In modern models of the Bulgarians, a smooth starting device with a revolutionary regulator is built. It is not subject to repair, but will require a complete replacement. No, advanced Master of Lysha, of course, will be able to fix such a knot.

Stator repair

The stator is indicated by the spontaneous promotion of the shaft of the machine, the corner grinder begins to gain maximum speed. Such a malfunction indicates the appearance of an interval circuit in the stator winding.

Some malfunctions can only be eliminated by experts. The extension of the uninterrupted operation of the stator is possible only by timely cleaning, lubrication and replacing coal brushes and bearings.

Usually the stator fails quite rarely. This leads to frequent overheating of the tool when working. The malfunction is manifested by a strong heating of the corner of the corner grinder and the appearance of the smell of burning insulation.

The stature can have either a cliff or short circuit. Without analyzing the stator, these malfunctions are easy to find using the IK-32 device.

Malfunctions are eliminated by the replacement of the stator. For lovers of crafts, we can recommend to rewind the failed stator with your own hands. There is nothing complicated about it.

The stator is removed easily, but in different models the corner grinder in its own way.

  • Remove the gearbox of the corner grinder;
  • extract the rotor, after removing the mounting bar;
  • remove the plastic protection of the stator;
  • unscrew the screws of the stator mount in the case;
  • Remove the handle lid and disconnect the power wires to the stator;
  • extract the stator by tapping the body with a wooden hammer or bar.

Corner grinder rotor repair

The failure of the rotor in the corner grinder is caused by improper operation of the tool, frequent overheating, with untimely replacement of coal brushes, and the collector of abrasive particles and dust falling on the lamelon.

At first, the length of the spark on the collector increases, then the smell of Gary appears and, at the last stage, smoke. The work of a faulty gearbox is accompanied by a knock and hum.

Destruction of even a pair of teeth leads to improper operation of the tool.

How to change the disk if it was clamped?

What to do if the circle on the “corner grinder” jammed? This can happen, for example, when, as a result of work, pieces of the cut workpiece sharply clamp the rotating disk. Often this leads to its destruction.

Unscrewing the nut outlined as a result of rotation, if the circle is bitten, it is very difficult.

  • One of these methods will be the use of two gas keys at once. The rest of the disk must be chosen by pliers. With one key, you need to clamp the part of the rod located at the disk, and the other to unscrew the flange.
  • Sometimes, in order to obtain the access of the gas key to the rod of the “corner grinder”, you have to disassemble the gearbox.
  • There are reviews on penetrating grease: the nut processed with this composition should be spelled in a few minutes.
  • There are more exotic methods. For example, heating a jammed nut with a gas burner. The heated nut as a result of the expansion will be easier to crank.
  • Sometimes, in order to avoid excessive effects on the details of the “corner grinder”, it is better to completely crush the disk residues, remove the protective casing and knife cut all the remnants of the circle between the clamping devices.
  • A simple device saves a simple device from the problem of the jammed nut. cardboard or tin washers. Often they are sold with “corner grinder”. But over time can be lost or fully unusable. It is not at all difficult to make homemade washers at all. However, it is better not to neglect them.

In extreme cases, the flange can be sawed with a hacksaw on metal, followed by its replacement with a new.


If you had to apply a gas key, you need to remember the very powerful shoulder of such a key and the effort that is served on the parts of the “corner grinder”. If you act inadvertently, you can disrupt the spindle lock or damage the gearbox.

All manipulations with the disk of an angle grinding machine must be done with completely disconnected power supply (the fork should be removed from the outlet). Any unexpected pressing of the start button will cause the electric motor turning on, and the speed of rotation of the rod is very high. In this case, injuries cannot be avoided.

Working with “corner grinding” involves a large amount of waste in the form of metal or wooden chips and dust. Before starting work, it is necessary to put on special protective glasses: they will protect their eyes from the fragments of the very cut.out circle in case of jamming and destruction.

Glasses are necessary not only as an element of security. If the eyes are protected, you can pay more attention directly to the work of the “corner grinding”, ensure the right cut or the choice of the right mode of operation. This will allow the most efficient use of consumables ( circles), minimizes the emergence of emergency situations with biting a disk or its destruction.

A protective mask that completely covers the face is remarkably replaced by the glasses. this is especially relevant for a master with weakened vision, wearing dioptric glasses, which do not put on protective glasses.

The “corner grinder” disk can be installed both “from itself” and “to yourself” depending on the direction of rotation and, accordingly, the stream of chips. This does not have a fundamental difference. However, the “corner grinder” with a circle “on itself” when biting a disk tends to jump out of the cut, and not on the one who uses it. This is especially important when working with powerful tools, but a small corner grinder can pose a serious danger.

A specially mounted extension cord with a plug, better without grounding, will help to quickly stop the work of a machine that has escaped from the hands.

“Corner grinder” is a gross processing tool and strive to obtain an ideal surface as a result of its work, the main thing is to make a rough cut, which later, if necessary, can be processed in other ways.

For work without clamps and jamming, it is better not to cut long metal blanks to the end, leaving 1-2 mm of metal in the cut: they will easily be broken after, it will practically not affect the quality of the workpiece.

Small blanks are best placed in a vice or pressed with a clamp to the workbench or other reliable horizontal surface. The quality of the cut and safety depends on the density of pressing.

About how to properly put a disk on a “angular grinder” can be seen in the next video.

How to disassemble a small corner grinder

First of all, we remove a disk and a protective casing from an angular grinder. Next, we act according to the scheme. in stages and accurately. diagnosis of the electric part

It is important to have the initial skills of working with a multimeter and have this device with you. It is partly able to replace an indicator screwdriver. Blocks that break in a corner grinder:

  • Food wire. It will take a disassembly of the hand of the corner grinder. We check if there is a voltage at the terminal terminal.
  • Start button. often she clogs with dust. Remove the button, set the multimeter for the call and check the contacts by pressing it. When detecting a malfunction. we replace completely.
  • Electric blocks of launch and control. If the corner grinder is equipped with a smooth start or speed adjustment, these elements are also able to fail. The first is checked using an ammeter, measuring a jump in the current with an element and without it. The malfunction of the second is immediately noticeable in the nature of the tool.
  • Starter. For verification, measure the resistance on its windings, having previously disconnected from the power circuit. The value of the element is approximately 1 Ohm, faulty. from 10 to 100 or more. In addition, on the inside of the body may be present. The closure of the turns of the starter is detected on a special stand. In case of breakdown, it is either rewound or changed to a new.
  • Anchor. Check for a cliff of the winding simply using a multimeter. To do this, on the neighboring plates of the collector on the shaft of the rotor in a circle measure the resistance. It should be the same and located within 1 ohma. Interpreter close the anchor is checked at the stand. In any case, when it breaks down, it will be easier to buy a new one than to rewind it yourself.
  • Coal brushes. This is an angular grinder, therefore, in some cases, a technical window is provided for checking it. Exploring them for abrasion is simple: the thickness should be at least 8 millimeters. Otherwise, they are subject to replacement.

It is not difficult to eliminate all the malfunctions. it is enough to act carefully and strictly according to the instructions.

Phased verification of the mechanical part

In this case, the diagnosis is much easier. This does not need special skills or tools. The malfunctions are the following types:

  • Settlement of the stop button. To do this, check its rod and spring. Lubricate the elements and replace failed.
  • Swift wear. For diagnosis, the gearbox is disassembled and the condition of the teeth themselves is checked. If they wiped, change to new.
  • Destruction of the rotor bearing. In this case, the corner grinder will vibrate. It will take a disassembly of the gearbox to reinstall.

Most often, gears and bearing are out of order. Both of these elements during a breakdown require a replacement.

Preventive actions

To avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs, you need to monitor the condition of the corner grinder. The gearbox should have enough lubrication. At the same time, you need to use special materials, not the cheapest. Do not overload the tool with work for which it is not designed, and also include for a long time.

Careful attitude to the instrument will maintain its performance for the years in advance.

It is important to observe the modes. Dust entry also harms the instrument. Subject to all these rules and neat circulation, the angular grinder will last a long time and will not cause problems.

As a rule, to identify most of the malfunctions of the corner grinder is easily on their own. Minor breakdown is eliminated independently, large requires the hands of the master to replace the element and some investments. It is important to determine in advance the cost and expediency of this procedure. This will help make a decision to repair the tool or buy a new corner grinder.

Repair Bosch USHM

Bosch Bulgarians. a reliable tool that does not cause any special problems for the user. However, not every user is correctly related to the tool. Repair Bosch USHM is most often associated with the replacement of bearings.

Structurally, our client remains the Bold Bosch performed the same scheme. Spindle shaft pos. 25 is pressed to the drive spiral gear 26 is not supported in the gearbox body pos. 8221 on a needle bearing pos.

When the bearing is broken, the bearing frame remains in the case, which is difficult to get. We recommend two ways to dismantle the clip of needle bearing. They are described in the section “How to remove a needle bearing”.

Когда шестерни изношены по другому наклеены, пары шестерен заменяются как парами, так не парами. When dismantling gears, remember that the lead gear is attached to the rotor shaft on the thread, and the left is not fixed with a nut. Vedic large screw program pos.26 is pressed to the shaft of the spindle pos. 25.

Checker check and repair

To inspect the collector, it is necessary to extract the rotor, while dismantling the housing and gearbox. If grooves are detected on the collector, it is pulled on a lathe, and minor damage is eliminated by grinding. For grinding the surface of the collector, the rotor shaft is fixed in the drill cartridge, and grinding is made by glass. When grinding and turning work, the beating and displacement of the center of the processed part is not allowed, and before work it is necessary to remove the bearings from the rotor shaft.

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After the work, you need to clean the surface with a soft rag and remove the burrs on the lamellas.

Several general useful tips for organizing corner grinding

Before starting the repair of corner grinders, we will consider several useful tips:

  • Before you start disassembling the corner grinder, carefully read its description, assembly scheme and the procedure for performing work.
  • Be sure to follow the sequence of technological operations.
  • Strictly observe safety precautions.

The most common reason for the breakdown of the corner grinder is a wire cliff near the handle. First you need to check the presence of a voltage on a button, it is done by a regular voltage tester. Then we check the button itself for performance.

How to remove a needle bearing or a destroyed clutch cloth

Various bearings are used in Bulgarian gearboxes. They are subject to high loads and are the causes of malfunctions.

The destruction of the bearing is determined by increasing the backlash of the spindle shaft. Having dismantled the gearbox and dismantling the shaft of a large gear, you will see a needle bearing.

The needle bearing is not used in all grinder. In the same grinders in which it is installed, its dismantling can be performed in several ways.

Having removed the destroyed part of the bearing, the internal clip can be obtained using a machine tap. Click the machine tap of the appropriate diameter into the cartridge of the electrical screwdriver and try to screw it into the cage of the bearing, until the tap rises to the bottom of the case. Continue to slowly screw the tap into the clip. He will raise the clip on the thread.

The second method is that the remaining clip of the destroyed needle bearing can be removed using a specialball and a stop ring.

How to remove the braids of the gearbox of the corner grinder

Repair of the gearbox of the corner grinder begins with the dismantling of the braids. It is the gears that become the main reason for the malfunctions of the gearbox of the corner grinder. In the grinder, you most often have to change the small lead gear fixed to the rotor shaft.

On the shaft of the rotor, a scooping gear can be attached in two ways:

  • The gear is fixed with a wreck and clamped by a nut.
  • The gear is attached using a threaded connection. over, both right and left thread are used.

A large ledwater gear is attached to the spindle shaft in two ways:

In addition to the replacement of gears in the grinder, you often need to replace one or another bearing. And there are at least three of them in the design of the corner grinder.

Features of the structures of foreign manufacturers Corner grinder

In this chapter, we consider the design features of the Bulgarians produced under the brands Bosch, Hitachi and Makita, as well as the repair of the corner grinder with your own hands.

Repair Corner Grindmine Bosch

Bosch corner grinder is a reliable tool that does not cause special trouble to the user. But not every user refers to the tool correctly. Repair Corner Grindmine Bosch is most often associated with the replacement of bearings.

Structurally, all Bosch corner grinders are made according to the same scheme. Spindle shaft pos.25 is pressed into a driven shifting gear posture.26 and is based in the housing of the gearbox pos.821 on a needle bearing pos.51.

When the bearing is destroyed inside the body, the bearing cloth remains, which is not easy to get. We recommend two methods of dismantling the clip of needle bearing. They are described in the section “How to remove the needle bearing”.

Angle Grinder Hack! Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder!

With wear or licking teeth, the pairs of gears are subject to replacement both and only steam. When dismantling the gears, remember that the lead gear is attached to the rotor shaft on the thread, and the left is fixed and fixed with a nut. The led a large braid gear poses.26 was applied to the shaft of the spindle pos.25.

Repair Corner Grindmine Hitachi

Hitachi corner grinders have gained particular popularity among consumers. And this is natural. There are practically no artisanal fakes Hitachi on the market. Simplicity of design allows you to easily repair any complexity.

Hitachi corner grinder has increased reliability and infrequently falls on the table of repairmen. The main reason for the Hinachi angular grinding grinder is a breakdown of the gearbox, namely, the production of gears of gears.

The gearbox of the corner grinder is disassembled simply. To disconnect the gearbox of the poses.3 from the stator case pos.37, you need to free coal brushes.

Twist four screws poses.1 attaching the gearbox body and stator body. Discharge the gearbox and the stator body. The gearbox body will disconnect together with the rotor pos.eight.

To remove the lid of the gearbox pos.23, you need to twist four screws poses.24. Vedicated scooter gear poses.33 is fixed on the shaft of the spindle pos.26 using the dowel poses.25 and settled by a puller. Bearing pos.21 is removed by a puller.

Repair Corner grinder Makita

A feature of the Makita Bulgarians is a protective casing pos.19.

Makita corner grinder of the company Makita is more likely to be repaired. But the reason is the high percentage of fakes flooding the market.

Real Makita is a reliable, durable tool. But, like all angle grinders, it suffers from the failure of the gearbox, its gears.

To replace the gear of the gearbox, they resort to if they are jammed or destroyed.

To repair the angular grinding grinder Makita 9069 or Makita 9558 HN, it is necessary to disassemble the corner grinder.

If the gearbox is unprofitable, and this is determined by the appearance of the back of the spindle shaft, jaming the gearbox, slipping the led gear, then the gearbox should be disconnected from the stator body. Free the coal brushes poses.35, twist four screws poses.10 and disconnect the gearbox body from the stator case pos.37.

At the next stage, unscrew the four screws poses.18 holding the lid of the rotor pos.fifteen. Leading gear pos.14 is removed using Persian. Leading gear pos.43 is attached due to the key connection and fixed by the nut pos.42. Rotor shaft bearings.3 are removed using pullers.


Before we talk about the main failures in the work of corner grinders, about the methods of combating them, it is necessary to deal with the design features. Its study is significantly facilitated by the fact that the diagram of the electrical and mechanical components in almost all the angular grinder approaches approximately. Small differences are associated only with patented innovative solutions promoted by individual manufacturers, and with specific devices for individual functions. Almost any modern corner grinder is equipped with a plastic case resistant to shocks. Usually it is made not monolithic, but by 2 components, which are connected with screws. Where the drive is located, ventilating holes are provided. The electric motor itself is formed by a combination of the following elements:

When creating the stator, two.pole coils are used, on which copper wire is wound. The total number of turns is selected very carefully. Determining it, engineers take into account the desired parameters of the apparatus. The rotor connection to the stator occurs due to bearings. The rotor itself is made of electrical steel. It forms slots that allow you to place the wires of the winding. The number of grooves and the features of the winding cannot be considered a trifle: it depends on these parameters how speed the angular grinder can work. The role of brushes is the transmission of current between the cable and the collector.

On this overview of the electrical components of the corner grinder can be completed, but there are also mechanical devices in it. The gearbox is of great importance, the body of which is made from a durable alloy based on aluminum. It is this material that was selected in connection with the combination of excellent fortress and high thermal conductivity. The gearbox building should allow reliable consolidation of the elements of the apparatus. It provides for holes in which an auxiliary handle is mounted. Using the gearbox, the force produced by the engine is broadcast. If this node breaks, then the work of the corner grinder or becomes completely impossible, or occurs at “wrong” revolutions.

Reduced axis is equipped with a pair of bearings. From them, the pulse receives a driven gear of the planetary type. At the end of the shaft, there is a thread for a nut, clamping the trim disks. And the sun is pressed on the axis of the anchor. She is a leading link for a conical gear.

It is also necessary to say about the outlet coupling. it is extremely important when the disk suddenly sees. If there is no such coupling, any jamming will lead to the opposite impact, with all its unpleasant consequences. This part is structurally made in the form of two discs. Normally, they are very tightly brought together. The slowdown of the rotary shaft stop allows you to significantly reduce the load that occurs with such an emergency. As a result, the general resource of the corner grinder is used more efficiently.

Removing and replacing the disk with modern corner grinders is very convenient thanks to a special button. When it presses it, the planetary gear gear is rigidly fixed. To fix grinding circles for normal operation helps a nut in the shape of a cylinder. A special key helps to work with it, usually included. To start the engine and start work smoothly, another button is provided. Part of the models of the corner grinder can also adjust the spindle revolutions and prevent the occurrence of overload.

Diagnosis of malfunctions

How to understand from this description, the device is a corner grinder is quite simple in technical terms. And you can find the cause of the problems almost always with your own hands, without contacting service centers. Start appropriate by evaluating the work of brushes. In a normal situation, they should spark, and evenly and moderately. If there are a lot of sparks or, conversely, at all, the electrics must be replaced as soon as possible.

One of the frequent reasons why the angular grinder does not turn on is just a rupture of the network cable. along the entire length or at the input. It is such an assumption should be put forward, faced with the problem. Before disassembling the mechanism, it is necessary to check with a multimeter or a simple indicator screwdriver, is there a voltage. It is recommended to make sure there is an electricity in the house (apartment). If the voltage is present, but the device still does not work, you need to check the electric motor. His most serious malfunctions are the following:

Achor problems are found by such three characteristic features as:

In some cases, to confirm the assumption of problems with the anchor, there is enough external inspection. At the same time, it is found that the windings were darkened, and the plates burned out or exfoliated. But it should be borne in mind that the visual manifestations of the problem are not always found. To determine the real cause of the failure, you will need a multimeter check. The device is switched to a resistance of 200 Ohms and sequentially evaluate what resistance between the pairs of neighboring lamellas. normally it should coincide.

But the resistance in the area from the lamellas to the anchor case should have an infinite value. In stator windings, the conclusions are checked, the resistance between these conclusions and the body is evaluated. The standard multimeter does not allow you to find inter.threaded short circuits and anchors. This problem is confidently solved by only special.sample devices. Sometimes, if the corner grinder does not start, the whole thing is in violation of the button. When her contacts are covered with dust, they quickly destroy from overheating. The test is carried out, as in the previous case, by a regular multimeter.

Important! It is quite rare that you have to face malfunctions of the revolutions and the condenser that suppresses interference.

As for mechanical deformations, it is mainly necessary to deal with wear or irrevocable destruction of bearings.

This defect is manifested in the following:

Dot in the work of bearings (wear) can be assumed not only when the case is warming. Any owner of a corner grinder knows exactly how intensive the device is used. With a significant, systematically emerging load of the gear or gearbox, the gearbox may well break faster than other parts. It is very important to inspect the problematic part. Then it will become clear whether its repair is possible or not.

Quite many people are faced with a problem when the corner grinder does not gain momentum, that is, it does not develop full of necessary power. First of all, it is necessary to check in such cases, whether the block itself, which regulates the intensity of twisting. And also should evaluate the condition of the electric shock and springs of the brush holders. You can not discount the speed of revolutions due to the breakdown of the supply cable (from frequent bending, from the blow around).

To determine whether high.quality contact is easy. with its violations, the insulation of the wire becomes overheated. Of course, you can feel it only after the angular grinder is turned off. In order not to waste time on unnecessary checks, you should think about what could cause such a failure. If the problems arose after the repair, you can assume more errors during reverse assembly. Typically, then violations in the power supply of the engine or in its windings are accompanied by strong vibrations.

In some cases, the nut of the corner grinder is not unscrewed. Basically, this nuisance occurs on an angular grinder with a disc 150 mm or more. Increased torque increases the likelihood of pulling the nut to the limit. If the inertial forces are relatively small, such a danger is also less likely. Damage to the stopper, as well as the situation when the disk was bitten, are easily recognized even without special knowledge, so additional Комментарии и мнения владельцев do not require additional Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

A few words about the lubrication of the angular grinder Interskol

Before assembling the mechanical nodes of the Interskol corner grinder, without fail, lubricate the details with the recommended lubricant. The lubricants of foreign and manufacturers are widely represented on the lubricant market. Today you can purchase high.quality lubricants of the domestic manufacturer. They are in no way inferior in quality to foreign counterparts, but are several times cheaper.

For gearboxes of corner grinder, a special lubricant has a high adhesion has been developed. Adhesion is the property of a substance to adapt to a lubricated surface.

  • When choosing a corner grinder, stop your choice on the angular grinding machine of Interskol;
  • You will get reliable, durable, ergonomic, cheap tool;
  • Give preference to the Interskol Class Corner grinding grinder 125;
  • In the household they are more in demand and safe.


From time to time, the home.made master has hinders with surface treatment, where it is unrealistic to approach universal equipment. The part may be fragile with the unfulfilled clamp, or massive. It must be modified on the spot. From an old corner grinder, you can make a tool for processing small surfaces with a flexible shaft. You will get an analogue of the drill.

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The production will require materials:

  • A flexible shaft that is bought or selected from the available;
  • nozzle-holder of a working tool;
  • A pair of bearings with spherical rollers with a diameter of 228 mm;
  • Working tool for processing with the dialect of the shank 1-3.5 mm.

The presence of a flexible shaft will expand the functionality of the tool. With it, it will be possible to get into the most hidden corners of the parts, reduce the load on the hands.

Almost all of the home supplies of the master can be used as tools: