How to cut a gas pipe correctly.

Transfer of a gas pipe in the kitchen, in the apartment

The most common motive is the repair, during which it is decided to change the position of the stove or install new equipment. All this can encourage the owners to shorten the gas pipe. In addition, the initiator may be a representative of the gas company, legally requiring the removal of the metering device to the visibility zone.

He may demand shortening due to the inconsistency of obsolete communications to modern rules. The standards are regularly updated, and the owners of residential premises rarely independently track the changes on their own.

Gas pipe trimming methods, most often practiced

The use of corner grinding or gas welding is the most common way to cut off a gas pipe. To avoid accidents, the main pipe is first blocked, thereby stopping the supply of gas to the apartment. The next step includes a gas stove to burn the remaining gas accumulated in the pipe. Only after that can you start cutting a gas pipe. Note that welding of gas pipes in the apartment is performed in the same sequence.

Cutting gas welding is rightfully considered one of the most convenient, safe, reliable and quick ways to shorten metal pipes. The equipment of the equipment is based on the supply of a jet of oxygen of a high temperature produced under high pressure, which burns a metal canvas. As a result, a gap in the metal is formed in the designated place, which was required to get.

However, one oxygen will not work to achieve high speed. To accelerate the process together with oxygen, gases such as acetylene or propane are used parallelly. Pay attention to the fact that gas welding equipment is a rather complex and expensive device. Only professionals who are aware of all the intricacies of working with such devices can use it and have considerable experience on their shoulders.

Therefore, since not every home master knows how and knows how to cut a gas pipe in an apartment, in order to avoid troubles and excessive expenses, it is better to entrust gas welding pipes with gas welding.

Among alternative methods of cutting gas pipes, the use of laser or plasma equipment can be called. This, of course, is very modern and innovative, however, in practice, the most appropriate at home is still considered the use of gas welding. It is considered ideal in terms of price and quality.

The reasons for trimming the gas pipe

The most common motive is the repair, during which it is decided to change the position of the stove or install new equipment. All this can encourage the owners to shorten the gas pipe.

In addition, the initiator may be a representative of the gas company, legally requiring the removal of the metering device to the visibility zone.

In old houses, you can observe the following picture: the withdrawal from the gas pipe interferes with the convenient location of curtains or modules of the kitchen set. This also often causes trimming

He may demand shortening due to the inconsistency of obsolete communications to modern rules. The standards are regularly updated, and the owners of residential premises rarely independently track the changes on their own.

In what cases may the gas pipe be required

Having dealt with the methods of cutting gas pipes, we will dwell a little on the reasons that can lead to the need for such manipulations.

As a rule, the main reason for disassembling and cutting gas communications is a complete or partial transfer of furnace equipment. Previously, according to the standards, the gas boiler was supposed to be located near the riser, so that the eyeliner and inserting of the pipes was carried out directly into the stove equipment. However, at present, such standards are increasingly neglecting.

Since when repairs in the apartment, the owners very often have a desire to move a gas stove from one end of the room to another, transfer the boiler or replace it with a newer and modern one, gas pipes have to be cut. To connect the slab in such cases, corrugated metal or flexible rubber hoses are used.

The reasons for trimming the gas pipe

The most common motive is the repair, during which it is decided to change the position of the stove or install new equipment. All this can encourage the owners to shorten the gas pipe.

In addition, the initiator may be a representative of the gas company, legally requiring the removal of the metering device to the visibility zone.

In old houses, you can observe the following picture: the withdrawal from the gas pipe interferes with the convenient location of curtains or modules of the kitchen set. This also often causes trimming

He may demand shortening due to the inconsistency of obsolete communications to modern rules. The standards are regularly updated, and the owners of residential premises rarely independently track the changes on their own.

Existing restrictions

The main condition that should be implicitly observed before starting work is the fulfillment of SNiP 2 requirements.04.08-87, which comes down to the following restrictions:

Extreme trimming of a gas pipe under pressure (Insert a dangerous gas pipe)

  • gas wiring in residential buildings is carried out exclusively by welding metal pipes;
  • threaded joints are allowed only in joints with the metering device (counter) and at the points of the co.chin with fittings available in the kitchen of consumers;
  • After pruning (shortening) to the segment of the gas pipeline, free access necessary for servicing the gas line must be provided;
  • According to SNiP 2.04.08-87, valves should remain open that overlap the flow of gas to kitchen consumers (it is not allowed to hide them in furniture niches);
  • The distance from the kitchen pipe to various types of chimney should be at least 2 meters horizontally and 80 centimeters-according to vertical braid fishing line;
  • The distances specified in the standards should be withstanded in relation to the trunk of heating.

How to remove bad gas pipe easy.

note! In accordance with the requirements of SNiP 2.04.08-87, the ventilation system is required in the room, which provides an effective outflow of air from it. Upon completion of the work, all detachable connections are checked for leakage through a special control device called a gas analyzer

Upon completion of the work, all detachable connections are checked for leakage through a special control device called a gas analyzer.

Corner grinder or gas welding

The optimal approach to pruning pipes supplying gas is the use of corner grinding or gas welding for this. Its advantages are a high cutting speed and a minimum of labor cost. But the following problems arise:

  • The operator must be able to work with a corner grinder or welding machine.
  • For corner grinding, you will need to stock up on a suitable cutting disk.
  • When using gas welding, it is necessary to have a special admission from the services responsible for the issues of fire safety.
  • In both cases, special protection of walls and floor will require a large number of sparks.

Therefore, this option is not the best.

Organizational measures

At the preparatory stage, issues of organizational nature are resolved, that is:

  • Obtaining a permit for work from the city gas service.
  • Their coordination with local communal services.
  • Filling out an application for installation work related to the disconnection of a gas riser for a certain time.

Before their conduct, you need to contact a gas company with a license.

Important! Trim the gas pipe without applying for permission and obtaining pre.issued tolerance is strictly prohibited!

Next, a tool is selected suitable for trimming pipes in the kitchen. For these purposes, the following equipment will usually be used:

Cutting the gas pipe in the apartment. requirements, tools

Working with gas equipment seems to be one of the most risky affairs in home repairs. Often users do not even consider it necessary to look into safety rules or in the standards of measures. But these standards exist, and they strictly regulate who, how and when has the right to cut or transfer a gas pipe in the kitchen.

An insufficiently serious approach to this case can lead to deplorable consequences. The probability of obtaining gas leakage is high. And a large amount of gas in the room can not only have a poisonous effect on a person, but also cause a large explosion. So if there are doubts, you should not carry out independent cutting. It is better to wait for specialists.

But here it will not be superfluous to follow the work of the master and compliance with all the norms. Below is the basic information about the work and the main rules for working with gas pipes. They must be observed, even if all the actions are carried out not by the owner himself, but by a specially caused gazeler.

The reasons for trimming the gas pipe in the apartment

Cut a gas pipe in an apartment for a number of reasons. The most common is the repair work associated with a change in the position of the plate or other gas equipment. Here it may be necessary to shorten the initial size of the gas pipe.

The reasons for the transfer of gas pipes can be hidden in the requirement of the management company to take the device for open space so that you can easily see the indicators.

Gas service employees can draw the attention of owners to the need to change communications in connection with the operating rules that have recently entered into force. Updates in these rules are not uncommon, and apartment owners are not often notified of them in advance.

Requirements of the Law to the Customer and the Contractor

High responsibility during work with gas equipment forced management companies to put forward clear requirements for all participants in actions. The law determines who can apply for work and who has the right to fulfill them.

Who should apply

Previously, the obligation to monitor the serviceability of gas communications was under the jurisdiction of local gas services. But over time, the authorities saw that it was not possible to control all apartments in this way. And this duty was assigned to the residents themselves. over, the main responsible person is the owner.

Important! The rule is spelled out in Decree 10 of 14.05.2013. In 2017, some amendments were introduced to it, clarifying the rights and obligations of participants in actions.

In accordance with this resolution, an application for work with gas equipment must be submitted by the owner or the tenant of the premises. In the second case, an officially certified lease document will be needed.

Who has the right to do the work

Requirements for the contractor are spelled out in the resolution quite clearly. The contractor must be a representative of the company that conducts gas pipes by agreement with the management company. Work can be performed by representatives from the company’s company itself.

The organization that will carry out work must comply with a number of mandatory requirements:

pipe, correctly
  • The company’s employees must have certificate of certification for relevant work;
  • Profile education of employees;
  • A document confirming the conduct of production briefing with a certain frequency;
  • The presence of specialized measuring equipment and working tools.

All tools used must be in a working state, as well as from time to time to calibrate to achieve the greatest accuracy.

Thus, strict requirements are presented to the contractor, which the ordinary user usually does not meet. Only the master knows how to cut a gas pipe without harm to a common communication system. Therefore, trimming is considered illegal on its own.

Preparatory stage. obtaining permission

Obtaining permission to perform actions

Before carrying out work, you must make sure that it will be possible to implement the idea. To receive the appropriate certificate, you can contact the expert organization.

The owner writes a statement from his person, which indicates the need for an expert assessment of the state of the pipeline and requests permission to carry out certain works. The form of the statement is free, in the name of the head of the organization.

After the application is received from the owner, the service employees must arrive at the place of work at a certain time. The specialist will consider gas pipes and equipment, and then issue an opinion on the possibility or impossibility of planned work. If a specific plan is unrealized, then experts will try to offer an alternative.

As soon as the decision is made, the specialist who has left will create a pipeline diagram after trimming. Then, according to this scheme, the gas organization will issue an official permit for work and provide an estimate indicating the cost of each action. The cost of work will be taken into account, as well as the cost of the necessary materials.

Gas pipeline installation standards

The owner of the apartment, before the arrival of the master, is recommended to independently familiarize themselves with the basic requirements for the location of gas pipes and equipment. This will save a significant amount of time during work and control the activities of the master. The main information on this issue is indicated in the SNiP 2 document.04.08-87.

Gas pipes location requirements

The document clearly spells out the requirements for the final arrangement of gas pipes:

  • It is necessary to maintain free access to the gas pipe, as well as the presence in the visible zone of all measurement and taking into account devices.
  • There should be valves in an accessible place that blocks gas access to the apartment. In no case should they be masked or left behind large cabinets. At any time, gas overlapping should be available.
  • In accordance with the requirements, any gas pipe must be at a distance of at least 200 cm from the floor.
  • The horizontal part of the gas eyeliner into the apartment should always remain untouched. It is forbidden to shorten it, and even more so completely remove. But there are exceptions even here: on the last floors of apartment buildings, some manipulations can be produced with this pipe.

Normal perpendicular cutting under 90º

Some believe that there is not even a marking, especially if the hands have a large corner grinder with a large cutting disk. However, after, when combining pipes cut off without marking, problems may arise. In order to avoid them, you can use the usual isolet or masking tape, which is glued around the pipe. At the same time, its edges at the start and end point should perfectly coincide. If everything is done correctly, after cutting, two pipes will be combined, forming a perfectly even highway, without unnecessary gaps.

With the help of island, the marking is done quite simply

Time cutting techniques at an angle of round section

Round pipes of different diameters are cut at an angle when the direction of the pipeline changes, it should be borne in mind that a straight cut at the desired angle, unlike a rectangular section, will not lead to a dense connection of the edges. Therefore, special patterns are used in which the marked edge has a curved shape, which allows to obtain a high compound density.


One of the common ways to make a pattern for pipes with a round surface is a method for which a drawn sheet of paper, ruler and pencil will be needed. To obtain a paper pattern, they come in the following way:

  • Draw a circle with the diameter of the cut pipe on a paper sheet, break the circle into 16 equal segments, each time dividing large segments into two identical.
  • Measure the length of the circle, multiplying its diameter by the number of pi, equal to 3.14.Put this size on both sides of the circle axis in equal segments, each of which is divided into 8 equal size parts.
  • Ride from segments to straight vertical lines up and horizontal from the points set on the circle.
  • The places of their intersection are connected by a smooth line and as a result, a template applied to the paper is obtained, which is cut out and glued to a cut surface. For trimming, it is better to use a corner grinder with a small diameter disk. the surface will be curved and the error will grow when using a large disk.

When you need to cut (shorten) a gas pipe in the apartment?

Before the procedure, it is important to understand why you need pruning or transferring a gas pipe. Consider the main options:

✓ The gas challenge prevents the placement of kitchen furniture

✓ The appearance of the pipe (divert) causes irritation

✓ It is planned to transfer a gas stove/gas column

Trimming (shortening) of a gas pipe on the top floor

You live on the top floor? The gas pipe interferes, occupying all the beneficial space? There are 2 ways to shorten the gas pipe on the top floor:

✓ without welding. The pipe is cut, then the tap is installed on it. This method is prohibited, On the top floor, the departure is not fixed on top, and when inserting a new crane, you can simply break the pipe between floor floors. Do not go to the offers of dubious companies offering this service regarding the last floor! ✓ with welding. A pipe digger with a bend of 180 degrees is produced, then the crane is installed.

Bottom line: on the top floor, a gas pipe often rises from the floor to a height of 180 cm, bends 180 degrees and ends with a crane. Want to cut a gas pipe so that the gas crane is below the countertop? Our gallows will be happy to help you. Take care of your lives!

The procedure for performing work

If the oven or stove is connected, the owner acquires a sylphone sleeve for his own. The masters bring metal pipes with them, Their cost is already in the contract estimate. The kitchen is freed from excess furniture and utensils to avoid horseshoes in work.

The owner has the right to demand the provision of certificates of the gas organization. Employees check qualification certificates and only after that they can start of the gas pipeline.

Tools and materials

Copper pipes for the gas pipeline

Pruning and welding of the gas pipeline areas are performed using special devices, units and tools that the masters bring with them. Work is carried out in accordance with safety requirements.

Types of collectors are used for the gas line:

The materials are durable and the required properties, provide tightness and prevent leakage. Steel pipes are taken with a low.carbon variety of ST2, ST4, withstanding the excess pressure. Under capital, cranes from gray cast iron, steel, bronze and brass are used.

Dismantling the old pipe

The highway is blown up on the working area after the closure of the total valve on the supply pipe to remove the remnants of the gas from the collector. When transferring, it is required to cut a piece of the pipeline and weld a new segment in the required direction. To remove an unnecessary segment, the master uses welding, pipeline or corner grinder. A metal saw used to be used before, but in modern conditions it is long and ineffective.

A plot on which valves is located at the entrance to the apartment is left. This segment cannot be dismantled, the gas valve can be transferred if the highway is badly damaged in this place.

Change options

Gas pipes cannot be shed in the wall. there should be constant access to them

The area near the pipes should be open so that the tenants in time learn about the leak and take measures. It is forbidden to sink pipes into the wall and close them tightly with plaster or other materials.

If an electric wiring passes nearby, it is located no closer than 25 centimeters. Distribution electrical panel is placed no closer than 0.5 meters from the gas pipeline. For a liquefied gas line, a slope of 3 ° from the entrance is provided. If there is a counter, the slope is considered from this place.

The process of work

Welding is used to connect pipe sections

Rubber hoses or rubber products are used less often, Sylphone adapters are gaining popularity.

  • The hole after cutting the site is brewed.
  • At the place of connection of a new segment in the pipeline, a hole is drilled using a power tool and a drill with a metal tip.
  • The pipe segment joins welding, at the end, if necessary, the crane is mounted.

When connecting the tap, packages or sealant is used, a sealing tape is used. After that, an connection is made to the gas device with a flexible hose. The gas leak is checked using soap solution.

Replacing a gas riser

During the procedure, there should not be strangers and smokers at the workplace. Before the replacement, the specialist hangs a warning sign about the dangerous nature of the work. The simultaneous replacement of the riser and wiring in the apartment is not allowed, an explosion may thunder because of a spark.

The type of welding riser is selected depending on the thickness of the wall of the main. often for supply, steel elements with a diameter of 21.3. 42.3 mm are used, with a wall thickness of 4 mm, which are connected by gas or electric welding.

Features of transfer in the kitchen

Gas pipes are located so that after installation there is the possibility of their repair, preventive inspection or replacement. The insertion into the pipe is performed so that during chemical analysis in the gas mixture, the presence of oxygen is no more than 1%.

The gas should leave the pipeline evenly, without jerks, shocks and cotton. The check is carried out by purging the system, while you need to make sure that in the process the gas will not enter the atmosphere of the premises, a ventilation shaft or chimney. The first launch opens window openings, ensure effective kitchen ventilation.

Selection of pipes for the gas pipeline

Plastic pipes are allowed to be mounted in a room protected from ultraviolet radiation

What pipes and why are used for internal gas pipelines depends on many factors:

  • Purpose. gas is supplied to the consumer with minimal pressure. When installing gas supply, you can take metal.plastic, steel and copper pipes.
  • Ultraviolet content. steel and copper products can be installed anywhere inside and outside the house. Plastic sensitive to the action of sunlight, they are located in shaded places.
  • The styling method. steel or copper gas pipeline is laid above the ground, underground, in walls, in open places. Plastic is allowed to be laid only underground outside the house and only in open places indoors.
  • Durability. copper. Steel gas pipes are subject to corrosion and need to be protected. Their service life is shorter.
  • Difficulty. plastic pipes are flexible, connected by soldering. Thus construct the contours of any complexity. Steel needs to be welded and connected through fittings. This complicates gas supply.

Laying gas pipes is performed at the expense of the owner of the home, therefore, when choosing, they must take into account the cost. Consider the price of the pipeline, counter, locking reinforcement, as well as the cost of installation.

Which pipes are best used for gas

Copper is distinguished by the longest service life

Gas pipeline pipes are made of steel and copper. There are also bronze and brass, but extremely rare.

Both materials have the main quality for the gas pipeline: they do not miss gas at all. Evaluate options for the following characteristics:

  • Copper does not corrode. The service life of the gas pipeline is 50-100 years. Steel is subject to corrosion and with the most careful care will not last more than 20 years.
  • Copper is plastic. Small diameter tubes can be bent. Steel needs to be welded.
  • The cost of a copper pipeline is noticeably higher. The steel gas pipe has the lowest price.

Copper pipes are much more beautiful. They do not need periodic painting and often act as part of the interior of the kitchen.

How to transfer a gas pipe in the apartment: transfer rules and tips on location

The device of gas communications in the apartment obeys certain requirements, therefore, independent installation and connection of equipment, as well as transferring a gas pipe to another place is strictly prohibited.

All issues on laying internal and external gas pipelines are resolved by the gas service, without the permission of which you can only move the plate to a limited distance.

We will tell you how to get an approval for the replacement of the gas pipeline, as well as describe the technology of transferring the intra.apartment line. The proposed instructions are not a guide to action, all work should be carried out by the representative of the gas service.

Reasons for the transfer of gas pipes in the kitchen

All work on the transfer and replacement of metal pipes, especially requiring welding, is performed by representatives of Gorgaz or other authorized organization. Having received an application from the residents, they are always interested in the causes of planned transformations.

Most often, it is required to change the wiring of pipes in the kitchen without changing the layout and transfer of equipment to other rooms.

  • Replacing old equipment. buying a gas column, slab or boiler. for which a little more space is needed;
  • major repairs in the kitchen;
  • transfer of a gas stove from a window by 0.5-2 m towards the sink;
  • changing the installation location of a gas meter;
  • The transfer of a horizontally located pipe from a high height to the countertop and others.

Often the transfer of pipes is required in new buildings, where the initial arrangement of significant kitchen objects is not succumbing to logic and explanation: suppose if the gas stove is near the window in the 15-meter kitchen, the washing is in the opposite corner, and the extract in the other side, above the entrance to the kitchen.

We have to correct the mistakes of the designers, transfer the stove closer to the sink so that cooking is in comfortable conditions.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out work on the transfer of a gas riser. The only change is allowed. the pipe masking easily dismantled structures, for example, hinged kitchen cabinets

The most common reason is to buy a new kitchen set with equipment (oven and hob). In this case, the pipes are required either to shorten or lengthen. depending on the planned place of installation of devices.

If you want to know how best to transfer a gas pipe to an apartment with a redevelopment, we recommend that you contact a design organization to draw up a transfer scheme.

The fact is that in typical city apartments, reinstalling risers, pipes, as well as any gas equipment in living rooms is prohibited, and even to combine the kitchen and rooms require permission.

Obtaining approval to replace the gas pipeline

Possible or not transfer, only authorized bodies can decide, that is, the gas service of your city (district). Only a specialist who has qualifications is entitled to engage in any dismantling and installation work. Of course, without coordination, the transfer of pipes cannot be carried out.

Even such a simple step as pruning the pipe is 10 cm, it is necessary to coordinate, since all work related to the gas pipeline are included in the category of risk

The resolution is issued in the following sequence:

  • Find out the contact details of the gas service at the place of registration, contact specialists, explain the situation, consult.
  • Draw up an application (in standard form) that will “launch” the coordination process.
  • On the basis of an application to your house, a representative of the gas service arrives. Time is specified in advance.
  • The specialist conducts inspection, listens to wishes, answers questions. Often at this stage you have to change plans, since the desired transfer does not meet the safety requirements (the preliminary study of the installation standards of the gas pipeline will relieve this unpleasant moment).
  • Approval of the final transfer scheme, compilation of estimates. All documents are executed by the organization providing services. Without the consent of the homeowner, work is not done.
  • If the transfer conditions are satisfied, pay for the receipt service and agree on the time the work starts.

The approval procedure usually takes several days, it can stretch out for a long period for only one reason: if owners of property and representatives of the gas service did not find a compromise.

Any factors that violate the installation standards of gas plates (boilers, meters, columns) can cause refusal to transfer pipes.

General requirements and standards

In the room, natural supply and exhaust ventilation must be established in the room, that is, there should be a window with opening windows/transums and a ventilation channel with good thrust

If the walls and ceiling consist of flammable materials (wood), they must be plastered or lined with metal sheets.

Gas pipes serve to transport fuel to consumers. plates, oven, columns, so the location of the equipment is important at least pipe wiring.

Gallery of images the height of the ceilings in the room where the gas stove is installed should not be less than 2 m 20 cm. If it is an attic or an extension with an inclined ceiling, choose a place that is suitable in normative parameters the distance from the stove to objects located through the passage (for example, to the table) should be at least 1 meter. This contributes to free movement in the kitchen element of shut-off valves-a crane to turn off the gas supply-should be at a distance of 0.2 m from the stove (it is possible to install on a pipe hidden under the countertop at an altitude of 0.75-0.80 m) room) in which a gas stove or column is installed, it must necessarily be separated from the next room/corridor door. It is forbidden to leave the opening in the living room with an open gas stove from the wall covered with non.combustible material by at least 0.07 m. If the equipment is installed in the corner, the rule applies to both walls for connecting the gas pipe and household appliance, the use of flexible hoses (rubber.legged sleeves, bellows hoses) to connect the consumer (oven, stove) and gas pipelines use a fittings. The eyeliner is carried out at the height of its location for internal wiring should be made according to GOST 380-88 (for ordinary products) or GOST 1050-88 (for high-quality steel products) normalized ceilings in the kitchen the dimensions of the passage of the gas stove distance from the stove to crane insulation of the room with gas equipment the distance from the stove to walls Method for connecting gas equipment the height of the pipe connection to the stove quality of the pipes for connecting the equipment

Is it possible to shorten the gas pipe in the kitchen in the apartment on the top floor

You can trim. if then you yourself connect the plate yourself

because the gas workers will immediately open Heilo if they see.

Contact the gas service for p.Alekseeva. They themselves cut officially. Naturally for grandmas.

Cut it yourself and everything. You think someone measured how many centimeters from the floor this pipe went up? This is if a mess, then everywhere a mess. Made a chip and forgot. Only a specialist needs sensible, so that everything does everything according to the mind. But on the other hand, after that no one will give a guarantee that there will be no gas leaks. Only you yourself.

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The bend of the pipe down and the treasure were 0.5 meters above the gas stove, if this is the last floor, because you can make this bend lower, so that it is not visible from the plate from the plate. But it doesn’t go to the ceiling, you understand a little wrong. In all houses, on all floors, in theory, it would also be possible to do it more carefully so that only the riser (straight pipe), going to the upper neighbors, was sticking out, and the removal (bend) to the plate would be behind the stove. As for 2500, it is really expensive, there is no business, even there is no need to block gas, gas has not yet been supplied to the house. Cut the corner grinder segment in the middle of the pipe 50 cm and weld the top with a bend, a tap and a hose.

Transfer of a gas pipe in the kitchen

The transfer of a gas pipe in the kitchen in St. Petersburg is one of the most common procedures that are coordinated and approved in the gas distribution organization of the district.

To date, this situation has developed in most houses of the 60-70s of the building, since the pipes are bred in small kitchens of apartments and occupy precious square meters that could take elements of the kitchen or built-in technology.

But this is not the only reason for the transfer of the pipe in the kitchen:

However, most residents are faced with problems if they want to hide or transfer pipes, since the state gas service refuses to carry out work or calls unreasonably high prices.

The difficulty of transferring the withdrawal of a gas pipe in the kitchen is to redevelop gas pipes, while observing all the technical norms and standards that should be noted a lot.

Such requirements include the notification of neighbors about the time of work agreed in the gas service, since at this time the gas will be blocked throughout the riser.

It is also necessary to comply with all sanitary norms, the main of which includes:

  • There must be access to the pipe, it should not be hidden in order to be able to influence equipment in the event of an accident;
  • the pipe should not cross the door and window openings;
  • All mounts should be made of steel.

The cost of transferring a gas pipe in the kitchen depends on the diameter of the transferred pipe, volumes and complexity of work technology. The final cost will be set by the master when leaving and fix it in the estimate for work.

After the entire set of works, an employee of the company “St. Petersburg Gazemik” will issue you all the accompanying documents that you can present to the gas distribution organization if necessary.

Trimming the gas pipe in the kitchen

An alternative solution to the problem of uncomfortable finding or an unpresentable type of gas pipe in the kitchen is pruning or shortening the gas pipeline with the establishment of a new crane.

Pruning the gas pipe for the apartment should be carried out strictly according to all the norms and rules established in the law, unauthorized change in gas facilities may entail a lot of unpleasant, negative consequences for the owners.

Therefore, this service is required to produce exclusively employees with tortures with knowledge about the specifics of the procedure.

This procedure is of particular relevance with inconveniences associated with a gas pipe on the top floor of an apartment building. In this case, shortening the pipe is possible only using welding, since it is digested at 180 degrees and the gas tap is installed.

This way can be achieved that the gas tap is below the countertop.

It is recommended if desired in the future to connect more than 1 device operating from gas (oven, hob, additional column) create an individual gas valve for each to ensure safety and exclude the possibility of emergency situations.

To achieve this goal by welding, a divorce is made for each device that needs to be connected. This detail is not standard, its master makes on the object based on its features.

How To Cut Gas Pipe At Home | Gas Stove Ke Orange Pipe Ko Kaise Cutting Karte Hain Ghar me

The price of trimming the gas pipe in the kitchen is set by the master when leaving, it consists of the number of equipment involved, materials, and difficulties of work.The company “St. Petersburg Gazriel” has extensive experience working with gas pipes on the living space, where the kitchen is located.

Our experts with great professionalism endure and cut pipes, making the opportunity to place a kitchen set and technology. reality! Now you don’t have to puzzle over what to do, or go to an uncomfortable unaesthetic compromise! It is enough to entrust the work for the licensed masters of our company.

In a short time you can create a cozy corner in the kitchen.

Call the phone number 7 (812) 924-52-40 and order a master’s departure!

DIY Apartment transfer of a gas pipe

This is very responsible to transfer the gas system in the house, therefore, without certain knowledge and experience, if you do not prepare for this event, it is better not to do such work with your own hands with complete loneliness, even the gas service specialists do not recommend this without a corresponding consultation. Services for hiring professionals are often expensive, but remember that this is the price of your safety, and this is not so expensive.

It is necessary to consider some important nuances of transfer work, how to transfer gas pipes. This is necessary in order to navigate in the stages of the process that what you need to do for. In addition, in order to make an accurate forecast of possible options for the location of the gas line in the apartment, whether it can be placed where you have invented or not.

how to transfer a gas pipe in the kitchen with your own hands

Procedure to change the location of the gas system in the house

Инструктаж действий, помогающий перенести газовую систему

To transfer the gas pipe for a specialist is a simple work and is performed in this order:

The gas valve must be covered with gas supply to the living room;

Blow the gas pipeline channel in order to remove the remaining gas substance from its cavity;

In the connecting area where the connection with the gas pipeline channel occurs, it is necessary to cut the pipes that will not be useful and brew the hole that remains of them;

In the places where it is planned to insert a gas pipe, you need to drill a hole and weld to a gas pipeline line a dedicated device made of a metal product;

Mount the valve to the lifting mechanism and take the diverted to the gas stove and, if necessary, to other household items using a threaded connection;

It must be remembered that the household appliances to the gas assembly device are connected using a flexible silicone tube, the length of which should be no more than 2 meters. Such a tube can ensure that in the transfer of the gas system, the need can disappear.

Before connecting all devices, a gas supply valve that was again installed, and a new gas system with existing welds needs to be checked for leaks.

The processes associated with the gas system suggest the presence of a special resolution that specialists who are taking place every year in order to confirm their qualifications, skills and knowledge.

how to transfer a gas pipe in a private house with your own hands

What is the way out of the situation if there is a need to transfer a gas line for a trimmer?

Initially, before all events, you need to apply to the gas organization. It is necessary to contact the organization of the area where the applicant lives. In the paper, indicate that there was a need to transfer the gas system.

According to the address indicated in the application, a gazumder, a gas service specialist will come, will make an inspection of the premises where gas pipes are located and announces a verdict about the possibilities of transferring the gas system, or this is simply impossible. In the case of a positive decision, he will perform the necessary calculation operations and write an estimate.

There are times when it is necessary to draw up a new technical plan of the apartment, given the planned transfer of the gas system. After the payment for the arrival of the specialist and his work will be made in the cash register of the gas service enterprise, the date of the brigade arrival for work will be determined.

It is important to know that, being in the gas service, you need to ask them about whether they have a certificate for the production of work to transfer the gas system. Such a document should be provided for familiarization without reimbursement, without tightening time.

After the team of professional workers arrives, you need to make sure of their professional qualities, you can ask them for an identity document, where their qualifications and the date of the latest testing should be indicated. Only after checking such information to allow the brigade to transfer the gas system. After the work is completed, the gallows must provide an act of work done and bring such information to the gas documents of the apartment.

how to transfer a gas pipe in the kitchen with your own hands

The standards provided for by the construction rules for the location of gas lines in the apartment

The gap of the gas pipeline channel, which is laid in the flooring or is in an open position in the apartment to a variety of construction buildings or other pipeline structures (pipes for sewage or water supply products, heating system) and technological devices should be such as an easily accessible inspection, repair and the installation of a gas pipeline structure and the reinforcement that will be installed additionally. The gas pipeline in this situation should not intersect with ventilation grilles, door and window openings.

how to transfer a gas pipe to another room

Between the gas pipeline channel taking place in the partition and communication devices, a certain period should be maintained, which is calculated, according to all the requirements of the technological rules. Such documents are provided for work with broadcasting cables and communications.

pipe, correctly

Between the gas pipeline channel and the power supply, which takes place inside the apartment, the smallest interval of the possibility of contacting is calculated, according to all the norms.

You can lay a gas pipeline structure in the living room at the height provided for this, which is 2.3 meters from the flooring to the lower part of the gas pipe, under the availability of insulation for the product (insulating heat coating) to the lower section of insulation.

Fixation for gas pipeline structures, which are laid in open form and attached to partitions, various ceilings and decorative objects in the room should be carried out using a bracket, hooks, clamps and suspended devices. The gap between the fasteners of the gas pipeline structure should be selected in strict accordance with the requirements of building codes and rules.

Lay a gas pipeline channel that moves gas in a wet state, is necessary taking into account the mandatory inclination of at least 3%. It should be borne in mind that in the case of counting devices, the slope is determined from such a device.