How to correct a trimmer for oil grass properly. Why you need to lubricate the machine

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for refueling

Equipment for the care of lawns occupies an honorable place in the garage of a country house or a summer residence. Competitors. one.axle tractor or chainsaw. lose to trimmers and lawnmands in popularity. Among the operations of service for motorcycles, maintenance, maintenance and regular refueling are highlighted.

  • Using a trimmer for grass in the garden
  • How many types of engine exist
  • We select gasoline and oil for refueling
  • Practical guide for the correct preparation of the mixture
  • Dilute in the correct proportion
  • Why add
  • If you break the ratio

Features of the gas station

Depending on the engine device, motorcycles are divided into two.stroke and four.stroke. In the first case, the piston in the internal combustion engine makes 2 moves in one working cycle, and in the second case. 4 moves. Differences in principle of operation of the engine determine different approaches to refueling a trimmer for grass.

Two.stroke engine refueling

In ordinary household models, motorcycles are used, as a rule, a two.stroke engine. The lawn mower is not needed very much power and redness, so it is quite suitable for performing the tasks. In addition, this engine is much cheaper and simpler, but it is refueling with a fuel mixture, which consists of oil and gasoline. Such fuel is poured into a carburetor and is supplied to the cylinder in the form of oil-Benzine fog. Thus, the oil provides lubrication of all the necessary parts, and in the process of operating the engine burns together with gasoline. However, the combustion of this mixture is accompanied by the release of caustic odor and smoke, which increases the toxicity of exhaust gases.

Important! For such motos, you need to use a special oil for two.stroke engines, which completely burns without leaving a halt, and has low evaporation. And so that it mixes well with gasoline, it includes 20% solvent.

Motokos refueling with a four.stroke engine

Four.stroke engines are used in professional motorcycle models. They have high power and can work for a long time without a break and refueling. As fuel, they also use gasoline and oil, but they are poured into different tanks. So. the oil does not participate in the process of combustion, so the exhaust gases are not so toxic.

On a note! Along with the best environmental indicators and the ability to heat less, four.stroke engines are also more economical. They consume much less fuel. savings reach up to 50% in gasoline and up to 80% of the clock.

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Requirements for clockwork

A mixture of gasoline and oil selected for motorcycles must comply with the necessary requirements specified in the instructions. It is important to note that domestic manufacturers often mark their products a little differently, not as it is customary according to the American or Japanese classification. Manufacturers of lubricants, as a rule, put 2t marking in all oils intended for two.stroke engines. Often on store shelves you can find canists with butter, on which there are marks “Self Mix” or “Pre Mix”. In the first case, this means that the oil does not require any additional manipulations, it is enough to simply pour gasoline with butter into one container, and mixing will occur without human participation. In the second case, accordingly, you will have to shake or shake the mixture to bring it to the desired consistency.

As you can see, the existence of various classifications of lubricants suggests that the use of oils in two.stroke engines is necessary. This is due to the fact that the fuel mixture without a lubricant will quickly disable the internal combustion engine, which will not be lubricated properly. Gasoline with butter forms the necessary environment, which reduces detonation, removes excess garbage (working out from the combustion of gasoline products) and protects the inner surface of the engine from wear.

It is important to remember that when using the oil of the wrong classification, a breakdown or clogging of the motor may occur. Of course, it can be repaired, but in order to prevent possible breakdowns, and minimize their probability, it will be better to study the operating instructions, find out the volume of a two.stroke engine installed on a motorcycle, and use only gasoline with oil that will fit this parameters. Models.

Quite often in the recommendation section (and sometimes on the label), the manufacturer indicates partner companies, whose gasoline with butter recommends pouring into his models. Most often, fuel and lubricant recommended by the manufacturer are suitable for a trimmer for grass best.

First of all, all the oils of unknown (garage, basement) of origin should be immediately excluded from the list of actively operated lubricants. Usually diluting such oils is not easy due to an unclear base, composition. As a rule, the labels of irregular manufacturers do not abound information, illuminating only general information, without clarification. It is extremely recommended to dilute and dilute oils such as AS-10 and ASZP-10. The origin of these lubricants is usually very vague, it is better to give preference to proven brands that thousands of people throughout the country use every day.

A distinctive feature of all oils for two.stroke engines is the fact that manufacturers stain them in a color contrasting with gasoline. The liquid is translucent, viscous in consistency, slightly yellowish, but not thick. Usually, we are talking about three colors. red, green and blue.

Do not forget that the color scheme does not affect the classification in any way (as is often done in the case of antifreeze).

In no case should you use oils from a ruler not designed for a trimmer for grass. This can extremely negatively affect the work of the power unit, lead to increased fuel consumption, soot on candles and a number of other problems that will have to be identified and eliminated. It should be noted that if the fact of using oil that is not included in the tolerances will be installed, the seller has every right to remove the device from a guarantee. This means that the replacement of failed parts will have to be at their own expense, and no exceptions will help here.

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If the acquired liquid does not have the declared qualities (for example, too liquid), in no case should it mix it with gasoline. It will be best to return such oil back to the store, explaining to the seller the reason for the return.

Gasoline for the preparation of the mixture

Gasoline requirements for the preparation of the mixture are extremely high, He is its basis. The first thing that should not be done is to look for places where you can buy fuel cheaper (refueling without name, etc.D.), because in the end, all the apparent savings in several dozen can be eaten by an expensive engine repair, which is disabled by poor.quality fuel.

Using cheap gasoline with a reduced octane number, the user thereby increases the load on the unit. Its wear occurs much faster, the resource decreases, moreover, in the proportion not one to one, but much more

The second one should remember is to use only fresh gasoline for the base of the mixture. Many in the country or in the garage have fuel reserves that stand there up to six months, waiting in the wings. Fuel, evaporating, enters into a chemical reaction with the surface of the canister (especially plastic), thereby acquiring new, not at all useful properties for ICE. If gasoline stood in the canister for a month and a half, it is better to pour it into the fuel tank, where, having mixed with the total volume of more fresh gasoline, it will not cause any harm to the engine of the machine. Two.stroke ICE are more sensitive in this regard. That is why manufacturers recommend using only the highest quality fuel.

As for the octane number, there are spores of specialists, what kind of gasoline to pour into a trimmer for the grass, they still do not subside. Most manufacturers recommend pouring a high-octane gasoline of the 92nd brand into the fuel system in the fuel system. True, there is one small reservation, quite often the instructions indicate the wording of “not lower than the 92nd”, and this leaves the space for guesses, which gasoline to use.

Of course, the performance (efficiency) of 95th gasoline is slightly higher than that of the 92nd. The latter, in turn, is the heir to the Soviet 80th, on which many equipment worked. But having higher energy efficiency, the 95th is fraught with some features. For example, it is more suitable for modern car models, while ICEs installed in garden equipment are far from some constructive innovations, their structure remains practically unchanged for decades. For a two-stroke gasoline engine installed in most modern trimmers, it will be enough to fill in gasoline of the 92nd brand, purchased on a proven refueling network.

It is best to look for options without additives with the markings “Eco”, “Ecto”, For clear work, you need a clean gasoline base. Adds the mixture with additives.

Is 95 gasoline is needed for optimal work, the question is rather a philosophical, and there is no specific answer for it. It is enough to remember that in the tortures and recommendations it is rare quite rarely, and this already says a lot. In addition, they are poured, usually, at their own peril and risk, wanting to improve the characteristics. If for the sake of the experiment you want to change the 92nd gasoline to the 95th, it is important to remember the consequences in the form of increased wear, unstable operation of the power unit and fails of its individual nodes. Of course, none of the above may occur, but the probability, in the event of the admission limits, is extremely increasing.

Motokos oil. how to choose in what proportions to breed

Many of you have a benzo tool in the household, for example, in a private house you can not do without a chainsaw. You understand, the harvesting of firewood for the winter is useful at a construction site and repair and in general, this is a very necessary tool. If a country house also has a decent area in size, then to combat grass just needs a trimmer for grass or a lawn mower, which also work on gasoline.

Of course, they can be bought and electric, but not everyone likes to pull a 30-meter extension cord to dig an area overgrown with grass knee-deep. Therefore, most people prefer to work as a gasoline tool. As you know, you need to add special oil for two.stroke engines to gasoline. We’ll talk about it, because this is a very important aspect, if you do not add oil and add in the wrong proportions, then your engine will quickly “grunt” and your path will lie to the service center. To avoid all these troubles, add only high.quality oil and in the correct proportions.

The most popular for chainsaws, motorcycle and trimmers is the products of the famous company STIHL. It is sold in 2 packages. 1 liter and 100ml. For those who work hard, a liter bottle is suitable, and a small bottle is enough to “drink” at a time. A capacity of 1 liter costs 250, and 10 ml. 60. If you take a large one, then the savings are obvious.

Oil is added to gasoline in a proportion of 1 to 50, that is, for example, add 100 ml per 5 liters of gasoline. As you can see, a small bottle is great for 5 liters of gasoline mixture for refueling a chainsaw or trimmer for grass. On a large bottle on the side there are special marks by which you can determine how much oil was poured out of the bottle. If you bought a large 1 liter bottle, then buy a 20ml syringe in a pharmacy. Very convenient. 1 oil syringe per 1 liter of gasoline.

Experts advise using branded oil for their technology, it is ideal, since it is developed and tested precisely on Stihl tools. I note that Stiel has its own brands, such as Viking (popular models of gasoline trimmers). For them, also use Stilevsky oil and there will be no problems at all.

If you have made a gasoline mixture more than you can use it, then it is best to store the remains in a metal canister or in a glass container. In no case do not store the mixture in a plastic bottle. Of course, if you consume the remains after a couple of days, then you can pour the remnants of the mixture in a plastic one and a half, however, if the mixture is stored for a long time, then either a canister or a glassotter. The thing is that the gas mixture corrodes the plastic bottle, microscopic plastic precipitation appears in the mixture and this is very bad for the engine. Keep this in mind if you want your tool to work for a long time and without problems.

The second most popular brand of oil is a non.bonding hokesworm. Of course, if you estimate it, after all, Stihl chainsaws use more people, at least all my friends and their friends use only them in their work.

However, there are those who do not have souls in the Husqvarna tool and I understand them, since I personally do not see much difference between Khuskvarnaya and Shtil, and one and the other tool is very high quality. But I saw satisfied owners of Husqvarna chainsaws. they say, saws are just super. I myself did not saw, however, I always listen to the opinion of people. So, if you have a gasqvarna gas tool, then it will be better for him to use special branded oil. Although nothing terrible will happen if you dilute the gasoline with a signs. But since the manufacturer recommends using only its products, we will do so.

On sale you can find liter containers. Black stylish bottle, the same marks on the side, and with a person (to know how much oil was cast from a bottle). As for me, absolutely identical quality. Such a bottle is 270, a bit more expensive.

Both that, and another oil, the cost is approximately the same, each is diluted in the proportion of 1 to 50. So feel free to buy anyone, of course, it is better to take the oil of the brand you have a tool. then everything will be perfect, as the manufacturer advises. Good sawing, spinning grass and let your gas tools work for a long time without breakdowns. Another note: the submersible pump “Aquarius 3”. my review.

What gasoline to fill

Gasoline for the lawn mower. the second element of the fuel mixture. Its brand is selected taking into account the recommendations of the manufacturer described in the passport to the unit. The duration of the fuel and resistance to detonation indicates the value of the octane number: the higher the number, the longer the fuel burns out. So, at gas stations you can buy such brands of oil products:

AI-92 has a greater tendency to detonation.

When using fuel with a higher indicator of the octane number than stated in the instructions, in units with 2-stroke engines a motor is damaged, with a smaller parameter-a piston group.

The mixture is prepared before operation in the proportion, which is indicated on the cover of the gasoline tank:

This means that for 1 liter of fuel you need 20 ml of oil fluid.

Manufacturers of benzocystems with a two.stroke engine (for example, Patriot PT 555 or Champion T336) indicate the desired proportion for the preparation of the fuel mixture in the instrumentation instructions. For the first model, a ratio of 32: 1 is proposed, for the second. 50: 1.

The lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine does not require preliminary preparation of oil products. The equipment device provides for 2 containers. It is necessary to pour gasoline into the tank, and the oil fluid in the drain hole on the crankcase.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for a trimmer for grass

Dilute gasoline for a trimmer for grass in the correct proportion. Insufficient oil can lead to poor lubrication of the elements of the lawn mower, which contributes to rapid wear. In case the oil is more than the olive formed on the pistons and spark plugs. Foreths on the moving parts of the engine interferes with normal operation and leads to the speedy breakdown of the motor.

What proportion is required for a specific model of a trimmer for grass can be found from the attached instructions. Most often, for 2-stroke gasoline motors of motorcycles, the fuel mixture is used in a ratio of 50: 1, where 50 is part of the gasoline, 1-part of the oil. That is, 20 ml of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. The table will help to choose the necessary ratio.

To correctly measure the proportions, use measured containers with a milliliter scale. For these purposes, a special canister with a double neck is perfect, it is designed to mix and storage of oilbenzin. For example, oil can be typed with a medical syringe without a needle. Before mixing liquids, make sure that there is no water, dust and particles of dirt in the container for the finished fuel mixture.

Diluting gasoline with lubricating fluid directly in the fuel tank is unacceptable, in addition, the proportion of oil and gasoline should be clearly observed. If you ignore this rule, then the operation of a trimmer engine for grass can be unstable, which is why it will quickly fail.

It is not recommended to use plastic bottles or canists for this purpose. This is due to the fact that gasoline has the ability to dissolve plastic, which means that part of the plastic can get into the fuel tank, which can lead to a carburetor breakdown. Although there are special plastic canists with the marking “Flame”.

  • petrol;
  • oil suitable for two.stroke engines with an air cooling system;
  • canister, better metal;
  • Mixing container is also better metal;
  • gloves;
  • respirator.

In addition to protective equipment, do not forget about fire safety rules, because gasoline and engine oil are easily ignited:

  • It is better to work on the street to avoid accumulation of gasoline vapor in the room;
  • you can not smoke and create situations related to the emergence of a spark.

Make a mixture of gasoline and oil as follows:

  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into the container, add half the desired portion of the oil. Mix thoroughly, do it extremely carefully away from the sources of open fire.
  • Add the rest of the oil to gas for the grass and mix thoroughly again. Now fuel can be poured into the fuel tank of a trimmer for grass.

The mixture can be stored for no more than three months, so it is better to dilute gasoline in such quantities that there is enough use.

For dilution, only high.quality oil can be used, while it is recommended to purchase it only in trusted stores, for example in specialized hypermarkets.

How and how much to refuel

It is easy to refuel a fuel tank for the grass. To do this, place the tank so that the cover is placed on top. The amount of fuel depends on the model of the trimmer for the grass. This information is indicated in the instructions, there is also a mark directly on the tank.

Overfilling the tank is strictly prohibited.

This can lead to the fact that the fuel is overlooking the intake pipe and the fuel filter, which can cause the engine breakdown or fuel ignition.

When refueling a trimmer for grass, you need to observe safety measures:

  • try to fill in the liquid so that it does not spill, you can use the watering can for this;
  • If gasoline nevertheless spilled, then it needs to be wiped right away;
  • The launch of the trimmer for the grass should be started after the fuel container is removed in a reliable and safe place, better than a distance of more than 10 meters;
  • With a long break between operations, drain the remaining fuel.

Correct proportion and compliance with mixing and refueling technology will help extend the life of a trimmer for grass. In this case, it is recommended to choose only a high.quality product of the corresponding brand.

Oil selection rules

Motor oil depending on the chemical composition:

  • mineral. made of oil distillates and is intended for low.power air.cooled equipment;
  • semi.synthetic. is a mixture of mineral and synthetic oils and is suitable for 2T and 4T, as well as for air and liquid cooling;
  • synthetic. produced on the basis of complex ethers and can be used in powerful equipment, as well as for work in difficult climatic conditions.

Depending on the classification of the API, the following groups of oils for trimmer engines can be distinguished:

  • That. for low.power equipment with an engine volume up to 50 cm³ and air cooling;
  • TV-for powerful equipment with a motor volume of 50-200 cm³ and an air cooling system;
  • TS. for a powerful two.stroke equipment (motorcycles, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc.) with a engine volume 50-200 cm³;
  • TD. for motors of boats with liquid cooling.

To choose the optimal oil for a specific trimmer model for grass, it is better to take into account the recommendations specified in the instructions. For motos 2t, API-TV class oil and API-TS is usually used

Leading manufacturers of garden equipment themselves develop and produce oils for their equipment. Such lubricants most fully satisfy all the technical and operational characteristics of specific series of trimmers. For example, for STIHL (STIHL) FS 5 motorcycles, it is best to use the STIHL HP or Stihl HP Super oil, for Husqvarna 143R, Husqvarna HP or Husqvarna LS oil is suitable. But the usual M-8V mineral oil is also suitable for the Patriot brand.

Practical guide for the correct preparation of the mixture

Before solving the issue of how to mix oil with gasoline for a trimmer for grass, organizational issues should be completed. These include the following points:

correct, trimmer, grass, properly, need
  • Storage of technical fluids. For gasoline, it is better to provide a metal canister, and leave the oil in the factory container. It is allowed to use a special two.section canister for convenience.
  • The volume of the cooked mixture. Do not cook in advance a large volume. It is better to pour gasoline into a lawn mower taking into account the planned volume of work. The uniformity of the mixture during long.term storage will be violated.
  • Mixture tool. An ideal device for the selection of oil and dosage accuracy is an analogue of a medical syringe. This will not only allow you to accurately measure the liquid, but also creates conveniently in work.

By the way, when buying oil, do not make a big stock. It is enough to buy the volume that you can spend per season.

Dilute in the correct proportion

The problem of how much to pour oil into gasoline for a trimmer for grass is aggravated by bringing different proportions in different sources. For example, this discrepancy is often found:

  • proportion 1:40 is indicated in the instructions for the unit;
  • value of 1:25 on the plastic container of the fuel tank;
  • proportion 1:50 on a plastic container for the preparation of the solution.

At the slightest doubt, pay attention to the packaging with oil. When determining the volume that is to pour oil into gasoline for the lawn mower, the properties of the liquid are taken into account

It is taken into account that two.stroke engines do not like oil starvation. At the same time. the excessive enrichment of the mixture oil is capricious.

When determining how much you need to add oil to gasoline for a trimmer for grass, use a standard proportion. For one liter of gasoline, 1000 ml is divided into 50, and a 20 ml of oil is obtained. If the poured volume is 500 ml, then the amount of lubrication is reduced in proportion to. It is easy to calculate the amount of gasoline for large volumes. If it is necessary to prepare a mixture for the Kostsov brigade, you will need 200 ml of oil per 10 liters of gasoline.

Why add

Important is the uniformity of mixing. Therefore, when adding oil to a liter of gasoline to a trimmer for grass, the following algorithm is used. Half of gasoline is mixed with all the required oil volume. After thorough mixing, the volume of the mixture is brought to the nominal with the addition of the residual part of the gasoline.

Follow the cleanliness of the container, including the mixing container or a canister with gasoline. Do not use an improvised container of unprepared plastic for preparing a mixture. Even small portions of impurities or garbage will contribute to the failure of the carburetor. After preparation, pour gasoline into a trimmer for grass is better with a container with a device that protects the mixture from the strait.

If you break the ratio

The mixture supplied to the cylinders is represented by gasoline-oil fog. Oil promotes lubrication of moving parts and surfaces in the cylinder. The lack of oil affects the resource of parts. With a large share of oil, it does not have time to burn. Deposits are formed, which over time are able to exfoliate from the walls of the cylinder, and leave the bully, wear out the surface of the cylinder walls.

During operation, try to remember how much oil per liter of gasoline for a trimmer for grass is needed even with single gas stations. For example, when extracting the last drops of oil from the container, it is a mistake to think that a one.time violation of the proportion will not change anything.

The consequences of refueling with a mixture with incorrect proportions

When diluting, combustible materials are very important to observe the ratio recommended by the manufacturer Motokos. If the oils are not enough, then bulletin forms on the piston and cylinder, which sooner or later is led to breakdown of the piston ring.

Important! In addition, as a result of friction, the metal from the piston settles on the walls of the cylinder, and the engine can simply jam. This will require repair or replacement of the motor.

And with an excessive amount of oil, the piston ring is shielding, as well as the formation of soot on the piston, on the spark plug, etc.D. All this leads to strong wear of equipment and the need for constant cleaning.

The rules for filling the mixture in different engines

All of the above is relevant for two.stroke engines. In the case of four.stroke engines, dilute and mix nothing. gasoline is poured into the fuel tank, and oil. into the crankcase. It is important to know that you can not add oil intended for a four.stroke engine or for a liquid cooling system with a two.stroke engine. Otherwise, the entire piston system will be disabled or a strong overheating will occur.

Important! For the first refueling of the four.stroke engine, the oil in a special tank can be poured no more than 90 ml.

You will need the above accessories to mix components. Special canists with two openings for oil and gas can also be found on sale. Everything is very simple here, pour the ingredients, close the lid tightly and mix, tilting the container. You can use glass and plastic bottles.

Water or dust should not fall into the fuel mixture.

Good to know

Fuel should be prepared for 3 gas stations. After all, storage of a large amount of fuel can adversely affect the work of the chainsaw. The mixture can behave differently because it will depend on many factors. As a result, your household device can be seriously damaged, which will lead to financial costs.

Sometimes even a container can affect the quality of the liquid. Plastic and glass react with gasoline, which can create a risk of sudden fire.

It is important to remember that in the case of a breakdown of the chainsaw due to poor or incorrect mixture, the device will not be able to extend the guarantee.

The finished liquid cannot be stored for more than a month due to the oxidation process. After the chainsaw operation, the remaining fuel should be spent, the engine is turned off, and the residual fuel mixture is removed.

correct, trimmer, grass, properly, need

Fuel consumption

The owners of the power tool are faced with one of the most important questions: everyone wants to know what to expect.

The volume of almost all containers is approximately 500 ml. If the power of the chainsaw is 2 kW, fuel consumption will be approximately 1.2 liters per hour. Simply put, such a tool can work at a maximum speed within half an hour without a break. If the chainsaw is not so powerful, its volume will be smaller. This allows the user to control the fuel consumption on his own.

Over time, the user will learn to serve his tool without outside help. The main task is to maintain a business unit in good working condition using high-quality fuel mixtures. Follow the safety rules for the preparation of combustible liquids. This will help save the tool in safety and not harm yourself and the environment.

Useful tips:

  • Sometimes it is better to pour a little oil than save. If you give a little more oil than indicated in the instructions, nothing bad will happen. The formation of carbon dioxide is possible in the case of a large amount of oil and in case of non.compliance with certain proportions;
  • It is better to store the finished mixture for a month, and not longer, because for some reason it will lose its quality;
  • Correct disconnection. Be sure to use or drain the contents of the tank so that you can continue to use rubber and plastic seals;
  • Do not use mopeds for chainsaws, as they are designed for low speeds.

Mixing rules

To prepare the fuel mixture, it is necessary to use clean and dry containers, which does not contain extraneous inclusions or pollution. It is not recommended to use plastic containers. After adding liquids in the required proportion, the mixture must be thoroughly mixed for 2-3 minutes. You cannot do the following:

  • Add a small amount of oil directly to the gas tank of motorcycles, as this will not give a homogeneous mixture;
  • First of all, pour oil, and then gasoline. Due to the difference in densities, with this order of adding components, a heterogeneous mixture is also obtained
  • Anging the components “by eye”. With this approach, it is not possible to achieve an accurate proportion of gasoline and oil for a trimmer for grass 1/50 or 1/40;
  • Use polyethylene bottles, since the latter is dissolved by gasoline.

Selection of oil

The first document that should be addressed when choosing an oil brand is a passport for a tool. The manufacturer not only indicates the characteristics of the lubricant, but also offers specific brands and trading names.

If there is no opportunity to contact the instructions, it is recommended to use only two options for lubricants:

  • Semi.synthetic motor oils that have the average cost (slightly higher than mineral). It is carried out by the shooting of high molecular weight petroleum products, produces slightly smoke and have good protection indicators of structural elements of the motor. Can be used both in domestic and foreign trimmers;
  • Synthetic motor oils that usually have the maximum cost in the assortment. This is the most reliable protection of the engine from wear, compatible with any power unit.

In addition to the fundamental type of oil, it will also be useful to read its letter marking to choose a compatible type according to the parameters. According to the European classification of the API, there are the following designations for two.stroke engines:

  • That. oil for small power plants (not more than 50 cubic meters. cm.), which allows us to recommend this particular type for motorcycles;
  • TV. lubricant for more voluminous engines, the working volume of which lies in the range from 50 to 200 cubic meters. cm. It is allowed to use this for motorcycles;
  • TS. motor oil for serious equipment (motorcycles, snowmobiles, scooters), which involves mixing with gasoline;
  • TD. lubricant for flood vehicles.

There is also a classification of the Japanese organization JASO, which in the assignment of marking has focused on the level of smoke secretion. These designations must be deciphered:

  • FA. when combustible, the release of smoke is slightly and barely noticeable with the naked eye. For countries where strict requirements for emissions into the atmosphere apply;
  • FB. slightly more noticeable smoke of white color, but more than in FA;
  • FC. transparent smoke that is not visible at first sight;
  • FD. oils that do not secrete smoke used to refuel water modes of transport.

You can also see the designations at the cans of “Self Mix” and “Pre mix”. The first option means that after adding to fuel, the mixture is not required to mix forcibly. The second option is that the gasoline-oil mixture must be mixed manually.

Using these three labeling options, just select the type and brand of the required lubricant. The question remains only in the ranking of manufacturers. Here are the most famous brands that produce only high.quality combustible materials:

  • Shtil is a popular manufacturer of gasoline equipment and consumable components for them;
  • Shell Helix Ultra. used for both cars and fine motor vehicles;
  • Motul. a universally recognized leader in the production of lubricants;
  • Lukoil is a brand of domestic production, which is not inferior in quality to foreign analogues.

It is recommended not to save in motor oil, since the uninterrupted operation of the power unit depends on this.

Standard proportions

The standard determines that for the preparation of a gasoline mixture, you will need to take technical fluids in a proportion of 1 to 50. This means that to 10 liters of gasoline it is necessary to add 200 milliliters of oil. If you need to dilute the amount by 1 liter of gasoline, then use the formula according to the rule of the proportion.

Please note that when using mineral oil, the proportion is less and is in the standard version per liter of gasoline 1 to 40.

Suitable lubricants

The best grease option is specialized lubricants that are sold in technology stores and are designed specifically for cars.

Attention! Vegetable (sunflower, corn, olive, any other) oil is not suitable for processing the device. It does not work as it should, clogs the device with dirt (a fat film is formed, on which dust and hairs sticks). As a result, the technique simply fails.

Special oil

This oil is designed to process precisely haircut machines. A small bottle usually comes in the kit, grabs it for a long time. Lubrication is an oil product, it is clean, without smell and low.fat. Such a substance is suitable not only for processing the machine after work, but also for periodic cleaning. Machines oil is produced under the following brands:

If you can’t find a special lubricant on sale, it can be replaced with silicone grease, synthetic and mineral oils with a low viscosity coefficient or petroleum jelly.

correct, trimmer, grass, properly, need

Mineral and synthetic lubricants with low viscosity

Services are often used by mineral and synthetic oils with small density. They are convenient to use: they are easily distributed along the processed surface, flow into places, are sold everywhere and there are pennies. Synthetics are made of oil, which is cleaned and improved by “additives” in laboratory conditions. The most popular and affordable lubrication of this class is Xado Atomic Oil. Mineral compositions, in fact, are purified oil. One of the best Yuko Classic.

Silicone Grease

Such compounds based on polydimethylsiloxan are produced. This is the best alternative to specialized lubrication. They are hypoallergenic, easy to use, do not dry over time. Search on the shelves lubricants can be called by name: PMS-200 and PMS-100. The number means viscosity. The larger it is, the thicker the composition.

Attention! Silicon-Electric Oil is good for processing a haircut machine, although it is more often used to clean electrical appliances.

Vaseline lubricant

Suitable is the one that can be found in pharmacies. It can be brought to the correct consistency using gasoline for lighters. Before using such a composition, the machine must be carefully cleaned. Driving a lubricant to the right places conveniently with a syringe without a needle.

Attention! In extreme cases, you can use the Johnson Baby oil to lubricate the machine from the children’s department.

Lubrication algorithm

To lubricate the device yourself, you will need to go through a number of simple stages. To apply oil, you will need an oil or a syringe with a needle. The algorithm of actions during operation is as follows:

  • With the help of a brush, clean the blades of the working tool from the hair remaining on them after cutting;
  • Wipe the knives using soft wet wipes or a rag for this;
  • According to the instructions to the device, a little oil is applied to the corresponding points (a couple of drops will be enough);
  • In order for the lubricant to be distributed with an uniform layer on the surface of the knives, turn on the machine;
  • wipe the surface of the tool to remove excess oil.

It is necessary to clean the machine from the hair thoroughly, because, mixing with grease, they will speed up the exit of the device. It is recommended to apply oil in three places: at the edges and in the center.

SCARLETT, VITEK, Philips and others are lubricated according to this scheme. Only the way of removing blades differs only. Also, some products have special holes for lubrication, while disassembling them is not required.

Apply oil directly to the comb is a mistake, because the remaining smallest particles of hair will quickly blunt the cutting edge of the tool.

The whole process of lubricating the haircut machine is shown on the example of the Moser 1400 in model

Lubrication of No hair haircuts with oil does not take much time. In this case, you should carefully treat the blades so as not to get hurt. Regular procedure is one of the factors that ensure the legal capacity of the device for a long time. Despite the wide range of products of this kind, the lubrication algorithm for different models is the same.